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in your tummy @inyourtummy

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I am obsessed with sex, specifically oral sex, and with having my sperm swallowed. I love having my semen tasted by a girl. I'm a nice enough guy, but I want a girl to completely submit to me orally. In the end, what matters is that my cum is in your tummy... All stories are true - in your tummy (@inyourtummy)
Still giggling she looked up strands of semen @inyourtummy

Still giggling, she looked up, strands of semen hanging from her face.

“What got into you?”

While i dont deny my streaks of sadism or @inyourtummy

While I don’t deny my streaks of sadism or occasional desire to demean, I never mean to come in a girl’s eye - to each their own, just not my thing - but I absolutely erupted on her face, the first spurt impossibly across her eyelid and forehead. 

She started laughing, and I pulsed another, and then another, rewarding her giggles in splatters of semen. It was the first time I’d ejaculated that morning, but she’d begged to be pumped full of cum just before bed - so I was pleasantly surprised to be delivering these dramatic, Peter North-esque blasts of thick jism to her widening smile.

She just kept tittering giddily as I milked my penis onto her face. Even when I pushed myself to her lips to pull the rest of the sperm from my body, having her mouth full of cock didn’t stop her chuckling  - and I couldn’t help but start laughing too. 

Then it was time to feed her all that thick semen. She started without me, trying to scoop the sloppy clumps into her mouth with her fingers. I showed her the cum clinging to my hand, and she leaned up and scoured it as best she could with her tongue. It had cooled a little, and she couldn’t help but make little yucky faces as she devoured each little morsel, but even that seemed to amuse her, and she just kept giggling and eating my sperm.

I love the slick sloppy feel my cock gets after @inyourtummy

I love the slick, sloppy feel my cock gets after it’s been held deep in her throat…

She knows my favorite part of ejaculating on her @inyourtummy

She knows my favorite part of ejaculating on her face is watching her put all that semen in her tummy.

Keep your mouth closed i said and spurted a @inyourtummy

“Keep your mouth closed,” I said, and spurted a thick glob of sperm on her face. Then another. She giggled, and another followed.

I called her into the living room coming she @inyourtummy

I called her into the living room.

“Coming!” she answered hurriedly. I listened to her navigate the hallway, finding my cock, hard and ready, waiting for her mouth.

She leaned forward to suck, and I stopped her.

“No,” I instructed her, “not yet.”

No i said softly pushing her head back down @inyourtummy

“No,” I said softly, pushing her head back down. It felt too good, the suction greedily drawing what semen remained from my testicles up out of my penis. warmly nuzzling as I twitched. Finally she felt my hand grip her hair and bring her mouth up off my cock.
In the darkness, I heard the strained gulp delivering millions of my my sperm to her stomach. Slowly she climbed up next to me and whispered in my ear.

“Thank you,” she said, and kissed me on the cheek.

She watched and stroked eager for the semen to @inyourtummy

She watched and stroked, eager for the semen to spurt into her waiting mouth.

She climbed back into bed and i felt her hand @inyourtummy

She climbed back into bed, and I felt her hand find its way to my cock.

Im not sure what she was expecting to happen when @inyourtummy

I’m not sure what she was expecting to happen when we first got to the room, but she soon found herself kneeling under my cock with an open mouth.

Thats it suck out all that cum i told her @inyourtummy

“That’s it, suck out all that cum,” I told her.

Does my dick taste good mmhmm she hummed @inyourtummy

“Does my dick taste good?”

“Mmhmm,” she hummed and purred affirmitavely along the length of my erection.

She did her best but couldnt quite handle the @inyourtummy

She did her best, but couldn’t quite handle the cock ejaculating down her throat, sloppily drooling a frothy mess of semen down her chin, down my penis.

“Good job,” I praised her as she gasped for air and composed herself, then directed her to lick up all that bubbly cum.

Look at that i said and she eagerly leaned @inyourtummy

“Look at that,” I said, and she eagerly leaned forward and ate the cum from my dick.

Ive been waiting all day to play with your @inyourtummy
“I’ve been waiting all day to play with your dick!”

She ran her hand over my cock and giggled.

“You’re so hard!”

Does that look like fun being a little helper @inyourtummy

“Does that look like fun, being a little helper that keeps a girl’s mouth nice and wide for my sperm?”

She blushed and nodded.

I looked her right in the eyes and emptied my @inyourtummy

I looked her right in the eyes and emptied my balls into her mouth.

