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Hot 4 Hairy

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H A I R ...H A I R...E V E R Y W H E R E....Welcome to my Tumblr blog with over 58,000 followers. We all have our own things we find sexy in men. Mine is hairy men. I love hairy slimmer men, but not twinks, with a little muscle , but not too much. I love a hairy man with a hairy chest that looks nice and soft as well as a hairy untrimmed dick. I like a furry bum too. NONE OF THE PICTURES ARE MINE. They are just pictures that I've found online and stamped with my seal of approval. This seal of approval will and should mean nothing to most of you, but for those of you that share my view for what I find is hot, then you've got a decent collection of eye candy to look at, browse through and maybe jack off too. I take NO credit for any of these photos and if you are looking for re-blog history, please look at the trail (notes) in each photo. Remember it's just a bunch of porn we're all just spanking it too...don't take it too one else is 30 seconds after they've FINISHED their viewing "business". NSFW. 18/21+. If you own any of the images I post and would like them removed, please contact me. H O T 4 H A I R Y Tumblr | Twitter | Email HAIR HAIR EVERYWHERE! EMAIL: TUMBLR: TWITTER: Leave Voicemail:1-206-278-5729 (206-A-SUK-RAW)

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