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Good Boy for Mommy @goodboy4mommy

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This is an 18+ NSFW blog. If you are under age, please leave now! I am a man with a strong incest fetish about being used and controlled by strong powerful women in the role of Mommy. Everything here is fiction and most of it is not mine. This is just a way for me to express my desires and fantasies. For me, my blogs are about the combination of words and picture. I reblog pictures I have found on the web and add my own captions. If you own the rights to one of these pictures and don't want me using it, please let me know and I will remove it immediately. Please check out my other blogs: Endless Lusts Submit to Mommy From His Point of View Lusty Cravings and Only For Your Pleasure Most of my blogs focus on incest relationships. Here is some information about the blogs I run: Submit to Mommy This blog has a definite lesbian theme to the captions. It focuses primarily on Mommy/Little girl relationships but some of the posts focus on Mommy and daughter sexually dominating the son. From His Point of View This blog focuses on the Daddy/Little girl aspects of a relationship. Captions are written primarily from the little girl's perspective as she submits to her Daddy Dom. Endless Lusts This blog is written from the Hot Wife/ cheating wife point of view. It tends to center around rough, group sex and cheating. Lusty Cravings This blog is just a few things that I like that don't quite fit the "Mommy" theme of this blog or that I haven't had time to caption. Finally, I have one other blog: Only For Your Pleasure This is a blog dedicating myself to the pleasure of the woman in control and my need to please her. - Good Boy for Mommy (@goodboy4mommy)
Thats it exactly little boy get your mouth in @goodboy4mommy

That’s it exactly, little boy.  Get your mouth in there so hard, so deep into Mommy’s pussy.  Yes, baby, harder.  Eat that pretty pussy until Mommy is quivering all over and cumming so explosively.  Such a good boy.  Mommy loves how well trained her naughty little boy has become.  Good baby.  OH FUCK YES.

Be still baby let mommy do it all mommy is @goodboy4mommy

Be still, baby.  Let Mommy do it all.  Mommy is going to ride your aching cock to so many delicious orgasms.  Mommy is going to use you and take you again and again.  She’s going to leave you helpless and desperate and begging for release.  Mommy is going to play with her precious little fucktoy until he’s out of his mind with desire.  Mmmmmm, yes, baby.  Mommy loves hearing you make that noise.  Good boy.

Thats it baby lets get you good and hard and @goodboy4mommy

That’s it, baby.  Let’s get you good and hard and full before Mommy lets you slide your aching cock into her hungry pussy.  Mommy wants to bring you to the point of whimpering, pleading, begging long before she even begins to fuck your poor denied cock.  Mommy wants her pleasure to be absolute torture to you as you fuck and fuck Mommy to so many endless orgasms while you get fuller and fuller and more desperate.  Now be a good boy and get right on that edge.  Mommy can’t wait to use your trembling cock.  Mmmmm, fuck, it makes Mommy so hot.

Do you see baby do you understand there isnt @goodboy4mommy

Do you see, baby?  Do you understand?  There isn’t anything Mommy can’t do to you, can’t make you do to obey her.   Mommy owns you in ways that go so far beyond desire or need or even addiction.  Mommy consumes you.  You are hers.  Mommy can dress you in pretty panties, fuck you any place she desires, do things to you that leave you whimpering and helpless.  Oh fuck, look at how hard you are just thinking about it.  Mommy is never going to stop taking her little boy.  Good baby.

Endlesslusts the last thing my boss does is @goodboy4mommy


The last thing my boss does is fuck me one more time before I go home for the evening.  I’m almost always late because he fucks me as long as he desires and he knows I’m powerless to resist.  It doesn’t matter how much my husband has been waiting, what other responsibilities I might have with the family.  When he wants me, when he takes me, I’m completely open to his cock, his pleasure.  OH fuck, I love it and I always cum so fucking hard.  I can’t ever get enough of the way he treats me like the slut I am.  I’m such a naughty whore.  Mmmmmmm, fuck yes.  OH FUCK ME!!!!


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Thats mommys good boy every drop she wants @goodboy4mommy

That’s Mommy’s good boy.  Every drop.  She wants every last drop of that naughty cum.  Let’s get my little boy nice and drained so that Mommy can play with him all night long.  You’ve been such a good boy for so many days.  Not cumming, giving Mommy your cock endlessly.  Fucking and fucking Mommy to orgasm after orgasm.  Now, baby.  Cum for Mommy.  Give me every drop so we can get back to what’s important - Mommy’s pleasure.  Good boy.  Cum for Mommy.

