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Merely a collection of beautiful pictures featuring beutiful corsets. Disclaimer: I do not own any of these images. I try to credit models, designers and photographers whenever possible. If you are a copyright holder and want something removed please just message me. - Hourglass Silhouette (@hourglass-silhouette)
Lovely e mail i just got from tumblr a bit of @hourglass-silhouette

Lovely e-mail I just got from Tumblr.

A bit of context: last week (I think?) I received a message from a photographer asking me delete a picture that belonged to them, I replied as soon as I saw it that I’d be glad to oblige if they could just send me a direct link to said picture since the description they gave me (“a girl in a red corset”) was pretty vague and it wasn’t feasible for me to go looking at every one of the thousands of pictures in this blog. Photographer never replied and decided to go directly to Tumblr which I would understand if they had gotten no reply from me but I tried to be as civil and accomodating as I could???

I stopped actively posting on this blog a long time ago and only queued the occassional reblog. I run 3 blogs on this account and have thought of deleting my main many times but always resisted the urge because people seemed to enjoy this blog more and I didn’t want to take this away from anyone, even if there were no regular new posts, I figured the archive could still be useful??? But now with this I’m just feeling very upset and drained. I don’t know what to do. I feel like I should just delete everything since I don’t want more trouble, but at the same time that would make me so sad.

Sorry for ranting but I just needed to get this off my chest.

Absentia veil beautiful corset made of shawl @hourglass-silhouette


Beautiful corset made of shawl created by Corsetry & Romance

Model, photo: Absentia

Thelingerielesbian thelingerieaddict @hourglass-silhouette




Model: Whitney Photographer: Josefien Hoekstra Mua: Ashley Corset by Skeletons in the Closet


wow, the corset and the makeup and the model go so perfectly together!

Bonjourlecorset lace embrace atelier model @hourglass-silhouette


Lace Embrace Atelier
Model: @littlemissrisk
Photo: @BlackOpalImages
Corset: Grey cinched from the Classic Collection

Bonjour le corset

See other corsets on your Android phone with Bonjour Android

Perfectly pudge miss dottie squish modelling @hourglass-silhouette


Miss Dottie Squish modelling for Lace Embrace Atelier in their ivory coutil Edwardian corset and pink lace gauntlets.

Hair & Photo: pinupperfectionphotography
Bra: Victoria Secret
Lace Peignoir: Vintage

Exclusivelyselectedlingerie threnody in velvet @hourglass-silhouette


Threnody In Velvet in a Valkyrie Corset, MetamorphDK Harness ~ Photography by Iberian Black Arts

Please don’t remove the credits  ♥

Minalafleur thank you all for the love for the @hourglass-silhouette


Thank you all for the love for the first picture I shared of the sheer corset, I feel encouraged to share another! A little less sweet, a little more femme fatale. :) Jet crystal web by Jeanie Schlegel: Jewellery Artist

Bonjourlecorset threnody in velvet another @hourglass-silhouette


Threnody In Velvet Another picture from Ava Corsetry’s new collection Ava.Adore 

Exclusivelyselectedlingerie riwaanerona @hourglass-silhouette



Collection “Noire”, which was shown at the event La Femme, presents a “darker” side of female personality and as the name suggests, the main theme is black color. I used mostly translucent materials in combination with impressive materials - satin, lace and polished textiles.

In the photo by Marius Sachtikus Photography you can see a collection of lingerie in black with dark red elements - retro bra inspired by the fifties with quilted bottom of cups, panties from the same material, garter belt “Nymph” in the all-black verison. Tight-lacing corset is made from extra shiny acetate silk and double boned with flat steel bones. Corset is closed with matching black busk. Whole corset is decorated with hand-sewn lace applications in dark red color.

Lingerie, model, styling and corset by Riwaa Nerona


Golden cream the versailles collection by @hourglass-silhouette


The Versailles Collection

By Angela Friedman


Riwaanerona my really old corset @hourglass-silhouette


My really old corset

Angelafriedman sweetnothingsnyc gorgeous @hourglass-silhouette




!!! I’m pretty sure she is a real princess.  Pink hair! Pink corset!  Pink headband!

Skeletonsintheclosetcostumes lara aimee by @hourglass-silhouette


Lara Aimee by Richard Terborg

Outfit by Skeletons in the Closet

Hair by Jessica Stout

Ludellahahn red and black bow flogger by ruff @hourglass-silhouette


Red and Black Bow Flogger by Ruff Doggie Styles for Sale. $40.

I also have this amazing Kiss Me Deadly bra in a size 36B for sale. (I got it in the wrong size initially and have since corrected this. The fit is amazing and doesn’t require any padding!) $25

Email if interested!

Photo: Evan Smith (

Model: Ludella Hahn (

Whatkatiedidlingerie check out the lingerie @hourglass-silhouette


Check out The Lingerie Addict to see all the new pics of what we have in store for you!

Exclusivelyselectedlingerie cadavre5exquis @hourglass-silhouette



First Light by Orchid Corsetry.


