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The posts on this site are all fictitious displays of incestual sex. I do not own any of the pictures or gifs. The pictures and captions I post are designed to get me off. If, in doing so, I manage to arouse others, well... That's dandy. Ask me to submit your preferred incestual scenario and I'll be happy to oblige. - Incest Quest (@incestquest)
Selena shuddered as another orgasm racked her @incestquest

Selena shuddered as another orgasm racked her body; her dad was giving it to her even better than he did to her mom. She never heard so much as a moan coming from their room most nights, though she knew they were doing it. But she couldn’t help but shout as the entirety of her dad’s cock entered her delicate vagina.

Nick wasnt sure it was a good idea for hailey to @incestquest

Nick wasn’t sure it was a good idea for Hailey to invite her friends over for their “special sibling night.” He was wholly proven wrong; they seemed to enjoy watching the brother and sister’s passionate fucking, and even rode his cock a few times. Still, he preferred having Hailey to himself, and thus promptly scheduled another get-together for the next night.

Thomas loved how small his mom was she had the @incestquest

Thomas loved how small his mom was. She had the pussy of a high school girl, but took his long dick all the way in, something they could never do. She also said sexier things, like, “Fuck Mommy’s hole, sweetie!” and “Pound me like a whore, Tommy.” And he didn’t even have to leave the house to get that twat.

When she was a girl gianna never imagined she @incestquest

When she was a girl, Gianna never imagined she would prefer having two sons because they could fill both her holes. But she did, and they did - often.

It was two weeks ago that her son brandon started @incestquest

It was two weeks ago that her son Brandon started joining her for her nightly bath, and yet she still gasped each time his well-endowed extremity fillingly entered her.

Kylie was so glad her brother was extorting her @incestquest

Kylie was so glad her brother was extorting her for sex because he knew she had snorted cocaine and would only keep it from their parents for regular fuck sessions. She felt it was like killing two birds with one stone, really. She had often dreamt of sliding down her brother’s thick cock; now she could pretend to not enjoy it and make him do all the work.

On school nights when they both needed a good @incestquest

On school nights when they both needed a good shag, Tamara and Wyatt would sneak into the backyard and fuck each other’s brains out on the grass. Sometimes Tamara couldn’t help herself, and would give a quick cry of delight when Wyatt plunged into her. Despite this, their parents were none the wiser.

There were certain things in life that ophelia @incestquest

There were certain things in life that Ophelia loved more than the rest. One such thing was having her son to herself, no husband around to spoil their fun, so that they could strip nude and fool around on her bed. Another thing she loved was the salty taste of her son’s balls on a hot summer day.

Denise smiled as another nephew slipped his young @incestquest

Denise smiled as another nephew slipped his young cock into her pussy. Now this is what I call a family reunion.

Dad cant this wait until im dressed sorry @incestquest

“Dad, can’t this wait until I’m dressed?” “Sorry, sweetie, it’ll only take a minute. I just dropped your mother off at the airport and I noticed she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring. I’ve also been seeing some emails sent to her by strange people… I suspect she’s cheating on me. That this entire "business trip” is really just a getaway so she can go fuck some Joe Schmoe.“ "She has been acting pretty strangely… I didn’t want to tell you this, but I saw her at a restaurant with a man, and he was getting pretty handsy. She didn’t do anything to stop him.” “That bitch… I’m gonna get a ticket and follow that filthy whore.” “Hold on, Dad. She’s going to be gone for a week, she said. Why don’t you just have yourself a good time and confront her when she gets back?” “Well… I know you don’t want to hear this, but she’s been "withholding” from me for a while. Where am I supposed to find someone to live it up with?“ "Well, Dad…” She drew closer to him, moving his hand to her bare skin. “Why don’t you keep it in the family?”

They both stayed where they were for a minute @incestquest

They both stayed where they were for a minute, relishing the pleasure they had felt. Marie wiped a finger through her father’s cum, brought it to her mouth, and cooed a sensuous Mmm. He smiled down at her, his cock still held firmly in her hand. “That was beautiful, sweetheart. It reminded of me of when we used to do it after your soccer practice, when you smelled all sweaty and grassy and fucked yourself on Daddy’s cock.”

