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Good Boy for Mommy @goodboy4mommy

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This is an 18+ NSFW blog. If you are under age, please leave now! I am a man with a strong incest fetish about being used and controlled by strong powerful women in the role of Mommy. Everything here is fiction and most of it is not mine. This is just a way for me to express my desires and fantasies. For me, my blogs are about the combination of words and picture. I reblog pictures I have found on the web and add my own captions. If you own the rights to one of these pictures and don't want me using it, please let me know and I will remove it immediately. Please check out my other blogs: Endless Lusts Submit to Mommy From His Point of View Lusty Cravings and Only For Your Pleasure Most of my blogs focus on incest relationships. Here is some information about the blogs I run: Submit to Mommy This blog has a definite lesbian theme to the captions. It focuses primarily on Mommy/Little girl relationships but some of the posts focus on Mommy and daughter sexually dominating the son. From His Point of View This blog focuses on the Daddy/Little girl aspects of a relationship. Captions are written primarily from the little girl's perspective as she submits to her Daddy Dom. Endless Lusts This blog is written from the Hot Wife/ cheating wife point of view. It tends to center around rough, group sex and cheating. Lusty Cravings This blog is just a few things that I like that don't quite fit the "Mommy" theme of this blog or that I haven't had time to caption. Finally, I have one other blog: Only For Your Pleasure This is a blog dedicating myself to the pleasure of the woman in control and my need to please her. - Good Boy for Mommy (@goodboy4mommy)
Be a good boy honey such your sisters nipples @goodboy4mommy

Be a good boy, honey.  such your sister’s nipples nd then you’re going to eat her pussy until she cums all over your pretty face.  Mommy wants to watch you please her, give yourself to her they way you are meant to.  The way it should always be.  You serving us. Pleasing us. Giving yourself to your Mistresses.  Good boy.  You make Mommy very happy, baby.

Mmmmmm fuck baby show your mommy how hard your @goodboy4mommy

Mmmmmm, fuck, baby.  Show your Mommy how hard your little cock is for her pretty pussy.  Oh my, such a good boy.  You want to give yourself to Mommy, don’t you baby.  Mmmmm, feel Mommy’s soft, how wetness sliding over your swollen cock.  So good, baby.  Oh fuck, such a good boy.  Mmmmmm, yes.

Youre so hard for mommy arent you baby mommy @goodboy4mommy

You’re so hard for Mommy, aren’t you, baby.  Mommy loves that.  Do you love the taste of all that cum from Mommy’s naughty cunt?  Does my little boy like knowing how much of that is his own cum deep inside Mommy’s hot pussy?  Mmmmmm, fuck yes you do.  Be a good boy and make your Mommy cum so fucking hard.  Mmmmm, yes.  so good.  So nasty.

Doesnt it feel good baby mommy playing with @goodboy4mommy

Doesn’t it feel good, baby?  Mommy playing with that pretty cock?  Oh no, baby, it’s perfectly natural to get excited when Mommy touches you like this.  Mommy loves making her little boy feel so good, just like Mommy loves making herself feel good while I play with my nasty slut.  Mmmmmm, now Mommy isn’t going to allow you to cum, baby, so you need to try really hard to stay as calm as possible, especially when Mommy cums again.  Mmmmm, get ready, baby.  OH HOLY FUUUUUCK!!!  Good boy.

Mommys going to play with her little boy for @goodboy4mommy

Mommy’s going to play with her little boy for hours, baby.  It makes your Mommy so fucking wet to hear you moan like that, whimper like that, beg like that.  Such a good boy.  Mommy isn’t going to stop and she isn’t going to let her little fuck dolly cum.  Oh no.  Mommy is going to use you and get you so hard then lower her steaming cunt onto your pretty dick and cum and cum and cum.  Mmmmmm, fuck.

Oh yes baby just like when you were a little @goodboy4mommy

Oh yes, baby.  Just like when you were a little boy. Suck on Mommy, drink from her.  Mmmmm, fuck, honey.  You’re so hard for Mommy.  Mmmmm, Mommy used to love to play with your little cock while you sucked on her, training you for this moment.  Suck baby.  Feel your need taking you.  Good boy.

Oh no baby mommys not about to fucking let you @goodboy4mommy

Oh no, baby.  Mommy’s not about to fucking let you cum.  Mommy’s going to destroy your ass with her big girl cock and play with your fucking boy clit until you’re wild with need, but you aren’t cumming.  OH no, baby.  You belong to Mommy and she isn’t about to let you cum any time soon.  Mmmmmm, fuck.

Come here little boy mommy wants to be so @goodboy4mommy

Come here, little boy.  Mommy wants to be so fucking naughty with her nasty baby.  Mommy wants to spread you open with her big girl cock.  Mommy wants to fuck your little boy pussy until you cum so hard for me.  Mommy loves teaching her little boy to cum hard on a nice big cock fucking your pretty cunt.  Mommy loves teaching you that getting fucked hard in your boy pussy makes you feel so good, so fucking good.  Mmmmmm, be a good boy and tell Mommy how much you love a nice big cock in your little cunt.  Good boy.

Oh thats right baby mommys special friends @goodboy4mommy

Oh that’s right, baby.  Mommy’s special friends did fuck a lot of cum into Mommy’s sweet pussy.  But that good, honey, because now Mommy can have you lick and suck and clean every drop out with your tongue like a good boy.  You love this game, don’t you, baby.  Mommy’s filled pussy tastes so good, so sweet, so yummy.  Oh yes, I know you like it.  Mommy can see how hard you are for her while you’re eating and eating all that special treat.  Good boy.

Mommys going to fuck you so hard little boy @goodboy4mommy

Mommy’s going to fuck you so hard, little boy. You’re going to feel her lust, her heat, as she pounds your little boy pussy and makes her baby scream and whimper from needing to cum so badly.  Then when you’re all worked up, Mommy is going to stroke and play with your poor denied cock until you’re almost at the point of passing out.  Mmmmm, fuck, it’s going to be so much fun for Mommy.  Mmmmm, only for Mommy.  Good boy.

