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Disclaimer: Content on this blog may be considered unsuitable for work and/or those under the age of 18. Born in the wrong time or just a rebel at heart, I love the natural look when it comes to women. This blog is dedicated to the women who do it for me. Copyright Disclaimer The images posted on this blog are not owned by me, unless otherwise stated, Images not owned by me were reposted from other blogs or found on the internet and are thought to be in the public domain. All credit goes to their respective owners, the photographers, editors, stylists, etc. If you own an image and would like for it to be removed, please notify me with a link to the image in question and it will be removed upon receipt of your request. - Lovely Hairy Women (@ilovehairywomen)
Masturbationmuses awesome pussy @ilovehairywomen


…awesome pussy.

Shortsmalltwo as the family get together wound @ilovehairywomen


As the family get together wound down and people started leaving for the night, my sister-in-law asked me what I wanted for breakfast in the morning. “You!” I whispered to her. The next morning I went to the kitchen and there she was, naked. “I hope your hungry,” she said.


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