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Cosasquemegustanosi se te hizo agua la cola @gorditointenso


se te hizo agua la cola.

Thisutahbear morrisearl634 woof in hot @gorditointenso



Woof in hot

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Mavisovalye33 mavi şövalye @gorditointenso


Mavi şövalye

Theonlyjaystar naughty pics shhhhh @gorditointenso


Naughty pics shhhhh

Boyonboy posin and spittin @gorditointenso


posin and spittin

Ahotfirefae past part 2 @gorditointenso


Past, part 2

Xnaldo giving myself a little trim for vacation @gorditointenso


Giving myself a little trim for vacation

Muda ora for all the thirst followers out @gorditointenso


For all the thirst followers out there…

Cutecubs cute cub want him naked @gorditointenso


cute cub. want him naked 

Moxieracer some new leather @gorditointenso


Some new leather!

Rebelziid cute bear @gorditointenso


Cute Bear

Chubbyaddiction mikeward1701 wet wednesday @gorditointenso



Wet Wednesday; Settle Birds Eye Hot Tub Shenanigans

Oh yes, that looks like fun…

Monstercub new release tidal wave tag team @gorditointenso


New Release!  Tidal Wave Tag Team ft. Caleb Delano, Karl Knox, and Hunter Scott

Hey there buddy,

I have been going to Tidal Wave for the last 3 years. Last year, my second time, I managed to meet the awesome, sexy Caleb Delano. We became good friends after our work together on another video and he in turn became one of my models. He lives in Orlando, FL, and we made big plans to do Tidal Wave 2015 BIG! We got a suite at the host hotel. 5 bear cubs packed into that room and partied all weekend long. Caleb scouted the bears that would be at our hotel that weekend and managed to find the super sexy, Karl Knox. He had sent me links to his xtube videos of him fucking and getting fucked. After we checked into the hotel, we made contact with Karl and set up a time to meet. Some of you know that I film POV, self filmed scenes. In this scene, Caleb and I take turns with Karl while the other filmed the action. Karl is a hungry cock sucker. Its a real treat to stare into those big beautiful blue eyes while he’s sucking me off or getting rammed. Sensual kisses lead to furocious animal like licking and growling. Caleb and I take turns hammering and pounding away at Karl’s willing man hole. We broke him in and wore him out for his first day at Tidal Wave. I hope to have him down to film again some day soon. Watch it all now.

-Hunter Scott, The Monster Cub

Crawfordgraeme feeling good about the beard @gorditointenso


Feeling good about the beard….

Chubly bearestroika bearlycare i was @gorditointenso




I was still inspired by all the handsome men i met last week during Bearweek in ptown and figured it had been a while since i showed off so- here ya go 😉