Not yet baby oh not yet little boy mommy @goodboy4mommy

Not yet, baby.  Oh not yet, little boy.  Mommy doesn’t think you’re nearly hard enough, not nearly desperate enough.  Mommy doesn’t think you’re whimpering hard enough, begging enough.  You’re going to be so desperate by the time Mommy is through with you.  So fucking desperate.  Mmmmmm, good boy.

Mmmmmm baby fuck how long can you last how @goodboy4mommy

Mmmmmm, baby.  Fuck.  How long can you last.  How hard can you get, how swollen can those balls be, little boy?  Mmmmmm, Mommy is going to find out.  Mommy is going to tease you and use you and fuck your pretty cock until she cums and cums and cums.  You’re going to whimper, you’re going to beg, you’re going to cry like a bitch and Mommy still isn’t going to allow you release.  Not yet, baby.  Not yet.

Oh fuck little boy mommy is goign to ride that @goodboy4mommy

OH fuck, little boy.  Mommy is goign to ride that pretty cock until she explodes all over you.  Mmmmmm, baby.  Give Mommy that pretty cock.  Give Mommy everything you are baby, except your cum.    Fuck Mommy so hard but remember only Mommy cums.  Only Mommy.  Now fuck me hard.

Oh yes i love how you arise to the occasion the @goodboy4mommy

Oh yes. I love how you arise to the occasion.
The thought of your cock makes mommy’s pussy all wet and excited.


Looking into your eyes, watching your face.  Teasing your naughty cock until you’re begging, dripping, quivering for Mommy.  You want Mommy so badly.  You need to give yourself to your Mommy, your Mistress. You need Mommy to own your cock, your cum, every part of you.  Mmmmmm, yes, such a good boy.

Do you baby boy mommy loves looking up into @goodboy4mommy

Do you baby boy?


Mommy loves looking up into your eyes after her little boy has filled her mouth with so much cum.  Seeing your need for Mommy, your desire, your devotion.  Mommy loves feeling you surrender to her. Mommy loves taking her baby and knowing that you’re mine in ever way.  Mmmmmmm, Mommy’s little boy.  Mommy’s cock.  Mommy’s good boy.

I want you son give me what i want mommy @goodboy4mommy

I want you son. Give me what I want!


Mommy loves taking her little boy.  Mommy loves the way she can use him anytime, any way she desires. Mmmmmm, this pretty cock belongs to Mommy, doesn’t it, baby.  Oh yes, you know it does.  You know how much you need your Mommy, how much you want to give yourself to her needs, her desires.  Mmmmmmm, fuck, baby.  Let Mommy take you - always.

Mommy sucking your cock mommy loves training @goodboy4mommy

Mommy sucking your cock


Mommy loves training her little boy to be such a slut for her mouth, for her pussy.  Mommy loves brining you right to the edge, and keep you there as you moan and beg and plead to  Mommy to allow you to cum.  Mmmmm, fuck, little boy.  You give Mommy so much pleasure.  You are Mommy’s pleasure.  Mmmmm, fuck yes.

Give mommy all your cum oh yes baby mommy @goodboy4mommy

Give mommy all your cum


Oh yes, baby.  Mommy wants every drop of your yummy cum.  Mommy wants to feel her good boy covering her with his juices.  Mmmmmm, fuck, little boy, you taste so good.  Mommy loves the pleasure she feels from having you, the deep lust you make Mommy feel as your hot cum covers her body.  OH fuck yes, baby.  So good.

Does that feel good baby does mommy sucking on @goodboy4mommy

Does that feel good, baby?  Does Mommy sucking on your full balls, your swollen cock make her little boy feel so good?  When we first started you were moaning so softly but now you’re whimpering so hard, so very much.  Mommy likes this.  Mommy thins this feel so fucking good.  Watching your face, watching your eyes as Mommy licks and plays with her helpless little boy.  Mmmmmm, baby.  Such a good boy.  I love those little noises you make the more desperate you become.  Oh fuck yes.

Oh look at it baby youre so swollen so very @goodboy4mommy

Oh look at it, baby.  You’re so swollen, so very very full.  Mommy can feel how much you need to cum, how desperate you are for Mommy to allow you release.  Mmmmmm, not yet, baby.  Not yet.  Mommy has so many plans for this plaything.  Mommy is goign to use you beyond what you thought you could stand.  So far beyond.  Mmmmmm, Mommy is so wet thinking about how cruel she’s going to be to her pretty cock.  Mmmmmm, fuck, baby.  So wet.

Oh thats it baby thats a good boy look hard @goodboy4mommy

Oh that’s it, baby.  That’s a good boy.  Look hard into Mommy’s face as she fucks your pretty cock. I know you want to cum so badly, baby, but Mommy wants this pleasure more.  Keeping you denied, desperate as you give your devotion, your love to your Mistress.  Mmmmmm, show Mommy just how much she owns you, baby.  Be a good boy, make you Mommy cum and cum and cum.  Mmmmm, fuck yes.

Oh fuck little boy its so good so very good @goodboy4mommy

OH fuck, little boy, it’s so good.  So very good.  Mommy cumming and cumming so hard on your poor denied cock.  The way you moan and beg, listing to you whimper and cry as you force yourself not to cum.  Mommy’s pussy squeezing and sucking so hard on your swollen cock every time she cums again.  Oh fuck, baby, the little noises you make… just so fucking good.  Oh my god, Mommy’s going to cum again.  OH FUUUUUCK!

Oh no baby it isnt time for you to cum yet @goodboy4mommy

Oh no, baby, it isn’t time for you to cum yet.  Mommy isn’t nearly through with your pretty cock.  She isn’t nearly done making herself cum and cum and cum on your aching, begging, full cock, your swollen shaft.  Mmmmmm, fuck, baby.  Hearing you whimper and moan like that turns Mommy on so much.   Mommy may never let you cum if you cum that up, but please don’t stop.  It’s so hot.  So fucking hot listening ot your desperate need to cum for Mommy.  Mmmmm.  Good boy.

