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Humiliate this slut

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Disclaimer: Rape culture, actual misogyny, and race play are disgusting. Consent and mutual pleasure are important. Women are important I've got an oral fixation and an obsession with humiliation, submission, and degradation. I also love rimming, face fucking, facesitting, ball sucking, sexy women, bondage, threesomes/group sex, bimboification, huge tits, and huge dicks. You can expect to see that here. Pansexual. PhD Student. Feminist. Switch (outside of this blog, more of an active domme). Sadist. I love women and cock. Not into male supremacy or anything that borders on right-wing fringe lunacy. If there were a "natural order" none of this would be fun or degrading. The porn industry is problematic and some of my desires are probably as well. I have a dark mind and enjoy a lot of fucked up things (more degrading = better), but this is all fantasy. I welcome messages (sexual or otherwise), but if you come into my inbox with demands, you will be ignored. I'm into humiliation, but unless it is a scene or a sexual chat you will treat me like a fucking human being. I realize that most people following me are on their personal blogs, and as such I answer messages and submissions privately. Hard limits: bestiality, incest, scat, extreme pain, needles, blood, knifeplay, gunplay, ageplay, race play. This blog is NSFW and 18+. I have a full about page on the sidebar.

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