I love watching my sister make her bed she fusses @incestquest

I love watching my sister make her bed. She fusses with tucking in the corners for a ridiculously long time, affording me an excellent view of her… assets.

Once a week i accidentally walk in on my sister @incestquest

Once a week, I “accidentally” walk in on my sister showering. At first she would cover herself up and shout at me to get out, but once she saw the way I looked at her, and the oversized bulge she caused in my pants, she welcomed my visits. Though, she sometimes has to take another shower after I’m done.

The rembrandt sisters loved having romantic alone @incestquest

The Rembrandt sisters loved having romantic alone time whenever their parents left town; they stayed up all night just hanging out, talking, drinking wine, and making love.

Oh my god sweetie that feels incredible her @incestquest

“Oh my God, sweetie, that feels incredible,” her dad said hoarsely as she forced her sweet lips down his excessively thick rod. She hoped to be able to take more of his member soon; she loved giving her awesome dad as much pleasure as she could.

His sister kendra had asked if she could practice @incestquest

His sister Kendra had asked if she could practice some moves on him to prepare for her first time with her new boyfriend. He agreed, assuming she meant dance moves. When it turned out she had meant something a bit more prurient, he obliged her, and he couldn’t have been more glad he had done so.

Brad groaned as his sister bounced with his cock @incestquest

Brad groaned as his sister bounced with his cock in her pleasure oven. Her lips grasped his shaft so tightly, and his sister breathed words like, “I love you,” and “Nobody can know,” interspersed with moans of satisfaction. If this is what all college girls would be like, Brad knew he would have an interesting next four years. He only wished his sister could stick around a bit longer, so they could have moments like this more often.

Sometimes a woman just likes to feel wanted i @incestquest

Sometimes a woman just likes to feel wanted. I wanted to feel it so bad that I sent a picture of myself to all of my son Toby’s friends. I can’t wait for him to see it; my pussy’s getting wet just thinking about him wanting him to fuck me and jerking off to a picture of me.

All of his friends had said that his mom was sexy @incestquest

All of his friends had said that his mom was sexy; he guessed he’d never seen this side of her until now.

Jared loved to hear his sister moan as he fucked @incestquest

Jared loved to hear his sister moan as he fucked her; he also loved to fill her with all of his manhood.

Show me your tit or ill tell mom you lied about @incestquest

“Show me your tit or I’ll tell Mom you lied about your marks in school this term!” I told my big sister with a triumphant grin. “What?! You little shi-” “Mom!” “Shhhhhh! Okay, I’ll show you one!” I can’t believe she really did it! I didn’t even know she had lied about her marks.

It began as a scandal when reginas son dustin @incestquest

It began as a scandal when Regina’s son, Dustin, fucked the neighborhood “milf” (at least, that’s what the boys all called her) for about three months. After their “break-up,” the milf returned to her life of alcoholism and destitution, frequently showing up to neighborhood barbecues and cocktail parties already quite inebriated and manic. It was at one such event wherein the milf disclosed to Regina the approximate size of her son’s genitals (“he’s hung like a horse if the horse was a pornstar” were her exact words). After receiving this information, Regina couldn’t help but wonder just how it would feel to fornicate with a well-hung equine creature, and decided to approach her son with this inquiry. Before she knew what she was doing, she was in her son’s room, her clothes ready to be removed, on her knees, stuffing as much as was physically possible of Dustin’s dick down her tight throat. How exciting it will be to get fucked like a cheap slut by my son! Regina thought, smiling around her child’s monster shaft.

Ugh yeah you like that sis you like my fat @incestquest

“Ugh, yeah, you like that, sis? You like my fat cock splitting you in two?” “I-uh-love it, Ryan-uh!” “Oh baby, say my name again. Say your brother’s name.” “Uh-ugh! Ryan! Oh my God, you’re making me cum!” “Oh, cum, baby. I want to feel you squeeze my cock when you cum.” “Oh! I’m cummmmmmmiiiiiiiing!” “Ugh… I love you, sis.” “I love you, too, big brudder.”