Oh yes little boy thats exactly what mommy @goodboy4mommy

Oh yes, little boy, that’s exactly what Mommy wants.  You so do deep inside her tight little hole.  Mmmmm, push in hard, baby.  Show Mommy how much you need to make her cum.  So Mommy how desperate you are to give your Mommy pleasure.  Show Mommy what a good boy you need to be for her.  Mmmmm, yes, honey.  Give yourself completely to your need for Mommy’s pleasure.  Good boy.

Its so much fun to know that mommy doesnt even @goodboy4mommy

It’s so much fun to know that Mommy doesn’t even need to be naked to hold your attention, little boy.  The anticipation of  Mommy opening her legs, allowing you to push into her and worship her wet pussy drives you wild, doesn’t it, baby.  Mmmmmm, fuck, look at how hard you are for Mommy.  How much you want to give yourself to her in eery way.  Oh what a good boy.  Stroke yourself for me, baby.  Mommy wants to see just how hard you can be for her.

Oh no baby mommy isnt nearly ready to let her @goodboy4mommy

Oh no, baby.  Mommy isn’t nearly ready to let her little boy cum.  Mommy doesn’t think you’re hard enough for her.  Not nearly full enough for Mommy.  I want to hear you whimpering, feel you shaking, begging, giving yourself to Mommy’s every desire.  Mmmmmm, fuck, baby.  You’re such a naughty little boy.  So good. Mommy can’t wait to push you harder than you’ve ever been pushed.  OH yes.  OH fuck yes.

Mmmmmm oh yes little boy such a good baby @goodboy4mommy

Mmmmmm, oh yes, little boy.  Such a good baby.  Give Mommy that pretty swollen cock.  I love feeling my little boy pushing into Mommy, filling her pussy, giving himself to her in every way possible.  You need Mommy, don’t you, baby.  You want Mommy so badly.  So very badly.  Mmmmmm, my good boy belongs to Mommy completely.  Oh yes, so good.  Such a good little baby.

Mmmmmm little boy are you thinking about how @goodboy4mommy

Mmmmmm, little boy, are you thinking about how much you want your mouth sinking into Mommy’s warm pussy?  Are you thinking about the way it makes you feel to give yourself to her desire, her wetness, her lust?  Are you thinking about how much Mommy owns your cock, your very will?  Mommy is thinking about all of those things, baby.  Mommy wants you right now.  Come give yourself to your addiction.  Good boy.

Oh baby mommy needs to get you into something @goodboy4mommy

Oh baby, Mommy needs to get you into something more playful.  Something a little silkier, a little softer.  Mommy loves the feeling of my naughty little boy’s skin through something soft, something lacy.  Mommy loves making her little boy dress up pretty for her and then show his Mommy what a naughty little slut he can be for her.  Mmmmm, you’re getting so hard just thinking of it, baby.  Good boy.  That’s Mommy’s good boy. Now let’s get you all dressed up and ready to be used.

Oh my baby so hard so full so red and raw @goodboy4mommy

OH my, baby.  So hard, so full, so red and raw from being played with and played with.  Mommy has almost soaked through her jeans from the pleasure it gives her to see her little fuck toy like this - hear him whimper and moan.  Mmmmm, how much harder can Mommy make this pretty cock?  How much fuller can those swollen balls be?  How much more can Mommy make you stand without letting you cum? Mmmmmmm, fuck, baby.  Mommy entends to find out.  Oh she does.  She does.

Oh thats such a good boy do a good job baby or @goodboy4mommy

Oh that’s such a good boy.  Do a good job baby or Mommy will go back to using your cock to make her cum and cum.  You know how hard it is for you to fuck Mommy, be deep inside her soaking pussy and now be allowed to orgasm.   Each time Mommy cums, her pussy sucing so hard on your poor denied cock.  Do you really want that?  You were begging so hard for Mommy to stop that I took pity on you and said you could eat me instead.  Do a good job, baby, because Mommy so wants your cock in her pussy. 

Oh little boy look at how hard youre shaking @goodboy4mommy

Oh little boy.  Look at how hard you’re shaking, how loudly you’re whimpering and moaning.  Mmmmm, baby.  Your cock is so swollen and you sound so out of control.  Oh baby, it’s only on the lowest setting.  You’re going to be so much fuller, in so much pain, needing this so badly before Mommy is ready to even think about allowing you to cum.   Mmmmmm, such a pretty sight as you quiver and beg. 

There we go baby a little pretty bow around @goodboy4mommy

There we go, baby.  A little pretty bow around Mommy’s pretty cock.  Let Mommy gt it nice and tight to help you keep all that nasty cm inside you as Mommy plays and plays with her little boy’s aching penis.  Mmmmm, Mommy just can’t stop kissing the little droplets of precum from your tip, playig with your nice full balls.  Seeing the veins bulge on Mommy’s pussy toy.  Mmmmmm, yes, baby.  I love it.  Mommy loves watching you cry.

Shhhh baby mommy has you mommys not going to @goodboy4mommy

Shhhh, baby.  Mommy has you.  Mommy’s not going to let you go.  She’s going to stroke your cock with her oiled fingers, Mommy’s going to fuck your pretty ass with her nice hard cock.  And Mommy is going to watch you tremble and moan and whimper as you try so hard to be her good boy and not cum.  Mommmy isn’t going to allow you to cum, baby.  Not untile she’s tired of the little noises you’re making.  Mmmmmmm, fuck, it makes Mommy’s pussy just ache.

Are you looking baby mommy doesnt have much @goodboy4mommy

Are you looking baby?  Mommy doesn’t have much else to take off.  Are you rubbing your pretty for Mommy? Showing Mommy how much you want her, how much you need her?  Are you showing Mommy how much she owns you, controls you?  Mommy does control you, doesn’t she, little boy.  Oh yes.  She does.  She completely does.  Now show Mommy how much but staying right there.  Play with Mommy’s pretty cock but don’t cum baby.  Mommy’s going to make you whimper so much.  She’s going to make you beg.  Good boy.

