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Hans Avluv @hansavluv

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photo + video + design + direct + more. Husband to Veronica Avluv - ÜberMILF - Hans Avluv (@hansavluv)
Shot the gorgeous noranoirxxx recently then @hansavluv

Shot the gorgeous @noranoirxxx recently. Then filmed a sweet POV blowjob. The lady has skills!

Happy birthday veronicaavluvxx a beautiful soul @hansavluv

Happy Birthday @VeronicaAvluvXX
A beautiful soul, contained in a beautiful body…

Another veronicaavluvxx @hansavluv

Another - VeronicaAvluvXX

Veronicaavluvxx gorgeous @hansavluv

@VeronicaAvluvXX ~ gorgeous

Photos of erika jordan killer model @hansavluv

Photos of Erika Jordan. Killer model

Veronicaavluvxx as a tigress for a scene yet to be @hansavluv

@VeronicaAvluvXX as a tigress for a scene yet to be released. $ in the bank for @brazzers

Looking forward to shooting erika4jordan soon @hansavluv

Looking forward to shooting @Erika4Jordan soon. Such an awesome model. Un -retouched.

Mrs veronicaavluvxx explaining some things to me @hansavluv

Mrs @VeronicaAvluvXX explaining some things to me about hitting the bullseye. Lovely…

Veronicaavluvxx as shot by raquelrischard @hansavluv

@VeronicaAvluvXX as shot by @raquelrischard - beauty…

Veronicaavluvxx ummm ya nuff said @hansavluv

@VeronicaAvluvXX ~ Ummm… Ya. Nuff said.

Me and mrs veronicaavluvxx she was experimenting @hansavluv

Me and Mrs VeronicaAvluvXX ~ she was experimenting with hair.

God i love my wife veronicaavluvxx bts shooting @hansavluv

God I love my wife. VeronicaAvluvXX BTS shooting some new stills. Absolute perfection.

Some of my work veronicaavluvxx hair makeup @hansavluv

Some of our work.
@VeronicaAvluvXX - hair, makeup & styling. All the same model.
Love Erika…

Jus some fun shoot with veronicaavluvxx @hansavluv

Jus having some fun shooting with Mrs @VeronicaAvluvXX
Love fucking my wife.

My wife is so good to me @hansavluv

My wife is so good to me.

Bicycle pimped @hansavluv

Bicycle - Pimped

Another of my photos dec2009 veronicaavluvxx @hansavluv

Another of my photos Dec/2009 - @VeronicaAvluvXX

A shot of veronicaavluvxx i took about 4 years @hansavluv

A shot of VeronicaAvluvXX I took about 4 years ago. Yummm

Veronicaavluvxx as a blonde @hansavluv

@VeronicaAvluvXX as a blonde…

Veronicaavluvxx right before we shot a pov @hansavluv

@VeronicaAvluvXX right before we shot a POV blowjob. Total VIXEN


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