Who is this girl frank thought dazzled how did @incestquest

Who is this girl?, Frank thought, dazzled. How did Greg raise his daughter to be such a skank? His niece was fucking herself on his pole, and all he could do was wonder what she could be doing with his brother, or with the kids at school, to ask her own uncle flat-out if he would fuck her. “Fuck me Uncle Frank! Fill me with your cock! I want your cum inside me!” He almost stopped when she shouted that. Almost.

Two sisters are always better than one @incestquest

Two sisters are always better than one.

Chloe always gave a secretive smile whenever a @incestquest

Chloe always gave a secretive smile whenever a friend called her a Daddy’s Girl, which was often due to her calling him daily and getting rides late at night from bars parties. If only they knew… she mused as he filled her to the brim.

After a late night of drinking with friends i @incestquest

After a late night of drinking with friends, I stumbled up the walk to my front door. Even in my hungover state, I heard sounds that I knew were not imagined. The window next to the door afforded no view of what made the noise, so I walked around the house to enter through the back. Once inside, I placed the location of the sounds in the family room. Entering it carefully, my jaw dropped at what was occurring in the middle of the room. My aunt, visiting from California, was crouched before my father, both nude, her head bobbing where my dad’s crotch should have been. I couldn’t see, but I knew her pretty lipsticked lips were wrapped around his thick shaft and were sliding along its length, tighter than skin. Her ass was majestic, a firm bubble that I desired to slap. The only way my dad didn’t see me peeking around the corner was the immense pleasure he was experiencing, which made him tip his head back and close his eyes, moaning. I hesitated. I knew what they were doing was wrong, but I didn’t want it to end just yet. I had often fantasized about my aunt, especially when she visited, pulling off to the thought of her coming into my room from the one next door and sitting on my face while taking my manhood completely down her throat. What could I say to make them allow me to join? It came to me, and I smiled. I rounded the corner. “Hey Dad, hey Auntie Jess. Mom won’t be home until tomorrow, but she could easily drive back right now if she had the right reason.” I unzipped my pants. “But I won’t give her that reason if you don’t force me to.”

Ever since my sister saw my penis when my swim @incestquest

Ever since my sister saw my penis when my swim trunks came off in the pool, she’s acted flirtatious towards me. She even said once that I had the biggest dick on an Asian guy that she’d ever seen. I was speechless. She’s also pressed her thigh against it whenever she gives me hugs. All of this weirdness came to a head one day when I walked into our house to find her half-naked and eyeing me like I was her fucktoy. “Hey baby bro,” she slurred; I guess she had been drinking wine, “why don’t we go for a swim?” She winked. I knew she didn’t really want to go swimming, so I gave her what she did want. I pulled my pants over the rising bulge of my cock, and when it flopped up and down, freed from the too-small confines of my boxer briefs, my sister hungrily lunged for it, grasping it like she was dying of thirst and it was a bottle of water. On her knees, she sucked my cock for what seemed like forever, but when she was finally finishing, it hadn’t seemed long enough. “Come on, let’s go to my room. I have something I want to show you.” She said it as if I hadn’t already seen her dripping pussy through those thin, white panties.

Dennis loved when his teenage sister visited him @incestquest

Dennis loved when his teenage sister visited him in college. She tried to get away from home every other weekend since she hated their parents and high school, and whenever she came they would pretend she was his girlfriend, visiting from an out-of-state school. Dennis had been her first, and she was inextricably attached to him. When Dennis started seeing a college-aged girl at school, his sister was more than happy to share him, though she always got first dibs for riding his “thick cock,” as she often called it.

Ronald didnt think before he foolishly uttered @incestquest

Ronald didn’t think before he foolishly uttered, “What do blowjobs feel like?” in the company of his sister. He should have realized that her being a woman would likely result in her not knowing. Instead of being put off, she gave him a wry grin, and said, “How would you like to find out?” She more or less pushed him onto the couch then and helped him slide down his jeans, exposing his semi-erect penis that had been excited by his sister’s sudden sexuality and her form-fitting black yoga pants, which she always seemed to bend over in. His dick instantly filled with blood at the sight of her unleashed breasts and her touch, and just before she slid his engorged phallus between her soft lips, she said, “I’m only doing this once, so remember to enjoy it.” Then she took him in her mouth, flooding his brain with oxytocin and his mind with inexpressible pleasure.

