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hooked and drooling @hookedanddrooling

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Captioned images of tease, denial, and erotic humiliation. (Original captions are tagged here .) - hooked and drooling (@hookedanddrooling)
Faggipripri of course you should be gooning @hookedanddrooling


Of course, you should be gooning for your Goddessess every day of the week, but weekends are especially important for showing your devotion to PORN. Leak out all your weak  PORNCREAM.

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No dont stop stroking its okay that my pussy @hookedanddrooling

“No, don’t stop stroking.  It’s okay that my pussy scares you.  I like that about you.  Go ahead, look at it again.  Picture embarrassing yourself in front of me.  Imagine what it would feel like if I laughed at you.  I want that fear to turn you on, until you’re bent like a funhouse mirror.”

Youre seriously just going to stand there and @hookedanddrooling

“You’re seriously just going to stand there and jerk off? Fucking pathetic. Don’t you dare cum ‘till I say.”

Hwd171 very good no need to resist just @hookedanddrooling


Very good.

No need to resist.

Just stay on your knees.

Enjoy the view.

Keep rubbing yourself until you cum again.

I know you paid me to do more than just clean.

How about I clean that mind of yours?

You would love that. Wouldn’t you?

Of course you would.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t have fallen under my spell.

All I had to do was bend over and your eyes were glued to my ass.

Now, I have you where I want you.

The best part is that there’s nothing you can do about it.

Alright. Enough talking.

Time to count you down so you can cum your brains out.

3…drooling for my ass.

2…helplessly touching yourself.

1…ready to give in.


Supposed to be about fantasy football but makes @hookedanddrooling

Supposed to be about fantasy football; but makes perfect sense in my feed of content for beta losers who only cry and cum into tissues.  

Hypnohappy babyybarbieee you see @hookedanddrooling




“You see this ass? It owns you. Get on your knees and kiss that sweet pussy between my cheeks now. Good boy. Good hypnotized toy.”

Hypnohappy she loves watching you drop into a @hookedanddrooling


She loves watching you drop into a deep horny trance the second she wiggles her ass. She knows that no pocket watch or spiral of crystal could ever be nearly as hypnotic as that perfect round bubble butt. Which is why just a few seconds of staring reduces you to a drooling, stroking, toy for her.

Ulysseshypnoticodyssey go ahead stare @hookedanddrooling


“Go ahead. Stare.”

Hypnohappy she was staring into the mirror when @hookedanddrooling


She was staring into the mirror when I walked into the room. Almost instantly I knew it was already too late as she swung around and grinned cockily at me. Her voluptuous breasts jiggled and I struggled to keep my eyes focused on hers.

“Oh, honey, what are you doing? The last time you tried to resist my hypnotits you nearly burst a blood vessel. Go on, just have a look at them.”

I grit my teeth and lock my gaze on your face. But I can still see them in my peripheral vision, snow-white globes with those perfect perky nipples…

“That’s right, honey, let your mind go blank and let thoughts of my perfect tits consume you. Good boy, good pet.”

Slowly my neck pivoted downward and I gazed at her massive tits. So entrancing. So hypnotic. I would do anything to taste them. Touch them. Just watch them jiggle up and down.

“That’s right. Bounce, bounce, bounce. Stroke for me, plaything.”

“Yes, Goddess.”

Midnightabsinthe your daily dose of @hookedanddrooling


Your daily dose of hypnoboobs… Just sit there and relax… Just jeep staring and stroking for these breasts: give all yourself to them, your mind is not yours anymore… and so your body. Everything disappear, everything but my breasts. Keep staring at them and stroke for them, little pet… and then maybe I could allow you to kiss them…

Amyspornpigdaddy sacrificialpumppig stroke @hookedanddrooling



“Stroke. Over and over. The cycle never stop. Always stroking.”


Betabaterboy2 teaseandgoon an ass man how @hookedanddrooling



An ass-man? How weak of you.

I do commissions and special requests!

oh fuuuuuck, goddess Candice’s ass destroies me…..

