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I Am Always Amazed! @i-am-always-amazed

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I just wanted to show you what amazes me! I posted a donate button on this site and here are the reasons why you should. Reason One: Although I don't own any of these photos, I have created a blog that is tuned to your tastes in porn. Reason Two: No obvious comments - You will never find a comment on this site. Reason Three: No photosets Reason Four: You get the goods - no hiding what they have. Reason Five: This is where you finally let whatever you've been stroking cum. Reason Six: Longevity Reason Seven: No ads Reason Eight: I sift through the bad porn so you can have nothing but the best. Reason Nine: Because I scrape the bullshit other bloggers add to their posts so you see just the credits. Reason Ten: When I say the site has a focus, I post what I say. For instance, if I say this site is for Asians , then all you'll find is Asians. If I say it has women over 30 , it is only women over 30. When I say it is a site focused on girls between 18-30 , that's all you'll find.  A donation for my hard work would be nice. - I Am Always Amazed! (@i-am-always-amazed)

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