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Humiliate this slut @humiliatethisslut

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Disclaimer: Rape culture, actual misogyny, and race play are disgusting. Consent and mutual pleasure are important. Women are important I've got an oral fixation and an obsession with humiliation, submission, and degradation. I also love rimming, face fucking, facesitting, ball sucking, sexy women, bondage, threesomes/group sex, bimboification, huge tits, and huge dicks. You can expect to see that here. Pansexual. PhD Student. Feminist. Switch (outside of this blog, more of an active domme). Sadist. I love women and cock. Not into male supremacy or anything that borders on right-wing fringe lunacy. If there were a "natural order" none of this would be fun or degrading. The porn industry is problematic and some of my desires are probably as well. I have a dark mind and enjoy a lot of fucked up things (more degrading = better), but this is all fantasy. I welcome messages (sexual or otherwise), but if you come into my inbox with demands, you will be ignored. I'm into humiliation, but unless it is a scene or a sexual chat you will treat me like a fucking human being. I realize that most people following me are on their personal blogs, and as such I answer messages and submissions privately. Hard limits: bestiality, incest, scat, extreme pain, needles, blood, knifeplay, gunplay, ageplay, race play. This blog is NSFW and 18+. I have a full about page on the sidebar. - Humiliate this slut (@humiliatethisslut)
The7thblogger flashytitle pissinhermouth @humiliatethisslut




Wow that’s hot

I think I need to reblog this at least once a day

Just holes so do whatever. Fucking cunts

Brutalmaster thats a good girl show off for @humiliatethisslut


That’s a good girl.  Show off for our guests and get them nice and horny before they use you.

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Every dirty little whore loves a fat cock rammed down her shit pipe.

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Proper ways of getting use of a good girl.

Broken down sluts it was a while since they @humiliatethisslut


It was a while since they broke up, and the break-up had been very messy… He’d never forgiven her for cheating.

But she still enjoyed going back to him. He was still angry, and feeling him pinning her down, hitting her, hurting her.

Listening to him tell her what a bitch she is, and how he never liked her, and always wanted to see her struggling, always thought she was a worthless cunt…

The feel of him pounding into her cunt, filling her with cum as he told her how much he hated her.

But this time, just as she was about to cum, just as she was about to taunt him through her orgasm, telling him how good cheating had felt… He pulled out of her cunt and suddenly, quickly, he thrust deep into her ass. It was brutal, violent, painful… the only lube was the wetness from her cunt and the only thing she could do was beg and struggle and cry.

And watching the bitch beg? Hearing her whimper and cry and wail as he tore her open? Maybe he’d finally taught her a lesson.

Asianfuckbunny she cant hold all that @humiliatethisslut


She can’t hold all that deep-throat slime, but no way will she stop sucking.

Saythankyoumaster when was the last time a man @humiliatethisslut


When was the last time a man of authority forced you into being a good little cock slut?

Pornobitsandstuff maserati and mr pete from @humiliatethisslut


Maserati and Mr. Pete from “Bangbros / BigTitsRoundAsses -
Ebony brunette natural double J tits”.

Secretprincess9312 ahomeforbrokengirls take @humiliatethisslut



Take a deep breath and stick your tongue out, cunt, you’re gonna be here for a while.


Disposableyoungslut my manager had ordered @humiliatethisslut


My manager had ordered something from room service, but said he didn’t have any cash on him, so he offered the bellboy use of my holes as a tip. I tried to protest, but my manager told me to shut up, keep my face down and my ass raised in the air if I didn’t want to lose my job. The bellboy only hesitated a moment, and was soon savagely pounding my asshole with his cock as I whimpered helplessly below him. After a few minutes he emptied his balls deep inside me, and quickly began getting dressed. He had thanked my manager for his generosity and left while I was still sobbing face down on the bed, his cum flooding my asshole, too sore to move.

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Sit on your sluts face. Leave her no choice but to eat your ass, swirling her tongue deep inside until your Cock is throbbing, ready to repay her tender treatment of your ass with a vicious assault upon hers.

Nedverdige this is such a perfect image of what @humiliatethisslut


This is such a perfect image of what a woman/cum dump/sperm receptacle/hole should be. Open and completely vacant. Behind those eyes there is only emptiness. She is an object fulfilling her true purpose. She kneels, tilts her head back and opens her face hole as wide as she can and just waits to be filled with purpose as the line of men step up and make their deposit to help her be as useful as she can be.

Il0vewomen alexis rodriguez jynx maze and @humiliatethisslut


Alexis Rodriguez, Jynx Maze, and Jada Stevens (Pt. 2)

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fully loaded - need it right now badly! need it always…