Thats right keep humping your hand if my @hookedanddrooling

“That’s right, keep humping your hand.  If my pussy gets too scary, just look at my feet a while. You know, a real man who saw me like this would probably try and– ah-ah-ah, clean your drippies, naughty!  Yes, there you go.”

Hey roomie member what i told you about one @hookedanddrooling

“Hey roomie, ‘member what I told you about ‘one tit out’?  There ya go.”

Sacrificialpornpig beg for it you fucking @hookedanddrooling


“Beg for it, you fucking retarded addict. BEG to let me keep ruining your life. FUCKING BEG AND PUMP.”

Purplegardenkeep sacrificialpumppig @hookedanddrooling





“Hurt yourself for me. Stroke like a good meat drone for Porn Mommy. Stroke like mommy built you to stroke.”

Gnn want to shove my face into porn mommy’s ass

Kenjibound purplegardenkeep are you @hookedanddrooling



Are you entranced by my body? Do you want to serve me? Then kneel, stroke your cock, and watch as I swing in my chair back and forth, not even listening to what I’m saying…

Kneeling. Stroking. Watching.

Pumpslut like ew its dripping clean it @hookedanddrooling


“like, ew. it’s dripping. clean it.”

Hookedanddrooling haha mandy your brother is @hookedanddrooling


“Haha, Mandy, your brother is such a fucking pervert. Do you think he’ll really go all night?”

Hookedanddrooling the more you look the more @hookedanddrooling


The more you look … the more you want to look … so perfect … makes you feel sooo good to look at me … so there’s no reason to stop … keep stroking … whenever I smile, you smile … you can’t help it … you don’t want to cum … you want to keep smiling with me … you don’t want to look anywhere else in the world … you want to stroke and stroke and never stop … 

Nah you dont wanna go meet her you wanna stay @hookedanddrooling

“Nah, you don’t wanna go meet her.  You wanna stay in here with roomie and stroke.”

Sacrificialpumppig goonforsadists @hookedanddrooling




That’s right. Pump and edge. Repeat.

Pump edge repeat, pump edgge repeattt, pmp dgee, peettttt, pmmmmm

Pump edge repeat pump edge repeat pump edge repeat

Sacrificialpumppig be a good widdle baby piglet @hookedanddrooling


Be a good widdle baby piglet and suck on your thumb like a drooling invalid while you tug on your widdle pee-pee. Suckk suck and touch, baby!”

Shoot4fun59 godess liza rowe @hookedanddrooling


Godess Liza rowe ♥

Thejeansareblue pumpstrokeedge goongrls @hookedanddrooling




ffffffffff who is this

@thejeansareblue @perverseroyalty fuuuck, marriage material

Wet spots will show quite nicely on those white pants

No thats not at all how it works a @hookedanddrooling

“No, that’s not at all how it works.  A 22-year-old can be your mommy; you just have to goon hard enough.  I’ll show you.”

Pornmommy sacrificialpumppig seeing tits @hookedanddrooling



“Seeing tits calms you. They make you feel so good. They let you know that you’re in your blissful home and that Porn is here for you. Tits make you feel like obeying. Like giving in. Let this happen. You want this. You NEED this. Goon.”

This is why Mommy offers her titties. 

Kay stroker were ready for your kisses now @hookedanddrooling

“’Kay stroker!  We’re ready for your kisses now!”

Aww am i making it all swolen im sorry honey @hookedanddrooling

“Aww, am I making it all swolen?  I’m sorry honey, that must be real frustrating, huh?”

That plugs big enough its not coming out on @hookedanddrooling

“That plug’s big enough, it’s not coming out on its own.  And the handcuffs are real, I bought them at Army Surplus.  Now for today’s game: you’re in control.  You tell me what you want me to do, what kind of show you want, and I’ll do it.  Anything at all.  As long as you like.  And whenever you decide we’re done, I’ll ice you down and put you back in your cage.  Okay?  So what do you want to see first?

My last roommate didnt believe me when i said i @hookedanddrooling

“My last roommate didn’t believe me when I said I could talk him into anything.   It took him two weeks before he was paying my half of the rent, and six more before he broke up with his dumb girlfriend.  But you’re gonna be much easier to manipulate, aren’t you?  I bet you look at a lot of porn, right?  Yeah, I can tell.  Let’s start with you making the sound of how my boobs make you feel.”

