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No porn just naked couples The joy of being human,being naked and being with someone special - Just naked Couples (@graymark52)
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Pegeha pegeha gefällt das bild @graymark52


Pegeha gefällt das Bild

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Richard y Tatiana

A nudist naturist adventure a romantic walk in @graymark52


A romantic walk in nature!

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Nudism/Naturism is about living and experiencing the elements in our natural state.  It’s about being comfortable in our own skin, and only our skin.  Simply being nude is an expression of that philosophy and is not inherently sexual.  To view nudists/naturists in only a sexual context is a failure of the observer, not the practice of nudism/naturism.

Naturistelyon lovin life @graymark52


Lovin’ Life 🇺🇸

Pegeha pegeha gefällt das bild @graymark52


Pegeha gefällt das Bild

Vetusdesoleil vivre libre nu vêtu de ciel et @graymark52


Vivre Libre, Nu, Vêtu de Ciel et de Soleil … A la Recherche du Paradis Perdu !!

Famnudism family nudism suggest if you a first @graymark52


Family Nudism suggest if you a first time nudist, then you can initially start with a visit to a nearest nudist club or beach. These nudist joints will inculcate some confidence in your body language.

Heartlandnaturists many couples practice nudism @graymark52


Many couples practice nudism together. However, there are couples where one member is a nudist but the other is reluctant (or outright hostile) to the idea.

Time and again, the best course of action has been to be honest and open about your desire to be a nudist. Over time, your partner will agree to your participation. You should never hide or lie about attending nudist events, and don’t ever ask a resort or club to “cover for you”. Not only is it rude, but no one wants to be involved in your lie to your significant other.

Don’t force the issue with your reluctant spouse or significant other. The worst thing you could do is to try to “persuade” him/her to join you. Remember that their reluctance is probably based on fear. Logic won’t work, so don’t try to argue them to a nudist event with you. It only pushes them farther away from accepting it and causes them to build up a wall against it.

Be available to answer questions and concerns without telling them they “should go with you to find out”. Answer their questions openly and honestly. Leave nudist magazines where they can peruse them when you are away and they can feel comfortable that you won’t see them and grill them about the subject. Over time, they will read the articles and see the pictures and become more comfortable with the idea.

At some point, probably to your great surprise, they will suggest they join you at a resort or event. Realize this is them cracking the door open a tiny bit to try to understand it and experience it a little. Don’t take this as them throwing the door wide open for you to drag them into a full-fledged nudist lifestyle. You should be happy that they are willing to join you, but temper your enthusiasm.

Allow them to set the pace. Allow them to determine when and where their first experience will be. You should offer advice of location choices from your knowledge, such as suggesting a resort for their first experience. Resorts are much more controlled atmospheres with many more amenities than beaches. And, the likelihood of a bunch of looky-loos or perverts ruining their first nudist experience is next to zero at a resort.

Time and again, the three things that win over a reluctant significant other are honesty, patience, and understanding.

The Heartland Naturists of Kansas City have been promoting fun, wholesome, family-friendly nude recreation since 1982.

Svlivinglife typical day in the keys 6 of 6 @graymark52


Typical Day in the Keys (6 of 6)

June 2015 - The Keys, FL
SV Living Life

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Set the camera and get in here! This is what happens when we land a huge campsite to ourselves! #skinnydip #embracefreedom #summer #thunderlake #algonquin #twobears

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My Favorite Naturists
Japanese Naturist
Only my pics