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This is a tumblr for images that have incest captions either added into the image, or added to the caption on tumblr. All the people in images are assumed to be eighteen years of age at time that the photograph was taken. If you disagree with any of the images, contact me and I can take it down. These captioned images are all fiction, and incestcaptions.tumblr does NOT condone incest relationships in real life with anyone bar two consenting adults. I try hard to find good quality images to use. If you have found an image that you think could work, want to submit your own, or anything of that nature, feel free to send it to me. Please make sure you are eighteen or over if you do send me images of yourself. - Incest Captions (@incestcaptions)
Oh shit dad what are you doing here this @incestcaptions

“Oh, shit! Dad! What are you doing here?! This isn’t what it looks like! You’re not going to tell mum…are you?
Please don’t! I’ll do whatever you want! Wash the car every day, do your laundry…

Maybe you shouldn’t go just yet though. With that tent in your trousers, mum will surely get suspicious. I can help you get rid of it, if you like? Promise not to tell mum though?”

Dont worry daddy sam and liz know theyre not @incestcaptions

“Don’t worry daddy, Sam and Liz know they’re not herejustfor a skeepover, I told them that you were interested in fucking them and they were more than happy to come over - they almost ran right over here after I told them - and we were in the middle of class! But then, after all I’ve told them about you fucking me, who wouldn’t? So, do you want us one at a time, or do you think you can handle your baby girl and her two friends all at once, hehe?”

Yeah weve been fine here dont worry about us @incestcaptions

“Yeah, we’ve been fine here, don’t worry about us mum. No! Aw…come on dad! Oh…it’s nothing mum, just dad still taking embarrasing photos with his new camera. Alright, well, we’ll see you in a few days. Love you!”

“You better not let mum or my boyfriend see those photos! I don’t even want tot hink what’d happen if they knew we sunbathed topless infront of our daddy, and I don’t think he would want to think about that either; not that we would mind, we’re both old enough, we would both chose to live with you after the divorce!”

I cant believe how many guys have just been @incestcaptions

“I can’t believe how many guys have just been staring at me! Come on dad, can we find somewhere quieter to go? I really dont want to get undressed any more with so many creeps about - and I’m sure you wouldn’t want anyone elses eyes perving over your daughter right? Someone getting off on what you fuck without your permission?”

Mmmmmhm oooh daddy i cant wait for you to feel @incestcaptions

“Mmmmmhm, oooh daddy! I can’t wait for you to feel Beth’s tongue! She certainly knows how to fucking use it!”

“*slurrrp* Daddy! My pussy is open you know, you don’t have to just *slurpslurp* sit there and watch me eat sis out, or wait for my permission! I’m already *slurrrp* dripping wet thinking about your cock, so just fuck me already! I need it!”

Hey dad is that you would you mind going into @incestcaptions

“Hey dad! Is that you? Would you mind going into my room and getting my vibrator for me? I’m feeling kind of horny. You know, the vibrating one would be very nice right now; and make sure it’s waterproof.

Actually…you know what, mum’s not home, is she?

Real cocks are so much better than fake ones - and with mum around so much recently, I’ve been aching to feel my daddy’s big thick cock in me? Maybe we can…share the shower? Be economical and enviromentally friendly too? Hehe!”

See daddy i got all as on my report card you @incestcaptions

“See daddy, I got all A’s on my report card! You said you’d get me that vibrator I wanted if I did, remember?

Aww, don’t look at me like that, you know I wouldn’t want to use it all on my own! I haven’t forgotten our agreement either - where you get to watch me doing whatever you want me to do, maybe we should let that include touching too? I kind of like that idea.”

But dadwont we get in trouble for that no i @incestcaptions

“…But dad…won’t we get in trouble for that? No I don’t have a problem with you looking…fine, you can, but tell me if any librarians come - I don’t want to get arrested for this, even if you are my father. Actaully, that might make people think that’s worse! Whatever, you know I don’t care about you seeing.”

“I dunno, I think my tits could be a cup or two bigger, I wouldn’t say they’re that bad, but wouldn’t you prefer to play with slightly bigger ones?”

Mhmmm daddy come home soon i dont know how @incestcaptions

Mhmmm, daddy, come home soon. I don’t know how much longer I can last without your cock in me, even my fingers can only sustain me for so long! even just thinking about fucking my daddy makes my pussy as wet as hell.”

Mmmhm god that was a long sleepwere not there @incestcaptions

“Mmmhm? God that was a long sleep…we’re not there yet are we? Just at another service station again?

Mhmm, I’m feeling a little horny. If we’re going to stop for awhile, what do you say we have a little fun? I'f use my vibrators, but they’re in the back - and plus, I much prefer your thick hard cock to them.

There aren’t many people around here at the moment - what do you say we just do it now? I mean, I doubt I could wait to find us some toilets, and can’t be bothered to throw on a bra - people would realise what we’re doing if we tried that.”

Come on daddy put down that camera you dont @incestcaptions

“Come on daddy, put down that camera, you don’t want to keep your little baby girl all horny, do you?

Mhmm, your cum always feels so amazing dripping inside my pussy. I just wish we didn’t always have to wait for mum to leave for work, you know? I don’t think she’d like you knowing your screwing your daughter behind her back…although, I don’t mind if you screw me from behind!”

