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Pimpmywife good breeding stock must be seeded @hotforcuckandir


Good breeding stock must be seeded at a young age.

Pimpmywife branded for black cock only @hotforcuckandir


BRANDED : For black cock only.

Pimpmywife your wife has started getting @hotforcuckandir


Your wife has started getting tattoos.She’s become very close with the artist doing her work.

Pimpmywife your wife wanted to surprise you and @hotforcuckandir


Your wife wanted to surprise you and get her pussy pierced while you were away.Nervous he gave your wife some drinks to calm her.After it was over he pulled his cock out.He said, now it’s time to try it out.She was shocked yet couldn’t take her eyes off that thick black cock.She watched as he slid it in.Soon they were fucking like wild animals ,the power of the BBC.

Pimpmywife your neighbor and her husband want @hotforcuckandir


Your neighbor and  her husband want  to fuck your sweet wife.Cocktails by their  pool  and they’ve now taken her into their bedroom with your blessing.

Pimpmywife your wife has given your daughter @hotforcuckandir


Your wife has  given your daughter to the master.She will be pure and never have a white cock touch her.She will go to his bed and there she will give herself to be seeded.The master will be very pleased.

Pimpmywife blood moon the hunt is ontheyve @hotforcuckandir


BLOOD MOON - The hunt is on.They’ve invaded this small town,in search of white women.No one is safe.They all will be taken.

Pimpmywife your neighbor is breaking in your @hotforcuckandir


Your neighbor is breaking in your daughter.

Pimpmywife shell look good with that black @hotforcuckandir



Whiteboy4bbconlygirls pretty soon your little @hotforcuckandir


Pretty soon your little girl will be a full grown black cock only woman.

Pimpmywife your daughter has started something @hotforcuckandir


Your daughter has started something with her tennis coach that she won’t be able to stop.And to think your paying him for lessons.

Pimpmywife older black men are the best for @hotforcuckandir



Cuckoldperversion balls have a good taste @hotforcuckandir


Balls have a good taste. Follow me..!

Boysmakegreatpets when she lets you make a @hotforcuckandir


When she lets you make a mess, only to make you clean it up…

Blackbadboy11 whiteboyscantfuck while her @hotforcuckandir



while her husband is jerking off at home

Lucky for her

Blackbadboy11 so sexy @hotforcuckandir


so sexy

Anna 1989 hot love sexy tats @hotforcuckandir


Hot love.

Sexy tats

Beth4blacking thats what makes the world go @hotforcuckandir


That’s what makes the world go round!♠️💓♠️

Wimpywhiteneedsneutered bluethunderpa baby @hotforcuckandir



Baby Love!!! Dedicated to Beth;)

White wombs filled and swelling with strong Black babies worldwide,  no more white babies.  Whites dont matter.  only here to please the superior Black.

Rsneer the two piercings a good bbc slut should @hotforcuckandir


The two piercings a good BBC slut should have :)

Bluethunderpa beware black men love @hotforcuckandir


Beware Black men love impregnating white women and she prefers letting him ride bareback;)

Bluethunderpa shes black preg for her its a @hotforcuckandir


She’s Black preg. For her it’s a Merry Christmas all over again;)

Breedingthewhitesaway use to live in eau @hotforcuckandir


Use to live in Eau Clair….very hot to know…

Alexxxsissy these sissies have found salvation @hotforcuckandir


These sissies have found salvation

Blackbullgodblog your daughter is next white @hotforcuckandir


Your daughter is next white boi!

♠♠♠♠ ♠♠♠♠

Blackbullgodblog damn straight @hotforcuckandir


Damn Straight!

♠♠♠♠ ♠♠♠♠

Spadedwives spaded wives she hearts black @hotforcuckandir


SPADED WIVES - She hearts black cock!

Kneelsissy 1939ford pimpmywife her moms @hotforcuckandir




Her mom’s master has secretly taped her and sent it to her daughter.The seduction has begun and soon daughter will be in his bed and under his control also.

N birth control and bare back i hope.

And her dad is going to watch the master take both.

Kneelsissy daddy after watching all the @hotforcuckandir


Daddy, after watching all the BBC-porn and reading all the stories about young girls getting black owned on your computer, I have decided to invite our old black neighbor to dinner tonight. Do you think I should wear panties or not?

