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Hobofootcom all the meat and the gristle @hobofoot

HOBOFOOT.COM - All The Meat, AND The Gristle!

This picture was taken from another blog it looks @hobofoot

This picture was taken from another blog. It looks cropped. I am looking for the full picture. If anyone out there has a full picture like this, let me know. Click ‘Ask a Question’ link at the left.

Love this book cover reminds me of my innocent @hobofoot

Love this book cover. Reminds me of my innocent boyhood.

Victor hugo french poet writer novelist @hobofoot

Victor Hugo. French poet, writer, novelist.

Lucky saddle @hobofoot

Lucky saddle.

Dawww @hobofoot


Love red hairs and albinos they have blue @hobofoot

Love red hairs and albinos. They have blue assholes

Lap it up @hobofoot

Lap it up.

Mercy @hobofoot


Bighornpapis good ole iowa boy indeed @hobofoot


Good ole Iowa Boy


I wanna be his cow @hobofoot

I wanna be his cow.

I want this job @hobofoot

I want this job.

I love cowboys @hobofoot

I love cowboys.

Yes sir @hobofoot

Yes sir.

Staff dunno if you noticed or not but youre @hobofoot


Dunno if you noticed or not, but you’re nominated for the Webby Award for Website Community. Congrats! 

Rip handsome mangeoffrey lewis a prolific @hobofoot

R.I.P. handsome man.

Geoffrey Lewis, a prolific character actor who appeared opposite frequent collaborator Clint Eastwood as his pal Orville Boggs in Every Which Way But Loose and its sequel, has died. He was 79.
Lewis, the father of Oscar-nominated actress Juliette Lewis, died Tuesday, family friend Michael Henderson said.
The fantastic artwork of alfredo @hobofoot

The fantastic artwork of Alfredo Gonzalez 

A man after my own heart.

Hello mr randy white @hobofoot

Hello Mr. Randy White.

Maturemenoftvandfilms celebrity fakes john @hobofoot



Vietnam veteran treats ptsd with nudity vietnam @hobofoot

Vietnam Veteran treats PTSD with nudity.

Vietnam War veteran Max Sanchez struggles with controlling issues stemming from post-traumatic stress.

As an Army second lieutenant, he volunteered to go to Vietnam, where he served from 1968 to 1969, first with 1st Infantry Division and later with Military Assistance Command, Vietnam.

Now Sanchez doesn’t go out much because if he gets into a confrontation, he fears he might become violent. His relationship with family members has suffered because he can get combative during arguments.

So in addition to seeing a psychologist, he is pursuing an unconventional technique to treat post-traumatic stress: nudity.

Thank you for your service sir. 


Looking good @hobofoot

Looking good.

1968 james whitmore starring in the big valley @hobofoot

1968 James Whitmore starring in The Big Valley - On YouTube: “Shadow of a Giant”  Season 3 Full Episode 19 

Beautiful @hobofoot


Wow @hobofoot


Ba614 1939 dodge pickup @hobofoot


1939 Dodge Pickup

Nudiarist lands end customers furiously react @hobofoot


Lands’ End Customers Furiously React to Free Copies of Risqué GQ

“I try hard to protect my children from the devastating influences of pornography, and when my six year old daughter brought in the mail that day I was shocked by what she was holding in her hands. I’m grateful my nine year old son was not exposed to this as well.

WTF? Let me get this straight….Religious conservative purists don’t want their boys to be gay, and now they don’t want them to see partially nude women on magazines..?

Vinatge mature male nudists @hobofoot

Vinatge Mature Male Nudists

Story from 2008 wish we had more cops like this @hobofoot

Story from 2008. Wish we had more cops like this.

>> An off-duty Balclutha police officer bared more than his soul when he was forced into action recently.

Constable Tom Taylor, who was sleeping naked, was woken by his wife, Christine, when she heard someone outside trying to steal her Ford Laser car.

Const Taylor grabbed a torch and ran outside to apprehend the offender. The man received the shock of his life when he discovered the person chasing him down Balclutha’s northern entrance was, in Const Taylor’s words, “an angry, naked man”.

It was a balmy summer’s night and Const Taylor was sleeping naked because of the heat.

According to the police Ten-One magazine, Const Taylor “vaulted from his bed, completely starkers”.

He took off outside to grab the offender, who had managed only to roll the car a short distance out of the carport. “The offender bolted, with the officer in hot pursuit, torch in hand.”

In the meantime, Mrs Taylor “who was more suitably attired” came out to help. The offender ran around a corner, straight into her and she grabbed him by the collar.Const Taylor, wearing nothing more than a stern look, ordered the man to the ground but when the offender caught sight of the policeman he ran off.

The next morning, Mrs Taylor spotted the man hitch-hiking just north of Balclutha and police arrested him.

n an interview yesterday, a fully clothed Const Taylor said it was the first time in his 11-year police career he had been called to the job “sans clothes”. >>>>

Dammit! Cameras everywhere now and they missed this! :)

Howdy cowboy @hobofoot

Howdy cowboy.

Born in waco texas thomas turner was 40 years @hobofoot

Born in Waco, Texas, Thomas Turner was 40 years old when he was elected Sheriff of Santa Cruz County at the dawn of the 20th Century. Armed with a Colt Single Action revolver with a 5 ½ inch barrel, Turner was one of many Arizona peace officers who would ultimately join the hunt for lawman-turned-outlaw Burt Alvord in the early 1900s. But perhaps one of his more interesting cases involved young Harry Whipple, who managed a double robbery one afternoon on the road from Patagonia to Washington Camp. In a matter of minutes, Whipple relieved three men on two separate wagons of about eighteen dollars and a single pocket watch. Turner was soon on his trail and would track the hoodlum across an unbelievably large region of Arizona, Sonora and New Mexico Territory before finally apprehending his man. Turner was succeeded in office by Sheriff Charles Fowler in 1905. In later life Turner retired to Los Angeles, California where he passed away in 1937.