I sent her a simple text i have something for @inyourtummy

I sent her a simple text:

“I have something for you”

Lately its been fun to let her stroke my cock @inyourtummy

Lately it’s been fun to let her stroke my cock while we do other things, like play video games or watch movies. I enjoy seeing how long she can stand it before she has to get me in her mouth.

Are you ready to suck my dick yes please @inyourtummy

“Are you ready to suck my dick?”

“Yes, please, Sir.”

“Take off your shirt,” I told her, “and get on your knees.”

Thats it i praised her dont put me in your @inyourtummy

“That’s it,” I praised her, “Don’t put me in your mouth, just use your tongue.”

You have gotten very good at playing with my @inyourtummy

“You have gotten very good at playing with my penis,” I told her last night as she worked my erection to the edge.


I told her to grip my cock, and feel just how hard I was as I throbbed in her hand.

She was still beaming with pride this morning.

I loved watching her eyes widen as i ejaculated @inyourtummy

I loved watching her eyes widen as I ejaculated straight down her throat.

She smiled proudly at all the semen shed worked @inyourtummy

She smiled proudly at all the semen she’d worked from my penis, excited for me to watch her put it in her tummy.

In my office scrolling through tumblr as often @inyourtummy

In my office, scrolling through tumblr, as often happens I started to get extremely turned on. Feeling my cock twitch, I freed it from my pants, and called for her to come suck me off.

I can usually hear her chair creak as it moves back from her desk - and my balls often pull up in almost Pavlovoian response, knowing their release is imminent. But I heard nothing.

Sometimes I’ll text, or buzz her phone, but I didn’t want to take my hand off my cock.

I called again, a little louder.

“Coming!” I heard her voice from an unexpected direction, a little frantic, knowing she’d been remiss in her duties. My cock throbbed at the hint of urgency in her tone, at hearing her get closer. I met her at the door of my office, rather than remaining seated.

She scrambled to her knees, and I unloaded all that anticipation on her face before she could open her mouth. Usually I’ll ejaculate right on her tongue - that makes it easier for her to go about their day. But she was late, and both her price for tardiness and her reward for obedience thickly spurted across her nose.

“I tried - “ my cum interrupted her, as she couldn’t maintain her concentration through the jets of semen erupting from the head of my penis. She gave up trying to apologize. Instead she just knelt giggling, overwhelmed by the volume and mess of cum.

She looked up through the spermy stucco dangling from her glasses, her nose, her chin, attempting to regain her composure. A thick, clump of semen hung, then fell from the tip of my dick to her forehead before I pulled her face forward to finally let her suck and drain my cock.

“You were late,” I said, and she nodded while she sucked. Finally I pulled her mouth from me.

“I didn’t hear you at first,” she said, beginning to methodically clean her face, wiping off the thick, clinging globs of jism and sucking her fingers clean. The sperm on her forehead loosened, and flowed down of the bridge of her glasses all the way down to dangle from the tip of her nose. She giggled again before catching it with her finger and adding it to the semen in her tummy.

Finally as clean as she was going to get, I allowed her one last long suck before letting her get back to what she was doing.

“I’ll do better next time,” she promised.

She’s a good, obedient little girl. I’m sure she’ll try not to be prompt. But truth is, I don’t mind if she’s late every once in a while.

She hadnt expected to work but was suddenly @inyourtummy

She hadn’t expected to work, but was suddenly called in, spoiling our play day.

I did manage to jack off into her mouth, just before she raced out the door.

Are you ready i expected no intelligible @inyourtummy

“Are you ready?”

I expected no intelligible answer. Holding the back of her head, I pushed my cock deep into her throat and came.

“There we go,” I said, voice remaining calm while my legs trembled. I’d waited a couple days to ejaculate, and I could feel the pulse up from my tightened balls.

She struggled, which only made me want to make the moment last longer.

“Swallow,” I instructed her, “just gulp all that sperm straight down to your tummy.”

Her eyes watered as she gulped.

“Good job,” I praised, and she struggled another gagging little gulp of my semen down her throat.

When I was finally drained, she’d reduced to a panting, slobbery, sperm filled slut capable of doing little more than trembling on the floor. I was so proud.

Even though we werent going to the party i @inyourtummy

Even though we weren’t going to the party, I promised to feed her lots of cum.

It was flattering our friends asked us to the @inyourtummy

It was flattering our friends asked us to the fetish party tonight, and too bad something last minute derailed us. I was looking forward to being around all that kinky sex, and leading a good little girl around by a leash..

