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I Loan My Wife @iloanmywife

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Yes, the pictures tagged with our blog name are of us. You can click on the page link at the top of the full blog or view them here: Pictures of Us . If you'd like advice or would like to learn more, please check out our story here: Our Story We have a true hotwife marriage. She's a slut and he loves having a slut for a wife. Sometimes that means a MFM threesome, sometimes that means she fucks other guys while he watches, and sometimes she plays alone. We're both deeply in love with each other and we mutually enjoy our (or her) activities. We'll try to answer questions as thoughtfully and often as we can, usually from his perspective. - I Loan My Wife (@iloanmywife)
Jenscuckold cuckolding the intellectual @iloanmywife


Cuckolding: The Intellectual Fetish, lol!

Just uploaded a bunch of new videos of my #snowbunny hotwife, @yogahotwife, cuckolding me with our BBC Bull.  Complete with plenty of loving humiliation, forced bi, creampie cleaning and chastity play.

Watching my wife grind her pussy around another @iloanmywife

Watching my wife grind her pussy around another man’s big dick.

You can see her discarded panties lying on the floor a few feet away. She had slowly slid them over her hips and down her thighs as he watched from the bed. When he told her to stop she paused compliantly, her hands by her sides and the panties resting just above her knees. Following his direction she put her hands behind her head, ran her fingers though her hair, and turned around slowly. He eyed my wife’s mostly naked body up and down (mostly down) for several long moments, until she let the panties drop to the floor and stepped back into his lap. 

He reclined on the edge of our hotel bed, cocksure and smiling. She eased herself down and began grinding her ass in a rhythmic circular motion. He egged her on as she did most of the work, goading my wife to defile herself ever more. “Come on, bounce that ass. Bounce it, bitch. Shake your pussy for me.” In the heat of the moment my wife clearly enjoyed his filthy, crude encouragement and moved her body against him like she was working for tips. It was a spectacular private show.

I know its off topic but fuck @iloanmywife

I know it’s off-topic, but fuck…

Whitneywisconsin we should have invited you and @iloanmywife


We should have invited you and Anna to our hotel party in Sparta a couple weekends ago. Maybe next time!

Posted due to the awesome pics

once again I only post the best submissions xd

Hi speed sex party just started the other girl @iloanmywife


Party just started. The other girl flaked, but having fun non the less.

Hi speed sex pics as its happening @iloanmywife


Pics as its happening. 😉

This will be my last update for the evening my @iloanmywife

This will be my last update for the evening. My wife is on her way home from her date. I’m going to enjoy some delicious sloppy seconds.

Update to my previous post i stand corrected i @iloanmywife

Update to my previous post. I stand corrected. I doubt I will hear from her again until after they’re finished. Another drink then…

Its after 10 but no texts since this last one @iloanmywife

It’s after 10, but no texts since this last one. It’s difficult for her to keep me up to date, since he doesn’t know that I’m aware of this (her backstory is that she’s out with the girls). But I can see from an app that we share on our phones that she’s at the hotel. He’s inside my wife as I type this. The silence is excruciating, but also exciting. I need another glass of wine.

My wife is playing alone again tonight she left @iloanmywife

My wife is playing alone again tonight. She left an hour ago to see the same guy she fucked the last time she played alone. He made reservations for dinner and a room at the Hilton. 

I snapped this and a few other pictures as she was getting dressed (notice no makeup or jewelry). I’ll be honest, it’s tearing me up just a little right now knowing that another man is going to be pulling her out of that dress in a couple of hours. Of course, the anxiousness just makes her return home all the sweeter, and I’ll have her well-used body to myself again. So many hours until then, though. Fuck. 

Skinnyslutgirl welp heres my last post till @iloanmywife


Welp, here’s my last post till August for yall, I hope you enjoy it :) Also those two guys, neither of em is my boyfriend ;)

Myswingerwife777 two black males taking turns @iloanmywife


Two black males taking turns on my wife!

Heres another post from a recent date night dp @iloanmywife

Here’s another post from a recent date night. DP is pure ecstasy for everyone involved. Either hole feels better with something in the other – tight yet pliable – and the friction of two cocks rubbing away inside my wife is mind-blowing. 

It felt spectacular, but I came earlier than I wanted. I thought for sure he was about to cum so I didn’t hold back either. I blew my load even as my wife was begging for more. It turns out he wasn’t even close. I pulled out of my wife’s ass and sprayed a large load of semen across her back. She just kept grinding herself on his cock, barely changing rhythm as I dismounted the bed and resumed cameraman duties.

If you have a hotwife, or simply hotwife fantasies, you’ve probably at some point experienced an abrupt change of heart following orgasm. Salacious delirium gives way to sober prudence, and those lust-fueled kinks of a few moments earlier suddenly feel like terrible, embarrassing mistakes. I still sometimes experience those pangs of regret, even now. It’s never that acute of a feeling, and it always passes quickly. But every so often, immediately after orgasm, I feel a tinge of shame and I wish I’d never shared her with anyone. Watching her fuck in that state of mind amplifies the effect.

I got up from the bed and slunk back into a chair, camera in hand, and braced for those familiar waves of remorse. Everything in the room now felt kind of lewd. They continued to fuck each other, oblivious to my mood swing. I sat in silent torment as my wife bounced up and down on his big, strange dick, gleefully defiling herself to orgasm. I felt a dull and fleeting sense of loneliness as she came.

I totally underestimated that guy’s stamina. He was relentless. I wanted to get back in on the fun, but I was completely spent. For the next half hour I paced around the room, took pictures, and played with my mostly limp dick while he beat the living fuck out of my wife’s pussy. 

I was horny again before I was fully hard, so I rejoined them on the bed and throughout the room, helping where convenient. I spread my wife’s ass cheeks open for him, then slid underneath her and suckled at her tits as they swung back and forth. I steadied her shoulders and rocked her backward onto his dick as she stood in front of him, bent over where he sat on the edge of the bed. And I otherwise played the supporting actor to his lead role in “Giving My Wife Multiple Orgasms.” Just when my erection finally returned in force and I was ready for another ride, he pulled off the condom and emptied his jizz on my wife’s pussy and stomach. End scene.

I cuddled up against her as he collapsed on her other side, my wife’s sweaty body between us. I lightly massaged the pools of his warm cum into her skin and she casually stroked my now ironically hard dick. As we shared post-coital small talk, I brought my fingers up to her lips. She opened her mouth and nonchalantly sucked his gooey seed from my thumb and fingers, never looking away from him as he described his weekend plans. 

We had to leave soon and so did he. Since there wasn’t enough time for another round we called it a night. Dammit. By now I was crazy horny again and I didn’t want to go home sexually frustrated. I stayed in bed and openly masturbated as they got up and moved about the room. They politely pretended not to notice, even when talking with me, though I can imagine how obscene that must have looked to their eyes at that point. Fuck it, I wanted to cum. I could hear them talking and laughing in the shower as I furiously jacked myself off in a race to a second orgasm. By the time they returned to the room in towels I was getting up from the bed and bashfully holding a pool of semen in my left hand. My wife smiled and handed me her towel as I took my turn in the shower.