Mhhm fuck sis i almost forgot how good your @incestcaptions

“Mhhm, fuck sis, I almost forgot how good your throat felt! We can’t let it go this long again. Maybe you can come live with me over the summer and we can spend some nice ‘brother sister’ bonding time.

Go on, milk my cock of all my cum - I want it clean when you’ve finished with it.”

Hehe i think my big brother likes the changes @incestcaptions

“Hehe,, I think my big brother likes the changes I’ve made to my school uniform, don’t you? Seeing as I don’t have to wear it any more, I didn’t see why I couldn’t come home and change it slightly to make myself more…presentable for my brother - I know how he loves watching his widdle sister after all.

I’ve been craving your cock all day! I’ve not even used a vibrator at all, like you asked. You wouldn’t believe how horny I am! Will my brother help me relieve these pent up feelings? Or is he going to be a mean big brother and keep his sister on ‘masturbation probation’ - after all, a slave has to do what her master tells her.”

Dammit bro why did you have to push me into the @incestcaptions

“Dammit bro! why did you have to push me into the pool? I told you I wasn’t wearing a bra today! Jesus, it’s cold; and I didn’t bring my jumper or a spare change of clothes.

Maybe I’ll just have to snuggle up to you and share your body warmth until we get home. For being such a mean brother, you’re going to have to help me wash my hair in the shower, okay?

I can’t believe how annyoing boys are - if you just wanted to se my tits, you didn’t have to go and do that! Probably ruined my jeans too… looks like I’ll just gave to go back home in my shirt and panties no thanks to you.”

Sometimes i cant believe how naughty and @incestcaptions

“Sometimes I can’t believe how naughty and perverted my own brother is! I mean,w anting his sister to flash him for taking her to a friends house. I said I would though - just don’t tell anyone, okay? I don’t want guys thinking I’ll flash them if they ask…well, aside from you, but you’re my brother, so that’s different.”

This is a pretty good dorm bro looks like you @incestcaptions

“This is a pretty good dorm bro, looks like you got lucky - mine sucks so badly, roomie is so messy and can’t ever shut up. Still can’t believe they don’t give co-ed dorms, even for brothers and sisters.”

“Hey, is your dorm-mate in? How about we have a little fun? I mean, we’re going to have to be more careful than back at home - looks like I’ll just have to use my dildo a lot more I guess… What do you say we get one those make-your-own dildo and use your cock as a cast? At least then I’ll be able to feel my brothers cock whenever I want. Why not get a few? I could cast my pussy and tits for you? Nobody would know whos they belonged to, and will let us havve some fun until we get the change to fuck again in our dorms.”

Mhmm your cum tastes so good big brother and so @incestcaptions

“Mhmm, your cum tastes so good big brother! And so much too! I couldn’t even swallow it all. Do you have a tissue or something? I can’t make my tongue reach that far down my chin.”

Oh im just texting robbie seems like hell @incestcaptions

“Oh, I’m just texting Robbie - seems like he’ll not be coming over tonight. Sometimes I thin I should just break up with him, you know? Never around when I need to talk to him - not even that good a fuck.

I bet you’d be so much better than he ever is. Haha, don’t worry - I’ve seen you look down my top all the time, you think I walk around braless for no reason? Silly little brother.

Do you want to help me get back at Robbie then? Not that I doubt he’ll even notice that I’ve fucked some other guy. Even still, it’ll be nice to feel a cock in my pussy again.”

I see big brother likes my new swimming costume @incestcaptions

“I see big brother likes my new swimming costume quite a bit, don’t you?

Wel - look all you want, still glad nobody else is here, maybe it means we can actually have some fun right here. It’s no fun having to hide in bushes to get a nice fucking. Maybe they wont even know we’re related?

Come on, I can see you’re already hard enough - what do you say? Just a quick little fuck to keep me going until we can find somewhere better? Pleaaaaase - I’ll even do your laundry for a month! We probably wont get another chance like this to be on a beach without mum or dad hounding us.”

See isnt he so cute looks just like his daddy @incestcaptions

“See, isn’t he so cute? Looks just like his daddy. When do you think we should tell people that he’s yours, and not Marks? I don’t think people will be all too happy to hear that little Jennie fucked her brother and has his baby? Not that I care - I mean, this little angel is the most beautiful boy in the world. Maybe if we have a girl next, we can teach them that keeping it in the family isn’t as bad as people say.”

Bro you didnt hide my dildo did you you know @incestcaptions

“Bro! You didn’t hide my dildo, did you? You know, the eight-inch really thick one? It was in my room this morning and now I can’t find it! But then I guess you’re here, I don’t need it any more, do I? I’m sure you can help me with how horny I’ve been feeling.”

Oh daddy hiierm wasnt expecting you to be @incestcaptions

“Oh daddy! Hi…I…erm wasn’t expecting you to be home so soon and…I was getting a little horny…it looked like my brothers were too, so I didn’t think it would be a big deal! I know you only like me fucking and sucking your cock, but what about if you let me have my brothers from time to time? Only when you’re out of the house or on a business trip?”

Aww come on daddy i just washed my hair and me @incestcaptions

“Aww, come on daddy! I just washed my hair and me and some friends are having a girls night out and I don’t want to be late. I’ll give you a blowjob, just no getting your cum into my hair, alright?”