How long do you think you can stand it little @goodboy4mommy

How long do you think you can stand it, little boy?  Mommy’s soft tongue slowly licking your swollen shaft, circling your sensitive head. Her warm breath on the tip of your cock as she almost lowers her mouth onto you.  Oh honey, I can feel my little boy starting to tremble already.  How long can you stand it?  How long will you last?  Mmmmmm, baby.  Mommy wants you to know it’s MUCH MUCH longer than you think.  Mommy hasn’t even begun to make you ache, but you will, baby.  Believe me, you will.

Mmmmmmm fuck mommy loves playing with her sweet @goodboy4mommy

Mmmmmmm, fuck.  Mommy loves playing with her sweet little girl.  Feeling how wet her pussy is from Mommy’s touch.  Listening to your brother whimper and beg as he fucks Mommy’s tight pussy.  Don’t worry, baby.  Mommy isn’t about to let him cum so there will be plenty of cock for you to fuck when I’m done with him.  Good girl.  Cum with Mommy.  I love it when we cum together.  

Just like that baby mommy loves how hungry her @goodboy4mommy

Just like that, baby.  Mommy loves how hungry her little boy is for her wet pussy.  Mommy loves the need you have to give yourself to Mommy’s heat, her desire.  Such a good boy.  Lick it, suck it, worship Mommy with everything you are.  Mmmmmmm, yes, baby.  Mommy loves the way you make her cum.

You guys are all absolutely the best i love each @goodboy4mommy

You guys are all absolutely the best!  I love each and every one of my followers and can’t tell you enough how much it means to me that you’ve stuck with me.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!   - GBFM

My friends didnt believe you could be such a good @goodboy4mommy

My friends didn’t believe you could be such a good boy, baby.  They didn’t think it was possible to make you fuck and fuck and fuck Mommy’s dripping cunt and never get to cum yourself.  But now they know and we’re all going to take so many turns playing with my sweet little fucktoy.  Now be a good boy for Mommy and show my girlfriends how many times you can make Mommy cum.  Good boy.

Oh honey theres nothing better than fucking my @goodboy4mommy

Oh honey, there’s nothing better than fucking my little slut in front of all of Mommy’s friends.  They get so excited watching me tease and deny your pretty cock.  Hearing me cum and cum and cum all over your aching shaft as Mommy fucks herself wildly.  They’re all going to want turns, baby.  You heed to brace yourself.  It’s going to be such a long night.  

Oh honey it feels so good doesnt it mommys @goodboy4mommy

Oh honey, it feels so good, doesn’t it.  Mommy’s mouth on your pretty aching cock.  Look at how full you are.  How swollen Mommy’s balls are.  Mmmmmm, oh fuck, honey, the little noises you make just send thrills through my soaking pussy.  Oh yes, little boy, Mommy can’t want to fuck herself to orgasm after orgasm on your swollen, denied cock.  

You love watching mommys mouth lower down over @goodboy4mommy

You love watching Mommy’s mouth lower down over your pretty cock, don’t you, baby.  You want to give yourself to Mommy in every way.  Mmmmmm, yes you do.  Good boy.  Mommy’s going to play with you for so long.  Mommy’s going to watch you beg and moan and whimper for her in every way.  Oh fuck, it makes me so wet just thinking about the things Mommy is going to do to her naughty fucktoy.

Endlesslusts oh my god baby look at how @goodboy4mommy


OH MY GOD, baby, look at how excited they are.  Are you looking?  I know you’re tied to that chair, but I want to make sure you can see.  Are you thinking about all the nasty things these men are going to do to your  sweet little innocent wife?  Ever since I started cheating in front of you, forcing you to watch, oh FUCK BABY!!!  I’ve just been cumming so fucking hard.  I wish I had started this years ago.  Mmmmmmm, it’s so very good.  They’re going to fuck me so hard, all night long.  I wish you could feel how wet I am just thinking about it.  