No i will be dining alone this evening youre @hookedanddrooling

“No, I will be dining alone this evening; you’re simply the entertainment.  You may begin.”

Dontmindme3 bannableoffense goonfortits @hookedanddrooling




bi-caps has you with tit-nosis…Mmmmm


can’t think

Multiperv her half of the rent corrected @hookedanddrooling


Her Half of the Rent (corrected version)

This is an old one of mine, updated with a couple of typos corrected from the original.

Cum in kleenex betas settle men dont @hookedanddrooling


Betas settle. Men don’t.

I dont understand why youre fighting it look @hookedanddrooling

“I don’t understand why you’re fighting it.  Look at my body.  Look at my face. Don’t you feel fortunate you get to see me?  I deserve to be worshiped from afar, don’t I?  So, show me how I make you feel.  Take your cock out, and stroke for me.  Edge yourself, over and over, relentlessly, as a token of your gratitude for my existence on this earth.  Make a pool of tears and drips and drool as an offering to my perfection.  Continue your offering until I stop making you feel horny and pathetic and desperate and worthless.  And if that time never comes, you have my permission to continue your aching tributes forever.”

Take your cock out and start stroking did i @hookedanddrooling

“Take your cock out and start stroking.  Did I stutter?  Yes, out here!  You said, remember?  You said whatever I wanted.  Well, this is what I want.  Take it out or we’re through playing for good, and this is the last time you’ll see my ass; let alone stroke to it.  

“There you go, good boy.  I honestly don’t know what you were so worried about.  That thing’s so small, I doubt anyone’s gonna be able to see it.”

Sacrificialpumppig porn has devoured the last @hookedanddrooling


“Porn has devoured the last few years of your life. Do you really think you’ll ever be able to quit?”

Haha aww i think were making his thing all @hookedanddrooling

“Haha, aww!  I think we’re making his thing all leaky!”

Dont think you cant have fun when its on @hookedanddrooling

“Don’t think you can’t have fun when it’s on.  Just click the lock closed, and I’ll teach you.”

No feel free to keep looking look as long as @hookedanddrooling

“No, feel free to keep looking.  Look as long as you want.  I want you to stare at them; you want to stare at them.  So keep looking.  Just, as long as you do, I’m going to quietly talk.  Just like this.  Just in the background.  You don’t even have to listen.  It’s no big deal.  I know how distracting it is to stare.  So keep looking, and don’t listen, and I’m just going to tell you a few things, very quietly, a few little things that you probably didn’t know about yourself.”

You like how i look dont you piggie no @hookedanddrooling

“You like how I look, don’t you piggie?  No, piggies don’t do people words, do they?  And they don’t stand on hind legs, either.  Get down on your knees and show me how I make you feel.  Go on…”

Its your choice keep going like this as long @hookedanddrooling

“It’s your choice.  Keep going like this as long as you want, and feel this good all weekend.  Or ruin yourself on my soles and be done with it.  But if you do squirt, even a little, I’m locking that thing up and leaving for the week.”

Oh my god youre just the cutest with that @hookedanddrooling

“Oh my god, you’re just the cutest with that little thing!  Of course we can be ‘special friends’.  You want me to teach you how I like my ‘special friends’ to plug themselves, right?  Ah-ah-ah, no words; just use your oinks and grunts while we’re playing.” 

Perverseroyalty i love it when gooners start @hookedanddrooling


“I LOVE it when gooners start to drool.”

“I think he should eat his precum for us.”

Get to work pervert @hookedanddrooling

“Get to work, pervert.”

Bomb chicas jada stevens miss rican @hookedanddrooling



Goon4jenna bet you wish this was your cock @hookedanddrooling


Bet you wish this was your cock, huh, Stroker Boy?

Goongrls yeaaaaaaaa @hookedanddrooling



Faggipripri credit to thevirginstrokes for the @hookedanddrooling


credit to thevirginstrokes for the idea!