Ive started a new blog calleda whore for her @goodboy4mommy

I’ve started a new blog called:

A Whore for Her Pleasure

It’s basically about cuckolding and a woman who loves to fuck other men in front of her husband.  It’s about her teaching him to want this, about his journey to discover how much he loves this way of life.  If you like that sort of thing, check it out please and follow me.  

Thanks - GBFM

Mmmmmmm fuck oh baby they feel so good so @goodboy4mommy

Mmmmmmm, fuck.  Oh baby, they feel so good.  So very good.  Can you see how hot it looks, their cocks sliding deep into me, into my tight little ass, into my soaking pussy.  You don’t know how much I love being fucked in front of you.  It turns me on so very very much.   Oh honey, your wife loves you so much.  I”m going to cum again, baby.  FUUUUUUCK!!!!!

Endlesslusts id been out all day at different @goodboy4mommy


I’d been out all day at different sex clubs and had finally come back to my hotel room when my husband called to tell me how much he missed me, how much he loved me, etc.  I had two delicious studs waiting to fuck the shit out of my pussy all night long.  My hubby can be so fucking annoying at times.  I told him I was just exhausted from work meetings and that we could talk tomorrow.  I told him to come cuddle me so I could go to sleep.  My lovers fucked me so hard all night.  I’m such a dirty girl.

Endlesslusts oh my fuck baby i think @goodboy4mommy


OH MY FUCK!!!!!!!  Baby, I think I’m going to rip apart trying to take these huge cocks into me, but don’t worry, honey.  I’m going to try my best.  They feel so fucking good stretching me open, making me moan and gasp.  Mmmmmm, yes, baby.  I’m going to cum so hard right here in front of you.  I love fucking men in front of you.  I love making you watch your slut wife get fucked so hard.

Endlesslusts oh fuck babe can you see how @goodboy4mommy


OH FUCK, Babe, can you see how hard he’s fucking me?  Can you see how much he’s making me moan and take it right up my naughty little ass?  He’s using me so good, baby.  His cock feels amazing.  Oh fuck he is fucking me like he owns me and I want it that way so badly.  Mmmmmm, fuck, is this making you feel as hot as I’m feeling?  OH FUCK YES!!!  

Endlesslusts oh babe all those men i fuck i @goodboy4mommy


Oh Babe, all those men I fuck, I don’t love any of them.  I barely know any of them.  It’s just something that gives me physical pleasure - nothing more.  I love you.  ONLY you.  You’re the one I always want to be with.  You know that, right, darling?  Now get the fuck over here and eat my nasty whore pussy.  I want to cum so fucking hard with my new friends.

Endlesslusts oh fuck i want my husband to @goodboy4mommy


OH FUCK!!  I want my husband to watch me getting pounded and fucked so hard by so many men.  I want to show him what a fucking how wife I am and make him see how much I enjoy being a complete cock slut.  But FUUUUUUCK, there are moments when it just needs to about the pure pleasure of feeling a massive cock fuck my married ass with hubby no where around and completely clueless about what his nasty slut wife is busy doing.  OH YES!!  OH GOD YES!!!

Endlesslusts take your time baby you dont @goodboy4mommy


Take your time, baby.  You don’t need to rush.  I told him I had a meeting that might run long and then I “forgot” that my family was in town and wanted to take me to dinner.  I don’t have to be home for hours so tonight it can just be us, fucking, taking, being used and using without my pathetic husband to be in the way.  Oh fuck yes, take all the time you want with this very naughty cunt.

Endlesslusts oh my god babe they feel so @goodboy4mommy


Oh my god, Babe, they feel so good.  So big.  Getting DP’d like this makes me so hot, so wild.  Do you love watching your naughty wife get so filled with so much hot cum?  OH FUCK, honey, I know you do no matter how hard you protest.  Watching me take so much cock being filled so full.  You can’t wait to eat every drop, can you, baby.  Oh Good boy.  

Endlesslusts mmmmmm ive trained my husband to @goodboy4mommy


Mmmmmm, I’ve trained my husband to want to watch me fucked hard right in front of him.  I’ve trained him to suck my lovers’ cum soaked cocks straight out of my pussy.  I’ve trained him to eat my used cunt and lap up every fucking drop.  I’ve even trained him to be willing to be fucked by my lovers just to make his loving wife so happy.  Now I think I need to train him to be with me once or twice a week so I can focus on times of just being fucked by real men who are going to use me like the cock whore I am and not have to worry about him.   I need this for me.  I’m such a dirty girl.

Endlesslusts mmmmmm yes its so good he @goodboy4mommy


Mmmmmm, yes, it’s so good.  He loves what a hot wife I’ve become and how much I love cock.  He loves to watch me fuck and fuck and fuck other men and I told him that I would never cheat on him behind his back when it is so fun to fuck right in his face - but of course I still do.  Right now he things I’m out having dinner with my parents.   I love being such a naughty slut.

You dont have to suck it for long baby mommy @goodboy4mommy

You don’t have to suck it for long, baby.  Mommy just wants it so hard before it goes in my hasty pussy.  But don’t worry baby.  Mommy’s pet is going to fuck you so nice and hard while your Mommy is getting fucked so nice and hard.  Doesn’t that sound like fun, baby?  Now be a good boy and suck it.  Then when he’ finished exploding into my hot cunt, you can eat both of us clean.  Mmmmmm, you love that, don’t you little boy. 

Endlesslusts oh yes fuck yes look down at @goodboy4mommy


Oh yes, fuck yes.  Look down at your nasty little fucktoy and pound into that naughty cunt.  You feel so good, stretching me open, fucking me so hard.  You feel so nasty as you fuck my pussy, while your friend fucks my ass.  I’m yours to fill, yours to use.  Your’s to fuck and take as much as you want.  I need to be filled with so much fucking cum.  Isn’t that right, honey?  Doesn’t your wife meed to be filled so full by these two young cocks.  OH fuck yes she does.  OH yes, baby, they’re fucking me so good.

