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HungCumchugger @hungcumchugger

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Big-dicked guy with a large load and a major passion for sucking cock & eating cum. Travel often around the country. You can Kik me at HungCumchugger. - HungCumchugger (@hungcumchugger)
Thefagmag unwrapping @hungcumchugger



Another proud cocksucker @hungcumchugger

Another proud cocksucker.

A suckers gotta do his job all the way no @hungcumchugger

A sucker’s gotta do his job all the way.  No questions asked.

Self feeding submission from a follower @hungcumchugger

Self-feeding submission from a follower.

My idea of a great day @hungcumchugger

My idea of a great day.

The perfect load @hungcumchugger

The perfect load.

Emailsfromaslave this is what cock worship @hungcumchugger


This is what cock worship looks like.  The Alpha guides the faggot’s throat down His Shaft until He’s buried balls-deep in the faggot.  But watch carefully:  there’s a pause, just a fraction of a second, where the Cock seems to be as deep as possible - and then the faggot leans in, forcing himself to give up just a little bit more of his throat, getting this huge Cock just a little deeper inside him.  it doesn’t seem like much, but for a faggot, it is everything.  It is what defines him:  his need to worship, his need to give everything - and then a little bit more - to his Superior.  It is a small gesture, but it is the difference between want and need, the difference between cocksucking and cockworshiping.

This is 100% true.

This is how you use a cocksucker @hungcumchugger

This is how you use a cocksucker.

Used @hungcumchugger


Follower submission @hungcumchugger

Follower submission.

Jake orion enjoying himself @hungcumchugger

Jake Orion enjoying himself.