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Fun4her7 looks like its time fire dessert @hotforcuckandir


Looks like it’s time fire dessert!

Cocksuckingcuckhold yes mistress @hotforcuckandir


Yes Mistress

Icelandicsissy chris story at an end part 1 @hotforcuckandir


Chris’ story at an end!



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Icelandicsissy dont we all want sams job @hotforcuckandir


Don’t we all want Sam’s job?

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Icelandicsissy wanna make a bet more captions @hotforcuckandir


Wanna make a bet?

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Icelandicsissy watch out for your friends @hotforcuckandir


Watch out for your friends! ;)

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Icelandicsissy more captions at @hotforcuckandir


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Nothingbutthedreams kateordie jedavu @hotforcuckandir




Stunning Diptych Tattoos Form Landscapes Across the Backs of Legs

Tattoo artist Houston Patton crafts intricate landscape scenes that span the back of his client’s legs. Working under the name Thieves of Tower, he collaborates with artist Dagny Fox who oversees his creative direction and helps make these unique projects happen.


That first one going across the body and onto the arm is particularly great and makes me extremely jealous.

Signsignified mornings @hotforcuckandir



Pansexualputa coksukrbtm trannyexpress @hotforcuckandir




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Wannyy cant wear patterns if you have @hotforcuckandir


“Can’t wear patterns if you have tattoos” CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!

Mygirlyourcock youd really like him babe @hotforcuckandir


You’d really like him, babe ;) ~Wife

Sissyfagamanda submission looks like your gf @hotforcuckandir



looks like your gf discovered your tumblr, oops!

Sissyfagamanda bluethunderpa teach your @hotforcuckandir



Teach your children well;)

so fucking hot!!

Betaboi4bbc service to black i cant take my @hotforcuckandir



I can’t take my eyes away from it


Mygirlyourcock thats simple sweetheart its @hotforcuckandir


That’s simple, sweetheart. It’s because I love feeling their tongue slide across my clit… ;) ~Wife

Mygirlyourcock dont wait up baby wife @hotforcuckandir


Don’t wait up, baby… ;) ~Wife

Tester1001me at first i had no idea her @hotforcuckandir


At first, I had no idea her boyfriend was hiding under the bed. Then I notice his dumbass head peaking out, watching this girlfriend give me head. 

I picked her up and threw her on the bed. I started fucking her ass, pounding her ass, on the bed. We had that bed rocking. She loved it. “YES, Fuck me! Pound Me! Yes!! Fuck me harder!”

We fucked for two hours while he was under the bed. Bet he won’t do that again.

Evilcheatingbitch me and my bestie 3 and your @hotforcuckandir


Me and my bestie <3 and your bully

Cheatingfantasies your wife couldnt decide @hotforcuckandir


“Your wife couldn’t decide which of your friends to fuck first, so they decided to fuck her at the same time…”

Gentlemanbreeder these posts are always so full @hotforcuckandir


These posts are always so full of good tips. You girls would do well to remember them!

Paternalstranger we can snuggle but we cant @hotforcuckandir


“We can snuggle, but we can’t fool around tonight. It’s not safe.”

That was all I needed to hear. I knew just how she liked to be teased, and what would make her beg for “just the tip”, and then “all the way in, but just once”, until she was begging me to let her cum.

I kept her right on the brink until my balls started to tighten, and that sweet, fertile pussy seemed to hold my dick even tighter as my cock swelled, ready to blow the heavy load I’d built up. “I’ve gotta pull out,” I whispered at the last second, knowing full well she’d beg me for just a few more thrusts. My cock twitched in anticipation as I thought about knocking her up, watching her belly swell with my baby inside, proof that she wanted my dick so bad that she was willing to ruin her body to get just a few minutes of fucking.

Sure enough, she begged me for just a few more seconds. I gave them to her, and her cunt squeezed me like a vice, practically trapping my cock in her as I emptied my balls, rope after rope of thick, hot cum filling up that tight quim, with nowhere to go but straight into her womb. I’d been so deep in her cunt when I came, and her pussy had sucked up so much of my babybatter, that when I pulled out nice and slow not a drop was wasted.

“Oh, god,” she moaned, her brain finally catching up to what her body had done. “You didn’t cum, did you?”

“No,” I lied, “I thought about other stuff, but now I’m feeling kinda turned off.” I tucked my spent cock back into my underwear.

“That’s okay,” she said with a yawn, “I wouldn’t want to risk you getting too horny and cumming.”

She rolled over onto her back, and a minute later she was asleep. I put my hand over her stomach, and dreamed about how it would feel when she started to show.

Gentlemanbreeder eagerthighs you want me to @hotforcuckandir



“You want me to pull out, slut?”

“No, sir, never, I want to ride your cock until you impregnate me with your fertile cum”

“Oh yeah, you cum hungry bitch, take it, take it all!” he gasped heavily and unloaded his cock in her eager cunt

I don’t care if it’s true our not, you say this to me when I ask because it’s my choice in the end. Your body, your womb, it’s mine.

Gentlemanbreeder hyperpregnant she was @hotforcuckandir



She was worried her breasts were getting too big. Every time she had a baby her breasts would swell larger with even more milk. She wound up hornier and more fertile with each successive breeding as well. Less able to resist a bare cock threatening to give her a fat baby bump again. She’d once again be nursing her latest newborns while her belly plumped up with more siblings for them.

You can never swell too large. The more pronounced the stretched and distended tummy and tits, the sexier you are.