See daddy told you i wasnt wearing any panties @incestcaptions

“See daddy! Told you I wasn’t wearing any panties today! Even if mummy said you should always wear clean undies incase something happens - but she doesn’t have to know about this, does she? I mean…I’m sure I can think of something we can do to convince you to keep it a secret.”

Welcome home daddy you wouldnt believe how much @incestcaptions

“Welcome home daddy! You wouldn’t believe how much I missed you today! And how come you left before I could wake you up the way you like? Unless you wanted me to stay wet all day for you daddy, hehe…lets get you out of that suit and into something more comfortable…or at least your big, hard cock will.”

Come on bro just once more before mum and dad @incestcaptions

“Come on bro, just once more before mum and dad get back? You know once they’re around we wont be able to fuck. I doubt I’ll be able to wait until they’ve gone to work to get your cock in me. At least once more? We can even do it without a condom this time.”

My daughter such a little whore shell @incestcaptions

My daughter; such a little whore - she’ll willingly fuck anyone if they tie her up; the amount of her fathers cum that both her pussy and ass have taken is amazing!

My daddy and his friends are really nice whenever @incestcaptions

My daddy and his friends are really nice! Whenever I’m feeling horny, I just have to say the word and they fill me up with their nice tasty cum! I dont think they believed him when he said I wanted to be fucked by lots of guys at once, they do now though!

Oh morning bro you have a nice sleep just @incestcaptions

“Oh, morning bro, you have a nice sleep? Just seeing what the weather was like outside today. I don’t know about you, bu I sure had fun last night though, hehe! If the weather stays bad, maybe we can continue the fun today? After all, you do seem pretty hard already.”

Mrrrph sophie finally awoke a little @incestcaptions

“Mrrrph?” Sophie finally awoke - a little confused; her jaw and shoulders felt sore. Trying to close her mouth, she finally felt the ballgag in her mouth and her eyes widened. “Mrrmrp!”

Moving her arms to push herself up, they seemed to hit an inivisible barrier. Looking up; the white ropes attached securley to her wrists told her why her shoulders had been hurting; sleeping in such an unusual possition would do that to you. It only occured to her now that she was naked. She sure as hell hadn’t been naked when she had gone to sleep.


None of the mutated sounds she could make seemed to be drawing anyone elses attention. Completly naked; tied pretty much spread-eagle to a bed, with a gag in her mouth, Sophie had no idea what the hell she was going to do, and so far hadn’t calmed down enough to think about such things.

A few footsteps came from outside before the door was pushed open. “Ah. Sophie! You’re awake!”

Her fathers voice made her look to the newcomer instantly - and it was indeed her father. Her eyes looked towards him pleedingly, hoping that he would get her out of this situation; her mind not even stopping to think that her dad could see every inch of her young body. She began growing concerned when her father didn’t step forward and untie her; but walked calmly towards her.

“Mrrphy! Mrrrphmrr mr! Plrrgh!”

“Calm down Sophie, calm down! Stop wrorying to much!”

Sophie’s mind continued to try and work out why her father wasn’t untying her - and why his hand was travelling towards his trousers.

“I’ve noticed you’ve been growing into a very find young woman Sophie…” His hands reached the waistband of his trousers, and began undoing the buttons. “…and I felt that having such a young, attractive, firm…” his hand had undone two of the buttons and was on the third. “…body…I mean, woman…around, could be put to better use.”

His hand reached his trousers, and pulled his cock out of his boxers.

Hehe daddy dont you knock anymore come in @incestcaptions

“Hehe daddy! Don’t you knock anymore? Come in then, quick before mummy sees you - you know what she’d say if she caught you walking in on me changing!

What do you think of this top? I’m going out with some friends and… You’re already horny? Alright, you can have a blowjob - only one though, after that you’ll just have to jerk yourself off; but be quiet about it! Okay?”

Daaad have you taken the photo yet people are @incestcaptions

“Daaad! Have you taken the photo yet? People are starting to stare… Just take your holiday photo and lets get out of here! This is really embarrasing! I can’t believe I let you talk me into this… I don’t mind stripping off in the country, but there weren’t as many people there!

If we go back now, I’ll give you a blowjob back in the car - and even swallow if you wont ask me to get my tits out in the city again!”

Heya daddy i figured with mummy gone for a few @incestcaptions

“Heya daddy! I figured with mummy gone for a few days, and my brother at a friends house, we could have a little fun of our own. It’s been far too long since we’ve been able to do anything - I know you’ve been wanting to as well; after all, the cum on my used panties didn’t appear by itself, hehe.

I hope mummy leaves more often - I can’t believe she wouldn’t want to fuck you as much as I do. Frigid bitch. Anyway, I decided to buy some new lingerie for tonight to make up for lost time. What do you think?”

Heya daddy im all dressed for school like you @incestcaptions

“Heya daddy! I’m all dressed for school, like you said I should be! Are you going to drive me today, or do I have to take the school bus?

You know I like you driving me - you get to see much more interesting stuff, and do stuff you aren’t allowed to! Pretty please! I’ll be a good girl! I wont even tell mummy if you do; no matter what happens if we do - it’ll be our little secret. Hehe.”

