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Hairy & Daddies @hairydaddy

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This is a collection of hairy, daddies, beard & mustache, BDSM, CBT, leather men from all over the world. This blog contains male nudity. If you are offended by such material or are under 18 then please go elsewhere. The majority of pictures found here were found on the internet. All images copyright belong to their original creator. Enjoy it! - Hairy & Daddies (@hairydaddy)
Mastergrog good boy daddys got you feel me @hairydaddy


Good boy. DADDY’s got you. Feel ME deep in your guts. Enjoy that feeling of being filled up with MY thick, powerful DADDY DICK. RIDE ME, boy. Show ME how much you want MY cock.

You better make it hard and wet son @hairydaddy

You better make it hard and wet, son…

Thats what im talking about keep the submission @hairydaddy

That’s what I’m talking about…

Keep the submission coming, guys!

Wanna sit on it @hairydaddy

Wanna sit on it?

You want the rest boy @hairydaddy

You want the rest boy? 

All the way down your throat boy @hairydaddy

All the way down your throat, boy..

So what do you wish happen to this piece of meat @hairydaddy

So, what do you wish happen to this piece of meat?

Have a great fucking weekend all @hairydaddy

Have a great fucking weekend, all!

You like watching me fucking you dont you boy @hairydaddy

You like watching me fucking you, don’t you boy?

Sweet reward @hairydaddy

Sweet reward..

Would you fuck this daddy @hairydaddy

Would you fuck this daddy?

All night long @hairydaddy

All night long…

Love fucking bear @hairydaddy

LOVE fucking bear

You will remember me forever @hairydaddy

You will remember me..  forever…

Bobbywmitchell hairy muscular and masculine jim @hairydaddy


Hairy muscular and masculine Jim tongues my ass while I lube up his Dick.

Cumming in boy you ready you want my man juice @hairydaddy

Cumming in, boy… You ready? You want my man juice?

What are you waiting for @hairydaddy

What are you waiting for?

You are next boy @hairydaddy

You are next, boy..

Tell me you want it deep inside you @hairydaddy

Tell me.. You want it deep inside you?

Want it or not youre gonna get it @hairydaddy

Want it or not, you’re gonna get it..

Caption anyone @hairydaddy

Caption anyone?

Fucked by two daddies @hairydaddy

Fucked by two daddies..

You think you can get it up boy @hairydaddy

You think you can get it up, boy?

Daddies @hairydaddy


Ready to have some fun @hairydaddy

Ready to have some fun…

Dont tell mom @hairydaddy

Don’t tell mom..

Truedadsonlove feeding dad @hairydaddy


Feeding Dad

Why we love camping no @hairydaddy

Why we love camping.. No?

You ready for this @hairydaddy

You ready for this?

You only want half @hairydaddy

You only want half?

We are perfect match @hairydaddy

We are perfect match..

Watch son watch me shoot my big load @hairydaddy

Watch, son… Watch me shoot my big load..

Serving my master @hairydaddy

Serving my Master.

Open your mouth daddy @hairydaddy

Open your mouth, Daddy?

What more can you ask for @hairydaddy

What more can you ask for?

Wanna get fucked by him @hairydaddy

Wanna get fucked by him?