Smileforblack she just got a great fuck by a @hotforcuckandir


She just got a great fuck by a nigger teen.

Smileforblack shell cuckold hubby with a black @hotforcuckandir


She’ll cuckold hubby with a black guy with a big cock and she will let hubby watch.

Womb feeder naughtycplforfun party cove at @hotforcuckandir



Party cove at Lake of the Ozarks gets a bit wild

I’ve been to party cove at the Lake of the Ozarks. It gets crazy. Naked women everywhere. Sex everywhere. The water patrol doesn’t give a fuck. I’ve seen orgies on some of the bigger boats. It gets insane.

White animal in black family begforgenocide @hotforcuckandir




One of my caps.

That white girl looks so innocent.The manifestation of the ideal of white purity. A symbol of the white Madonna, the untouched snow, the lily-white angel…

About to be fucked by some strong thug niggers. Oh well…

White Reparations Act and Breeding Act declare: any white female animal, if she is not owned by a black family, is obliged to provide his own body and all their holes to use on the first request of any representative of the superior race

Whitemanbows2black @hotforcuckandir




yeah, most definitely, sure, dear, I bought it just for you to show anyway!

The responsibility of parents for the sexual education of white daughter preparing its future fuck with black

Only if you promise to sit on daddy’s lap through the whole thing.

Whitemanbows2black femdomtrainee sticky @hotforcuckandir



Sticky pants…

I don’t mind my little step-daughter givin’ it up to the whyte boi.  But I make ‘em swim through my seed if they want some.  She says almost all of them do.

Soupforit white girls doing their job well @hotforcuckandir


White girls doing their job well.

Bbcbrainwashing seeing her finally take two @hotforcuckandir


Seeing her finally take two black cocks was a dream come true

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Thejetmansslutdaughters bbcbrainwashing end @hotforcuckandir



End result of your persistance good job dad

Thank you for

Thejetmansslutdaughters bbcbrainwashing the @hotforcuckandir



The black bull takes both your daughters for a good breed

That’s makes us very happy!

Wimpywhiteneedsneutered @hotforcuckandir



It was Ella’s sixteenth birthday. My wife and I took her out to eat pizza with a few of our friends. She wanted to wear a dress that she borrowed from her slutty little friend. I didn’t like it, but it was her birthday after all so she wore it. After we ate she wanted to go to the car for something that she left in the floorboard. We were talking and drinking beer when I realized that Ella hadn’t come back in. Visions of her being thrown into the back of a windowless van and whisk away by a group of thugs flooded my mind as I hurried for the parking lot. When I got outside, I found that I was partly right, the thugs had her. I was shocked and I just stood there watching her act like a slut. I didn’t go over and get her away from them because she didn’t seem to be in any distress and I wasn’t sure that I could get her away with out getting hurt myself. So I watched. They were kissing her and passing her from one to another. She was obviously enjoying it all, by her big smile and her letting them fondle her. As I stood there watching, I realized my dick was rock hard. Then they pulled her over between two cars and she willingly went down on her knees. It was at that moment that my load shot down my left leg without me even touching myself. That was when I realized that having a slut for a daughter may not be as bad as I thought it would be. After that I have enabled her slutty behavior. I think it’s better and safer for her to bring her men to the house, rather than fucking them elsewhere. It’s definitely better for a kinky daddy like me. Momma gets turned on by it too. It has certainly brought a new level to our sex life. The only problem is now my wife is wanting to try a black man. I’m not sure that I’m ready for that, but I think it’s going to happen no matter what I think. I guess it’s karma. I guess I deserve it. Wow! I’m getting hard just thinking about that!

yet another white family discovers their purpose in life. Pleasing Black men.

Wimpywhiteneedsneutered the use of all females @hotforcuckandir


The use of ALL females in your house is REQUIRED under rules of New World Order.   Just be a good hubby and father, and sit your ass down and stay out their way as they claim your family.

Wimpywhiteneedsneutered fate of most all white @hotforcuckandir


fate of most all white families now.

Wimpywhiteneedsneutered the schools new @hotforcuckandir


the schools new required shirts have arrived.  Funny the uniform requirements for her school didn’t mention pants or skirts..  Must be an oversight, not like she can go to school in just that. 