Thats good hun now just swallow all of daddys @incestcaptions

“That’s good hun, now just swallow all of daddy’s cum and we can move onto an even better treat for you!”

Well are you going to wash my back like you said @incestcaptions

“Well, are you going to wash my back like you said you would bro? You take so long to odo what you say you’re going to do sometimes I think you only come into the bathroom to see me naked. I doubt you do though, you know I let you come in when I’m changing, or even if I’m having a bit of fun with myself… I’ve seen you getting honry when you watch me as well…

How about I let you wash my front this time too?”

Okay dad this is the last time im getting my @incestcaptions

“Okay dad, this is the last time I’m getting my tits out while we’re outside, okay? I don’t know when the next car will come, and I dont want some creepy guy staring at them. I’ll go topless if you want when we get home, so you better get your fill right now. Got it?”

See i told you daddy no bra just like you @incestcaptions

“See, I told you daddy! No bra! Just like you asked me - now why didn’t you want me to wear a bra or panties on this trip? And why didn’t mummy come either?”

So daddy what do you think of the prom dress i @incestcaptions

“So daddy, what do you think of the prom dress I picked out, it’s not too revealing is it?

Don’t worry, I’m not going to let any guys fuck me - you’re the only one who gets to do that! I just like to tease the other guys a little…hehe!”

Daddy why do you think some girls would think @incestcaptions

“Daddy, why do you think some girls would think that their daddy asking them to flash for him is weird? It makes me feel flattered; you love my body that much that you want to see it so much!

Ah well, I don’t mind if you watch me change or get me to flash you whenever I’m wearing a bikini - I don’t ever want you to stop asking me, okay daddy?”

If im not home by curfew my daddy locks me @incestcaptions

IF I’m not home by curfew my daddy locks me outside with nothing but my shoes until I’ve learnt my lesson - honestly, I’m starting to think he only does it so he can watch me come into the house stark naked; my nipples rock hard, and needing someone warm to cuddle up to.

I know youd love me to go to school topless dad @incestcaptions

“I know YOU’D love me to go to school topless dad - but I think it’d be a little…distracting for the other students. Come on and help me pick a top…oh don’t look at me like that - you convinced me not to wear a bra today, isn’t that enough?”

I dunno daddy i think id like them to be a @incestcaptions

“I dunno daddy, I think I’d like them to be a little bigger… you’d have more to play with then, right? Maybe we should call in Mike, I’m sure my bro wouldn’t mind commenting, do you?”

Whenever im off school because im sick this @incestcaptions

Whenever I’m off school because I’m ‘sick’, this is what my dad makes me wear all day; I don’t mind - I love knowing that he is watching my tits; my body and it’s making him excited.

He thinks I don’t know this isn’t how proper fathers and daughter should act; he doesn’t want me to think it’s wrong, but I want to know how can something so wrong feel so right?

Huh dad what do you mean are you cold its a @incestcaptions

“Huh, dad, what do you mean ‘are you cold’? It’s a little chilly, nothing too bad though!”

Daaaaymn mike i cant believe you got your @incestcaptions

“Daaaaymn Mike! I can’t believe you got your sister to suck your cock daily…feels to good!”

“Yeah, she does - I’ve been training her for a few years now - she said she wanted to see what a black guys cock was like; you were the first guy I thought of.”

“Mmmmn, damn, she’s amazing. I’m going to cum soon if she keeps this up!”


“That’s right bitch, keep sucking! I’m certainly gonna have to come over a lot more often now. Does she only do blowjobs Mike?”

“Nah man, she does whatever she’s asked to do! I’ve cummed in all her holes - just keep out of her pussy man, that’s my area.”

“Haha, whatever man, that ass is good enough for me.”

There were certain advantages mark found he @incestcaptions

There were certain ‘advantages’ Mark found he gained once his little sisters hit puberty, and thought he was very fortunatle that they were heavy sleepers - considering they never wore much to bed - even in winter.

He was sure they caught him taking a peek once or twice, but so far none of them have said anything about it - in fact, his sisters enjoyed the attention.

Haha why do you always want to see my tits when @incestcaptions

“Haha, why do you always want to see my tits when we’re outside bro? You get to look at them whenever we’re at home! Someone might notice!”

“I dunno sis, but your nipples are rock hard. I think you’re getting turned on by this too!”

Mummy told my brother to take me to this rave @incestcaptions

“Mummy told my brother to take me to this rave party one night; she doesn’t like me walking around on my own at night - I guess she thought I was less likely to be asked to do something perverted. Unfortunatly for her, my brother noticed I wasn’t wearing a bra; and also unfortunatly for her, me and my brother are closer than most brothers and sisters. He asked if he could have a look, and I obliged.”

Sis what are you doing in my room oh hey @incestcaptions

“Sis? What are you doing in my room?”

“Oh, hey bro. I was looking for you, but you weren’t here, so I decided I’d play some Super Mario Bros to pass the time.”

“Okaay, and you’re topless because?”

“It’s like…what? Fifty degrees? I was getting a litle hot. Not like you’ve not seen me in a bra before…plus, I’ve seen the way you look at me, I knew you wouldn’t mind.”

“Fine then sis…you can stay like that….BUT you have to flash me.”