The sun rose on a new day and molly was already @incestquest

The sun rose on a new day, and Molly was already letting her sweet older brother fuck her again. He had only taken her virginity the night before, so it was still somewhat uncomfortable, but as they rocked together in her bed she began to understand the beauty and pleasure in sex.

Youre a good daughter scott said beaming down @incestquest

“You’re a good daughter,” Scott said, beaming down at his daughter’s made-over face. “You’ve made Daddy very happy.”

She groaned as he buried himself in her her own @incestquest

She groaned as he buried himself in her, her own brother. She would have to let him massage her more often.

Claudette watched as her sister crawled up the bed @incestquest

Claudette watched as her sister crawled up the bed until her face was between her open legs. She must be really drunk, Claudette thought, more drunk than I am. Their brother, the instigator of this challenge, cheered from a chair nearby. Claudette suddenly wished he wasn’t here, that it could be only her and Shannon, and that neither of them had drunken anything. Shannon’s lips made contact with her own in a light kiss. She looked up and their eyes met, and a glint of knowing and wanting shone in Shannon’s gaze. Without a word, she lowered down to her sister’s vagina again, licking it more determinedly now. For the few minutes this lasted, it was almost as if they were alone. And every time they re-enacted this first contact, they really were alone, and could spend more time doing what they loved with whom they loved.

He felt just like a college student again ramming @incestquest

He felt just like a college student again, ramming into his daughter like an over-sexed fratboy. Her squeals of delight urged him deeper and deeper, until he was poking her cervix. “Yes, Dad! Oh my God, you’re so fucking big! I love you, Daddy!”

Daddy likes when i wear heels @incestquest

Daddy likes when I wear heels.

It was extremely awkward being caught by his @incestquest

It was extremely awkward being caught by his sister while he fucked his girlfriend. Erica hadn’t even known they were already intimate, and talked her brother’s ear off about the dangers of unprotected sex. Emily, his girlfriend, managed to calm her down, saying she was clean, on the pill, and that they both had never had any other partner. Erica was sufficiently placated, and began to cast her eye over her brother and the remaining bulge he attempted to cover with a sheet. “Well, you two can keep going, I guess. I’ll get out of the house.” Emily was the one to speak up. “You don’t have to go. It isn’t weird for you to be here.” He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Emily approached him and removed the sheet, exposing his erect cock. Erica hesitated, unsure of what to do. “Go ahead,” Emily said. “He’s your brother.” Erica stared for a moment, then came to her brother’s side, a hand gliding towards his shaft. “There you go,” Emily said once Erica had taken the rod and begun stroking it. “He likes it,” she said in response to his soft moans. Emily climbed atop him and began to ride him again while Erica stripped. “Could… could I?” she said meekly. Emily dismounted and Erica took her brother’s dick in her hand, guiding it into her pussy. It filled her with every descent, and soon she was playfully bouncing on her brother’s cock. Emily smiled at first, then became bored just watching. Out of nowhere she collected her clothes and stormed out, smoke billowing from her ears. How long had it been? Neither Erica nor he could tell, but it felt right, so they continued, fucking in as many ways as there were, never tiring or coming to a climax. Just steady passion. They could have fucked forever if they were not suddenly stopped by the door opening and announcing their parents’ return. Emily never returned, but he felt indebted to her for enabling him and his sister to fuck without stigma.

Veronicas son was huge for a highschooler and @incestquest

Veronica’s son was huge for a highschooler, and horny enough to rule the underworld. They ended up bumping uglies almost every weeknight, when Veronica was excited from her yoga class or caught her son masturbating while looking at pictures of her in a swimsuit.

His sister was crazy the most insane part of her @incestquest

His sister was crazy, the most insane part of her being the ass she flaunted even when only he was around.

His mothers tits were soft as velvet on the sides @incestquest

His mother’s tits were soft as velvet on the sides of his cock, and he felt the sperm rising from his balls with every stroke. To distract himself, he slipped a thumb into her mouth, admiring the beauty she had retained all his life, dreaming about cumming on her lips, cheeks, and forehead.