Wimpywhiteneedsneutered blackbreedingonly @hotforcuckandir




sexy as fuck

She only fucks black men

of course she does.  white boys 100% pussy free.  Black men, full access to all pussy.

It’s the way the new world is fair.

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Becomingsissy are you a cock loving sissy @hotforcuckandir


Are you a cock loving Sissy faggot ?

Boislutchloe uhhh wow @hotforcuckandir


Uhhh wow

Bluethunderpa even through you didnt help @hotforcuckandir


Even through you didn’t help create it. Your wife insists that you sleep on the wet spot tonight;)

Submm4use you and your girlfriend are at a pool @hotforcuckandir


You and your girlfriend are at a pool party, when she pulls you to the side and says she will do your “little fantasy thing” if you still want her to. You know your girl has been drinking a lot and you even hoped that you might manage to get laid today, but now she is telling you that Darrell, the big black dude at the party, wants to “take her upstairs”. As you look across the pool where Darrell is waiting, you give your girl the thumbs up even knowing this means Darrell will be fucking and you will be be left jerking off.  Fifteen minutes later you get a text:

“Yo, I was fucking your girl’s throat and she started puking. She says she ain’t used to such a big cock, but I think she just had too much to drink. I’m still gonna fuck her though. If she don’t feel better in a minute, I will just lift up her hips, drop them bikini bottoms, and fuck her with her face in the toilet. Ain’t like I was was gonna kiss this slut anyway, right? She told me I could nut in her pussy, so if she ends up pregnant, that’s on you two.”

Submm4use last sunday you and your wife cooked @hotforcuckandir


Last Sunday, you and your wife cooked steaks on the grill and invited a few of the neighborhood married couples to join you.  The guests arrived and everyone was having a few cocktails as you prepared the steaks and your wife got the potato salad and baked beans ready for the table. Just as the steaks hit the grill, Jerry comes over with his fourth beer in his hands.  

“Hey Mike.  Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure Jerry, what’s up?”

“Well, I couldn’t help but notice the tattoo on Samantha’s ankle. Are you guys into that … you know, her fucking black guys and stuff?”

You immediately feel dizzy. The temporary tattoo was left over from Friday night when you and your wife drove into the city and went to a local club. Your wife danced with an endless stream of black guys trying to pick her up while ignoring your existence. Finally, she introduced you to Tavon and the three of you went to a local hotel. As you sat in the car, Tavon spent three hours fucking your wife. You begged Sam to cover up the temporary tattoo or try harder to wash it off, but she told you that nobody would know what it meant and she felt slutty wearing it at the party.

Whether it was the look on your face or the delay in your response, Jerry knew the truth. “Holy shit, Samantha does fuck black guys,” he said a little too loudly.

You look around to see if anyone else heard Jerry’s spastic comment, and are relieved to see everyone still talking in small groups. “Um …look … let me explain … “

“Don’t worry Mike.  Your secret is safe with me. But I was wondering if maybe Samantha could talk to Cindy.  You know …tell Cindy how good it feels.”

As you realize that Jerry is asking for Sam to convince his wife to fuck black guys, you wonder if Jerry understands that Sam is likely to also tell Cindy to lock up Jerry’s pathetic little white penis in a cage. “Sure, Jerry. Keep this under wraps and I will ask Sam to talk to Cindy for you.”   

Submm4use your wifes current bull is more than @hotforcuckandir


Your wife’s current Bull is more than just another huge black cock - He also has a real nasty side. When He learned that your daughter, Brittany, went off to college for her freshman year, He had your wife try on her high school cheerleader uniform. The outfit barely fit and made your wife look the chubby high school slut that spends every Friday night in the back seat of a car. Her Bull knew the uniform was humiliating, leaving your wife’s fat ass and tits exposed, which was perfect for your wife to entertain His buddies when they came over to watch football that Sunday. Just to add a twist, her Bull told all his buddies to call your wife ‘Brittany’ all day.

“Damn Brittany, you got my balls bangin’ the fuck out your chin.”

“Good girl Brittany. Your like that black cock up your ass, girl?”

“Get it Brit. You want my cum, Brit? I’m gonna give you a black baby to take home to mommy and daddy.”

