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My obsession with attractive daddy types and their asses. Love a nice ass to stick my tongue in. This is not a site for anyone under the age of 18 so please go look elsewhere. - Hot Daddy Asses (@hotdaddyasses)
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Perfect daddy next door type

Hairy daddy lover @hotdaddyasses



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So Wednesday night I get a text from Dad: “Can u come over this weekend and help me paint the house?”

“Sure Dad” I shoot back.

I’m 30 years old, married with kids, living about an hour away from my suburban hometown, and I have a pretty busy life, but I always drop everything to help Dad out. My parents are divorced and Dad’s retired now, living in a townhouse in the bedroom community.

I already guess he really didn’t need to paint the house, but that didn’t stop me from feeling excited as I walked in with my spare key and found Dad sprawled out on the couch, naked except for his favorite ball cap.

“Hi son, you’ve sounded kind of stressed lately. I though you could use a little relief.”

I tossed my keys on the table, kicked off my shoes, and stripped off my polo shirt. “Like you wouldn’t believe Dad.”

As I approached the couch, Dad leaned back forward and hiked his muscular ass up toward me.

Nudedaddy i found uncle dave asleep on the @hotdaddyasses


I found Uncle Dave asleep on the couch after his shower.

Haus o ass thats how i get out of tickets @hotdaddyasses



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Juluis Trilogy

Cop sex - 004 to 006

If he ever would id say hell yes @hotdaddyasses

If he ever would I’d say hell yes.

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Mischief managed.

Second pic!!!!!!!!

“Entirely wrong! But hotter’n hell!”

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I was 21 before I lost my anal virginity. It had been a tough year at school and a tougher year coming out to my family and teammates. They were cool about it all, I guess, but I felt like I had no one to relate to. 

I’d read about Palm Springs. An all-gay, clothing optional resort. I saved up my money and went. Day One was a disappointment as the place was kind of empty off season. Day Two I hit the jackpot as a group of about a half dozen hot men arrived from LA for a long weekend.

I got up the courage to sun myself nude and felt a swell of pride to realize that all of the buff guys were checking me out. Some were surreptitious in their glances but one guy openly scoped me out, his erection poking up to reveal his sexual interest in me and my body. He was a big tan muscle guy, bald with a couple days facial growth to give him a rugged look. He nodded in acknowledgement from across the pool. I nodded back. Soon he was joining me. Leaning over me, kissing me, pushing my legs apart and humping my crotch and ass crack. Then pushing inside me.

The penetration hurt at first but somehow soon felt fantastic. Neither of us were in a hurry, but we weren’t holding back either. Especially Mr. Top Man. He fucked me with a sense of purpose and raw masculine power. I could sense his pace quicken and his breath rise. I knew he’d be cumming soon. 

The very made my sperm shoot out between our heaving bellies as I had my first, majorly intense anal orgasm. 

“Nice one, kid,” the man growled, right before he orgasmed. 

That week, I got introduced to all his buddies.

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My married sub noshing me off

Damn, you’re one lucky man! Does he let you fuck him too?

Yeah fuck him good, raw & hard! Begs for his married cunt to be creamed

Lucky you! I’d love a piece of that ass :D 

Daddysofalltime happy fathers day @hotdaddyasses


Happy Father’s day


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