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Good Boy for Mommy @goodboy4mommy

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This is an 18+ NSFW blog. If you are under age, please leave now! I am a man with a strong incest fetish about being used and controlled by strong powerful women in the role of Mommy. Everything here is fiction and most of it is not mine. This is just a way for me to express my desires and fantasies. Everything here is pretty much a reblog from some where else. I have added my own captions to the pictures. If you own the rights to one of these pictures and don't want me using it, please let me know and I will remove it immediately. Please check out my other blogs: Only For Your Pleasure Submit to Mommy From His Point of View and Lusty Cravings Here is some information about my other blogs: Submit to Mommy This is a blog where I ask followers to submit the pictures and I supply the captions - please check it out, follow me, and above all SEND ME PICTURES! In response to a request, I have started a different blog - From His Point of View This is a blog from Daddy's perspective. Please take a look. Lusty Cravings This blog is just a few things that I like that don't quite fit the "Mommy" theme of this blog or that I haven't had time to caption. Finally, my newest blog is Only For Your Pleasure This is a blog dedicating myself to the pleasure of the woman in control and my need to please her. - Good Boy for Mommy (@goodboy4mommy)
You love watching mommy get dressed dont you @goodboy4mommy

You love watching Mommy get dressed, don’t you, little boy.  After she’s through with you, after Mommy has used you to give herself so much pleasure.  You love seeing Mommy put on her pretty things as you lie there aching and frustrated and begging Mommy for release.  Mommy moves so slowly, teasing you as she slides her stockings up her legs, slips her lacy things down her body.  It makes Mommy so happy to see the effect it has on your pretty cock.  Good boy.

Look at how swollen mommys pussy is little boy @goodboy4mommy

Look at how swollen Mommy’s pussy is, little boy.  Look at how red and wet she is from thinking about her naughty pussy boy.  it’s time, baby.  Get on your knees and push your pretty face so hard into Mommy’s soaking cunt.  Take your place beneath your goddess as she fucks your face to one orgasm after another.  You love that, don’t you, baby.  Oh yes you do.  Mommy knows how much you crave her, she knows how much you need her pussy.  Mommy has trained you to be that way.  Good boy.  Take your place, little one.  Give yourself to your addiction.

Youre obsessed with mommy arent you little @goodboy4mommy

You’re obsessed with Mommy, aren’t you, little boy.  You can’t take your eyes off of Mommy.  You think about her body night and day.  You feel her pussy on your mouth, taste her wetness any time you see her.  You dream of Mommy riding up and down on your swollen cock, making you feel so good, making herself cum and cum as you beg and whimper and ache.  You’re completely addicted to Mommy, you are.  You are.  Mmmmmm, you’re such a good boy.  

Whats wrong baby youre trembling so much it @goodboy4mommy

What’s wrong, baby?  You’re trembling so much.  It it the sight of Mommy in our special chair?  Does it make you think about all the things Mommy does to you when you’re tied to this chair?  Does it make you hungry to think of the way Mommy opens her legs to her little boy when she’s sitting in this chair?  The feeling of her pussy on your mouth, your tongue?  Are you obsessed with thinking about the way Mommy fucks your pretty cock, riding up and down on you in this chair as she makes herself cum and cum and cum on your pretty denied shaft?  Oh honey, now you’re trembling even harder.  Good boy.

Youre always so primed and ready for mommy @goodboy4mommy

You’re always so primed and ready for Mommy, aren’t you, little boy.  Mommy just needs to look at you and smile or show you her beautiful breasts and my baby is instantly aching to be inside Mommy’s sweet, warm pussy.  Oh honey, you have no idea how much it excites your Mommy to know she has you so completely under her control.  You’re such a good boy.  Now come to Mommy, honey.  I have so many plans for my naughty little boy.

I love sexting with my son i love telling him @goodboy4mommy

I love sexting with my son.  I love telling him exactly what I want him to do to drive himself wild.  I love making him ache and beg for me even when I’m not there to do it myself.  I love knowing that I can control him in every single way.  When I get home, he’s waiting by the door, rock hard and ready to serve my pussy like the good boy he is.

Endlesslusts when mommy said that it was time @goodboy4mommy


When Mommy said that it was time for a “girl’s night out,” I was expecting coffee.  Instead she took me to her club and introduced me to so many of her special friends.  Mommy said it was time for me to learn some of her secrets.  OH FUCK!!  We stayed there all night long and I can’t wait for our next time out together.  My pussy is still dripping.

Endlesslusts i told my husband i was just going @goodboy4mommy


I told my husband I was just going to run my girlfriends back to their apartment and maybe stay and have a drink.  I forgot to mention that the drink I was having was from the cock of one of the guys we picked up at the bar.  I didn’t get home until almost morning, staggering in, my pussy dripping cum, my legs so weak from being fucked and eaten and used so long.  I love girls night out.

Endlesslusts my husband loves to text me to let @goodboy4mommy


My husband loves to text me to let me know that he’s thinking of me when we aren’t together.  I answer back that I am always thinking of him too.  I’m thinking of how much I love being fucked by his friends, by the men he works with, by strangers who have never met him.  I’m thinking about how much I love being his slut wife who is always cheating on him with any cock I can find.  Oh yes, I love thinking about my husband.  I love thinking about him every fucking chance I get. 