Endlesslusts my husband couldnt understand why @goodboy4mommy


My husband couldn’t understand why it took over two hours for me to meet with my tutor.  I said I made a few stops on the way home, but the truth was 30 minutes for the lesson then an hour and a half to fuck him and his roommate raw. I told my husband that we were going to have to meet twice a week until my grades were better.   I’m thinking I might want to meet daily.  OH FUCK yes!!

Endlesslusts i cant understand why you refuse @goodboy4mommy


I can’t understand why you refuse to believe that nothing happened at my friend’s toga party, babe. All I did was drink a little then spend some time playing pool.  It really wasn’t a very exciting party at all, and you know I would have much rather been home with my husband than with a bunch of strangers.

Endlesslusts you complained about not knowing @goodboy4mommy


You complained about not knowing what I do all day long while you’re at work, baby.  I just thought I’d show you.  Are you watching how hard they pump me and pump me?  They use my nasty cunt over and over, filling it so full that I’m always dripping cum from my nasty used cunt.  And you wonder why I”m so tired by the time you get home.  Well, baby, you don’t need to wonder any more.  Mmmmm, fuck yes.  Do you want a taste, baby?  it’s so fucking good. 

Endlesslusts well yes honey they are all @goodboy4mommy


Well, yes, honey, they are all going to cum in me.  Yes, they fuck me like this every night, several times.  But baby, you can see how much I still love you, can’t you?  And after they’re done with me, baby, it’s YOU i’m going to snuggle next to and cuddle with as all of that massive load of cum oozes from every part of your nasty wife’s body.  Oh baby, this is for us because you love making me happy and this fucking makes me so happy.

Endlesslusts oh my god baby i wish you @goodboy4mommy


OH MY GOD!!!  Baby, I wish you could feel how amazing this is.  They are fucking me so hard.  I think they’re going to rip me open, they are both so fucking big.  Baby, can you see how happy this is making your loving wife?  You want her to be happy, don’t you, baby?  FUUUUUUUCK!!!!  I’ve never been so happy.  I’m cumming again, babe.  So many times.  OH FUCK!  OH FUCK!!!!

Endlesslusts well yes baby i love fucking @goodboy4mommy


Well, yes, baby.  I love fucking so many different men right in front of you as you watch your nasty wife pumped and pounded and filled until she drips.  I love how big they are as they stretch me open.  I really love it when they shove two cocks in my pussy at once and fill me with so much cum.  But baby, you neer need to worry about me cheating on you beind your back.  OH FUCK NO.  I want you here to watch it all happening.  Mmmmmm, yes, baby.  Watch me get fucked.

Endlesslusts oh my god baby theyre so @goodboy4mommy


Oh my god, baby, they’re so fucking big.  I’m used to your cock but I’m not even sure they’re going to fit into my tight naughty pussy.  Mmmmmm, baby, I’m goint to try to take them so deep.  I want you to really see your wife getting fucked like the the naughty little whore she’s always beeen behind your back.  

Endlesslusts oh fuck babe you cant imagine @goodboy4mommy


Oh fuck, babe, you can’t imagine how good they feel fucking so deep into my nasty little pussy.  Can you hear how much I love it?  Can you see how hard they’re fucking your sweet little wife?  They’re going to fill me with so much cum, cover my face, my tits, cum i my mouth, my pussy, my ass.  Mmmmmm, fuck, it’s so naughty.  Then when they’re done with me, your nasty girl has such a surprise for you.  OH FUCK, I’m going to cum again, babe.  Listen to your well fucked wife cum so fucking hard.

Endlesslusts oh fuck baby could you see how @goodboy4mommy


OH FUCK, baby.  Could you see how hard he pounded my fucking pussy?  And he’s not the first one today, either.  They’ve been filling me up all afternoon, using me so hard.  I wish you could have seen some of the others, the way they used me, how rough they were as the shot load after load into my nasty little cunt.  Mmmmmm, baby.  Now be a good boy because I’m going to come over there and slower my steaming pussy down so hard on your mouth.  I want you to get every drop.  Eat so much cum out of my nasty used pussy.  Mmmmmm, do you want that, baby?  I certainly want that.  

Endlesslusts oh yes honey you did fuck your @goodboy4mommy


Oh yes, honey, you did fuck your wife’s pretty pussy very good.  Your cum feels so good in my naughty cunt, but they just feel so much better.  Being filled and fucked so roughly.  Taken and used like the dirty cum whore I am.  That’s why I’ve tied you down so you can watch me get pounded, every hole used and filled.  But don’t worry, honey.  When they’re through with your naughty fuck slut, I’m going to sit on your face and let you eat my filled pussy to such an intense orgasm while they take turns fucking my tight ass as you devour my nasty cum bucket.  Mmmmm, I can’t wait.  OH FUCK, this is so much better than when I just did this behind your back.

Endlesslusts oh baby you agreed you wanted to @goodboy4mommy


Oh baby, you agreed you wanted to make your wife happy, didn’t you?  And can you see how happy she is?  I want you to see how happy I am having so many cocks fucking into me, using my slutty pussy, fucking me like the whore I am.  You can’t imagine that you’re cock has been keeping me satisfied all these years, can you?  I’ve just decided to let you see what’s really been happening our entire marriage.  Mmmmmm, fuck, baby.   They feel so fucking good.  Don’t worry, I’ll let you taste it all when they’re through with me.

Endlesslusts can you see baby are you @goodboy4mommy


Can you see, baby?  Are you watching?  You’ve worried I’ve been cheating on you for years, isn’t it nice to finally know the truth?  I think it’s nice. I think it’s so fucking hot.  Cheating on you made me feel like a dirty little slut, but making you watch me fucked and filled repeatedly is beyond anything I can describe.  OH FUCK YES!!!  But if you don’t watch, honey, it isn’t nearly as fun.   

