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Type Only Book

Unit Editions, the team who published a gorgeous monograph of Herb Lubalin last year are about to release another book at the end of August, this time focussing on typographic work unsupported by illustration or photography. Identified as a contemporary trend, Type Only explores this influential movement and looks at its roots and development.

…Amongst this stylistic explosion, one trend seems to stand out as uniquely of the moment. It is best expressed by the now defunct British design group 8vo, who said: ‘We believed that typography, the key building block of printed communication, could be the core ingredient of a graphic solution (unsupported by illustration or photography…)’

In the pages of Type Only, we see what happens when designers from all over the world adhere to 8vo’s brave assertion. Some of it is beautiful, some of it is rude and shouty – but it all relies on the naked power of type and type only.

The book features over 100 examples of work selected from designers across the world. There were too many good examples to fit in the book so some of these, plus designs from a current call for submissions, are being added to a growing Tumblr blog. I remember Adrian Shaughnessy, one half of Unit Editions, say on a panel last year “If you want to see current examples of experimental typography, look on tumblr”. Now the team is adding to them.

Type only
320 pages
ISBN 978-0-9575114-1-5

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