I told her i hadnt come in a few days while she @inyourtummy

I told her I hadn’t come in a few days while she stroked my erection.

“Do you know why?”

“So that you come a lot?” her hand shifted to my balls, massaging each teste around in between tugs on my scrotum.

“That’s right. I want to make sure there’s lots and lots of semen for you. Why’s that?”

“Yeah…” she blushed, “so I can eat it.”

Tell me what you want i told her and my good @inyourtummy

“Tell me what you want,” I told her, and my good little girl begged to eat my sperm.

I could feel the trickle down my penis to my leg @inyourtummy

I could feel the trickle down my penis to my leg. I leaned over, and whispered in her ear.

“Before you get up, I want you to clean my thigh, my balls, and my cock. Take your tongue, and lick up all that stuff that’s leaked out of my dick, then put me in your mouth, and suck until there’s nothing left. Do you understand?”

I gave her hair a tug i could tell she missed @inyourtummy

I gave her hair a tug. I could tell she missed being in her little sub space.

“Did you get my dick in your mouth this morning?”

She nodded.

“How long had it been since you sucked my dick?”

“Too long,” she said with a soft, wicked grin.

Reduced to a dribble i sat back on the edge of @inyourtummy

Reduced to a dribble, I sat back on the edge of the bed, and pulled her face forward to suck the rest of the semen from me.

She gulped and looked up, milking my penis hopefully.

“Is there more?”

When the first spurt landed on her taste buds she @inyourtummy

When the first spurt landed on her taste buds, she opened even wider, eagerly reaching out to give me an even bigger target.

I opened the hotel room door and found her naked @inyourtummy

I opened the hotel room door, and found her naked on the bed, working her clit with purpose. She looked up and smiled.

“I hope it’s okay I got started,” she giggled.

It was just fine. I climbed into bed, snuggled up to her, and helped her soak the sheets. I’d made her come before, and she’d always been submissive, but her need became more intense, desperate.

“Please tell me to do anything you want.”

Her voice was nervous, kind of trembling at first – like she couldn’t really believe what she was saying – but devolved into her pleading for my cock in her throat, her pussy, her ass – and I did not ignore those requests.

Eventually she found herself begging swallow my sperm, and was put her on knees.

She wanted to be told what to do. I did ignore that request, either.

“Open your mouth. Stick out your tongue.”

A shower sounded like a great idea @inyourtummy

A shower sounded like a great idea.

Im going to do my best to enjoy this nice long @inyourtummy

I’m going to do my best to enjoy this nice, long weekend…

Do you think about what it would be like to have @inyourtummy

“Do you think about what it would be like to have all that cum in your mouth?”

“… sometimes…” she shyly nodded.

She squeezed up on my dick watching the head as @inyourtummy

She squeezed up on my dick, watching the head as one last thick clump of semen worked through the slit.

She got excited scrambling to her knees when i @inyourtummy

She got excited, scrambling to her knees when I pointed to the floor.

I need to cum i said directing her attention @inyourtummy

“I need to cum,” I said, directing  her attention to my cock by putting my hand on the back of her head, and bringing her mouth a little closer.

She opened wide and stuck out her tongue.

“There we go.”

Thats my good girl dont leave any semen in my @inyourtummy

“That’s my good girl. Don’t leave any semen in my penis.”

Its a nice night to be lazy on the couch @inyourtummy

It’s a nice night to be lazy on the couch.

I learned early on one my favorite things to do @inyourtummy

I learned early on one my favorite things to do was jack off into a girl’s mouth… I always love to see others enjoy the same thing, and so perfectly placed…

Thanks for the submission, omghotcouple!

Watching her eat my sperm was a nice way to start @inyourtummy

Watching her eat my sperm was a nice way to start a Sunday morning.

She gagged a little then looked up from her knees @inyourtummy

She gagged a little, then looked up from her knees and giggled.

“Was that fun?”  I asked, stroking my cock above her face.

By her bedtime id cum four times i didnt think @inyourtummy

By her bedtime, I’d cum four times. I didn’t think I’d have much semen left in me, but she found just a little more…

There would be other activities of course but @inyourtummy

There would be other activities, of course, but her main task all day would be getting cum out of my dick.

I grabbed her head and pulled her face to my @inyourtummy

I grabbed her head and pulled her face to my testicles.

She nuzzled and sucked, finding a teste and pulling the stretchy skin with her lips until it audibly left her mouth with a “pop!”

She giggled.

“Is that fun?” I said as my fingers ran through her hair.

