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Harmoni Kalifornia--Queen of Spades @harmonikalifornia

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****THIS IS AN OVER 18 BLOG***** I am a happily married Hotwife who loves big black cock, an amateur adult actress and Queen of Spades (with the tattoo to prove it). My hardcore interracial website is HARMONIKALIFORNIA.XXX and it is full of hot fun from my life. This blog is where it all began for me. It started as a reblog of my pictures I found on tumblr, then it grew to a a collection of pictures, gifs, thoughts and sexy things that entertain me or turn me on. My pictures are tagged Harmoni Kalifornia. I love the BBC, Mandingo, and Swing lifestyle and can really appreciate a well hung black gentleman. I like to dress very provocatively and be shown off while on dates. If you are shy, I am probably not the hotwife for you. My website is Harmonikalifornia.XXX if you are interested in meeting with me and filming a scene, please click on the meet me page. I started out swinging in 2001, then went BIG and BLACK in 2004. To all the wannabe cucks and sissyboys. I appreciate all of you. Keep enjoying my fun and trying to find your own Queen. I love comments on my photos and it will encourage me to post more. Thank you to new followers. Enjoy the pictures. Follow me on twitter @girlwspadetatoo - Harmoni Kalifornia--Queen of Spades (@harmonikalifornia)
Harmoni versus 3 big black dicks guess who won @harmonikalifornia

Harmoni versus 3 big black dicks! Guess who won? 

Full scene available at harmonikalifornia.xxxx! 

I love anonymous cream pies see the scene at @harmonikalifornia

I love anonymous cream pies. See the scene at

Me and puzzy bandit enjoy @harmonikalifornia

Me and Puzzy Bandit-enjoy!

Different cream pies from dfw knight happy @harmonikalifornia

Different cream pies from DFW Knight! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 

This is what you pics do to me freakienstien @harmonikalifornia

This is what you pics do to me.-Freakienstien

Lupeandmicha harmonikalifornia @harmonikalifornia


harmonikalifornia harmonikaliforniatributeblog

Micha Liz and Harmoni Kalifornia to of the most beautiful hot wive

Daddieknowsbest harmoni kalifornia spreads for @harmonikalifornia


Harmoni Kalifornia spreads for BBC

Nevercanthinkof1 role model mrsnct @harmonikalifornia


Role Model

- MrsNCT

Daddieknowsbest harmoni kalifornia needs three @harmonikalifornia


Harmoni Kalifornia needs three

Spadedwives spwv harmonikalifornia deep in @harmonikalifornia


SPWV - harmonikalifornia deep in double coverage.

Lupeandmicha harmonikalifornia @harmonikalifornia


harmonikalifornia harmonikaliforniatributeblog

Micha Liz and Harmoni Kalifornia to of the most beautiful hot wive

New high resolution gallery added this is a solo @harmonikalifornia

New High Resolution Gallery added.

This is a Solo shoot, before I meet three BBC’s!

Check them out at

D snoop creampies my tight little cunt filling me @harmonikalifornia

D Snoop creampies my tight little cunt, filling me up with his cock and his cum!

Download it now at

Big enough see this is one of those camera @harmonikalifornia

Big enough ?

See, this is one of those camera angles that doesn’t show the real size.  

So I have to say no at this time.  

This was a selfie @harmonikalifornia

This was a #selfie

My first ir experience @harmonikalifornia

My first IR experience.

Maxsnudecelebritygifs helen mirren in an @harmonikalifornia


Helen Mirren - in an interview, looking a lot like Felicity Kendall. And the bosoms she was talking about.

I love Helen! 

Straightpornstuds gifs meatgod igumb3aux @harmonikalifornia




( ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡° )


What serious dicking look like, meatGod approved


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Black straightpornstuds kevin stallion @harmonikalifornia



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Straightpornstuds gifs lexington steele @harmonikalifornia



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Black straightpornstuds bjandmore harmoni @harmonikalifornia



Harmoni Kalifornia

Isiah Maxwell
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Black straightpornstuds charlie mac jason @harmonikalifornia



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A couple from my glory hole shoot for dogfart i @harmonikalifornia

A couple from my Glory Hole shoot for Dogfart! I loved sucking this anonymous cock!

Via tumbleon @harmonikalifornia

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Via tumbleon @harmonikalifornia

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Via tumbleon @harmonikalifornia

(via TumbleOn)

Via tumbleon @harmonikalifornia

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Via tumbleon @harmonikalifornia

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Guess who thank you for posting @harmonikalifornia

Guess Who?  Thank you for posting!

I love dressing up for a costume party as a slut @harmonikalifornia

I love dressing up for a costume party as a Slut! Dorm Room Fuck now ready to download!

New update now available at

Damn i suck at pool it seems everywhere i go @harmonikalifornia

Damn I suck at pool.  It seems everywhere I go there is a pool table, and I love to challenge men to a game.  I usually bet myself.  That way no matter what happens in the game I come out a winner in the end!  This trip I challenged Puzzy Bandit to a game, with the usual stakes. I lost again…..
Within seconds of sinking the winning shot I was taking his cock into my mouth and fucking on the pool table.  I end up taking a hot load on my belly after getting fucked several different positions!  Eight Ball, Harmoni’s corner pocket.  Like I said earlier, I suck at pool, good think I enjoy sucking other things!
So, who’s got next?

