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Hairy Pit Paradise @hairypitparadise

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Welcome to my male armpit site! Ever since I was young, catching a glimpse of a guys pit hair got me so excited! Especially if it was a few hairs sticking out of their shirt! That is a big turnon! The smell of a mans armpits, especially during sex, is guaranteed to make me cum! Feel free to send me your pit photos. I try not to post "porn" actor photos on here because I'm more turned on by candid pit shots of regular guys. Enjoy the site and feel free to ask me questions or tell me what you think of my photos. Mark - Hairy Pit Paradise (@hairypitparadise)
He is delicious @hairypitparadise

He is delicious

The little hairs sticking out of his shirt love @hairypitparadise

The little hairs sticking out of his shirt. Love seeing that!!!

Sweaty and mosky @hairypitparadise

Sweaty and mosky….

Mi hairy armpit load in your page mexico 27 @hairypitparadise

Mi hairy armpit, load in your page Mexico 27 y

Mmmmmmmmm…….looks delicious. Wish I could smell it.
Thanks anonymous @hairypitparadise

Thanks, anonymous.

Great fucking view @hairypitparadise

Great fucking view!!!

Hot @hairypitparadise


Keanus sweaty pit stain hot @hairypitparadise

Keanu’s sweaty pit stain. Hot!!!

Grrrrrr mmmmmmmmmmmm @hairypitparadise


Fuck yeah biker pits @hairypitparadise

Fuck yeah!!! Biker pits!!!!

Sexy @hairypitparadise


Albie @hairypitparadise


Pits @hairypitparadise


Wow great pit and fur and cock thanks for @hairypitparadise

Wow.  Great pit and fur and cock!!!  Thanks for the submission.

He is such a work of art @hairypitparadise

He Is such a work of art.

Holy fuck @hairypitparadise

Holy fuck!!!!!!!

Good enough to be in the @hairypitparadise

Good enough to be in the collection?

**Definitely!!!!! Adorable.**
Wow thanks for all the submissions i think @hairypitparadise

Wow!  Thanks for all the submissions!!!  I think this is my favorite because I would love to be sleeping under your pit.

Fucking sexy @hairypitparadise

Fucking sexy!!!!!

My sweaty hairy summer armpit mmmmmmmmmmi @hairypitparadise

My sweaty, hairy summer armpit.

Mmmmmmmmmm………I wanna bury my face in there.
Fucking hot photo @hairypitparadise

Fucking HOT photo!!!!!!! 

Holy fuck great fur great cock @hairypitparadise

HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!  Great fur!  Great cock.  Great pit!!!!  Thanks for the submission!

Great pic @hairypitparadise

GREAT pic!!!!!!!!!!!

What a beautiful sight great pit man @hairypitparadise

What a beautiful sight!!!!!  Great pit man!  Thanks for the submission!  Mark

Are you kidding me i want this @hairypitparadise

Are you kidding me?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I want this man!!!

Fucking hot @hairypitparadise


Hot pic @hairypitparadise

Hot pic!

Holy fuck me @hairypitparadise

HOLY FUCK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hairy…sexy…..wet…….and hopefully stinky!!!!!

Great @hairypitparadise

GREAT PITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy shit what a fucking sexy guy @hairypitparadise

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!  What a fucking sexy guy!!!!!  Grrrreat pit too!!!

My mouth needs to take care of that for you @hairypitparadise

My mouth needs to take care of that for you! 

Wow thanks for the submission what a @hairypitparadise

WOW!!!!!  Thanks for the submission!!!!!  What a great body and pit fur!!!  Would love to see more! 

My buddy mike look at that sneak of pit fur he @hairypitparadise

My buddy Mike. Look at that sneak of pit fur! He doesn’t know that’s why I wanted to take that pic. Ha.

All that beautiful fur @hairypitparadise

All that beautiful fur!

Yeah @hairypitparadise


Cute and what a great pit @hairypitparadise

Cute and what a great pit!

Lick @hairypitparadise


Grrrrrrrrri want to kiss that belly @hairypitparadise

Grrrrrrrrr……………I want to kiss that belly!!!!!

Great pit and chest fur thanks for the @hairypitparadise

GREAT pit and chest fur!  Thanks for the submissions!