She nodded and giggled again, lapping and noisily sucking away at my balls.

She looked up as i slapped my cock on her cheek @inyourtummy

She looked up as I slapped my cock on her cheek.

“Did you think you would end up like this when you saw me in the doorway?”

“Uh huh,” she nodded a sweet smile.

“You did?”

“Every time you come in in my office,” she answered as I smeared my dick around her face, “I expect to eat your sperm.”

“Would you like to suck my dick?” I gripped the top of her hair.

“Yes, please.”

She looked up from her knees and giggled was @inyourtummy

She looked up from her knees and giggled.

“Was that fun?”

She blushed, and I let her giggle again before pulling her sloppy face back to my dick.

“Are you ready to eat all that cum?”

Closer i said softly putting her in position @inyourtummy

“Closer,” I said softly, putting her in position, “are you ready?”

I made sure she went to sleep with the taste of @inyourtummy

I made sure she went to sleep with the taste of her submission lingering in her mouth.

She was sore almost broken and ready for me to @inyourtummy

She was sore, almost broken, and ready for me to resolve all that tension into her mouth.

Im not sure five it was actually six that @inyourtummy

“I’m not sure… five?”

It was actually six that day, but it doesn’t bother me at all when she can’t recall exactly how many times she ate my cum.

I hope to give her another number she can’t remember soon.
Is there more cum for you i said to the girl @inyourtummy

“Is there more cum for you?” I said to the girl looking up from my cock.

Her eyes focused on the tip of my penis, smiling as she milked and squeezed, drawing another thick glob of sperm from the weepy hole.

“There is, isn’t there? Is that fun, getting all the cum out of my dick?”

Are you the type of girl that eats cum yes @inyourtummy

“Are you the type of girl that eats cum?”

“Yes,” she flushed.

“Tell me,” I told her, “what kind of girl are you?”

“The type of girl that eats… cum,” she answered shyly, but obediently.

“Do you want to show me how you eat cum?”

“Yes, please,” she nodded.

I decided to show my appreciation all over that @inyourtummy

I decided to show my appreciation all over that soft, smooth skin…

Its always nice to catch up with people and @inyourtummy

It’s always nice to catch up with people, and discover you still have the same interests…

She spasmed and came hard as i pressed up in her @inyourtummy

She spasmed and came hard as I pressed up in her, and I could feel her trickle down my balls. Wanting to watch her clean herself from my cock before milking it of semen, I withheld my ejaculation, and pointed to a pillow on the floor.

She took her place, as did my hands, bobbing that pretty little head up and down until I filled it with sperm.

I pressed against her and let her feel the @inyourtummy
I pressed against her and let her feel the stiffness of my erection fight the fabric of my jeans. She couldn’t help but give a little giggle, which only made me throb.

“Do you want to play with my dick?”

She nodded and smiled.

“Yes, please.”
It was a lazy morning laying around in bed @inyourtummy

It was a lazy morning, laying around in bed. Eventually my hand found the back of her head, and our day got started.

After one last long hard suck she swallowed and @inyourtummy

After one last long, hard suck, she swallowed and giggled.

A wry smile crept across her lips as she wiped her chin and licked the cum from her fingers.

“Like that?” she asked.

Wait right there i instructed wanting to take @inyourtummy

“Wait right there,” I instructed, wanting to take a picture of the pretty girl with a mouthful of my cum.

I took a second to wipe a glob of semen from my finger to her tongue, then fumbled for my phone.

“It’ll take just as second.”

Her eyes widened and almost watered as she obediently held the jiggly load of sperm wriggling on her tongue.

I took a couple shots, taking a little longer to appreciate her patient little struggle.

“One more…” I said as she squirmed, anxious to swallow that thick cum. “Now let me try it with this light… Oops, let me get the focus…”

Finally I let her put my sperm in her tummy with a struggled gulp.

“That’s my good girl!”

There we go i said softly get all that cum in @inyourtummy

“There we go,” I said softly, “get all that cum in my balls excited for your tummy.”

I was going to come hard and soon but i didnt @inyourtummy

I was going to come hard, and soon, but I didn’t want to let her finish sucking me off. This morning she’d get to lick up a sloppy mess of semen milked from the stiff erection staring her in her face.

“Take my dick out of your mouth, and stroke with your hand,” I instructed.

She slipped me out of her mouth, and her hand worked the slick head of my cock. I felt my balls pull up, and watched a smile spread across her face as she realized my intent.