Endlesslusts but dont you remember baby when @goodboy4mommy


But don’t you remember, baby, when we shared the fantasy about having the orgy and you watching me get fucked so hard?  Remember how hot it made you and how hard we fucked that night?  Well, this is just that only you don’t have to pretend that you’re watching me being fucked and fucked by so many cocks.  And when they’re done with me, baby, you can fuck me too.  I love it when you cum in my used, dirty pussy.   Baby, this is for both of us.  So please stop complaining and watch your nasty whore wife get fucked so hard.

Endlesslusts oh fuck fuck yes baby theyre @goodboy4mommy


OH fuck fuck yes, baby.  They’re getting ready to cum all over me.  You used to wonder where I was every night, worrying about what I was doing, but now at least you can see for yourself and you don’t have to wonder.  Oh babe, it’s so fucking hot to do this right in front of you. To make you watch as they fuck and fuck and fuck your nasty dirty wife.  Mmmmm, fuck, baby.  They’re starting to cum on me.  Make sure you don’t miss it as the spray your cock slut wife.

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Oh baby, these cocks taste so good after they’ve been in my fucked little pussy.  Would you like to taste for yourself?  You know how much you love to eat my cunt, and these cocks are all covered with my silk.  It would be just like eating my pussy.  Would you do that for me, baby?  Please?  They really taste good.  They feel so good in my mouth.  Let me send them over to where you’re tied down and you can taste for yourself.

Endlesslusts oh baby guess what ive decided @goodboy4mommy


Oh baby, guess what I’ve decided.  Today when they are finished fucking your naughty, nasty wife, I’m going to come over there and lower my full, fucked pussy down onto your mouth so you can eat me to another orgasm.  But we’re going to hold your legs back and the boys are going to take turns fucking your tight little boy cunt with their hard cocks still dripping from my pussy.  Won’t that be fun?  I can watch them fuck you as you taste every drop of their nasty cum from my well fucked pussy.

Endlesslusts oh thats it baby thats it @goodboy4mommy


Oh that’s it, baby.  That’s it.  Fuck that naughty pussy while I suck cock after cock.  I want them all so hard for me when they push all of their hard cocks into me at once.  I want to feel every hole filled while you watch them add so much cum into the naughty little pussy you just fucked.  Don’t you want that, baby?  It’s going to make me so happy.

Endlesslusts oh fuck baby you should feel @goodboy4mommy


OH FUCK!!!  Baby, you should feel this.  Those cocks are pushing in so deep, feeling the one in my mouth as I’m fucked and fucked. Are you watching your wife, baby?  The way she’s giving herself to all these different men right in front of you?  Don’t worry, baby.  I want to include you too.  I want you to suck all that cum from my naughty pussy off of each of their cocks.  I want to watch that so badly. 

What a good boy you are already on your knees @goodboy4mommy

What a good boy you are.  Already on your knees, so hard.  Pre-cum drooling from your cock.  Mmmmmm, Mommy loves that.  Now baby, come here and push your eager face between Mommy’s legs and worship this pussy.  Mommy is going to cum so many times all over your hungry face.  If you think my pretty cock is drooling now, just wait, baby.  Mommy is just getting started with her plaything.

Oh yes little boy harder get that tongue in @goodboy4mommy

Oh yes, little boy.  Harder.  Get that tongue in deeper into Mommy’s hungry pussy.  You need to worship that beautiful cunt, don’t you, baby.  It’s all you can think about, Mommy’s pussy.  Giving yourself to Mommy’s delicious pussy.  Mmmmmm, good boy.  You’re going to make your Mommy cum again and you know how much she loves that.  Now eat, baby.  EAT THAT PUSSY!!!

Awwww baby doesnt my little boy like this @goodboy4mommy

Awwww, baby, doesn’t my little boy like this?  Mommy likes this.  Your pretty denied cock pushing into Mommy’s soaking pussy, fucking her hard, making her cum and cum and cum.  Oh yes, baby, Mommy likes this a lot, and the whimpering and begging and little pathetic noises you’re making only makes Mommy like it more.  Now be a good boy and fuck your Mommy to another orgasm. Mmmmmmm, yes.  OH FUCK!!!

Look into mommys eyes baby and feel that pussy @goodboy4mommy

Look into Mommy’s eyes, baby, and feel that pussy controlling your pretty cock.  It’s like a fire, isn’t it, baby.  Your need, your hunger for Mommy’s dripping wet cunt.  All you want to do is fuck that pussy and make Mommy cum, don’t you, baby.  It’s your addiction.  You need to make Mommy cum so hard.  Mommy, only Mommy.  Be a good boy.  Fuck that pussy, but only Mommy is going to cum.  Your pleasure is giving your Mommy one orgasm after another.  Good boy.  

Oh i bet youd like that wouldnt you little @goodboy4mommy

Oh I bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you, little boy.  Pushing that cock into Mommy’s wet, warm mouth.  Feeling her suck and lick your aching cock.  Would you like to feel Mommy drinking your cum as you fuck into her mouth, her lips?  Mmmmmm, I bet you would, little boy.  Mommy wants to tease you a while longer, make you even harder and then she’s going to feel that fat, swollen cock of yours worshipping her dripping pussy.  Mmmmmmm, baby.  Mommy can’t wait.

Mmmmmm look at how swollen you are baby how @goodboy4mommy

Mmmmmm, look at how swollen you are, baby.  How hard Mommy has her pretty cock.  Is Mommy all you can think about?  Are you just aching to pour that huge load down Mommy’s throat?  Wouldn’t that feel so good, baby, to cum in Mommy’s hot, slutty mouth?  Mmmmmmm, yes, little boy, I bet it would.  Too bad Mommy isn’t nearly ready to allow that to happen.  You’re going to be whimpering and begging long before Mommy allows that to happen.  Now get ready to push this nice swollen cock into Mommy’s steaming pussy.  Mmmmmm, baby.  I want it so much.

