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pics of hot older men collected over the years from various newsgroups and websites. NSFW if anything here is your property I will take it down - but you may still have to spank me. I would fuck 80% of the men whose pics I post here. I would let 90% of them fuck me - I Got Daddy Issues (@igotdaddyissues)
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What kind of person shows up at a leather bar at 4:00 pm on a Saturday? A horny, sexually-frustrated sub looking to get fucked - that’s who. Unfortunately, the bar had just opened and was completely empty but i decided to stay anyway.  i had nowhere else to be and had worked myself into a sexual frenzy having spent most of the day writing erotica for my Tumblr account.  

When He walked in i thought holy shit.  The tall, silver-haired Daddy with a football player’s build noticed me immediately, which would have been impossible not to do since i was the only one there. Saddling up to the bar, He stared cooly across at me.  i smiled back with more confidence than i felt. Wasting no time He walked around the bar and approached me, smiling warmly the entire time as though we were old friends. 

He introduced Himself and extended His large hand.  i shook it a little too eagerly, never wanting Him to let go and beaming back like an idiot.  He glanced down and saw that my beer was empty.  “Would you like another? Or should we just go back to my place?” i was stunned and must have looked it because He laughed loudly, which made me laugh and blush in embarrassment. But our laughter had diffused all the awkwardness of a first encounter and suddenly we were talking to each other like real people. 

i hadn’t been to the Eagle in ages so i didn’t know if He was a regular or not but i assumed that because He was there He must be a DOM, or at least i hoped so. But He was nicer than an DOM i’d ever written about in my blog. Of course, that’s what happens when you write about experiences you’ve never actually had; you write stereotypes and cliches.  

He hovered just inside the outer limits of my personal space, giving me space but staying close enough to let me know that i wasn’t going anywhere without His permission. He was even taller and larger up close and i was finding it very hard to concentrate on anything but His beautiful mouth and handsome beard. “You’re cute. Nice body too.” His hands casually roamed over my shoulders and arms and down my back as He felt me through my clothes. His firm grip on my arm and the touch of His hands on my body had made me dizzy and i realized that we’d both been quite for more than a few seconds.  

Our bartender had left us and we were all alone.  With the same warm, comforting smile on His face He let me know exactly what He was feeling.  “I think I’d like to get to know you better but honest to God … right now all I want is to take you home and fuck you. Would you like that?” 

My mouth was instantly dry but somehow i found my voice and muttered, “Yes, Sir.” He was remarkably casual, a testament perhaps to His self confidence. “Good boy,” He replied, genuinely pleased. Taking me by the shoulder, He steered me towards the door, following close behind. As we faced the blinding sun of the day He leaned in and said, “You’ll ride with me, okay? I’ll bring you back later.” i noticed nervously the ambiguity of His stated commitment but didn’t ask for clarity. 

Sitting next to Him in His Range Rover i started to feel self conscious and nervous.  The light of day had a sobering effect and i began to process just how quickly everything had occurred.  The further we drove from the bar the more nervous i became. “Just relax,” He said, as though sensing the shift in my mood.  “You like big dick, don’t you?” Again - casual, cool, confident. And me stunned to silence.  He looked at me and started laughing again, giving me that same reassuring grin. 

“But seriously,” He said as He turned His attention back to the road. “It’s big. Real big.  And you’re going to love it.”  The smile was still on His face but there was no laughter this time.  A new seriousness seemed to cloud His eyes and i noticed for the first time the huge bulge in His jeans extending down His thigh.  He reached across and squeezed my leg, His eyes still on the road. “Very nice,” He said in a low, deep tone as He squeezed hard enough to  make me wince. It was the first indication i had of just how strong this Man really was. 

Such confidence can be intoxicating. Even if you were having second thoughts, it’s too late now.

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