Her head was on my lap staring up past the cock @inyourtummy

Her head was on my lap staring up, past the cock she was stroking, at the girl working spurts of ejaculate from her own penis on the screen.

“Tell me,” I instructed, “what are you watching?”

She blushed as my dick pulsed in her hand.

“She sucked him off, and it got messy…” she said shyly, “and now she’s licking up all the cum.”

“Do I cum like that sometimes?” I could feel my balls twitch.

She nodded shyly.

“Do you eat sperm like that?”

She nodded again.

I intentionally hadnt ejaculated in a couple @inyourtummy

I intentionally hadn’t ejaculated in a couple days, and the results accumulated on her tongue. I could tell she was a little nervous even before she closed her mouth, but the sadist in me couldn’t help but tease her, draw the moment out, and enjoy her little struggle to put my sperm in her tummy.

She smiled and gulped down one last mouthful of @inyourtummy

She smiled and gulped down one last mouthful of semen.

No i instructed softly on your back she @inyourtummy

“No,” I instructed softly, “on your back.”

She positioned herself with an open mouth under my cock, and I came almost immediately. I’d already come a couple times, so my ejaculation was a slow dribble of semen lazily falling to her tongue and chin.

She smiled managing one last squeeze of sperm @inyourtummy

She smiled, managing one last squeeze of sperm from my dick.

She finished cleaning my cock then gave one last @inyourtummy

She finished cleaning my cock, then gave one last long, draining suck to draw out the rest of my cum. Finally, she pulled her mouth off my cock with an audible little “pop” and giggled.

“Was that fun?”

She blushed and nodded, wiping her chin into her mouth before beaming a smile up from her knees.

Such a cute little tummy ive always had a thing @inyourtummy

Such a cute little tummy… I’ve always had a thing for tummies, midriffs, navels – and yours is just irresistible. Thanks for sharing a teasing little peek at one of my favorite body parts, and making me want to tell a story about playing with a cute little tummy.

Babygirl lay on her back, her shirt hiked up playfully. Slowly, I ran my fingers around  the pale, soft skin of her tummy as I nuzzled her neck. I wiggled my finger playfully in her belly button, and she squirmed a little and put her little hand over mine.


“Daddy!” she giggled, and my cock twitched. Before I could tickle her again, her expression got shy and nervous.

“Daddy…”, her tiny voice squeaked, guiding my hand between her legs, “I’m all wet down here.”

My fingers found her panties soaked, fondling her pussy through the fabric.

“You are, aren’t you, Babygirl?” my tone was politely inquisitive. “Did you get all tingly in your Princess parts?”

She blushed and nodded, sweetly embarrassed, but only until I applied just a little more pressure to her clit. She closed her eyes and a moan escaped her lips.

“That’s my good girl,” I said, circling around and around, “let Daddy help you.”

I leaned over to give her nipple a suckle as my hand worked the undies aside to find her smooth, bald mound, pressing my palm against her and teasing entry from my fingers. Gradually, my mouth made its way down her tender little body, greeting my fingers at that soft, slick pussy. I sucked hard on her clit, and she shuddered.

“There we go,” I continued my kindly rhetoric as I slid two fingers inside her, arched up towards her G-spot. “Does that feel good?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she managed.

“I can tell,” I said, continuing to tease her clit and pressure from within, as she writhed and pressed back against my mouth and hands.

“Daddy… please, Daddy…,” she plead, her tone dripping with need, “please fuck me, Daddy…”

“Is that what you want?” I teased her clit and mind with my tongue.

Tell Daddy what you want.

Her voice became even more desperate, and my penis harder.

“Fuck meee…. please, Daddy, fuck me!”

I scrambled up between her legs and freed my cock from my boxers. From the swollen, reddish-purple head pulsed a thick drop of pre cum, which trickled down my erection as I rubbed sloppily against her clit, mingling around the slickness of our fluids, teasing the entrance to her vagina. Around and around and around, I tempted us both, building, waiting for that perfect moment.

“Fuck me Daddy, please fuck me Daddy-” she pled and then gasped as I finally pushed into her.

Wet. Hard. Slow. Deep.

I sunk my cock into her until my balls met her bottom, then moved gradually, a each penetration held as far into her as I could reach, letting her feel me fill her, holding there, and throbbing in the grip of her cunt.

“Does that feel good, Princess? Having Daddy’s cock all the way inside you?”