Pumpslut god bless mean girls @hookedanddrooling


god bless mean girls

Sacrificialpumppig ctmastbater @hookedanddrooling




You don’t need pussy…you only need hand.  

Yes princess

I don’t need pussy. I only need hand

Sacrificialpumppig ngggyyyyyyhuu uhhghhuuuu @hookedanddrooling


NGggyyyyyyhuu uhhghhuuuu

Mbator thats right masturbator for all the @hookedanddrooling


That’s right, masturbator. For all the amusement your chronic masturbation addiction had provided me, I deem you worthy of having a makeout ‘sesh with butthole. But first say, Thank you.

Mbator i think its so sweet that you love @hookedanddrooling


I think it’s so sweet that you love being a masturbation addict. You look so happy right now, naked with your hard dick in your hand. I’m so proud of you for being able to tell me how much you love being a masturbator. Don’t ever apologize for preferring masturbation to sex. Now, look me in the eyes and say, I love being a Masturbator.

Goongrls im an asssss piiggg oinkoinkkoinkk @hookedanddrooling


I’m an AssSss PiigGg OinkOinkkOinkk

Whystopjerking curiousaboutchastity @hookedanddrooling





Most definitely

yes you can

Yep, pretty much……..

Yes oinkk

Pumpslut jenna slutt21 deeper for princess @hookedanddrooling



Deeper for Princess.

yes princess

Stroker1986 good boy piggy now slurp up those @hookedanddrooling


good boy piggy, now slurp up those yummy drippies

Hotwendy79 one tit out its a @hookedanddrooling


“One Tit Out”

        It’s a nonverbal command to masturbate NOW.

Pumpslut goonparadise good boys leak and @hookedanddrooling



Good boys leak and edge for me all day long


Pumpslut when i wiggle my toes you edge now @hookedanddrooling


“when i wiggle my toes you edge. now keep the grunting to a minimum gooner, i’m reading.”

Unnngh @hookedanddrooling


Anicegoodboy come on baby spurt it all out so @hookedanddrooling


Come on baby, spurt it all out so we can wash it all away and get you clean and empty.

Anicegoodboy thats it get it all out you @hookedanddrooling


That’s it, get it all out. You love feeling who owns your balls, don’t you baby.

Why the hell are you slowing down @hookedanddrooling

“why the hell are you slowing down?”

One tit out isnt that your rule well go on @hookedanddrooling

“One tit out.  Isn’t that your rule?  Well, go on then…”

Sacrificialpornpig alexamindslave yea hand @hookedanddrooling



“yea? hand cunt better than girl cunt? hand cunt better than girl cunt? say it over and over with every pump. stroke the reality into your body.”

GNn hand cunt is better than girl cunt hand cunt is better than girl cunt hand cunt is better than girl cunt

Whystopjerking thats it my goonbaby squirt @hookedanddrooling


That’s it, my goonbaby. Squirt your cummies all over Mommy’s breasts. There you go.

Anicegoodboy are you ready baby are you oooh @hookedanddrooling


Are you ready baby? Are you? Oooh yes you are. I think you’re really learning now why it’s more important to make you spurt it all out than to make that penis feel good all the time.

Anicegoodboy thats it just relax see its @hookedanddrooling


That’s it, just relax, see it’s not so bad, you’re both still hard for me, aren’t you. I love having two such obedient boys to play with. Now let’s see if we can make you spurt all over each other’s cocks. Come on, show me what good boys you are.

Perverseroyalty sacrificialpumppig you @hookedanddrooling



“You really can feel your mental stability falling apart, can’t you? Pump more for ASS and drive yourself insane.”

Mmmmh ass ass ass ass

Goonfortits titnosis tara stare and get @hookedanddrooling


Titnosis Tara:  

“…stare and get dumb…that’s it…be a Good Boy…stroke…stroke and get dumb…stroke to the movement of my tits…”

Whystopjerking mbator well hey wittle @hookedanddrooling



Well, hey, “wittle fella”. Looks like you’re having lots of fun masturbating, like always. You’re just a total masturbator and everybody knows it because you would rather play with yourself out in the open like this than salvage your pride. Wanna be my beatoff boy? 

Mmmnnn yess