“You let me complete this level and you can do whatever you want with me. I’d like to see how your joystick compares with the plastic ones anyway.”

Okay bro but only a quick peek i dont know how @incestcaptions

“Okay bro, but only a quick peek; I dont know how long mum and dad will be gone for, and I dont want them to come back with you looking at your sisters tits, alright? Now I need to get changed!”

Me and my sister have been having a relationship @incestcaptions

Me and my sister have been having a relationship for awhile now - mum and dad still haven’t figured out yet! We’ve fucked a few times, but not much more than that. I convinced my sister to flash her tit at me on holiday, but she would only do it underwater. Mum and dad were looking straight at us, and had no idea!

Hi bro your girlfriend told me you have trouble @incestcaptions

“Hi bro! Your girlfriend told me you have trouble getting ‘it’ up, and I know you secretly watch me change; but it certainly doesn’t seem like you have any problems with it to me! You’re as hard as daddy! Now come on; lets see just how well you work and let me give you a tit-fuck!”

Holy shit sis nobody is going to believe that i @incestcaptions

“Holy shit sis, nobody is going to believe that I got a blowjob from you! They all think you’re frigid! Haha, I guess they just dont know that you’re my little slut.”

You better not leave this photo just laying @incestcaptions

“You better not leave this photo just laying around like the last one bro! You know Daddy doesn’t like anyone else seeing his ‘sweet and innocent’ little daughter nude.

I don’t mind - as long as it’s you bro. I even enjoy you watching me change - but he’d kill you if he ever found out.”

Is that all you wanted me to do bro haha i @incestcaptions

“Is that all you wanted me to do bro? Haha, I would have stripped completly if you had asked, possibly even fucked you - but if flashing is all you wanted…”

Okay bro you can fondle my tits for five @incestcaptions

“Okay bro. You can fondle my tits for five minutes, then I put my top back on, alright?”

Hey bro its a nice place here isnt it @incestcaptions

“Hey bro! It’s a nice place here, isn’t it?”

“Huh? Oh…yeah…right.”

“You seem a little…distracted by something…what’s up?”


“Come on! Tell me! Please?”

“Well…from here…I can kind of see you’re not wearing a bra…”

“What?! You could see that?! You could have said something earlier.”

“You…don’t mind?”

“Of course not! You’re my brother! Look all you want!”

“But…what about mum and dad?”

“They’re in town at the mkomvent. Look, to prove I really don’t mind, I’ll take my top off completly.”

Are you sure were safe here bro we didnt drive @incestcaptions

“Are you sure we’re safe here bro? We didn’t drive very long…”

“Yeah, don’t worry, nobody comes out this far into the countryside; and after nearly being caught by mum and dad last time, I’m not taking any chances.”

“Haha, alright then. I can’t believe mum and dad disapprove. I guess they don’t know how nice their own brothers cock feels inside them.”

“Or how nice and tight their sisters puussy is. Fuck I’m horny - Get your clothes off faster!”

What is it you wanted to sho holy shit sis @incestcaptions

“What is it you wanted to sho- holy shit Sis! You’re already that horny? We only got off the plane a few hours ago.”

“I guess I just cant get enough of my brothers cock! Come on, let’s get to the hotel, I want to fuck your brains out!”

“That’s what I was hoping you’d say! Good thing mum and dad booked us into the same room…”

“They didn’t do it deliberatly, you’re so clueless sometimes…”

“You’d better cover up, mum and dad are coming back. I’ll certainly enjoy seeing those two girls later though.”

Uhbroim up here you know jesus i knew i @incestcaptions

“Uh…bro…I’m up here you know? Jesus, I knew I shouldn’t have worn such a revealing top - without a girlfriend any more you must be getting pretty damn horny.

Maybe I will keep it like this - it’s probably doing you some good to see some real tits for a change, right?”

Oh hey der bro you fink lotsha people like da @incestcaptions

“Oh! Hey der bro! You fink lotsha people like da partee?

I fink I’m a little tipshy, hehe! You know what else? I’m very phucking hornee. Why don’t we go to da bafroom and I’ll giff you a blowjob?”

God i thought id meet at least one hot guy on @incestcaptions

“God, I thought I’d meet at least one hot guy on holiday! The only devent looking person here is you bro.”

“Heh, thanks sis. I guess.” ’Jeez, Jess looks fucking hot without a bra on! I can’t believe I didn’t notice before!

“Y'know…we’re all alone, nobody would notice if we fooled around a bit.”

“…Holy shit. Are you serious sis?”

“…Yeah, I’ve always thought you were a little cute after all - and I’m just so damn horny!”

“I can tell - I’d wear a bra if you didn’t want to advertise it around.”

“Shit, I completly forgot I wasn’t - well, I guess I don’t mind, as long as you enjoy looking at them.”

“I can’t stop looking! How about we see how you look without that top on?”

“Hehe, you’re a little horny too now! We can’t tell anyone about today though.”

Please can you go a bit slower of cours sis @incestcaptions

“Please, can you go a bit slower?”

“Of cours sis! Your ass is just really tight, I have to push hard to get it in! You don’t want it to hurt when your boyfriend puts it in, do you?”

“Mmmh, okay then - you’re the best brother in the world, helping me out like this!”

“And you’ve got the best asshole in the world! I’d fuck it any day!”

