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I Loan My Wife @iloanmywife

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Yes, the pictures tagged with our blog name are of us. You can click on the page link at the top of the full blog or view them here: Pictures of Us . If you'd like advice or would like to learn more, please check out our story here: Our Story We have a true hotwife marriage. She's a slut and he loves having a slut for a wife. Sometimes that means a MFM threesome, sometimes that means she fucks other guys while he watches, and sometimes she plays alone. We're both deeply in love with each other and we mutually enjoy our (or her) activities. We'll try to answer questions as thoughtfully and often as we can, usually from his perspective. - I Loan My Wife (@iloanmywife)
Thanks for the submission @iloanmywife

Thanks for the submission!

Socalhotcpl34 god i love this woman the @iloanmywife


God I love this woman! The perfect slut wife… The best little sex toy to play with… And my favorite porn star.!

Ranger987123654 wifey is just as good with the @iloanmywife


Wifey is just as good with the left as she is with the right.

Godsinanalcove hei oh lets go @iloanmywife


Hei, oh, let’s go!

The start of a fun evening a bottle of wine is in @iloanmywife

The start of a fun evening. A bottle of wine is in the foreground, still unopened. The hotel bed is in the background, still made. My wife, not nearly so unsullied, is kneeling and servicing two cocks.