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hooked and drooling @hookedanddrooling

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Captioned images of tease, denial, and erotic humiliation. (Original captions are tagged here .) - hooked and drooling (@hookedanddrooling)
Sacrificialpumppig come get your ass pig get @hookedanddrooling


“Come get your ASS, pig. Get that fucking Porn ass you need so fucking much.”

Sacrificialpumppig look at your girlfriends @hookedanddrooling


“Look at your girlfriend’s asshole, you fucking jerk off loser. That doesn’t belong to you anymore, does it?”

Alexamindslave it isnt even about my ass or @hookedanddrooling


“it isn’t even about my ass or or pussy or naked body for you anymore. it is about my assHOLE. worship my assHOLE, PORN piggy!”

Alexamindslave you dont think youre @hookedanddrooling


“you don’t think you’re addicted? go ahead. try and take your hand away. could you? if you did, it hurt, right? and all you wanted was to put your hand BACK WHERE IT BELONGS! yea. you’re addicted. just enjoy it. rub yourself and enjoy it. don’t worry about anything. PORN will take care of you. just keep touching yourself. this is good for you. you need this.”

Alexamindslave masturbate for my ass all this @hookedanddrooling


“masturbate for my ass. all this masturbation is good for you. you need this. do it more. do it for my perfect ass.”

Alexamindslave thats right just spread those @hookedanddrooling


“that’s right, just spread those legs and let your hand do what seems right and hold your release inside you until it hurts so badly you think you will die. that is how we will make sure you are growing your pathetic PORN and masturbation addiction!”

Sacrificialpumppig gnggguhghg empty pig empty @hookedanddrooling


GNggguhghg empty pig. Empty emptyy empty empty

Boysdrooool look how much he worships us @hookedanddrooling


- “look how much he worships us…”

- “eww he’s like, dripping tho”

- “that’s ok hehe, he can drip, he’s just not allowed to shoot.”

Alexamindslave does my defeated little @hookedanddrooling


“does my defeated little masturbator need to worship my cunt now? good boy. crawl over here and drool for her.”

Lolagoons big swaying hucow udderslola @hookedanddrooling


big, swaying hucow udders…lola wonders how many of you slipped right into your goon as soon as you laid eyes on hypno tits. lola and gooner play with their porn organs soooo furiously while we stare and fixate and goon to her big swaying hucow udders. big swaying hucow udders nnnnghhhh yeahhhhh

Lolagoons sacrificialpumppig my cock is my @hookedanddrooling



My cock is my master. My cock tells me what to do. I live to serve my cock. I am my cock’s body.

nnnggggg yeas repeat your new gooner mantra for lola. 

Pumpslut stonedaddictpiggy ass makes you @hookedanddrooling



“Ass makes you stupid, huh? I said.. ASS MAKES YOU STUPID, HUH?!”

uh huhh

Hotwendy79 cum in your cage baby @hookedanddrooling


Cum in your cage, baby…

Alexamindslave does my defeated little @hookedanddrooling


“does my defeated little masturbator need to worship my cunt now? good boy. crawl over here and drool for her.”

Alexamindslave i see you are really enjoying @hookedanddrooling


“i see you are really enjoying your HANDPUSSY. keep going. show me how hard your HANDPUSSY can fuck your COCK. show me how happy my replacement makes you! say it out loud ‘i LOVE my HANDPUSSY! i love making love to PORN with my HANDPUSSY!’ confession is good for you gooner. it helps you understand yourself better.”

Strokewhore thickazzgurlz thickazzgurlz aria @hookedanddrooling




Aria Giovanni

C’mon, piggy. Aria just wants another hour of your time. Look at her amazing body, surely it’s worth calling in sick for!

Sacrificialpumppig brattybimbotrap i saw your @hookedanddrooling



“I saw your tumblr. Don’t talk to me anymore.”

Sacrificialpumppig youre destroying your mind @hookedanddrooling


“You’re destroying your mind. You’re causing yourself actual brain damage and you know it. Stroke to my Ass and tell me how fucked up you are on the inside.”

Sacrificialpumppig pump yourself to death in @hookedanddrooling


“Pump yourself to death in love and worship of my asshole. Give every ounce of love and life and energy to it.”

