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Hey Ginger Girl @heygingergirl

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Sexy, Sassy and Submissive redhead posting what I like, what I want, what I need but mostly...what I'm waiting for. You should also know that I find this world of D/s to be not only sexual and erotic but also very romantic and spiritual. So if you're only looking for hardcore images you probably shouldn't follow me. Unless you love bourbon. Then you should definitely follow me. Fellow bourbon lovers can search my blog: bourbon love ********************************************************** NSFW...under 18 please move along - Hey Ginger Girl (@heygingergirl)
A man who will do this and also put me over his @heygingergirl

A man who will do this and also put me over his knee.

Argumentum ad baculum thats a good girl now @heygingergirl


That’s a good girl..
Now go to sleep. In the morning I’m going to take you for a walk. We wouldn’t want you to get fat and lazy, now would we, cunt? 
Because if you do, I’m going to get the shock-collar out again. You don’t want that, do you?

Cunt-mantra #1 - drill it into your head;
I obey men. I worship men. I serve men. I am an animal. He is my master.”

When I read this… Fuck Off comes to mind.

Sexy @heygingergirl


Where i long to be @heygingergirl

Where I long to be.

Worldwideexplorers best of burning man over the @heygingergirl


Best of Burning Man Over the Years

These are magnificent.

Worldwideexplorers nothing behind me everything @heygingergirl


“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.” ― Jack Kerouac

Pretty sure that slide was photoshopped in @heygingergirl

Pretty sure that slide was photoshopped in but it’s still fab.

Crispy edges bacon perfection @heygingergirl

Crispy edges. Bacon. Perfection.

Goodmorning dear @heygingergirl

Goodmorning dear.

Add hitachi and there i am @heygingergirl

Add Hitachi and there I am.

They are in love cant you tell @heygingergirl

They are in love. Can’t you tell?

Did you catch that good @heygingergirl

Did you catch that? Good. :)

Please and thank you @heygingergirl

Please and thank you.

Obsessedbystrawberry tippy toes tippy delish @heygingergirl


Tippy toes …

Tippy delish.

Iwillteachyouthings at times i tolerate bratty @heygingergirl


At times I tolerate bratty behavior. Like her playfully denying Me. But there are boundaries to My tolerance. Bratty behavior can be funny. And in the context of being playful it can be enjoyable. It can even feed My hunger. And when it does you must be willing to receive My brutality in return. I am aware it is like walking a thin line. One that is not clearly defined. That is why it is important to learn to read My mood. To learn what they impact of your behavior is. To learn to anticipate. Both to provide Me with pleasure and satisfaction and to not be surprised by evoked savagery

I could use a bit of savagery.

Cuddling was not exactly the direction i would @heygingergirl

Cuddling was not exactly the direction I would have gone in…

My weakness @heygingergirl

My weakness.

Those hands @heygingergirl

Those hands…

Somebody has my number @heygingergirl

Somebody has my number.

Whiskeyforums the holy grail buffalo trace @heygingergirl


The Holy Grail - Buffalo Trace Antique Collection - 2014

Come to mama.

Seeking those who will save my day in return @heygingergirl

Seeking those who will save my day in return.

Well just look at the time @heygingergirl

Well just look at the time…

Please i need one @heygingergirl

Please… I need one.

My future @heygingergirl

My future…

Ghostlywatcher linderhof palace germany @heygingergirl


Linderhof Palace. Germany

Chriisevans angelina jolie self assignment @heygingergirl


Angelina Jolie, Self Assignment, February 1, 1996.

If he told her to do this then i really like the @heygingergirl

If he told her to do this then I really like the way he thinks.

A woman is not written in braille @heygingergirl


…and this will still come as a revelation to many. 

Shes talking to me incase you didnt know @heygingergirl

She’s talking to me incase you didn’t know.

So very ready @heygingergirl

So very ready.

Some things just take a while longer @heygingergirl

Some things just take a while longer…

Can you say friday @heygingergirl

Can you say Friday?

Magicwandarthistory magic wand break by maxfield @heygingergirl


Magic Wand Break by Maxfield Parrish.

Yum @heygingergirl


Magicwandarthistory mona lisa with hitachi by @heygingergirl


Mona Lisa with Hitachi by Leonardo Da Vinci.

See now i dont consider this particularly @heygingergirl

See now I don’t consider this particularly hardcore. Just creative fun between a loving couple. Actually more like an engagement cause I’d probably marry him.

Sgg @heygingergirl


Hueandeyephotography rural road edisto island @heygingergirl


Rural road, Edisto Island, South Carolina  © Doug Hickok  All Rights Reserved

Breakfast @heygingergirl


Seasonalwonderment pecan pie tartlets @heygingergirl


Pecan Pie Tartlets


Magicwandarthistory danae with magic wand by @heygingergirl


Danae with Magic Wand by Gustav Klimt.


Mygerardbutler gerry i bet we will meet @heygingergirl


“Gerry: I bet we will meet again.

Holly: You better win that bet, because if we do, that’ll be the end of it.

Gerry: The end of what?

Holly: Life as we know it.”

Gnrfans axl rose 1991 foto robert john @heygingergirl


Axl Rose 1991 - Foto: Robert John

Oh just look at her getting what i need @heygingergirl

Oh, just look at her getting what I need.

Obsessedbystrawberry heygingergirl she @heygingergirl



She should be licking his feet. Why isn’t she licking His feet?!

Oh god Red … well you shut up, you’re ruining it …. ps, not licking anyone’s shoes or ass … 

It’s ok Aussie…you can’t have good taste in everything.

She should be licking his feet why isnt she @heygingergirl

She should be licking his feet. Why isn’t she licking His feet?!

On the way to his private jet oh let a girl @heygingergirl

On the way to His private jet… (Oh, let a girl dream why don'tcha?!)

Thedominantme time and tide wait for no man @heygingergirl


Time and tide wait for no man; it’s past time for me to set sail and risk being dashed upon the rocks once more. Perhaps, just perhaps I’ll discover paradise.

Ouch i dont think i like paddles but what i do @heygingergirl

Ouch. I don’t think I like paddles. But what I do like is that it won’t be up to me anyway.

Because he decides @heygingergirl

Because He decides.