I told you how good he can be what a good boy @goodboy4mommy

I told you how good he can be.  What a good boy I’ve trained your brother to be.  Can you feel how desperate he gets the more I cum on his cock?  When Mommy fucks him and cums all over that swollen aching shaft, he eats your pussy so much harder. Mmmmmmm, fuck, little girl.  I told you how good he can make you feel.  Mmmmm, yes, baby.  Cum all over his pathetic face as he whimpers into your pussy.  Mmmmm, fuck I love that.

What are you thinking little boy mommys been @goodboy4mommy

What are you thinking, little boy?  Mommy’s been teaching me, training me to own you, control you, just like she does.  Mommy’s been teaching me to bring you to the point of explosion then make you wait, addicting you to my pussy, to my body.  And now you can’t see me without needing to worship this pussy.  Oh fuck, honey, can you feel the addiction consuming you?  Is your mind completely lost to the thought of fucking your sister?  Giving yourself to this pussy?  You’ll do anything for me, won’t you, little boy.  Anything.  Mmmmmm, yes, baby.  Good boy.

Its all so perfect the more i deny you baby @goodboy4mommy

It’s all so perfect.  The more I deny you, baby, the harder you want to fuck Mommy.  The more desperate you are, the better lover you become.  Fucking Mommy so hard, so eagerly, so hungrily.  Oh fuck, baby.  Why in the world would Mommy ever want to allow you to cum?  You’re so perfect just like this.  Oh fuck, honey.  Mommy is going to cum again.  That ought to really get you gone.  Good boy.

Do you love it baby oh fuck yes you do mommy @goodboy4mommy

Do you love it, baby?  Oh fuck yes, you do.  Mommy sliding around on your swollen cock while my friends play with Mommy’s hard clit and encourage her to cum again and again.  Oh baby, we have so much fun using our dirty little fucktoy.  Watching you whimper and moan and beg to cum as we take turns riding your denied cock to one orgasm after another.  Oh fuck yes, baby.  You’re such a good boy.  

Endlesslusts i absolutely love calling my @goodboy4mommy


I absolutely love calling my husband from work and getting him to talk dirty to me while my boss has his head shoved deep into my pussy.  My husband gets so turned on thinking I’m being naughty at work as I moan and tell him to do everything to my pussy that my boss is actually doing.  When I cum so hard, hubby is always worried that my boss is going to hear me.  Oh fuck it makes me so hot.  I love being such a naughty girl.  He’s so fucking clueless.

Is my little boy watching what do you think @goodboy4mommy

Is my little boy watching?  What do you think, baby, isn’t Mommy a naughty little girl?  The way she plays with her friends.  Watching them fuck Mommy’s tight little asshole, hearing Mommy moan like a slut.  Mmmmmm, is it making your cock hard, honey?  Is it making you ache to be fucked by Mommy and her friends in the exact same way - being fucked hard and used like a dirty little whore?  Tell Mommy how badly you want your little boy pussy fucked and fucked.  Mmmmmm, yes, baby.  Good boy.

I wish you could feel how wet mommy is getting @goodboy4mommy

I wish you could feel how wet Mommy is getting, little boy.  I wish you could feel Mommy’s warm pussy through the soft nylon.  Are you thinking about how good it would taste to push your mouth deep between Mommy’s legs?  I know you are, baby.  You are.  The look in your eyes says everything to Mommy.  Mmmmmmm, such a good boy.  I love the way Mommy’s soft moans makes your pretty cock jerk and twitch.  Good boy.

Oh yes little boy eat that pussy lick that @goodboy4mommy

Oh yes, little boy.  Eat that pussy.  Lick that ass.  Worship your Mommy in every way.  You’re such a willing slut, such a desperate whore for Mommy’s delicious cunt.  All Mommy needs to do is stroke your aching cock now and then and you’ll serve that pussy forever.  The more desperate you are, the better you worship Mommy’s dripping pussy.  Mmmmmm, yes, baby.  Give yourself to your goddess.  Surrender to your lust.  Good boy

What do you want baby what do you need look @goodboy4mommy

What do you want, baby?  What do you need?  Look at you Mommy and feel your body responding.  It’s so much more than desire, isn’t it, honey.  It’s desperation, addiction, pure lust that goes beyond anything you’ve ever experienced.  One look, one thought, and you can’t do anything except think about worshipping Mommy’s pussy.  You’ve been trained so well.  You’re such a good boy.  Tell Mommy how much you want her.  Mmmmmm, yes.