My bro always kept our relationship a secret @incestcaptions

My bro always kept our ‘relationship’ a secret - even from his friends. One day, they walked in on me giving him a blowjob, and since then, they’ve wanted one every day too.

I don’t think he minds sharing his sis’ body, but he’s still the only one who gets to fuck me - and that’s the way I prefer it.

Damn sis you make the best birthday cakes ever @incestcaptions

“Damn sis! You make the best birthday cakes ever! Oh wait, I missed a bit on your tits, let me lick it off!”

“Heheheh! That tickles! Hey! You’ve licked it all off now! You can stop licking you know!”

“Mmmmmn no! Please, just a little bit more sis!”

“Fine, just make it quick, we dont want mummy and daddy finding out!”

So are you just going to stand there looking at @incestcaptions

“So, are you just going to stand there looking at me, or are you going to show me what a stud you are in bed bro?”

You sure you had no idea this was a nude beach @incestcaptions

“You sure you had no idea this was a nude beach before you got here bro? Sometimes I wonder if you just want to see me naked… If you did, all you’d have to do is ask - brothers and sisters have to share stuff like that, dont they?”

My sister has been a very heavy sleeper from a @incestcaptions

My sister has been a very heavy sleeper from a young age; which has both advantages and disadvantages.

I don’t think she knows that I now she only sleeps in a tanktop and panties; not that it matters too much. Nearly every night I remove them and have some fun!

Mmmn bro your fresh cream teastes nice can you @incestcaptions

“Mmmn bro, your fresh cream teastes nice; can you give me some more?”

“I told you you’d like it sis - and fine, but make sure you swallow all of it next time, okay?”

“Sure thing bro!”

See bro i told you sis wasnt just tanning out @incestcaptions

“See bro! I told you sis wasn’t just tanning out here! She’s completly asleep! She’d have noticed me removing her bikini if she was awake!

Wait…is that what I think it is? You’ve got a boner?! You enjoy seeing your sisters tits that much eh? Well, I was going to do it back up, but I suppose I can leave her bikini off.”

See bro i told you hiring me for a secritary @incestcaptions

“See bro, I told you hiring me for a secritary wouldn’t be too bad! At least you know the employee sucking your cock is good at it, right?

I think I hear someone coming. You did remember to lock the door, right bro?”

God bro decorating a room gets me all worked up @incestcaptions

“God bro, decorating a room gets me all worked up and flustered! You don’t mind if I take a five minute break, do you? Maybe afterards, I’ll let you join in, if you’ve done a good job on the room that is!”

Chrissygirl13 hiya daddy ive missed you since @incestcaptions

<Chrissygirl13> Hiya daddy! I’ve missed you since moving into the school dorms, sorry I’ve not been able to get on much - school work and all that.

<Martin> Uh, Chrissy…why are you topless?

<Chrissygirl13> I just woke up - you’ve seen me naked before, I didn’t think you’d mind.

<Martin> You just woke up? Nude?

<Chrissygirl13> Haha, yeah. Don’t worry. There are only girls in my dorm and I dont have a boyfriend - you should know that.

<Martin> So…you sleep in the nude? When did you start doing that?

<Chrissygirl13> Yup! About five or six weeks ago. If it bothers you that much, I’ll put on a shirt.

<Martin> No, no, it’s fine. I just didn’t expect it - especially seeing how much you’ve grown since I last saw you naked… It certainly was a nice surprise

<Chrissygirl13>Ooooooh, so daddy likes seeing his little baby girl naked then? Maybe I’ll have to video chat more often with you in the mornings then - I wouldn’t want my daddy to be getting all lonely now, would I?

Uhgh fucking hell sis dad said that you knew @incestcaptions

“Uhgh. Fucking hell sis, dad said that you knew how to suck cock, but I didn’t think you’d be this good! I can’t believe I’ve got such a dirty little whore for a sister - what would mum say if she could see you now? Sucking your brother off just because he asked.

Next time I might have to bring the nipple clamps, you’re clearly enjoying yourself too much.”

Bro at least knock before coming into the @incestcaptions

“Bro! At least KNOCK before coming into the bathroom! Even if mum and dad aren’t here! You know I don’t care if you jerk off to me - hell, I enjoy watching my brother cum for his sister, but I do need some privacy too!”

Hehe okay i let you tie me up now are you @incestcaptions

“Hehe, okay - I let you tie me up. Now are you going to let me go? Come on! I’ve got to meet up with some friends! Ugh, I can’t even move an inch, you really know how to use these ropes! If you let me go now, I’ll make sure nobody finds out!

I can’t believe you put the ropes around my tits either…look - I’m going to be late meeting my friends, if you let me go now… I’ll let you tie me up later…and I dont have to be wearing a top the next time?”

Yknow sis i might enjoy this picnic after all @incestcaptions

“Y'know sis, I might enjoy this picnic after all - and the view is certainly spectacular, especially from where I’m standing!”

“IThought you;d come around eventually, and I dold you I knew a good spot!”

“Yeah…good spot…hehe.”

Cmon bro i need to go to the toilet yes you @incestcaptions

“C'mon bro, I need to go to the toilet - yes, you have to come with me!

