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Disclaimer: All images, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain. In the event that there is still a problem or error with copyrighted material, the break of the copyright is unintentional and noncommercial and the material will be removed immediately upon presented proof. - Human Pony Play (@humanpony)
Joyofsunfire wwwjoyofsunfirecom animated @humanpony


Animated gif´s exclusive made for Tumblr.
Humans told me animated gifs are easy to use on Tumblr *neigh*

Femaleledworld i found this on a vanilla site @humanpony


I found this on a vanilla site called Modern Design Magazine!

Star stables a moment of acceptance is subtle @humanpony


“A moment of acceptance is subtle but clear. Experienced trainers must look for it and capitalize on it. If the moment passes, training will constantly be a uphill battle.”- Star Stables Guide to Training Ponies

Bondage ponygirls and more a couple of photos @humanpony


A couple of photos from this pony girl plowing scene got some re-blogging interest and positive comments recently, so here are some more photos.

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Chargerpony from city pages photo shoot feb @humanpony


From city pages photo shoot Feb 2012 with Mistress Jean.

Horseking design white ankle boots with brown @humanpony


White ankle boots with brown horse hooves and “TrottersGrip” horseshoe made of durable hard rubber. These are made in EU shoe size 43 and they look really good even with the BIIIG draft horse hooves on them. So if somewhere in the UK the ground starts shaking…

As always they are available in my ETSY shop… on commission!
( Shop is closed until end of January 2016 because my order book is full to bursting! Sorry… )

Sinvention bondage fetish mouthlock pretty @humanpony



Pretty pony (gag! Miss Mouthlock

Sinvention pony! Nice pics of Anna Rose.

Polyfetishist femdomonomic race chained while @humanpony


Femdomonomic Race Chained While They Race Hata Deli Domme and slave man training for a slave race. The event will be unlike other Femdomonomic races.

Femaleledworld hurry slave the sale starts @humanpony


- Hurry, slave! The sale starts in 15 minutes!

Mysluttyasianwife been playing dress up with @humanpony


Been playing dress up with Miss May. I love riding my cute Pony Girl. We crouch in the sun light trying to keep warm in the cold morning November air. I love the way she whinnies and nays as I pump my cum into her tight ass. I don’t even know if this video is up on the May Ling Su blog yet… just wanted to share this sweet gif with you all!

Higyaku no miki jenni lee さん @humanpony


Jenni Lee さん

Prettydeeviantpony found this out on the @humanpony


Found this out on the internet

Icequeenemma ponygirl one of my fiance greatest @humanpony


One of my Fiance greatest fantasy.
And imagining he makes me do this turns me on.

Sensualhumiliation just remarking her @humanpony


just remarking her helplessness…

Kachimahan hehe now boundy hunter 4 ponygirls @humanpony


Hehe now “ Boundy Hunter 4 Ponygirls Comics ” come to the end of this series XD after long term work since first of this year i made comic book for 4  vol in this year XD  

please support her if you like my pony comic :]

her about short brief of this vol.4 …sound excited XD

After successful prison retake, Lala, followed by one of the best wild west shooter Connie, looking for sadistic duo. Girl´s arrived to the city where Gabriella has been worked and decide to capture this lil lesbian girl at first! They need to put down poor Gabriella to capture dangerous and sadistic Annie.

Will they success and bring domme Annie to justice, or will they spent the rest of their lives as human ponygirls?!

Our latest adult bondage comics, contain 18 full panel pages + cover in 2480 x 3508 pix (UHD1 resolution). Featuring: lesbian bondage, rope bondage, ponyplay, slavery.. ”

Download (ADULT´s ONLY) here:

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Submissann beauty 2015 photo by mark chester @humanpony


Beauty 2015.  Photo by Mark Chester.

Theknotandflare folsom street fair 2015 was @humanpony


Folsom Street Fair 2015 was beyond amazing.  So many pictures were taken of us that day it was crazy.  This was the first day we actually had worn all the gear together as we had just finished the harnesses the day before we left for the event.  

Leather, latex and Ponies … we fit in rather well.

Bitchsuits credits go to raha from @humanpony


Credits go to _Raha_ from FetLife

Awomansplaceinthisworld pony training is a @humanpony


Pony training is a tough business.  Trainers that do not win races typically find themselves on the other end of the reigns

Polyfetishist racing male slaves rding on the @humanpony


Racing Male Slaves Rding on the Shoulders of Men Story about training for a human horse race. Dommes ride on the shoulders of slave men.

Vaultofbondage mmmm i think ill ride this one @humanpony


mmmm i think i’ll ride this one

Bdsmartfantasy waiting for master by snap @humanpony


Waiting For Master by SNAP

Hoejhael a rocking horse mistress who already @humanpony


A rocking horse mistress who already has everything.

Nighty horse yet another horse butt picture @humanpony


Yet another horse butt … Picture by Aeringi ( - Check out his website at “” (still in development so you might need to look later- he is doing great work!)

Misterchristianx knees high they were high @humanpony


“Knees high.”
They were high, weren’t they?
“You should be practically hoping from one foot to the other! As soon as you bring a foot down, the other should be on its way up…”
Is that even possible? Was he really making that bad a job of it?
“That’s it. Now your ass swishing is getting that tail to move. Looks good, pony.”
He felt a hearty pat on his haunch and a surge of blush and pride. What the hell was wrong with him? People don’t get off on being paraded around like a show horse…

Bondagelife pentagram rope tie @humanpony


pentagram rope tie

Myhotbuttons oh my i have this overwhelming @humanpony


Oh my I have this overwhelming desire to have a pony boy like this one.  Training a pony would be such fun and bring out my sadistic side!

Whateversexy httpwwwpeter jakubikcom @humanpony


#PonyGirl #PonyGirlRocker #RockingHorse #DiyOriginal #FetishArt #lik #ItsThatEasy #BuyOrDiy #Lovely #BoyToy #VenusInFurs #Goddess #SanctuaryIllustrated #Sacred #Interior #Iconic #Jxxx #PeterJakubik

Kinkycamera jewell marceau pony girl and @humanpony


Jewell Marceau (Pony Girl) and Isabella Sinclaire (Mistress) star are having some fun in Ivy Manor 6: Pony Girls In Training.

Produced by

Littlekin our toy collection so many hours of @humanpony


Our toy collection. So many hours of fun still to be had.

Kk ll couple stay apparatus horsing around @humanpony


Stay Apparatus ♞ Horsing Around / leatherwork: FetLeather / model: KK / photography by KK_LL / copyright 2015 © KK_LL

Pony stuff on sale such as bridle @humanpony

Pony stuff on sale such as bridle

Aerdna22 rubber eva blue marquis pony part 2 @humanpony


Rubber Eva-Blue Marquis Pony part 2

Bondage ponygirls and more barefoot ponygirl @humanpony


Barefoot Ponygirl Gracie Vega in the Sonoran Desert, Arizona.

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Nighty horse during folsom europe 2015 i have @humanpony


During Folsom Europe 2015, I have been able to test out some “Stallion proof” restraints. Think they fit quite well :) Picture by Aeringi  - Check out his website at “” (still in development so you might need to look later- he is doing great work!)

Humanpony vintage pony girls @humanpony


vintage pony girls