Youre such a good boy youre such a very good @goodboy4mommy

You’re such a good boy.  You’re such a very good boy.  How many times has Mommy cum?  I can’t even remember.  You just keep fucking and fucking into your naughty Mommy, driving her to orgasm after orgasm.  You’ve learned to be such a good boy.  Mommy has trained you so well.  You don’t cum, you don’t stop, you just fuck and fuck and fuck that nasty cunt as you make Mommy cum and cum and cum.  OH GOOD BOY!!

Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuuuuuuuck the way my @goodboy4mommy

OH FUCK!  OH FUCK!  OH FUUUUUUUCK!!!  The way my little boy sinks into my pussy as I begin to cum just makes Mommy go wild.  You feel so fucking good, honey.  That nice full cock pounding Mommy’s hungry little pussy.  Knowing how to be her sweet little pussy whore.  Mmmmmm, yes, baby.  Fuck your Mommy right through her orgasm.  Keep moving, keep that nice hard, denied cock sliding in and out as Mommy cums and cums.  OH FUCK YES!

Harder baby mommy wants you to pound her so @goodboy4mommy

Harder, baby.  Mommy wants you to pound her so fucking hard.  Mommy wants to feel every bit of your need, your heat, your frustration as you fuck your aching cock into Mommy’s dripping soaking cunt.  Yes, baby, yes.  Give that cock to Mommy in every way.  Mommy wants to cum all over her little boy’s hard shaft again and again as you burn from being denied and denied.  Good boy.  Such a good boy.

Oh yes little boy thats it thats it @goodboy4mommy

Oh yes, little boy.  That’s it!  That’s it!!!  Mommy feels so nasty when you fuck her like that.  Mommy feels like such a naughty girl taking your fat, swollen cock in her tight little ass.  Don’t you love it, baby?  Hearing your Mommy scream as she cums harder and harder each time.  Oh honey, it feels so amazing, your naughty Mommy cumming all over your aching cock.  Oh fuck yes, little boy.  Keep going.  Fuck Mommy harder and maybe she’ll think about letting you cum too.  Mmmmmmm, fuck!!!

Oh my god you feel so good baby mommy loves @goodboy4mommy

OH MY GOD!!!  You feel so good, baby.  Mommy loves it just like that, honey.  OH FUCK YES!!  The way you feel as you moan into Mommy’s dripping cunt, hearing your pathetic whimpers as Mommy cums again and again.  The noises you make, baby are so desperate.  Oh yes, it just drives Mommy wild.  Oh fuck, baby, I’m going to cum again!!  OH FUUUUUUCK!!!!  Good boy.

Oh fuck baby mommys never heard you make @goodboy4mommy

OH FUCK, BABY!!!  Mommy’s never heard you make that noise before.  Watching your face as I ride up and down on your poor denied cock is absolutely delicious.  The look in your eyes as Mommy cums all over your swollen cock, feeling her pussy squeezing you, sucking so fucking hard on your shaft but knowing you can’t cum.  Mmmmmmm, fuck baby, it’s so good.  So very very good.  Mommy is never going to stop.  

Thats right honey look into mommys eyes @goodboy4mommy

That’s right, honey.  Look into Mommy’s eyes, little boy.  You have me tied up, you have me just where you want me, but who’s completely in control here?  You feel it.  You know in the absolute deepest part of you.  You feel the burning desire, the out of control lust.  Mommy fucking owns you in every way possible.  Now fuck that pussy until Mommy is screaming from cumming so hard.  Yes, baby.  Fuck Mommy, but you know you won’t be cumming - not without your Mistress’s permission.  Good boy.

Oh fuck little boy you live for this dont @goodboy4mommy

Oh fuck, little boy.  You live for this, don’t you, baby.  Mommy teasing your aching cock until you’re begging for release.  Feeling Mommy’s power over you, her control as she circles and circles your tip, feeling your pretty cock swelling and swelling fuller, your balls growing so tight, that never ending need as she plays with you and keeps you right on the edge.  Mmmmmmm, look at how badly you’re shaking, baby.  Mommy gets so wet seeing you like this.  Good boy.