Gothicandamazing model styling photo @hourglass-silhouette


Model, styling, photo: Absentia
Corset: Corsetry & Romance
Fascinator, skirt:
Choker, bracelet: Aeternum Nocturne Gothic jewelry

Exclusivelyselectedlingerie karolina @hourglass-silhouette


Karolina Laskowska wearing her own lingerie & Sparklewren ‘Phoenix’ corset

Pelennanor viktoria modesta @hourglass-silhouette


Viktoria Modesta

Psylockemodel vote for me @hourglass-silhouette


Vote for me ❤️

Photo by radioactivepantie Belinda bärtzner
Corset from bizarredesign

Model photo comtesse lea corset atelier sylphe @hourglass-silhouette

Model / Photo: Comtesse Lea
Corset: Atelier Sylphe

Model allie schell corset isabella corsetry @hourglass-silhouette

Model: Allie Schell
Corset: Isabella Corsetry
Photo: Le Mew Photography

Model photo morgana threnody in velvet @hourglass-silhouette

Model / Photo:  Morgana /Threnody in Velvet
Corset: Ava Corsetry

Espartilhos model photographer mua all by the @hourglass-silhouette


Model, Photographer, MUA all by the incredibly talented Threnody In Velvet
Harness by MetamorphDK

Jisobeldelisle hell is empty and all the @hourglass-silhouette


“hell is empty, and all the devils are here”

Marlo Marquise
© J. Isobel De Lisle photography
Model marcy horror corset isabella corsetry @hourglass-silhouette

Model: Marcy Horror
Corset: Isabella Corsetry
Photo: Le Mew Photography

Yallamann model lenore caine corset viola @hourglass-silhouette


Model: Lenore Caine
Corset: Viola Lahger
Photographer: Belinda Bartzner - Photography

Leilalunatic youve woken up the demon in me @hourglass-silhouette


“You’ve woken up the demon in me”

Model, make-up, hair, photo, retouch: Leila Lunatic
Necklace: Elegant Curiosities

Espartilhosmodel threnody in velvet @hourglass-silhouette


Model: Threnody In Velvet
Photographer: Iberian Black Arts
Corset, garters, and panties: Laurie Tavan
Josefinejonsson model and styling elegy ellem @hourglass-silhouette


Model and styling: Elegy Ellem
Photos: Josefine Jönsson
Corset: Royal Black

Please do not remove credits

Exclusivelyselectedlingerie miss deadly red i @hourglass-silhouette



I gots me some super chubby legs, I would care more if chinese food wasn’t so freaking delicious <3

Photography/Retouch: Andrew Little 

Model/MUA/Styling: miss-deadly-red

Corset: Valkyrie Corsets 

Lingerie: playfulpromises

**Please please please do NOT remove credits** 


Vanyanis the alecto underbust corset by @hourglass-silhouette


The Alecto Underbust corset by Vanyanis is made with a luscious black satin coutil, features a black busk and eyelets and 32 spiral and flat steel bones. It’s made with our 7 panel (14 total) house drafted pattern which comfortably moulds to your body, creating sleek, eye catching curves! It’s a versatile piece that can be styled and worn an endless number of ways. Available in sizes 20-30 (custom sizing also available). To secure your very own Alecto (and to find out more), click here.

How will you wear your Alecto?

[Model is wearing the size 26” Alecto worn with lingerie by kissmedeadlier​
Photography, makeup and hair by Iberian Black Arts.
Please do not remove credits or text.]

Playfulpromises love bomb day 6 indulgence @hourglass-silhouette


Love Bomb Day 6: INDULGENCE! Today we are looking at the exquisite custom-made corsetry of Sparklewren. We teamed her Strawberry Leopard with our peach frilly knickers. 

Grab 15% off a bespoke corset from Sparklewren by visiting her page for more details. Grab 20% off Playful Promises with code “LOVEBOMB2015”. For more discounts, visit the blog!

Photo: Anna Swiczeniuk Model/MUA: Miss Deadly Red

Kmkdesignsllcclothing photo by laura dark @hourglass-silhouette


Photo by Laura Dark Photography

Model Jackie Stienert

Dress by KMKDesigns

Angelafriedman that thing youre wearing is not a @hourglass-silhouette


That thing you’re wearing is not a corset! A corset is heavily structured to actually contour your body into a new shape, including a reduction of the waist. A corset is not a glorified bustier that simply smoothes over flesh and pushes up your breasts. A corset should not make you look like a tube.

Here’s a side by side to help illustrate.  (Left - Fredericks of Hollywood plastic-boned bustiers.  Note how they almost make the woman look wider around the waist!  Right - Angela Friedman steel-boned authentic corsets.)

For more info on real vs. fake corsets, I’d recommend this article by The Lingerie Addict as a great starting point.

Miss deadly red dont know why i forgot to @hourglass-silhouette


Don’t know why i forgot to upload this gem! All of the flicky hair <3

Photography/Retouch: Rhinoas Photography
Model/MUA/Styling: miss-deadly-red
Waist Trainer: Valkyrie Corsets 
Lipstick/Foundation: besamecosmetics

**Please please please do NOT remove credits** 

Skeletonsintheclosetcostumes lady raven @hourglass-silhouette


Lady Raven. 

Model: Bunny Glittergun

Corset: Skeletons in the Closet

Angelafriedman custom corsetry by angela @hourglass-silhouette


Custom corsetry by Angela Friedman: red underbust corset in 100% silk taffeta.  This is a modified (curvier) version of our RTW size S.  Photo by Sean Beach.

Doesn’t Michelle look beautiful!?