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Gurl Trapped @gurltrapped

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Gurl Trapped - Gurl Trapped (@gurltrapped)
Shiritrap me and littlechio being cute last @gurltrapped


Me and littlechio being cute last weekend. I’ll be posting more from the show we did over the weekend so stay tuned! ^.^

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Sissyhaleycray follow princess haley for more @gurltrapped


Follow Princess Haley for more captions!

Randomtgirl sarina valentina @gurltrapped


Sarina Valentina

Lookwhatsinmypanties just a little excited @gurltrapped


Just a little excited wearing my silver dress tonight

Dreamtgirls kim brayan zuluaga @gurltrapped


Kim (Brayan) Zuluaga

Thelastalespian hey 3 a bit drunky @gurltrapped


Hey :3 A bit drunky

Lucycrossdresser heres a story about my recent @gurltrapped


Here’s a story about my recent experience getting fucked :) I thought I would make it more interesting through pictures and words. Each number below corresponds with the picture above. (1st picture=1 and so on) Thanks everyone for following and I hope you enjoy my personal experience as a sissy fag :) Let me know if you like these kinds of things and I will do them again!

1. Daddy throat fucks me

2. Daddy fingers my sissy fag hole

3. Daddy stretches his fag’s hole while he throat fucks me

4. My hole is stretched and I’m in position for daddy to fuck my ass

5. Daddy fucks my faggot ass in his favorite position, doggy

6. You can see how hard and deep daddy is fucking me

7. Daddy commands me to ride his cock, my sissy cock is only allowed to be hard when daddy’s cock is in me

8. Daddy takes me back to his bedroom so he can fuck my faggot ass more

9. Daddy is fucking my sissy fag ass even harder and deeper. I can feel his balls slap my tiny fag balls with every thrust.

10. Daddy pins me down, making it so I am unable to move as he thrusts his cock into my ass faster and harder.

After 10 minutes I try to move out of position  and I tell him it’s because my ass is starting to hurt. Daddy then puts all his weight on me and fucks me harder. He says something along the lines of,” you are a sissy, you are to be used for my pleasure, I’ll tell you when your done.”  After 10 more minutes of him fucking my faggot ass he gets up and rolls me over.  He starts to walk towards my face and I immediately start begging for his load in my mouth. He tells me to stroke my small sissy cock and cum for daddy and then he will give me his load in my mouth. I’m breathing hard with a lustful gaze on his cock with my mouth open and tongue hanging out as I cum all over my lingerie. He smirks when I cum. He then slaps his cock a couple times on my face and drags it up and down my face, slaps my small sissy cock with his hand, and begins to walk out of the room. I ask him where he is going, but he ignores me. I beg for his cum in my mouth with my tongue hanging out of my mouth as he walks towards the door.  He chuckles and says pathetic, next time you wont resist daddy faggot, and walks out of the room. I’m left humiliated laying on the bed covered in my own cum, my lingerie drenched in his man sweat, my faggot asshole swollen, my tongue hanging out of my mouth drooling at the thought of cum, and my face covered in my ass juice. I have never been more humiliated in my life….and yet I wanted more.  I wanted more cock, I wanted cum, I wanted daddy to fuck me more! I’m past the point of return and I’m loving it. Born to be a sissy faggot and take cock from real men <3

Sissyfemminuccia if you want to be like me @gurltrapped


If you want to be like me, stare and repeat sissy!! ;)

Randomtgirl vanessa lima @gurltrapped


Vanessa Lima

Ppsperv follow my tumblr pretty pink sissy @gurltrapped


Follow my tumblr—> Pretty Pink Sissy Perv

Thefemmeside another understanding and loving @gurltrapped


Another understanding and loving wife to be found.

Tgirlfantasy sexy shemale patricia araujo is @gurltrapped


Sexy Shemale Patricia Araujo is the reason i’m supporting Brasil for Fifa World Cup 2014 ,she got perfect balls (.)(.).Transex Patricia loves beautiful clothes which underline her beauty as girl. 

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Weesharky69aimeeleetg69 this should become the @gurltrapped


This should become the proper standard everywhere

Itsjustmesonoworries lewdest pic of me on the @gurltrapped


lewdest pic of me on the net to date

hey bby look

Britney shagwell tg caption motivational @gurltrapped


TG Caption - Motivational - “Stop Pretending” #5

Rollnfap freelancer my own attempt at a dota 2 @gurltrapped


Freelancer: My own attempt at a DotA 2 - Themed Fap Roulette. Have fun :)

Rollnfap: Thanks for the submission

Sissifier2 sharetheloveatx submitted im a @gurltrapped


Sharetheloveatx submitted: I’m a masculine, typically dominant guy in the bedroom… but I crave the idea of being made to serve a more aggressive, manly guy and become his sex toy, to use at his pleasure.  How can I feminize myself, or at least behave in a submissive way to a superior man?

I’ve posted masculine sissies before and I stand behind my opinion that if you blatantly renounce every shred of manhood plenty of men will still want to fuck you. Maybe you’ll never be a trap, but if you’re prancing around shaved from head to toe with nail polish on in a bikini I don’t think a lot of people will see you as a man, and plenty will want to fuck a girly submissive slut like you!

Seattle tranny ladyboy archive @gurltrapped


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Thefemmeside newest legal procedures @gurltrapped


Newest Legal Procedures!

Sissydebbiejo pretty cross dressers @gurltrapped


Pretty cross-dressers.

Vanjatv marina ambrosio @gurltrapped


Marina Ambrosio

Anothersissycuck work that ass pussy @gurltrapped


Work that ass-pussy!

Trannyfans more sexy trannies at my blog by @gurltrapped


More sexy trannies at my blog by clicking here
Dreamtgirls amateurs crossdresser @gurltrapped


Amateurs Crossdresser

Strictlyarmand by bruce baker @gurltrapped


By Bruce Baker

Tgirllovaxxx my kind of nerd @gurltrapped


My kind of nerd