Whats the matter little boy why are you @goodboy4mommy

What’s the matter, little boy?  Why are you shaking so hard?  Do you want your Mommy?  Are you thinking about how badly you want to feel Mommy’s warm, wet pussy sliding over your pretty, swollen cock?  Are you thinking how good Mommy’s hand would feel on your aching shaft?  Sliding up and down and over your dripping tip?  Mmmmmmm, yes, baby, it would feel good.  You stand right there and think about how much you need that.  How much you’re willing to surrender for that feeling.  Mmmmmm, good boy.  Mommy loves watching her little fucktoy tremble.

Come here baby mommy wants you to get on your @goodboy4mommy

Come here, baby.  Mommy wants you to get on your knees and get Mommy nice and wet with your mouth.  Mommy wants you to worship her pussy until she’s dripping wet.  You want to be a good boy for Mommy, don’t you, honey?  Yes, baby.  Mommy knows you do, you really do.  Oh this?  No sweetie, it isn’t for me.  But if you do a good job, Mommy will let you get it wet from her pussy before it goes in your little boy cunt.  Now, on your knees, baby.  Mommy is so hungry.

Come here little boy mommy wants to lower her @goodboy4mommy

Come here, little boy.  Mommy wants to lower her aching pussy down on your pretty face.  You’re going to worship your Mommy, aren’t you, baby.  You’re going to surrender to her wetness, to her longing, to her every desire.  Mommy is going to use you and play with you until she’s exhausted from cumming so much and you’re whimpering out of control, begging for release.  Mmmmmm, doesn’t than make your pretty cock throb, little boy?  It certainly makes your Mommy wet.  Now get your face over her!  Mommy is ready to play.



© Photo: Nicola De Luigi

This is my work, please don’t remove credits.

What a good boy mommy loves how hard youre @goodboy4mommy

What a good boy.  Mommy loves how hard you’re trying to obey Mommy’s desires.  It’s so hard, trying not to cum as Mommy rides your swollen cock to orgasm after orgasm, but I can see it in your face, baby.  You’re trying so very hard.  Mmmmmm, yes, honey.  When you whimper like that, it just send Mommy over the edge.  Hold on, baby.  Mommy’s going to cum again.  OH FUUUUUCK YES!  Good boy.

You want it daddy dont you your little girls @goodboy4mommy

You want it, Daddy, don’t you.  Your little girl’s pussy is so tight, so sweet.  You want to feel your big cock sinking down into my young, sweet, nasty pussy.  Yes, Daddy, I want that too.  I want you to fuck me and fuck me until I’m dripping cum and begging for more.  Daddy, your little girl is such a dirty little slut.  Fuck me, Daddy.  I need your cock so deep in my tight little cunt.  Oh please, Daddy, fuck your baby girl.



This is my pussy. It’s ready for your cocks and tongues

You cant even begin to resist can you baby @goodboy4mommy

You can’t even begin to resist, can you, baby.  Look at your need, look at your addiction.  Feel it taking you.  Feel it consuming you.   You want to fuck Mommy, don’t you, baby.  You need it.  Such a good boy.  Mommy loves knowing how desperate you are for her.  Mommy loves knowing how much she owns you.  Good boy.

You cant imagine how much mommy loves to play @goodboy4mommy

You can’t imagine how much Mommy loves to play with her little boy.  Feeling my pretty cock throbbing, jerking in desperation as Mommy’s soft, wet, mouth moves up and down on your swelling shaft.  Hearing my little boy whimper, beg, moan.  Feeling him tremble and shake as Mommy keeps him right on the edge, keeps him straining, trying so hard not to cum without permission.  Oh honey, you can’t imagine how much Mommy loves this.  Mmmmmm, fuck yes.

Oh yes little boy i know mommy knows @goodboy4mommy

Oh, yes, little boy.  I know.  Mommy knows.  You’re so very very full.  You’re so hungry for Mommy’s permission to cum.  You’re so desperate to feel floods of hot cum flooding through your poor swollen shaft.  I know, baby.  I know.  You need it but Mommy has other needs.  Mommy needs to hear you whimper.  Mommy needs her pussy serviced by her obedient, desperate little boy.  Mmmmmm, yes.  Beg for Mommy.  It gets her pussy so worked up.

