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A blog dedicated to hairy men and daddies, and father-son scenarios. NSFW, 18+ only. I don't condone sex with minors! This blog is for fantasy purposes only. The terms "dad"/"daddy" and "son" or "boy" are role-play terms referring to behaviors among mature consenting adults and do not refer to an actual or implied age. And despite what you might see, ALWAYS practice safe sex! Nothing here is mine, it's all reblogged or found elsewhere on the internet. All guys depicted are assumed to be 18+. If you see something that is yours and want it taken down, send me a message (through the “Ask” feature.) Now that the boring stuff is out of the way, here's some more info about me. I'm a college kid with daddy issues, exploring my submissive side. Here are pics, videos, erotica, and links that get me hard. Feel free to send me a message! I love hearing from my followers who get off on the same stuff I do. Though sometimes I am horrible at replying promptly. If you want some non-nude pics (still NSFW though), search the "shirtless" tag. - Hairy Dads (@hairydads)
Graybeards the blinds were drawn but they @hairydads


The blinds were drawn, but they couldn’t block the sound of my moaning. My father, mother, and brothers were probably eating dinner right now, less than 20 feet away, griping about the noise—or “Mr. Adams’ antics” as they called it. I couldn’t help but smile every time they called him a ladies’ man.

Daddysbottom ever since my dad took up weight @hairydads


Ever since my dad took up weight training, he has been giving me a hard time for being such a lazy bum. He texts me often to get me to be more physically active, and I continue to ignore it while I browse around all the naked men websites on the ‘net.

“Get off your lazy butt and job!” comes another of his text messages on my phone. He never fail to include a selfie of his muscular body just to make his point.

“Come on, you fat slob! Lift some weights!” says another one of his messages. This time, it comes with a photo of him just in his underwear, showing his big, hairy, muscular, almost-naked body. That is when I just about had it.

I copy the photo he just sent me, and uploads it to Tumblr. Since he likes to show off his body, let’s see how it likes it when the whole world gets to see it. So go ahead, ogle at my dad’s hot, sexy body!

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Frankovalmont the daddy colton ford @hairydads


the daddy Colton Ford 😍

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Graybeards i cracked open the door surprised @hairydads


I cracked open the door, surprised that it was unlocked even though he’d told me it would be. I listened, but heard nothing beyond the low hum of an unseen printer. He’d told me to come right in, but I didn’t do this often—especially not at someone’s office.

I took a deep breath and thought to myself, Nobody’s here, it’s the middle of the weekend. It will be fine. I mustered the courage to push the door fully ajar and enter. It was a generic office, a reception area that could have been anywhere. I couldn’t pause, couldn’t stop to think or I’d lose my nerve. So I walked, heading to the right as I was instructed.

Turning round the corner from the hallway, I jumped and gasped a bit. He was sitting there, stripped down in an office chair with his bloated tube of flesh resting comfortably on his thigh. He didn’t make a sound, or even drop the porn mag low enough to let our eyes meeting. He simply sat there, and the next command was clear enough without words. 

I started to asked, “Should we go…” before he interrupted me.

“Don’t speak. You’re not here to talk; you’re here to serve,” he said firmly.

Kneeling at his feet, I marveled at his beautiful cock. It looked even bigger than in his photo. Wanting to feel it in my fingers, I reached out my hand, but he slapped it away and barked, “No hands, just your mouth.”

I paused for a moment, angry that he’d treat me like this but no less intent on blowing him. I awkwardly slid my tongue under his shaft and pulled the cock down off his thigh. Swinging down toward me, I managed to wrap my lips around him.

He groaned slightly, but remained stoic.

I struggled to take more of him in my mouth, but blood began rushing to his cock. For every inch that slid past my lips, he grew an inch longer. My jaw strained to open wide enough for his thickening member, and he simply chuckled at my struggle from behind his magazine.

Once I finally managed to stuff the impressive length down my throat, I started to adjust. With every time I pulled back until his bulbous head rested between my lips, it felt easier to take it back down.

The man’s apathetic posture was cracking, but only a little. His legs were tensed from the overwhelming sensation and his hands had lost their reserved steadiness. The moans were more frequent, and certainly more intense, but he never looked at me from behind the porn mag. 

Even as he was coming close, that wall between us remained like his own little glory hole.

The eruption in my mouth was unlike any I’d ever felt before. The opening volley was overwhelming, an endless stream of oddly-sweet cum quickly filled my mouth. I struggled to swallow, feeling relieved when the stream stopped, but it was only a pause. The second spurt of cum was nearly as large as the first, and it began oozing between his cock and my lips. It went on and on, forcing me to swallow more from this one man than I’d been fed by a dozen normal guys.

There was no abrupt stop, more of a slow decline as each spurt got smaller than the last until it became a persistent leak straight down my throat. Glancing upward, I hadn’t even realized the man had tossed his magazine aside. 

When my eyes focused on his face, I gasped around the still-bloated manhood between my lips. Mr. Larson, my best friend’s dad, was grinning down at me. He ruffled my hair and said, “Good job, Chris. To think I’ve had a grade-A cocksucker sleeping over at my house all these years.”

The hand ruffling my hair held me in place as I tried to pull back. He chuckled, “Now, now, Chris. You had better get used to having me in your mouth, it’s going to be in there a lot from now on.” Looking down at my smooth ass, he licked his lips and said, “Not to mention the other end. That ass looks sweet enough to eat.”

I’d spent the better part of the last decade lusting after this man. It seemed like a dream, but I had a feeling it was going to be more of a nightmare.