Oh honey you can get it that mouth in much harder @goodboy4mommy

Oh honey, you can get it that mouth in much harder than that.  Come on, baby, work that pussy for Mommy.  You know you want it.  You know you need to feel her wetness, smell her sex as she uses you to make herself cum and cum and cum.  Mmmmmm, baby. give yourself to your Mommy.  Be a good boy.  Such a good boy.

Endlesslusts my girlfriends too me out to @goodboy4mommy


My girlfriends too me out to celebrate my birthday.  I told my husband that it was just a girl’s night out.  I looked at him with loving eyes and said, “You understand, don’t you, baby?  It’s probably just going to be some boring coffee shop. Trust me, you don’t want to be there.”  They all stood around cheering me on as I fucked one man for each year old I was.  It was such a naughty night.

Endlesslusts it was such a perfect day i @goodboy4mommy


It was such a perfect day.  I would sext with my husband until I was good and worked up and then I would lose service or my phone would die while my lovers fucked and brutalized me into an orgasmic frenzy.  Later, I would apologize and tell my husband how much I love him.  The we would start sexting again and again I’d leave him panting while I was fucked and used again.  Every time I would think about how frustrated he was I would cum so fucking hard.  It was delicious.  Such an amazing birthday.

Endlesslusts oh baby i tried to call i really @goodboy4mommy


Oh baby, I tried to call, I really did.  The service was so bad in that area and then my phone actually died!  Finally this really nice man and his three sons came along and gave me a jump so I could get home.  Well, yes, I’m walking funny.  I was really shaken, out there all alone, unable to reach anyone.  I felt so helpless but they were such a sweet family.  I’m going to go over to their house this weekend and cook them a special dinner as my way of thanking them for everything they did to me, um, for me.

Endlesslusts im so sorry baby i know you @goodboy4mommy


I’m so sorry, baby.  I know you probably had birthday plans for me, but my friend from work took me out for a late lunch and everything just took forever.  You know I wanted to be home with you, but she had some other friends come over and they gave me a surprise party.  It would have been rude to leave in the middle of it.  But I’m sure what you had planned was sweet too.  You’re just the best husband.  

Endlesslusts it really wasnt my fault i was @goodboy4mommy


It really wasn’t my fault.  I was trying to be a good girl and text my husband and every time I would grab the phone, they would take it away from me and shove another cock into my mouth, my pussy, my ass.  I eventually had to just give up and let them fuck me into oblivion.  I didn’t really want to talk to him that much anyway.

Endlesslusts can you see from where youre tied @goodboy4mommy


Can you see from where you’re tied down, baby?  My girlfriend was right, making you watch them fuck me is so much hotter than endlessly cheating on you behind your back.  Can you see how much I’m loving this?  Hear how good their cocks feel inside your sweet wife’s naughty pussy?  No no, baby.  Don’t close your eyes.  I want you to see it when their cocks pull out and so much cum oozes out of both holes.  Mmmmmm, fuck, baby.  I’m going to cum so fucking hard.   This is so good.   So good.  I should have done this years ago.

Endlesslusts i dont think theres anything @goodboy4mommy


I don’t think there’s anything really planned, babe.  My girlfriend and her parents are probably going to take me out for dinner to celebrate.  I would so much rather be with my husband.  I hope you know that.  The restaurant is pretty far away and we might stop for coffee after, so I may not be back until pretty late, but when you go to bed, pretend your loving wife is right there with you.  You know I will be in my heart.  I love you so much.

Endlesslusts oh fuck it went on for hours @goodboy4mommy


OH FUCK!  It wen’t on for hours.  The men just kept coming into the room and riding my fucked pussy, my stretched ass.  They kept cumming in my mouth, on my tits, then the next group would come in and fuck me harder.  It was all so perfect.  My husband at home, wondering where I was, while I was used and fucked and and fucked and fucked.  It was the BEST birthday EVER!!!!

Look at your mommy little boy feel that pussy @goodboy4mommy

Look at your Mommy, little boy.  Feel that pussy around your aching cock.  How warm it is.  How wet it is. How hungry you are for your Mommy.  Can you feel it, baby?  Of course you can.  Your overwhelming need, your ache to be deep inside that pussy.  Mmmmmm, baby, tell Mommy how much you want her.  Tell your Mommy how you never want anyone else.  Only Mommy.  That’s a good boy.  Fuck Mommy.  Only Mommy.  Oh yes.  Good boy.

Endlesslusts oh honey i just hate the fact @goodboy4mommy


Oh honey, I just hate the fact that we aren’t together, and it’s my birthday.  I wish my work didn’t require me to travel so much.  I’ll be thinking of you and I’m going to try to get done with my meetings early so we can be together later.  I promise.  Of course, they might run long.  I just can’t really control when they are going to be through with me.  At least I’ll try to text you before I go to bed.  I miss you too, babe.

Dont stop baby mommy wants that cock in her @goodboy4mommy

Don’t stop, baby.  Mommy wants that cock in her every way possible.  Mommy is going to use your pretty cock again and again as you make her feel so very very good.  Mmmmmm, yes, honey.  Listening to you moan and whimper makes Mommy so hot, so wet.  Oh yes, baby.  Get ready.  Mommy is going to cum again.  Remember, baby.  Only Mommy.  You don’t cum until Mommy gives you permission.  Good boy.

Endlesslusts to me birthdays are always about @goodboy4mommy


To me, birthdays are always about being a little self-indulgent, treating yourself to what you like, really enjoy.  Of course I’m not going to spend the day stuck home with my husband.  I’ve had to work every single birthday since we got married and I’m sure today is going to end up being a double shift.  Mmmmmmm, I love being naughty.

Endlesslusts my husband hates the fact that we @goodboy4mommy


My husband hates the fact that we never spend my birthday together, but he’s so understanding when I explain that I’ve always spent my birthday alone, getting in touch with myself, trying to sort out my feelings, bullshit like that.  It makes me so fucking wet that he actually buys it.  It’s the same every year.  My birthday becomes a four day fuckfest for my naughty little pussy while I try to “find myself.”  Mmmmmm, it’s so hot every year getting fucked raw.  