Endlesslusts oh baby i know i promised to call @goodboy4mommy


Oh baby, I know I promised to call you the moment we got there, but the drive out took a lot longer than I thought it would.  We ended up stopping a lot just to stretch a little.  By the time we got to there, I was just beat and so sore.  I went into my hotel room and just collapsed into bed.  I’m really sorry I didn’t call, but we got there just fine and I’m really looking forward to the drive home.

Endlesslusts im so sorry baby i know we @goodboy4mommy


I’m so sorry, baby.  I know we were supposed to meet for dinner but a couple of my girlfriends showed up at the last minute and we just got to talking and I totally lost track of time.   I know I’m such a naughty girl.  I just have no sense of time when I’m having fun.  I’m sorry baby.  Please forgive me.

Endlesslusts my sister is such a naughty little @goodboy4mommy


My sister is such a naughty little slut.  She helps me cheat on my husband, but after my lovers fuck me and fill my nasty pussy with cum, she wants to suck them clean and taste our combined sex from their throbbing cocks.  She loves to eat my sloppy fucked pussy as my lovers use her young, dirty cunt for more pleasure.  Oh it always makes me cum so hard as she licks and sucks me clean.  Mmmmmm, yes.

Endlesslusts oh my god i didnt think i @goodboy4mommy


OH MY GOD!!  I didn’t think I could do it.  I had always been faithful to my husband but the guys across the hall kept after me and kept after me and then I felt the size of their cocks. OH FUCK, ME!!!  We have been going non-stop ever since.  Hubby can’t even get me aroused anymore, but my pussy has never been so well fucked.  Mmmmmm, I can’t believe I waited so long to enjoy this life.  OH FUCK YES.

Hispov oh daddy i love it when you fuck me in @goodboy4mommy


Oh Daddy, I love it when you fuck me in front of my slutty little friends.  Watching my girlfriend finger her nasty little pussy while you pound my fucking cunt harder and harder makes me so wet, so excited.  I love hearing her moan as you fuck me faster, harder.  Cumming deep inside my pussy so she can eat out every drop.  OH FUCK, DADDY.  So good.  So very good.

Endlesslusts oh honey of course i spent the @goodboy4mommy


Oh honey, of course I spent the night thinking about you.  I always think about you.   Every time I felt one of their fat cocks shoving deep into my tight little pussy, every drop of cum they shot into me, each time my friend would scream as they fucked her and fucked me.  Each orgasm was so much better because I was thinking of you and how much I fucking love cheating on you.  You’re so clueless and I am such a dirty girl.  OH FUCK YES!

Endlesslusts oh fuck i love doing that so @goodboy4mommy


OH FUCK, I love doing that so much.  On my way to meet up with the boys, I start sexting with my husband.  He’s so creative and says such naughty things.  By the time I get there, I’m absolutely dripping and so ready for my lovers.  Hubby works me up until I’m about to explode then I just stop responding while I’m fucked and fucked and fucked.   The buzzing phone as he grows more and more desperate drives me absolutely wild.  It’s so fucking good and then I claim I didn’t see his texts or I lost signal or whatever.  Mmmmm, it makes me cum so fucking hard.

Hispov its going to feel so good make me @goodboy4mommy


It’s going to feel so good.  Make me feel so good.  Fuck me, Daddy


Oh Daddy, look at your naughty little girl.  You know you want to fuck your angel so hard.  You want to give your little girl every bit of Daddy’s hard cock.  Please, Daddy.  Take your baby.  Fuck her harder.  Pound that nasty little teen cunt. 

Hispov what do you think daddy do you like @goodboy4mommy


What do you think, Daddy?  Do you like the way your nasty little girl looks?  


Mmmmmm, yes, baby.  You look so fucking amazing.  Daddy can’t wait to spend the whole night exploring his little fucktoy, using her until she’s completely fucked and dripping cum.  Such a good little girl.  Daddy loves how he can’t resist.  Good girl.  OH FUCK!  Good girl!

Hispov oh daddy you feel so good being here @goodboy4mommy


Oh Daddy.  You feel so good.  Being here like this, helpless to your cock.  Feeling you fucking and fucking and fucking your little girl.  Mmmmmm, Daddy, please, I can’t get enough of you, can’t feel you deep enough, fuck you hard enough.  Oh fuck!  Daddy!!  You’re making your little girl explode.  OH MY GOD!  Fuck me, Daddy.  HARDER!!!!