Your wife has never cum so hard as the day she imagined that she was your baby girl getting gang fucked at college by eight big dicked black guys. 

Submm4use your girlfriend finally confessed to @hotforcuckandir


Your girlfriend finally confessed to her best friend that your dick is tiny and useless. She was so relieved that she no longer had to pretend you had a “big long cock” and that the sex between the two of you was “amazing and fantastic”, that she was practically crying. But best friends don’t just console, they help and offer solutions. First, she convinced your girlfriend that she could still love you, but discretely take care of her needs with other men. After all, she was only eighteen, so it was not fair for you to expect your girlfriend to remain faithful and give up a satisfying sex life for the rest of her life. Besides, you were the one with the “problem”, and you should feel lucky your girl didn’t walk out on you the first time she saw your tiny “baby dick”. Second, she talked Tommy into hanging around after he finished football practice so he could “met her friend”. Tommy was not huge but he was a significant step up from your small member and he knew how to fuck. Tommy’s athletic ability gave him good stamina and he knew how to keep up a steady pounding that always made the girls cream on his thick cock. Plus Tommy was aggressive and knew how to slap a girl’s ass and tug on her hair at just the right time. As she works two fingers into the slippery wetness of your girlfriend’s tight pussy, her best friend thinks to herself, “Yeah, she is a little too tight to be introduced to Delonte and Calik. Maybe in a couple months after Tommy has loosened her up a bit more.”

Submm4use when lamont texts that he is coming @hotforcuckandir


When Lamont texts that he is coming over to fuck your girlfriend, you are told to go in the basement, sit in the dark, and think about how sad it is that your girlfriend needs to turn to other men to meet her sexual needs. When she texts you that He is done and has left, you are required to go to the bedroom and show how much you love your girl by lapping up any of Lamont’s black cum that He shot on her body.   

Your girlfriend never tells you any of the details of her sexual encounters with with Lamont because “they are not fucking to provide perverted jerk off material for you to think about when you play with yourself like a little boy.”  So you are left to your own imagination of how He was fucking her when he came depending on her position when you enter the bedroom and the spray of His load on her soft white body. 

Submm4use he spotted your wife at one of those @hotforcuckandir


He spotted your wife at one of those adult basketball leagues you play in every year. You saw Him approach her, but were too much of a pussy to walk over and assert your possession of her. She admitted to you later that He gave her His cell number but lied and said she threw it away. Twelve months later, He is her Bull and her baby daddy.

“That’s it girl. Show me that big white belly. Damn, my boy is getting big as shit. You tell your hubby yet that the whole world is about to find out he ain’t nothin but my stupid cuckold bitch?”

Without taking her Bull’s cock out of her mouth, your wife shakes her head “no” while looking up at her Man.

“You running out of time girl. Trust me. Lock that bitch’s little dick in a cage and start bossing his shit around. Just tell him you are scared he will cheat while you are fat and pregnant. Then, after he is all crazy from not getting any release, tell him you had to find a real Man cuz his tiny shit wasn’t knockin you up. Tell him you love him, but he has to accept that you need a Real Man in your life to provide those things that he can’t. When he finally starts to cry, you know you got him. That is when you push his head down between your legs and tell him to show he still loves you by licking your dirty cum filled pussy.”

Your wife nods her head in agreement as her Bull continues to work his thick black cock in her mouth.

“Get this shit under control, because you ain’t coming to live with me. Now take them shorts off and put up that ass. I love me some pregnant white girl pussy.”

Submm4use thank you so much cucky i really @hotforcuckandir


“Thank you so much cucky. I really appreciate your shaving my legs for me. Now that my tummy is so big with Jamal’s baby, even the simple tasks are so much harder.”

“Your welcome. I’m just glad I could do something to help you.”

“I’m sure Jamal will appreciate that you shaved His pussy nice and smooth the way He likes it too. I know it must be hard for you to see what used to be only for you but now you can no longer have. Particularly with the cage on your thingy and your achy little balls.”

“It is ok.”

“Well, I am going to tell Jamal what you did for Him. I like to point out how well you have adjusted to supporting his position as the Man of our home. I will even ask Him if you can be unlocked to jerk it real quick … . . He will never say ‘yes’, but I will ask Him for you anyway.”