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Lap it up @hobofoot

Lap it up.

Mercy @hobofoot


Bighornpapis good ole iowa boy indeed @hobofoot


Good ole Iowa Boy


I wanna be his cow @hobofoot

I wanna be his cow.

I want this job @hobofoot

I want this job.

I love cowboys @hobofoot

I love cowboys.

Yes sir @hobofoot

Yes sir.

Staff dunno if you noticed or not but youre @hobofoot


Dunno if you noticed or not, but you’re nominated for the Webby Award for Website Community. Congrats! 

Rip handsome mangeoffrey lewis a prolific @hobofoot

R.I.P. handsome man.

Geoffrey Lewis, a prolific character actor who appeared opposite frequent collaborator Clint Eastwood as his pal Orville Boggs in Every Which Way But Loose and its sequel, has died. He was 79.
Lewis, the father of Oscar-nominated actress Juliette Lewis, died Tuesday, family friend Michael Henderson said.

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