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●●● WARNING: This blog frequently features explicit male nudity and some sexual content in photos, videos, links and other posts. It is therefore NSFW and should be viewed by those aged 18+ ONLY. If you are under 18, or that's not what you're looking for, please leave now ●●● GPN is all about celebrating ~ and further exposing ~ naked men in outdoor and/or public settings. New posts are published regularly throughout the day, every day. ●●● Browse the extensive archive of over 38,000 posts, featuring guys of every age, colour, shape and size, stripped and displayed for all to see in a variety of outdoor and/or public scenarios: naturists, nude protesters, shameless exhibitionists, flashers, strippers, cheeky streakers and skinny-dippers, naked dares, lost bets, drunken debauchery, hazing, WNBR, CFNM/CMNM and other related themes. ●●● Audience participation is encouraged: click 'communicate' below to send a private message with comments, questions, requests or suggestions; alternatively you can email If you want to know a bit more about me (including pics), click 'nakedladuk' ●●● Show us you've got balls ~ hit 'expose yourself' to submit for publication your OWN public nudity pics and expose yourself to GPN's 45,000+ followers ~ if you dare. Once approved, your submitted pic will be publicly posted on the blog. You can also email submissions to ●●● Posts tagged 'nakedladuk' are mine ©, everything else is reblogged or found elsewhere on the internet. If you are the copyright holder of any images and you want them removed or correctly credited, let me know and I'll sort it out ●●● If you reblog any post or share it elsewhere on the web, please don't edit it in any way or delete any photographer credit. Where possible, please also include a link back to this blog ~ particularly if you are sharing one of my own pics (tagged 'nakedladuk'). Please don't use my original posts commercially without my permission ●●● Once more for anyone who missed it: NSFW / 18+ / ADULTS ONLY - ●●● GRATUITOUS PUBLIC NUDITY ♂ (@gratuitouspublicnudity)
3motenors victor sidoni in sheik by luiz @gratuitouspublicnudity


Victor Sidoni in ‘Sheik’ by Luiz Eduardo Petrone

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Bnekkid83 being naked means a guysuch as @gratuitouspublicnudity


      Being naked means a guy(such as this one)can feel very comfortable about his own skin and proudly spend a awesome beach day outside in total confidence without a letting a notion such as”size”get in his way.Like spending a day at the beach,it’s all about doing what comes naturally…and he shows it!!

Bobsnakedguysblog get naked everybody @gratuitouspublicnudity


Get naked everybody.

Alanpalmsprings if you like what you see @gratuitouspublicnudity


🌴If you like what you see, please follow me:🌴

Apex35mm find love and it will be peace 35mm @gratuitouspublicnudity


Find Love and It Will Be Peace // 35mm

Apex35mm shooting on film matters freezing time @gratuitouspublicnudity


Shooting on film matters. Freezing time for the ages. I bet this is from the 70s? 60s?

999roses eian scully @gratuitouspublicnudity


Eian Scully

Dekanuk dekanuks archive of naked @gratuitouspublicnudity


dekaNuk’s archive of naked exhibitionist men and dekaNukslave’s archive

Nudeflikker feel freebe nude @gratuitouspublicnudity


feel nude

Rickyd123 amazing form and beauty milos @gratuitouspublicnudity


Amazing Form and Beauty, Milos

Usmcswordswallower time at the lake @gratuitouspublicnudity


Time at the Lake!

Gerhorus @gratuitouspublicnudity



Ksufraternitybrother ricardo villani brazilian @gratuitouspublicnudity



KSU-Frat Guy: Over 102,000 followers and 67,000 posts.Follow me at:

Maybeinabluemoon quizás quizás quizás @gratuitouspublicnudity


quizás, quizás, quizás

Lol2wtf skinny dipping is amazing even more @gratuitouspublicnudity


Skinny dipping is amazing. Even more amazing is how many people that have never done it. Reblog this if you’ve been skinny dipping

Naturalswimmingspirit the best time to get naked @gratuitouspublicnudity


The best time to get naked is always. Taking a break from my #playgirl photo shoot Amazonian edition. #nakedinnature #nakedness #nakedninja #nakednomad #Ecuador #EverydayLatinAmerica #explore #southamerica #jungle #naturebums #nature #landscape #jesusmademedoit #wildernessculture

Dekanuk dekanuks archive of naked exhibitionist @gratuitouspublicnudity


dekaNuk’s archive of naked exhibitionist men and dekaNukslave’s archive

Bonermakers help me milk @gratuitouspublicnudity


Help me milk.

Gaygeekqueer smile enjoy the boner @gratuitouspublicnudity


Smile… enjoy the boner.  :)

Onlyoutdoorstuff outdoor ass doggy solo @gratuitouspublicnudity


#outdoor #ass #doggy #solo #twink

Dekanuk dekanuks archive of naked @gratuitouspublicnudity


dekaNuk’s archive of naked exhibitionist men and dekaNukslave’s archive

Bythewaternaked ufw 91915 7 @gratuitouspublicnudity




Bikeguy13 out in the brush @gratuitouspublicnudity


out in the brush

Libraryofcongresshh by david vance @gratuitouspublicnudity


by David Vance