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Torture her tits once we progress into the @hotforcuckandir


Once we progress into the inevitable future and all these silly laws granting women “equality” and “freedom” and “rights” are abolished, going out in public will be something quite like this.

Anywhere she dares to go she runs the risk of being stripped, bent over and fucked like the sorry animal she is.

Need your cock sucked? No problem! Grab the nearest bitch by the hair and bring her to her knees.

Balls feeling uncomfortably full? Simply ask and you shall receive. Tap the nearest woman on the shoulder and ask her to assume the position. Or perhaps, simply yank up her skirt and get to business. Any formalities are at your discretion.

You and your friends bored? Nothing planned for the evening? Head out to the streets and enjoy a fun, stress-relieving group activity.

Is it worth it? But of course. Crime will disappear now that men will be able to relieve themselves of any pent up aggression whenever is convenient. 

 No more money will need to be spent educating half of the population. Women will know their true places and the world will be right at last.

Happybimbo dumb cock whore happy bimbo @hotforcuckandir


Dumb Cock Whore

Happy Bimbo

Girlgivesup dont you have more fun being @hotforcuckandir


Don’t you have more fun being dumb?? I know men love a smart girl who gets dumb with lust or shame or even desperation for love.

Girlgivesup whore degradation im going to @hotforcuckandir



I’m going to fuck every last braincell out of that silly little head of yours, whore. From the looks of things, I don’t think it’ll take that long.

Between the drugs and the cocks, my brains are depleting faster than it took to build them. Lol!

Bolt on bimbos almost dumb enough @hotforcuckandir


Almost dumb enough

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Blkcockfaggot inkme20 bdsmswitch2 @hotforcuckandir




[Gulp!!!]  I’ve got to admit it looks hot, especially the look on her face…I wonder what she’s saying to him?


Love tasting my own cum

Tasting your own cum, no no no! I Would want that cum to have come from a Big Black Cock… Thn we both would be Happier!

Sissy stable what a nice idea who will join @hotforcuckandir


What a nice idea ! Who will join me ?

It starts like that @hotforcuckandir

It starts like that…

Lurkerdb your rather innocent daughter caught @hotforcuckandir


Your rather innocent daughter caught your him balling your wife… he didn’t even slow down.  And besides a chagrined look coming over her face, your wife never skipped a beat.

“If you want a better view, just get over her underneath your mom,” he said.

She was titillated and curious so, naturally, she did as he suggested.

“Oh my God mom,” she giggled, “he’s fucking you soooo hard.  Ooooh and in the ass.”  She didn’t have to ask your wife if it felt good… her constant begging for him to fuck her harder and the moans of pleasure told your daughter all she needed to know about that.

“You want it, don’t you?” he asked your little princess.

“Uhhhh yeah but… Mom, is it ok…,” she began.

“It’s not up to her,” he interrupted.  “It’s up to you.  Now, if you want to play the way grownups play, get those clothes off… ‘cause you’re next.”

By the time he’d hammered your wife’s asshole through another amazing orgasm, your pretty young daughter was naked… and completely at his mercy.

He took her cherry right then and there.  He treated her comparatively gently at first but, by the time he was ready to nut, he was fucking her pretty hard and she was cumming nonstop.

“She’s not on the pill you know,” your wife told him.

“Neither are you but that doesn’t stop me from cumming inside you,” he replied.

“I know but… she’s only sixteen.  Besides, what is my husband going to say when both his wife AND his daughter wind up pregnant?  I’m gong to let him think that the baby that you put inside me is his but he’s going to be pretty shocked to find out that his teenaged daughter is a slut.” you wife said with a very strange smile.

“I thought he was such a wimp that you didn’t want to fuck him anymore?  I guess you’re gonna have to let him hit it once or twice in order to get him to buy that load of bullshit.  As far as your baby girl goes, lots of guys’ teenaged daughters are sluts… he’ll just have to learn to live with it.  Anyway, she’s not on the pill and that’s the way we’re going to keep it,” he said just as he grunted and spewed his load deep inside your daughter’s pussy.

From then on, your daughter was under his spell every bit as much as your wife was.

He’ll fuck both of them on a nearly daily basis for the next few weeks.

Until he’s sure that they’re both pregnant.

A month or so after they get the good news, he’ll stop dropping by… stop answering their phone calls.  They’ll both be pretty bummed but, once their little bundles of joy arrive, your wife will go back to cheating on you and your daughter will earn her reputation as a slut.  He’d let the genie out of both of their bottles and neither of them are interested in putting it back in.  And they’ll both start taking birth control.

But he’ll have moved on.  There are so many more sluts to knock up.

Today’s Vikings take what they want from your wives and daughters and leave them pregnant… their virtue ruined.  Whether you know it or not, you’re raising their children for them while they move on to greener pastures.

But don’t feel bad if you find out that you’ve been cuckolded by them.  Just tell yourself that the children that you raise are better… stronger… smarter than they would have been if you had fathered them.  By raising them, you’re helping to improve the human race.

Just like Today’s Vikings.

Size matters!

Lurkerdb you knew what he was going to do @hotforcuckandir


You knew what he was going to do before you even showed up at your boss’s condo.  All of the other guys at the office had warned you what the promotion would cost you.

But you brought your wife to him anyway.  You wanted the status… the money… the office.  And you were willing to sacrifice your marital fidelity to get it.  You even told him that, after the first glass of wine, she was pretty much a sure thing.

