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Gay swedish couple. - 2 dads that likes hot man on boy action (@grabbigtparsoker)
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My mom still prefers to have my uncle Zach over to stay with me when she’s out. I prefer it to too!

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Every gay boy loves a bit of pink

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Hey guys! I’m gonna be fucked right now! Coooooooool!

And what about you there?

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My mom and my sister were gone that week visiting relatives on the East Coast. Dad and I were taking care of the house while they were gone. I was supposed to be out with my friend Jimmy that day, but Jimmy had a bad toothache and needed to go see his dentist. So that cancelled all our plans.

I rode my bike back home and got into the house. It was then that I heard sounds coming from Dad’s bedroom. I knew he was home, but I don’t normally hear such unfamiliar noises coming from there.

When I got upstairs and the view from inside his bedroom appeared to me, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. There was my dad, naked in his bed, fucking the neighbor’s son and our pool boy, Anthony! Holy shit! How did this happened?

I just stood there, in the hallway, watching this porno scene in front of me. Dad was viciously pounding away at Anthony’s butt from behind, causing Anthony to moan and grimace. I wasn’t sure if he was in pain, or pleasure, or both. Dad was really giving it to him, and calling him all the filthy names. It added to the shock because I’ve never heard dad utter a single curse word in my life! This man, who was pounding this teen’s ass, no longer look like the dad that I knew all my life.

They were in that position for a few minutes before dad flipped Anthony over on his back and resumed his fucking. It was then I could see dad’s cock, and my jaw dropped at how big it was. Oh sure, I’ve seen dad naked a few times, but never at full erection. What I saw made me both envious, and proud, because he’s my dad. I suddenly realized that, while watching all this, my dick had gotten completely hard and I was messaging it through my shorts.

Dad’s pounding against Anthony’s butt got even more brutal as it appeared that he was getting close to cumming. Sure enough, in barely a couple of minutes, he gave one tremendous shove and buried his cock deep into Anthony’s guts. His cries and the way his body convulsed told me that he was depositing huge amount of our family DNA inside Anthony’s battered hole.

And Anthony was asking for more! “Come on, Mr. Franklin! Give me all you got! Seed my hole good! Fill me up with your hot spunk!”, he said.

I couldn’t stand it any long. I quietly retreated, hoping to sneak into my room, and jack off my throbbing cock. As I turned around, my elbow hit one of mom’s vase and it crashed loudly onto the floor!


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“Daddy.” His voice was urgent and high, not at all confident like he was before I shed his clothes. “Daddy? Daddy! Daddy!”

I paused, letting about half of my cock sit snugly in the hole between his olive buttcheeks. “Yes sweetheart?”

“Please, Daddy,” he panted. “Please take it slow. I’ve never had one like you before.”

I bent to kiss his shoulderblades. Then his lower back. His body was quaking beneath my firm grip. Sandwiched between my thighs like he was, he couldn’t go anywhere if he tried. 

“I’ll be gentle with you,” I told him, nuzzling the back of his neck. At the same time I worked another two inches into his warm butt crevice. He trembled some more but didn’t resist. “I’ll treat you like a prince, baby.” I slid the rest of the way in, hesitating to let my balls rub against the sweet entrance of his boy-hole. He squealed. I began to pump. “Like my very own, handsome little prince,” I breathed as his squeals turned to shouts.

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