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I know what boys like you want he said it @hjmag

“I know what boys like you want,” he said. “It don’t bother me. In fact, I like it when boys like you feel me.”

Just to be safe, I peeked outside of the curtain to see what Dad was doing. Shit, he was on to me! I saw him cranking the timer to give me even more time.

I went back to feeling Pekka, and this time I slid my fingers onto his crotch. The dude was rock hard! I squeezed his dick and he let out a sigh.

He mumbled something about not wanting to get his bike shorts wet. Then he deftly turned around on the massage chair to show me how big his boner was. He lifted his ass a few inches off the chair and pulled his bike shorts down.

“Is that what you were expecting, Skuter?” he asked, grabbing his engorged cock and stroking it for me.

Handjobs June 2014 Issue

Dad was feeling so frisky i decided to try and @hjmag

Dad was feeling so frisky I decided to try and shock him.

“Um, Dad,” I said softly, like I was hesitant to talk.

“What, son?” he asked, his eyes brimming with curiosity.

“How big a dick do you think I could get in my hole?” I asked, lifting my legs and running my finger into my ass crack and around my hole.

Dad smiled. He wasn’t the least bit shocked.

“I was wondering that myself, son,” he said, and he shoved a finger onto my hole. He poked at it a bit, then he wet his finger, and poked at my hole a bit more.

Dad reached for his dick and my eyes popped wide open when I saw he was rock hard. “Think this will fit?” he asked, running his hand up and down his massive cock.

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