So, as the three of you ate dinner he made sure that your pretty wife had two glasses.  He’d insisted.  Then, afterwards, he barely acknowledged you as he charmed her… gently stroked her arm… the small of her back.  Eventually even her sweet ass.  She looked at you.  You smiled and winked.

He led her to his bedroom saying, “Don’t worry… I’m not going to fuck her pussy.”

You waited but could clearly hear them through his open bedroom door.  He must have gotten her pretty worked up because, after about twenty minutes you heard her wail, “Oh God please… PLEASE fuck my ass.”  A few minutes later, “Jesus fuckin’ christ… I’m begging you… stick that big black cock in my ass daddy.”

He fucked her for almost a half hour.  And she continued to beg for him to fuck her ass harder… deeper.

When they returned to the living room, it was clearly time to go.  She was a mess and unsteady but you managed to get her into the elevator.  She shifted uncomfortably and you knew without asking that his semen was leaking out of her violated anus.

As you rode down she asked, “Do you think he’s going to make me beg next time?”

“Probably,” you answered simply.

Size matters!

Lurkerdb but what if my husband wont join the @hotforcuckandir


“But what if my husband won’t join the BlackRule Party too?” you’d asked Malik last week.  “I’m not giving up black cock but I don’t want to break his heart too bad.”

“Have you ever asked him to lick your asshole?” Malik asked.

“Uhhhh… no,” you replied.

“Give him sex tonight and, while he’s licking your pussy, ask him to lick your asshole,” Malik advised.  “If your man will eat your ass, he’ll do anything for you.”

That night, as your husband’s tongue squirmed around pleasurably inside your sphincter, you relaxed.  You knew that he wouldn’t put up a fight.

Then next day, you and Malik broke the news to him in the most obvious way.  He pouted a for a day or two but, after you told him that you really wanted him to participate, he calmed down.

Now both you and Malik have been enjoying your husband’s mouth for a few days.  He’s always loved licking your slit and, apparently, doesn’t have a problem sucking on Malik’s big black cock.  He’s even been eating Malik’s load out of you afterwards.  And the best part?  Although neither of you knew that you were a squirter until you started paying reparations to black men, your little sub hubby simply loves slurping and swallowing your squirt juices.

As long as he’s this cooperative, you’ll let him keep his balls… for a while.

Size matters!

Lurkerdb the black football coach and the white @hotforcuckandir


The black football coach and the white girls’ volleyball coach make sure that some of the best football players and some of the best volleyball players get a chance to interact.

Sometimes this happens in the locker room, sometimes at off-campus get-togethers but it happens quite a few times every week.

And, although she doesn’t really mind sharing, the volleyball coach always makes sure to get some for herself.

For example, although your daughter, a star volleyball player, has just been powerfully fucked by the very large cock of the gorgeous black quarterback, her coach took the kid’s big load in her mouth.

But she shared it with your daughter.

What makes this particular interaction that much more intimate is that your wife is the volleyball coach.

You’ll live your whole life oblivious to the fact that your wife and daughter are black cock sluts and have thoroughly enjoyed taking gallons of gooey afrocum.

It’s their little secret.

Size matters!

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There will be a lot more than 5 inside you by the end of the night whore. 

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Everybody’s doing it! Join the craze!

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More Hot Tattoo Girls at

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I can’t tell the difference between shemale and female and I don’t care

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Yes all of them

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Yesh! It so would and she knows!!

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fake curves

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Ever since you put me on a cum diet i’ve gotten so skinny and easy to toss around!!!!

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NSFW public sex cuckold outdoor sex Porn doggers dogging

They can’t help it can they?

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Oh fuck yes!

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SPADED WIVES - Bad habits make some wives so much hotter.

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SPWV - Internet education is a beautiful thing.

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She’s looks like she did a good job

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Love all these but really really love first one on left

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Oh wow! I wonder how many white girls have had a chance to get their hands on that monster. The white boys probably cry when you get around their girls. I would love to see that thing whipped out so I can wrap  my lips around it.

Oh fuck

Black new world order @hotforcuckandir



I definitely would not want to

Submit to thy Fate, bitches! BlackNewWorldOrder

Black new world order submit to thy fate @hotforcuckandir


Submit to thy Fate, bitches! BlackNewWorldOrder

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Wow hot pic

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isn’t it time you got a set of cock magnets?

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When she makes you both lay down, and shows you that one is far more significant than the other…

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Good breeding stock must be seeded at a young age.

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BRANDED : For black cock only.

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Your wife has started getting tattoos.She’s become very close with the artist doing her work.

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Your wife wanted to surprise you and get her pussy pierced while you were away.Nervous he gave your wife some drinks to calm her.After it was over he pulled his cock out.He said, now it’s time to try it out.She was shocked yet couldn’t take her eyes off that thick black cock.She watched as he slid it in.Soon they were fucking like wild animals ,the power of the BBC.

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Your neighbor and  her husband want  to fuck your sweet wife.Cocktails by their  pool  and they’ve now taken her into their bedroom with your blessing.

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Your wife has  given your daughter to the master.She will be pure and never have a white cock touch her.She will go to his bed and there she will give herself to be seeded.The master will be very pleased.

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BLOOD MOON - The hunt is on.They’ve invaded this small town,in search of white women.No one is safe.They all will be taken.

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Your neighbor is breaking in your daughter.

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