I’ve seen you looking at my tits all day; laying face-down in the sand to hide your boner didn’t help either; it’s so obvious when your horny. I won’t tell anyone - don’t worry, I’m pretty horny too.

I wasn’t actually meaning to go to the toilet bro! We’ll be out of view of mum and dad and you can make me your own oreo - filling me up with your own sweet white filling!

So what do you say? Nobody has to know!”

Mmmnhm your cum feels so good on my tits bro @incestcaptions

“Mmmnhm, your cum feels so good on my tits bro, and so much better than all the moisturisers in shops, I just wish you could give me son every day - if only your stupid bitch of a girlfriend didn’t take up so much of your time.”

“Yeah, I know how much you like it, but I can’t keep it exclusivly for you - Cathy would get suspicious; you know we can’t let anyone find out about this.”

“Yeah…I know…Can you at least give me another load?

You don’t think your cum is visable through the hoodie when I wear it, do you? Hehe, I wonder if anyone knows I’m walking around with cum on my tits…”

You just going to keep staring at me or are you @incestcaptions

“…you just going to keep staring at me or are you going to give me the sun lotion?

Jeez bro, you’re acting as if you’ve never seen a girls tits before…Is that a boner?! You’re getting a hard-on from your little sisters tits? Haha!

Maybe when mummy and daddy aren’t looking, I’ll let you put the lotion on me - on all of me.”

Damnit my tits have been really sensitive all @incestcaptions

“Damnit, my tits have been really sensitive all day! I can’t wear a top without my tits rubbing up against them and making me as horny as fuck, and dont get me started on even trying to put on a bra.

Guess I’ll have to go without one for the day, and stay inside - my nipples are fucking hard as rocks! You wanna feel them bro? If I’m going to be staying inside, maybe¬† you woudln’t mind if I just went topless? Hell, I see you staring at my tits all the time bro - maybe this will be the only time I’ll let you actually feel them.”

Hey bro i heard you talking with your girlfriend @incestcaptions

“Hey bro. I heard you talking with your girlfriend the other night - yeah, even heard the argument you two had; I guess she just doesn’t realise how you feel.

I know you like big tits, so I figured as you’re my brother and nobody else will find out, I don’t care if you play with them a little; I’ll even let you fuck them if you want - I just want my little brother back to his normal happy self.

Don’t tell Jordan and I won’t tell your girlfriend - I doubt either of them would be too happy to know that we’re seeing each other in such an…intimate level.

Looks to me like tou want to - honestly, I don’t mind! It is your birthday coming up, maybe if you enjoy it a lot this time, I’ll know what to get you then too.”

Are you sure you cant see my nips through the @incestcaptions

“Are you sure you can’t see my nips through the cloth bro? The fabric feels very thin; as if I’m not even wearing aything, and you know you’re the only one I let see my tits - even my boyfriend hasn’t seen them yet!”

Oh god i cant believe how fucking hot my sister @incestcaptions

‘Oh God! I can’t believe how fucking hot my sister is; and she’s fucking topless! Good thing she loves submathing - she wont notice me pitching a tent over here.’

“Hey…er…Jess, you’ve got a bit of excess subtan lotion on your breast, want me to get it for you?”

“Huh? Oh…yeah, sure, feel free. Just make sure our friends don’t see - don’t want them to think you’re copping a feel, do you?”

'He finally took the bait? Maybe I’ll have to come back and get him to put the subtan lotion on me. Hehe, the amount of times I’ve seen him pitching a tent when I walk around in a pair of panties and a shirt. I hope he is certainly torough in revmoing the excess lotion; I’m so fucking horny’

Okay bro look as much as you want just make @incestcaptions

“Okay bro; look as much as you want! Just make sure mummy and daddy don’t find out I’ve been letting you jerk off on my tits; they’ll send us to different schools; and I’d miss the feeling of my brothers cum on my tits!

I don’t think they know anyway - they wouldn’t have gone on holiday leaving us behind if they had any idea.”

Oh god thats what sis chose to wear to the @incestcaptions

‘Oh God! That’s what sis chose to wear to the beach? She knows I peek at her in the shower! Why is she wearing something so damn sexy?’

“Oh, hey there bro! What do you think of my new bikini, I only bought it a few days ago.”

“Erm, yeah, it’s…great sis.”

“Really?! Aww, thank you!”

'I wonder what it’d feel like to get a blowjob from her…I wonder if she would if I asked… I mean, I know we’re siblings and all, but still…’

“ really like the way my ass looks in it, what do you think? I don’t look too bad, do I?”

“No…erm…your ass looks fantastic.”

“Hehe, well…I did get it for you. I’m not going to tell mum and dad about you peeking on me showering - I love if when you do! And since you’ve been so nice to me today, maybe when we get back home I can return the favour?”

Aah sis youre finally awake huh i wouldnt @incestcaptions

“Aah, sis - you’re finally awake, huh?

I wouldn’t have thought you’d have such a tight body - you don’t often show it off; but I guess some guy has to see it eventually, even if that guy is your brother. Brothers and sisters should share, right?

I get to see your body, so you get to see mine. Heh heh heh.”

Hey bro do you have the sunscreen over there @incestcaptions

“Hey bro, do you have the sunscreen over there?”

“Yeah, sure one sec…here you go-…woah…you’re…erm…”

“I’m what? Can I have the sunscreen please? Thanks…”

“Why are you naked?”

