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Good Boy for Mommy

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This is an 18+ NSFW blog. If you are under age, please leave now! I am a man with a strong incest fetish about being used and controlled by strong powerful women in the role of Mommy. Everything here is fiction and most of it is not mine. This is just a way for me to express my desires and fantasies. Everything here is pretty much a reblog from some where else. I have added my own captions to the pictures. If you own the rights to one of these pictures and don't want me using it, please let me know and I will remove it immediately. Please check out my other blogs: Only For Your Pleasure Submit to Mommy From His Point of View and Lusty Cravings Here is some information about my other blogs: Submit to Mommy This is a blog where I ask followers to submit the pictures and I supply the captions - please check it out, follow me, and above all SEND ME PICTURES! In response to a request, I have started a different blog - From His Point of View This is a blog from Daddy's perspective. Please take a look. Lusty Cravings This blog is just a few things that I like that don't quite fit the "Mommy" theme of this blog or that I haven't had time to caption. Finally, my newest blog is Only For Your Pleasure This is a blog dedicating myself to the pleasure of the woman in control and my need to please her.

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