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Sexy, Sassy and Submissive redhead posting what I like, what I want, what I need but mostly...what I'm waiting for. You should also know that I find this world of D/s to be not only sexual and erotic but also very romantic and spiritual. So if you're only looking for hardcore images you probably shouldn't follow me. Unless you love bourbon. Then you should definitely follow me. Fellow bourbon lovers can search my blog: bourbon love ********************************************************** NSFW...under 18 please move along - Hey Ginger Girl (@heygingergirl)
Subgirlygirl where are they subgirlygirl @heygingergirl


Where are they?? Subgirlygirl thought to herself. I had a few on Monday, and I know there was at least one remaining yesterday. She stopped to count on her fingers. She paused a moment, confused. Had… had she used up all of her precious fucks? 

She had.

I used mine up yesterday.  When do we get a fresh batch?

Xij thefirestation in waterloo do some @heygingergirl


#thefirestation in #waterloo do some delicious #cocktails. This is their #cinnamon #smoked #oldfashioned - made with #bulleit #bourbon and a home made cinnamon #Liqueur - they smoke everything onsite in keeping with the ‘fire’ theme. This one’s dangerousl

A cinnamon smoked old fashioned.  Yum.

Heygingergirl after thoroughly cleaning her @heygingergirl


After thoroughly cleaning her Masters palm she will…one by one draw each finger into her mouth, as she sucks and licks until not a drop has been left behind. Such a good girl.

Every once in a while I’ll see an old caption of mine and wonder “did I really write that??  Case in point.

Unf @heygingergirl


After giving myself completelythe only thing that @heygingergirl

After giving myself completely…the only thing that I could ever count on him to do, was disappear.  Over and over again. As if the most meaningful connection meant nothing. It didn’t have anything to do with me, and I knew this in my head. But that meant nothing until I knew it in my heart.   I deserve so much more. Truly knowing that changed everything and helped me to move on.

Me and straw sittin in a tree @heygingergirl

Me and straw sittin in a tree.

Ill take box number 1 please oh stop i would @heygingergirl

I’ll take box number 1 please.

(Oh stop, I would still love to hang out with current Axl.  I just want to consume the younger one.)

Oh that lucky bitch @heygingergirl

Oh that lucky bitch.

Im the one in the middle @heygingergirl

I’m the one in the middle.

My daddy and his good friends @heygingergirl

My Daddy and his good friends…

Sundancer70 harder umis that a trick @heygingergirl



Um…is that a trick question?

Theagencylimited love this promotional work for @heygingergirl


Love this promotional work for Science World.

Ive got my shirt all picked out giddyup @heygingergirl

I’ve got my shirt all picked out.  Giddyup!

Id be happy too @heygingergirl

I’d be happy too.

Ohi knew the weight and i treasure the freedom @heygingergirl

Oh…I knew the weight and I treasure the freedom.

Lovelywherever it is @heygingergirl

Lovely…wherever it is.

Ive never said hello to a month before but i @heygingergirl

I’ve never said hello to a month before but I really like September so…

Need but id have only 2 shelves with glasses @heygingergirl

Need! But I’d have only 2 shelves with glasses and then two with bourbon. All beautifully backlit.

I need bells @heygingergirl

I need bells.

Want then there can be two ginger kitties under @heygingergirl

Want. Then there can be two ginger kitties under my roof.

Obsessedbystrawberry heygingergirl reminds @heygingergirl



Reminds me of our first morning in Nola. With saxophone music drifting in with the breeze.

Omg you are so right … that was a truly beautiful morning .. even with you telling me it was my fault that you drank so much the night before … 

ALL your fault. As usual. xo

Reminds me of our first morning in nola with @heygingergirl

Reminds me of our first morning in Nola. With saxophone music drifting in with the breeze.