See the entire gallery and the download at

Me seriously this is me harmoni thank you for @harmonikalifornia

ME!  Seriously this is me, Harmoni, thank you for posting! 

That is me thank you for posting @harmonikalifornia

That is me, thank you for posting!

Cleaning out photo albums some may have been @harmonikalifornia

Cleaning out photo albums, some may have been posted before.

Thegirlwiththespadetattoo @harmonikalifornia




New American Family

It is the new dynamic for white couples

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This is my gf andra she loves fucking black too @harmonikalifornia

This is my gf Andra she loves fucking black too and wanted to say she’s a huge fan of your work and she loves your tattoos

Since you liked the first one i figured i would @harmonikalifornia

Since you liked the first one I figured I would send a second.

Such a bbc addicted bitch @harmonikalifornia

Such a BBC addicted bitch!! ♠️

This bbc is for you ill take it no change @harmonikalifornia

This BBC is for you

I’ll take it! No change returned!
An old gif set of me hope you like itt i want @harmonikalifornia

An old gif set of me. Hope you like it.t

I want this man and this cock! 

Want to know what you think @harmonikalifornia

Want to know what you think?

This bbc @harmonikalifornia

This BBC

I wish you were sucking my cock cock right now @harmonikalifornia

I wish you were sucking my cock cock right now baby!  Hard for your tight pussy 

Whatcha thinknice @harmonikalifornia

Whatcha think—nice

I want to fuck harmoni @harmonikalifornia

I want to fuck harmoni

Good morning my queen @harmonikalifornia

Good morning my queen ♠️

Hes 10mins away hotwife excited for first bbc @harmonikalifornia

He’s 10mins away. Hotwife excited for first BBC.

Well, how did it go? 

Another harmoni kalifornia admirer nice @harmonikalifornia

Another Harmoni Kalifornia admirer! Nice…..

Nice submission @harmonikalifornia

Nice submission! 

My first gloryhole shoot is available i loved @harmonikalifornia

My first gloryhole shoot is available! I loved working with these guys!

Watching it grow for me new gallery just added to @harmonikalifornia

Watching it grow for me! New gallery just added to your first stop in Hot Interracial Queen of Spades action!

Httpharmonikaliforniaxxxtourphp find out @harmonikalifornia  Find out whose cock this is in today’s update!

From mike at blacknwhitecom thank you @harmonikalifornia

From Mike at!  Thank you! 

Hello sexy followers perverts bbc queens and @harmonikalifornia

Hello sexy followers, perverts, bbc queens, and fun people.  Blacks on Blondes is running a new contest. They want twitter to help them decide what girls are going to appear next.  

Please tweet my name, @girlwspadetatoo to @dofartnetwork and tag me using the hashtag #dogfartsnextgirl, thank you!!!!

 Don’t forget you actually have to tweet @DogfartNetwork and tag me and use hashtag #dogfartsnextgirl if you want to see more of me with #bbc

Another nice one thank you @harmonikalifornia

Another nice one, thank you! 

Would you fuck me nice of course i would @harmonikalifornia

Would you fuck me?

Nice, Of course I would!  Girls, how about you? 

Me and rome major after our first tome together @harmonikalifornia

Me and Rome Major after our first tome together, don’t I look happy? 

Harmoni kalifornia and friends johnathan jordan @harmonikalifornia

Harmoni Kalifornia and friends Johnathan Jordan, and DebraAnn!

Bbcwillruletheworld omg that is probably the @harmonikalifornia


Omg!!! That is probably the thickest BBC I have ever seen, it’s huge!!!

I have respect for this beautiful blonde snowbunny, for how far she was able to take his BBC Wow! her deep throat game is HoF worthy.

If this BBC was inside of me, he’d leave me gaping lol

Spadedwives spwv harmonikalifornia with like @harmonikalifornia


SPWV - harmonikalifornia with like one of the hottest photos ever.

Me and fred he loves this dress watch him take @harmonikalifornia

Me and Fred! He loves this dress!

Watch him take me in it!

Mastershango does your wife have on the right @harmonikalifornia


Does your wife have on the right set of panties?  And does she showcase her #QueenOfSpades for whenever her Black Master comes by to fuck her?

I know my place @harmonikalifornia

I know my place! ♠️

What do you think @harmonikalifornia

What do you think?

Queen of spades harmoni kalifornia and her @harmonikalifornia

Queen of Spades Harmoni Kalifornia and her friends! 

The first time i met richard mann i cant wait @harmonikalifornia

The first time I met Richard Mann!  I can’t wait to see him again! 

Download the entire scene and much more Queen of Spades action! 

Showing hubby what he is a cuck here are your @harmonikalifornia

Showing Hubby what he is, a cuck! Here are your horns!

New Classic Kalifornia set just added!

Fuck you look how how big his cock is im gonna @harmonikalifornia

Fuck you, look how how big his cock is! I’m gonna fuck him until I can’t walk!