Endlesslusts oh honey you know its the same @goodboy4mommy


Oh honey, you know it’s the same every year.  It’s our tradition.  My college roommate kidnaps me for my birthday.  We go to the spa and get facials and then spend the whole day together doing girly things.  I know baby, I would so much rather be with you on my birthday, but she always have everything planned and I just hate to break our tradition.   Mmmmm, babe, you’re just the best husband.  I’ll miss you and be thinking of you all day, I promise.

Endlesslusts it isnt just the sex he was a @goodboy4mommy


It isn’t just the sex - he was a good lover, but I’ve had better.  It’s the fact that I’m married and my husband is waiting for me to “finish shopping.”   It’s just so hot when I know I have to get fucked fast and hard.  It makes me feel so naughty to come home to my husband with my lover’s cum oozing from my fucked little pussy.  Mmmmmm, it just makes me feel so good.  So dirty.   

Endlesslusts thats it boys pound this @goodboy4mommy


That’s it, boys.  Pound this naughty married slut.  I want to be so full of cum when you send me back to the little hubby.  I want my pussy filled and my ass filled and cum all over my face, my hair, my tits.  I want to be fucked and fucked and fucked and used the way real men treat their dirty little whores.  Show me what a nasty cunt I am, then send this well-fucked married bitch back to waiting husband.  I can’t wait to tell him that I’m just too worn out from working to make love tonight.  OH FUCK that makes me so hot.

Endlesslusts i miss you too baby im sorry @goodboy4mommy


I miss you too, baby.  I’m sorry that my work retreat has lasted so long.  Oh, you know, the usual “team building” things we do at every retreat.  The focus this time was Working Together to Make It Wonderful.  You’re such a good, understanding husband.  I should be home in just a few more days.  I love you too.  

Endlesslusts so good so fucking good my @goodboy4mommy


So good!  So fucking good.  My husband is really starting to get irritated with how much overtime my work is starting to require.  I keep telling him that it’s the busy season and they really need me there a lot.  The disappointment in his voice makes me so fucking wet when I call to tell him I have to stay late AGAIN.  Mmmmmm, fuck.  I love cheating on him like this.  I’m such a naughty girl.  

Endlesslusts my husband just cant understand @goodboy4mommy


My husband just can’t understand why I still do so much volunteer work at the high school when we haven’t had kids there for years.  Young cocks are always so ready and never get enough of my dirty, married pussy.  They’ll fuck me a dozen times in one night.  I absolutely love how much they love to fuck.  Mmmmmm, yes!!!!

Endlesslusts you know where i was baby it was @goodboy4mommy


You know where I was baby.  It was an anniversary dinner for my friend Mandy’s parents.  Honestly it was pretty boring and I thought of you the entire night, wishing you were there with me.  I would have texted, but I think it’s rude to do that in front of people from an older generation.  I love you, baby.  I missed you so much.   I’ll be home tomorrow - but we’re talking about staying one more day, so it might be Tuesday before we’re home.

Endlesslusts i do love my husband so much no @goodboy4mommy


I do love my husband so much.  No one has ever been so sweet, so loving to me ever.  He’s so good to me.  That’s what makes fucking his friends, his co-workers, the guys at his gym so fucking hot.  It makes me feel so incredibly nasty, so dirty, like such a whore.  OH FUCK!!!  It just makes my pussy throb and ache to think about it.  

Endlesslusts oh yes fill me up so full make @goodboy4mommy


OH YES!  Fill me up so full.  Make this dirty married woman drip and ooze from being fucked so hard.  Then come here and push those cum covered cocks into my mouth so I can taste what a naughty girl I’ve been.  Mmmmmm, yes, please.  Harder!   More!!!  My husband should be home soon so FUCK MEEEEEE!!!!!!!

What do you think baby do you like seeing what @goodboy4mommy

What do you think, baby?  Do you like seeing what a naughty girl your Mommy is?  Does it make my little boy hard to see Mommy being fucked by your friends from school?  I know you don’t think they’re very good friends because of how much they tease you and play with you, but now that they know how hot your Mommy is, I think they’re going to be much better friends - at least you’re going to be seeing a lot more of them.   They thought you would enjoy eating Mommy out when they’re done with me.  Mmmmmm, fuck, baby.  Mommy likes that idea too.

Endlesslusts hes always so worried about me @goodboy4mommy


He’s always so worried about me.  He’s afraid that I’m not satisfied with our relationship, with how much he has to be gone for work.  I always try my best to reassure him that I am completely satisfied with our relationship.  I fucking love how satisfied I am night after night after night.  If he weren’t gone so much I wouldn’t be anywhere close to this satisfied.

Endlesslusts it was so delicious i told my @goodboy4mommy


It was so delicious.  I told my husband that I couldn’t get service for my phone so he didn’t call or text once the entire time I was gone.  I was able to just fuck and fuck and not worry about being “home” in time to connect with him.  Four solid days of being used and filled and taken over and over, cheating on him until every hole was raw and worn out from being used so much.  Mmmmmmm, I love being a dirty girl.

Endlesslusts oh honey i hate being apart from @goodboy4mommy


Oh honey, I hate being apart from my husband just as much as you miss being with your loving little wife.  I wish I could avoid these trips but my job always keeps my schedule so very full.  It’s as if my bosses love to see just how much they can cram in for me to do.  And I think what they like best is ganging up on me.  Please think about me, baby.  I love you so much.  I’m always thinking  of you.  Your loving wife will be home in just a fewy more days.

Endlesslusts oh baby the company dinner was so @goodboy4mommy


Oh baby, the company dinner was so nice.  I wish you could have been there.  There were so many yummy things to eat, I didn’t know where to start.  I”m afraid your wife made a bit of a pig of herself.  I just ate and ate and ate.  I couldn’t get enough.  When it was over I was just so full I could barely move.  I miss you baby.  I hate that the retreat didn’t include spouses.  I hate being apart from the man I love.