Endlesslusts i didnt care theyd been @goodboy4mommy


I didn’t care.  They’d been looking at me with so much hunger that my pussy was dripping from lust.  I knew I was already late and my husband had called twice, but I turned off my phone and let my dress fall to the floor.  They fucked me in every hole.  They used me and filled me and covered me with so much cum.  They fucked me for hours and finally left me there on the floor in a puddle of cum, my legs too weak to even stand.  I’ll make up some excuse about my sister and her pending divorce.  I’m such a dirty whore.

Hispov mmmmmm daddy every single time i pull @goodboy4mommy


Mmmmmm, Daddy, every single time I pull down my panties for you, it fills me with so much hunger, so much lust for your cock, your control.  I take off my panties and I offer myself to the man who owns me.  My pussy, my tight little asshole, my body in every way.  Yours, Daddy.  Yours to take, yours to use, yours to fuck and fuck and fuck.  Oh Daddy.  I love this moment, as I surrender myself to you again.  Please, Sir, anything you desire.  

Silly little boy of course mommy doesnt need to @goodboy4mommy

Silly little boy.  Of course Mommy doesn’t need to her cock in a cage to keep you from cumming or touching yourself without permission.  Mommy owns you completely.  She controls your every thought.  BUT sometimes it’s fun to lock you up and make herself cum all over your helpless cock.  Sometimes Mommy likes reminding her baby just how much she owns you.  Good boy.


picture reblogged from - a blog you should check out and enjoy.

Oh yes baby touch it can you feel how wet your @goodboy4mommy

Oh yes, baby, touch it.  Can you feel how wet your Mommy is for her little boy?  How excited she gets when you make her cum like this?  Oh yes, honey, push your fingers into Mommy’s wetness.  After you make Mommy cum a few more times she’ll be ready for you to get on your knees and worship her pussy like the good boy she’s trained you to be.  Mmmmm, fuck, baby.  You feel so good.

No baby you dont understand your cock only @goodboy4mommy

No, baby, you don’t understand.  Your cock ONLY exists for Mommy’s pleasure.  You only exist for her desires.  Mommy doesn’t need you to cum in her pussy, she only needs you hard and desperate, and that’s EXACTLY the way she’s going to keep you.  Good boy.  You feel so good making Mommy cum and cum as she uses her fucktoy.  Oh baby, the more you beg, the wetter Mommy gets.  That’s a good baby.

No no baby youre going to stand there and @goodboy4mommy

No no, baby.  You’re going to stand there and watch Mommy play with herself.  You’re going to stand there, your cock swollen, throbbing, as you listen to Mommy finger herself to one orgasm after another.  You’re going to stand there, your hands at your side, your pretty cock drooling for your Mistress, as you watch Mommy pleasure herself and feel how desperate you are for this pussy.  Good boy.  Mommy loves it when you whimper.  

Thats right baby just like when you were @goodboy4mommy

That’s right, baby, just like when you were little.  Suck on Mommy, drink from her, give into your need to feel Mommy in your mouth.  Mmmmmm, little boy, it makes your Mommy so very very wet.  You’re going to suck on Mommy and then you’re going to work your way down her body to her pussy and eat her wet slit until she explodes for her little boy.  Fuck, baby.  You’re such a good boy.  You want your Mommy so badly.

You know what to do baby you know exactly what @goodboy4mommy

You know what to do, baby.  You know exactly what to do.  Mommy is going to slide her panties off and you’re going to get on your knees and shove your face so deep into Mommy’s pussy.  You’re going to take your place and let Mommy face fuck your mouth until she’s screaming with delight.  You’re going to rim her ass, eat her pussy, suck hard on her swollen clit.  You’re going to worship your goddess and surrender to your addiction.  Oh yes, little boy.  You know exactly what to do.  

Just look at him mommys little boy standing @goodboy4mommy

Just look at him.  Mommy’s little boy standing there, so hard, so full, so desperate to even touch his cock.  Drooling, hungry, burning with lust as you look at your own Mommy and think about how desperately you want to serve her pussy, give yourself to your Mistress.  It completely consumes you.  But your body belongs to Mommy, so you’ll touch yourself when Mommy gives you permission, you’ll do anything and everything your Mommy desires.  Yes you will.  You will.   Mommy loves watching your face as you grow more and more desperate.  Good boy.

I know you want to cum baby mommy knows how @goodboy4mommy

I know you want to cum, baby.  Mommy knows how desperate her little boy is to spill his seed into Mommy’s pretty pussy.  You’re so hard, so full, so desperate.  Mommy’s been riding you and fucking herself on your helpless cock for hours, watching your face, the delicious agony each time she reaches another orgasm and you struggle not to cum.  But you’re a good boy.  You’re Mommy’s plaything and she owns your cock, your orgasm, YOU.  You’ll cum when Mommy allows it and not a moment before.  Now fuck your Mommy, little boy.  She’s no where near done with you.

Oh honey look at your mommy and feel the fire @goodboy4mommy

Oh honey, look at your Mommy and feel the fire that continually burns inside you.  You can’t resist, you have no will except your Mommy’s naughty desires.  You belong to Mommy.  You’re nothing but a whore for Mommy’s pussy, a slut to Mommy’s body, addicted to her in every way.  Mmmmmm, can you feel it, little boy?  Of course you can.  It’s the very essence of who you are.  Every part of you knows one truth and one truth only - You are MINE.  Good boy.


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