Michael grinned his mom was caught nude in the @incestquest

Michael grinned. His mom was caught, nude in the act, her suitor having just run out of the room to leave before Michael called the cops or his dad or whoever. “Michael, honey,” his mom said, sweating from the intense sex she had just been having and nervousness, “you cannot tell your father. He’d divorce me if he learned I was still doing this.” Michael grinned wider and sauntered over to the bed, sliding his basketball shorts and boxers down to reveal his father-dwarfing cock. His mom eyed it in wonder and seductively, perhaps due to the hormones still flooding her genitalia. “Well, Mom, I guess if you want me to shut up about it…” He moved to her side, thrusting his package in her face. “…then I’ll have to shut you up first.” His mother’s mouth around his cock was thrilling, but only the beginning. He predicted with certainty that the afternoon would be a fantastic one.

Brianne couldnt understand it not even when she @incestquest

Brianne couldn’t understand it. Not even when she placed her voluptuous ass, the ass that made her father glance as she left a room and men on the street stare, could she tear her brother away from playing his new game. Fuck Gears of War, she thought, hurt.

Her dad was right to oppose lacys uncle staying @incestquest

Her dad was right to oppose Lacy’s uncle staying in her room while he visited, but thankfully her mom talked him down. “It’s just for one night, Arden. The couch is uncomfortable, and I don’t really want him staying in our room… I want you to myself-” Lacy shivered “-and Lacy’s bed is a double. Now let’s go to bed.” Her uncle hadn’t said a word as he came in in boxers and made immediately to get under the covers. “I sleep without a shirt,” Lacy informed him. Her uncle pretended not to hear and feigned sleep. About an hour into laying next to him awake, Lacy started rubbing her engorged clit. He must have noticed the motion, because he was soon turned around, looking at her face in the dark as she looked at his and stifled moans. He reached a blanketed hand out to her and felt what she was doing over her panties. He slipped a manly hand into her undergarments and assisted, soon moving closer so she could feel his massive bulge alongside her thigh. They fucked gently, minimizing noise, for an hour that night. From then on, even after they had purchased a much more comfortable couch, Lacy always made a case as to why he should stay with her. And Lacy always got her way.

The sawyers farm was a secluded place miles from @incestquest

The Sawyer’s farm was a secluded place, miles from any other house on a winding road. Rachel guaranteed her brother that nobody could possibly see them in the backyard, and he knew it was true, with their parents gone to a friend’s funeral. It started with touching, as it often does, and before either knew it Rachel was inverted and slobbering upon Garrett’s under-used penis, preparing it for its first ever voyage into the sultry satin sauna that was her dripping cunt. 

Once he saw his cum dripping down from his @incestquest

Once he saw his cum dripping down from his daughter’s asshole, he knew how wrong their act had been. Almost immediately his bulb began to fill with blood again, and any morality he felt vanished as he prepped himself and her for another plunge into lovemaking.

The heat of his sisters pussy was more @incestquest

The heat of his sister’s pussy was more intoxicating than he could have believed. The look on her face of pleasure said that she felt how amazing it was as well, to have her brother’s head slip between her soft lips. “Okay, John,” she breathed, “you said just the tip. Let’s stop.” But she made no move to get off, and in fact began to lower herself, ever so slowly, to the base of his shaft.

Its perfect andrea thought as she inspected @incestquest

It’s perfect, Andrea thought as she inspected herself in the mirror. Once her brother came home from band practice and saw her in his favorite shirt of hers and the panties she had found his cum in, splayed out seductively on his bed, he would have no choice but to feed his sister’s sexual hunger.

My mom just needs something to grab onto when @incestquest

My mom just needs something to grab onto when she’s taking my cock; unfortunately, sometimes that thing is my scrotum. But I can barely notice the discomfort over the stimulating sensation of my mother’s sweet pussy.

Oooooh yeeeah fuck andrew your dick is so @incestquest

“Oooooh, yeeeah… Fuck, Andrew, your dick is so big…” And that’s why I really love my sister.

I love nothing more than playing a few games of @incestquest

I love nothing more than playing a few games of tennis on our courts with my gorgeous daughter on a Saturday morning—winner gets to be on bottom!