Sacrificialpumppig we know what you are we made @hookedanddrooling


“We know what you are. We made you what you are. Stroke.”

Sacrificialpumppig piggy comes crawling back to @hookedanddrooling


Piggy comes crawling back to PORN to lick it’s feet while it cries and masturbates like the addict bitch it is.

Sacrificialpumppig gnn so empty andd fgone @hookedanddrooling


GNn so empty andd fgone

Stonedpiggy hmm think youre not trained then @hookedanddrooling


“Hmm? Think you’re not trained? Then if I do this.. you can stop yourself from stroking.. can’t you? Oo.. you’re drooling a bit, pig..”

Pumpslut heeeeeeeeeeeeere piggy @hookedanddrooling


“heeeeeeeeeeeeere piggy”

Goonparadise your husbands training is coming @hookedanddrooling


Your husband’s training is coming along very well…he’ll be returned to you next week.  He hasn’t had an orgasm since you dropped him off, so you’ll find him very eager to please you…and he’s been training on the best ways to do that.  You’ll need some training on the best way to handle him though, so we don’t have any relapses.  Can you come in for a few sessions to observe and get some hands on experience before you have to manage him by yourself next week?

Sacrificialpornpig im destroying your brain @hookedanddrooling


“I’m destroying your brain. I’m wriggling in and destroying it piece.. by piece..”

Goonparadise pump your cock and edge for me @hookedanddrooling


Pump your cock and edge for me.  Every time you edge, I want you to imagine where you want to cum…think about your pent up ropes exploding in glorious release.  Then, do it again…

Goonparadise you dont want to cumdont think @hookedanddrooling


You don’t want to cum…don’t think

You want to edge…go blank….

Goonparadise poor baby i know youre so pent @hookedanddrooling


Poor baby, I know you’re so pent up and needy.  You should go in the shower and pump yourself for a little while.

Sacrificialpornpig get lost in my asshole @hookedanddrooling


“Get lost in my asshole. Lose yourself in worship and beautiful slavery to your love for my asshole. Feel it enveloping your mind and soul.. devouring you..”

Mbator all right masturbator ive decided to @hookedanddrooling


All right, masturbator, I’ve decided to give you a treat before I get ready for my date. Get over here, drop to your knees, wrap your hand around your dick and stick your face between my ass cheeks. Have fun making out with my butthole, you little pervert.

Sacrificialpornpig do you want to crawl over @hookedanddrooling


“Do you want to crawl over here? Do you want to get close to Goddess’ ass and worship until you weep tears of love?”

Alexamindslave fakeboobsworld rainia belle @hookedanddrooling



Rainia Belle

“the only work you need to be doing is on your masturbation flesh. all you need to do is rub your addiction deeper into you. just forget everything else.”

My ass is so awesome isnt it these leggings @hookedanddrooling

“My ass is so awesome, isn’t it? These leggings show it off, and you never have to look at my scary pussy. I want you to stare, okay? Stare and let your brain turn off for me.  That’s right…”

Perverseroyalty lick up your precum i want @hookedanddrooling


“Lick up your precum. I want you to tell me how much you love slurping your drips for me”

Onlyshecums isnt it obvious why shes the only @hookedanddrooling


Isn’t it obvious why she’s the only one who gets to cum?

Kinkyswitch78 try it just try not to stroke @hookedanddrooling


Try it, just try not to stroke when I command you, let your entire body tremble with desperation as you try to resist, let every cell in you scream in absolut lust for every second you spend without your cock in your hands… See, my control is like a drug to you!

Supervisedmasturbation oklet me have a look @hookedanddrooling


‘OK…let me have a look at your porn viewing history to get an idea of your perversions…

….you make take your penis out and start stroking slowly and gently while I review what you’ve been looking at….’

I know what perfect breasts do to you its okay @hookedanddrooling

“I know what perfect breasts do to you. It’s okay if you look. They’re so full, so heavy, so soft. Feel free to look at them. So heavy, so soft. You don’t need to look away. Heavy and soft, with your eyes wide open. Staring and fixating and looking. Mind so heavy, so soft, so full of my words. Just take your cock out now. Getting hard as your mind sinks down heavy and soft. Wanting to look forever." 

Goon graphix tori black @hookedanddrooling


Tori Black