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I am a black man who happens to love my beautiful brothas of all shades and sizes. I felt that it was necessary to have a page dedicated to the beauty of men of African descent for the world to enjoy. This page is intended to show gorgeous black men of all shades, sizes, shapes and colors in all of our splendor and assortments. If the men posted are not of African descent, please let me know and I will remove them. I do not intend to discriminate against any ofther race; this site was created to show the beauty of, and appreciation for, men of African descent...that's it. However, I feel it's necessary to let you know that I am attracted to other races as If any of the content posted on this site offends you, I ask that you leave the site. Please note that this site is NSFW (Not Suitable For Work), so please do not try to view any of this material at your place of employment. Additionally, I do not claim ownership of any of the pics, videos or any other material posted. Should I post a pic of you and you want to have it removed, kindly send an e-mail notification to my e-mail address below and I will remove the content as soon as I receive your request. This blog is for adults only! With that said, please be 18 or older, if not, I humbly ask that you leave the page. If you would like for me to consider posting your pic(s) to this site, please feel free to send personal photos to Please note that all pic(s) submitted may not be posted as there is a theme for this blog; no disrespect intended. If I do not post your pic(s). please don't take offense to my decision not to post, and please do not send any offensive, unkind e-mails. Know that I will not keep your photos, I will delete them should I decide not to post. Please know that I mean no offense; I only intend to keep with the theme of the page. Thank You! Lastly, this is not a site for model-esque type men only. This site is intended to show all variations of black male handsomeness in every facet, not just models. Ladies please keep in mind that I am attracted to men predominantly, so you may see some graphic material that may be considered distasteful due to it's homo-erotic nature. Again, if the material offends you, either scroll past the pic(s) or leave the site as no offense is meant. - Images of Gorgeous Black Men (@gorgeousblackmen)
Exquisiteblackpeople please take a moment of @gorgeousblackmen


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Mwiersma23 damn @gorgeousblackmen



Girthfan powerbottomjock blkinwhite black @gorgeousblackmen




black beauty



Mwiersma23 dreamy @gorgeousblackmen



Poppasplayground thickandbrickthursday sleeper @gorgeousblackmen


#ThickAndBRICKThursday Sleeper 😴😳

Mikeysbride god rest their souls @gorgeousblackmen


God rest their souls.

Poppasplayground see thru sweetheart via @gorgeousblackmen


See-thru Sweetheart via #Cellular 📱 #ThickAndBRICKThursday 💪🏽 #TeamFitnessFREAK 🍆 #DickPrint #bulge #bulging

Misterbking fit sexy @gorgeousblackmen


Fit & Sexy

Dcnupe theartofthegentleman what say you @gorgeousblackmen



What say you….


Bestofgreg gaylove gaymen gaycouple @gorgeousblackmen


#GayLove #GayMen #GayCouple #TeamSexy @chicoshowboi @1_Tru_G

Yes @gorgeousblackmen


One of my faithful members from africa cute @gorgeousblackmen

One of my faithful members from Africa…cute!

Another member handsome @gorgeousblackmen

Another member….handsome!


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