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Harmoni Kalifornia--Queen of Spades @harmonikalifornia

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****THIS IS AN OVER 18 BLOG***** I am a happily married Hotwife who loves big black cock, an amateur adult actress and Queen of Spades (with the tattoo to prove it). My hardcore interracial website is HARMONIKALIFORNIA.XXX and it is full of hot fun from my life. This blog is where it all began for me. It started as a reblog of my pictures I found on tumblr, then it grew to a a collection of pictures, gifs, thoughts and sexy things that entertain me or turn me on. My pictures are tagged Harmoni Kalifornia. I love the BBC, Mandingo, and Swing lifestyle and can really appreciate a well hung black gentleman. I like to dress very provocatively and be shown off while on dates. If you are shy, I am probably not the hotwife for you. My website is Harmonikalifornia.XXX if you are interested in meeting with me and filming a scene, please click on the meet me page. I started out swinging in 2001, then went BIG and BLACK in 2004. To all the wannabe cucks and sissyboys. I appreciate all of you. Keep enjoying my fun and trying to find your own Queen. I love comments on my photos and it will encourage me to post more. Thank you to new followers. Enjoy the pictures. Follow me on twitter @girlwspadetatoo - Harmoni Kalifornia--Queen of Spades (@harmonikalifornia)
Showing hubby what he is a cuck here are your @harmonikalifornia

Showing Hubby what he is, a cuck! Here are your horns!

New Classic Kalifornia set just added!

Fuck you look how how big his cock is im gonna @harmonikalifornia

Fuck you, look how how big his cock is! I’m gonna fuck him until I can’t walk!

I love how the light catches my diamond as i take @harmonikalifornia

I love how the light catches my diamond as I take Shaundam’s massive black cock from behind!

Look into my eyes baby fine ill fuck the @harmonikalifornia

Look into my eyes baby! 

Fine, I’ll Fuck the Cameraman!  Now available for download.

Lupeandmicha suit shopping with babez @harmonikalifornia


Suit shopping with babez

Happy hotwife happy life harmoni and shaundam @harmonikalifornia

Happy HotWife, Happy Life!  Harmoni and Shaundam

This is what happens when the cameraman shows up @harmonikalifornia

This is what happens when the cameraman shows up and the person who hired him does not!  I end up fucking the cameraman and he films anyway!

Puzzybandit pussybanditcom bbc action @harmonikalifornia

puzzybandit: BBC action downloaded videos. One of the best in interracial sex movies

Look at who is two of those pictures! Damn slut!


Harmoni Kalifornia

Prattdanny codyblackwell @harmonikalifornia




Praise or hate on BBC Sluts but there is one thing no one can argue with about us.  We know what we want, how we want it, when we want it, and we are not afraid to tell you and to ask for it.  Or in some cases, beg for it :)

BBC is happiness, everyone should try it. Who cares if someone thinks you’re a slut?


Whitedomesticslaveforblacks like me this white @harmonikalifornia


Like me, this white knows exactly what it means to be white. We whites are here to entertain Black Men and Black Women.

Donnatgurl that is the kind of party this @harmonikalifornia


That is the kind of party this cumcrazed white fuckpuppet loves to be at.

Donnatgurl she clearly loves her job as a human @harmonikalifornia


She clearly loves her job as a human sex toy.