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This is a blog dedicated to all of the handsome older gentlemen, whether they be bi, gay or straight. Some of the content may be explicit, so please no one under the age of 18 view this blog. If you have any questions about any of the pictures, daddy things in general, or myself, please ask! kik: HandsomeDaddies - HandsomeDaddies (@handsomedaddies)
Exposeddaddies reblog and ask daddy to take off @handsomedaddies


Reblog and ask daddy to take off his underwear if you think he should show more.

Horny dads dad your cock looks so good please @handsomedaddies


Dad your Cock looks so good, please let me suck it.

Happy fourth of july daddy nice firework @handsomedaddies

Happy Fourth of July daddy! Nice firework!

Daddiesbyeze feeding matt @handsomedaddies


Feeding Matt.

Daddiesbyeze dont remember if ive already @handsomedaddies


Don’t remember if I’ve already posted this one.

Daddy your balls are showing need help finding @handsomedaddies

Daddy, your balls are showing! Need help finding something? 

Just stay bent over like that and let me take care of you :)

Another hot submission by bob1356 @handsomedaddies

Another hot submission by bob1356

Hot submission by bob1356 @handsomedaddies

Hot submission by bob1356

Daddiesbyeze fun with gummies @handsomedaddies


Fun with gummies

Exhib45 laurent d exhib45 29 06 2015 @handsomedaddies


Laurent D exhib45 - 29/06/2015

Daddiesbyeze daddiesbyeze yours truly @handsomedaddies



Yours truly enjoying Matt.

Omg, didn’t realize this got over 1,000 notes in a week. (posted it last Tuesday)


Dude10011 wheres my pizza @handsomedaddies


Where’s my pizza?


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