“Oh, can’t you see the tanlines where my bikini has been already on my tits? I want to work on an all-over tan, and seeing as we’re alone, I didn’t think you’d mind.”

“No…go ahead…I don’t really mind!”

“Haha, thanks! Just…don’t tell mum or dad, they’d flip, y'know?”

“Of course I wont, I’m not a snitch, you know that.”

“You’re the best brother ever! If you get tired of sailing around, I wouldn’t mind some company in the back - maybe I can give you something nice for helping me?”

After an hour or two of driving the car rolled to @incestcaptions

After an hour or two of driving, the car rolled to a stop on a deserted country road; it had been awhile since they had passed any houses, and the road didn’t look as if it had been used much.

“You think we’ve come far enough?”

“Yeah - I certainly don’t see anyone we know coming out this far - and we didn’t see anyone following us, did we?”

“Good point.”

Sally reached over to her brothers zipper, slowly pulling it open and feeling the har mass inside inside begging to be free.

“You’ve been hard since we left, haven’t you?”

“Can’t help it I guess, knowing what was coming.”

Pulling the hard cock out, Sally watched the precum glisten in the daylight before bending over, pressing her lips against its tip. The precum already sticking to her lips, she let a smile form on them.

“It’s been so long since we’ve been able to do this in daylight.”

“Mmnhm, but we can’t have mum or dad finding out, can we? They’d kill us…”

Sally nodded in agreement as she wrapped her hand around his cock, letting her mouth fall open and moved her head down onto his cock; letting it slip inside her mouth carefully, beginning to give him a long-awaited blowjob.

Woahwhat is that i feel something spongy and @incestcaptions

“Woah…what is that? I feel something spongy and warm on my back!”

“Oh crap! I can’t believe I didn’t notice! I must have lost my bikini top!”

“You lost your bikini top sis? Haha, like I’m going to believe that - you’re not getting down that easy.”

“That ‘spongy thing’ you feel on your back are my tits bro. I’m staying here until we get back to the car or until you find it.”

“Hmm… you sound serious. Fine, although you do realise that if we don’t find it, you’ll be in the car topless, right?”

“…So? I don’t mind too much if you looked at my tits - I just don’t want people I don’t care about jerking off on them.”

Why are you looking at me like that bro you @incestcaptions

“Why are you looking at me like that bro? You never seen a naked girl before?

Ohmigod! Is that a hard-on? I dunno if they’re allowed at nude beaches. They certainly wont allow them if it’s over your sister! Maybe you should come in the water with me to hide it? Maybe we can try some stuff that would help get rid of it faster? I certainly wont be telling mummy or daddy.”

Come on bro do you know where my bag is ive @incestcaptions

“Come on bro! Do you know where my bag is? I’ve got to get ready and get to school! Stop just staring at me like that and help me find it. Please? What the hell are you looking at anyway?”

You just want me like this alright well as @incestcaptions

“You just want me like this?

Alright, well - as long as this photo is only for you and your art portfolio - I don’t want anyone knowing that I let my brother see me naked and feel me up.

But remember, you promised you’’d eat me out if I did this for you.”

Ohhii didnt realise you were still up bro i @incestcaptions

“…Oh..hi…I didn’t realise you were still up bro. I was just getting a midnight snack… You’re not going to tell mummy or daddy, are you?

I didn’t think anyone else was up, and you know I sleep in the nude - I’m sure we can work out something I can do to make it worth your while, right?”

Mmmnhm jesus have you been practising i dont @incestcaptions

“Mmmnhm, jesus, have you been practising? I don’t remember you being this good. Maybe I just forgot how nice my sisters mouth felt wrapped around her big brothers cock - after all, she knows that she would be punished if he found out she had been suckking other guys. Right?”


“Now now sis, don’t talk with your mouth full.”

Hi bro dont mind me im just making some @incestcaptions

“Hi bro, don’t mind me, I’m just making some dinner for myself - I’ll be out of your hair in a few minutes. Okay?”

“…Are you topless under that apron?”

“Yeah. But I’ll only be a few minutes, so I probably wont be bothering you much.”

“Why are you topless again?”

“I’m not allowed to be? You walk around without a top all the time!”

“…Good point. I suppose I don’t really have any objections - but if some of my friends see, they might get the wrong idea.”

Come on daddy youre not just going to sit there @incestcaptions

“Come on daddy, you’re not just going to sit there and watch your little girl in the bath are you?

I wouldn’t say no if you wanted to help me wash my back. You know I wont tell mummy if you want to do more than watch.”

That concert was great wasnt it bro im pretty @incestcaptions

“That concert was great, wasn’t it bro? I’m pretty sure I’m still pretty pissed though, so we shouldn’t go home yet. Mum and dad’ll kill me if they know I’ve been drinking.

What do you say we go find a hotel and sleep it off or something? I’m sure I can think of something to do to thank you. Hehe.”

Hiya daddy i know since i moved to college ive @incestcaptions

Hiya Daddy,

I know since I moved to college I’ve been missing you, and I bet you’ve been missing me too, so I hope this image cheers you up.

Can’t wait for break so I can come home and feel my daddys cock in me again! Even the toys I bought dont feel as good as you do.

 - Jess.