“… yes, Daddy…” it was little more than a lip biting grunt, but I understood. My sweet little Babygirl needed fucked even harder. I increased my pace, until the fucking became physical, gathering her wrists along the way to grip her arms above her head, her little shirt now slid up to her next, exposing fully the pale expanse of her lovely young body, her small boobs jiggling ever so slightly as I pounded her pussy. She shuddered, the brow furled on her sweet face, and my balls twitched, aching to explode inside her. Not yet, I thought – I know what she wants. I know what I want. I ground myself into her, savoring her reaction.

“That’s it, isn’t it?” somehow my voice remained calm as she came. “Daddy’s going to cum too.”

Her eyes widened.

“Cum on me Daddy! Please cum on my belly!”

I kept fucking, feeling myself edge closer.

“Is that what you want? Tell Daddy what you want.

“…squirt your sperm on my belly Daddy…,” she pled, “so I can eat it…. I want to eat your sperm, Daddy!

It was going to be too much, her little voice… asking so sweetly…

She watched as I pulled my sloppy cock from her, and climb over her hips, mounting to stroke my cock over her adorable little belly button.

Just like your cute little belly button, anon!

“Yes, Daddy!” her excitement brought the first dribble of semen from me, a sloppy, clumpy rope that fell right in her navel. Her mouth opened ever so slightly as she watched, and that little expression of joy and naughty Babygirl curiosity forced a spurt that landed across a nipple, the resulting giggles encouraged similar results as my penis continued to cross her bare chest with thick jets of cum.


“That tickles, Daddy!” she giggled, feeling the warm ejaculate find its home.

She smiled in wonder at the white mess coating her, fixed her pretty big eyes to the tip of my dick as I squeezed and milked a bubbly pearl from the shaft, following as I brought it to her mouth.


“Go ahead, Babygirl,” was all she needed to hear to suck the cum from my finger.

She swallowed with a gulp and a big smile.

“Yummy, Daddy,” she said, then guided my finger to the pool of semen welled up in her navel. I scooped a glob and brought it to her mouth, the clumpy mass falling to her tongue before I let her suck my fingers clean again.

“More, Daddy! Feed me your sperm, Daddy!” I thought just her voice and those words might make me cum again. I searched her belly again and found more semen for her to eat. Then more. Then more.


“That tickles Daddy!” she giggled feeling my finger probe her navel for cum, her eyes again following my jism’s journey from outside her tummy to inside.

“Look, there’s still more, Daddy,” she said, starting to feed herself the remaining traces of my DNA. My heart pounded, watching my sweet little Babygirl eat my sperm like the sweetest of candy.

“That’s my good girl,” I praised.

She found one last clump on the side of her wrist and looked me directly in the eyes as she licked it up, proudly displaying it on her taste buds before she put it in her tummy.

Finally cleaned of cum, she patted her belly and giggled.

“I full Daddy,” she laughed, “I full of Daddy!”

“That’s right Babygirl,” I said as I leaned forward and kissed her forehead before collapsing beside her. “All full of Daddy in your tummy.”

I helped her blindfolded face find my cock @inyourtummy

I helped her blindfolded face find my cock.

She giggled as she ate my sperm off her belly @inyourtummy

She giggled as she ate my sperm off her belly, sucking it from my fingers..

Thats a good girl i said softly lick up all @inyourtummy

“That’s a good girl,” I said softly. “Lick up all that cum. How does my sperm taste?”

I scooted back against the headboard and she @inyourtummy

I scooted back against the headboard, and she positioned between my legs.

“Stick out your tongue, and play with the head of my dick.” I said softly.

“Good girl. Tease my penis. Nice and slow. I promise it wil go in your throat soon.”

Hope everyone in san diego is having a great time @inyourtummy

Hope everyone in San Diego is having a great time!

Weve always had a lot of fun at the costume @inyourtummy

We’ve always had a lot of fun at the costume themed sex parties.

She always looks so cute in costume @inyourtummy

she always looks so cute in costume

Are you trying to tease me with your sexy little @inyourtummy

Are you trying to tease me with your sexy little bottom?

I love teasing a girl through her undies - around her bum, her thighs, pressing up between her legs into her pussy, fondling until she’s soaked the fabric, sometimes making her come before I even slide them off.

Does that sound like fun?

Thanks for sharing yourself, anon. Now bend over and show me more.
I didnt need much encouragement to jack off on @inyourtummy

I didn’t need much encouragement to jack off on her cute little tummy.

Its cute when shes got her superhero undies on @inyourtummy

It’s cute when she’s got her superhero undies on.