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Sea creature, night owl, connoisseur of beautiful men. Fangirl, writer, lover. How to describe yourself when you don't even really know yourself.... Sexy things and naughty thoughts. NSFW, 18+, you know the drill people!! My email is if you want to say hi. - Isabella (@isabellab4)
Wonderfulyou heres to walking barefoot to @isabellab4


Here’s to walking barefoot. To make-up free days. To saying I Love You. To flower headbands, to messy hair, to taking deep breaths, to salty lips, to freckles, to sandy feet, to breaking all the rules, to hot tea on chilly mornings, to sunsets, to holding hands, to swimming naked, to good books, to friends that tell you the truth no matter what.

Here’s to puppies, to freshly picked strawberries, to the full moon, to going on vacation, to being home, to yoga, to long hugs, to too much jewelry, to laughing until your face hurts.

Here’s to silence. To first kisses. To last kisses. To all kisses. Here’s to life and death and the moments in between that make it all worthwhile.

Thats all…

Every morning @isabellab4

Every morning!

Relaxation @isabellab4


Mmmmm perfect @isabellab4

Mmmmm… perfect…

And we must be ever opening new doors @isabellab4

And we must be ever opening new doors…

That would be most days @isabellab4

That would be most days!!

Oh that life was truly as simple as a venn @isabellab4

Oh that life was truly as simple as a Venn diagram…

Mesjogge my curves because all bodies all @isabellab4


My curves

Because all bodies, all shapes are beautiful… because photography should not just be limited to perfect young women with too much makeup and fake white smiles… because any real photographer would instinctively recognise that the beauty of the human body comes in many shapes and forms… because reality is so much more beautiful than fantasy…

606catcher vivipiuomeno nicholas benateur @isabellab4



Nicholas Benateur Damhane ph. dressed nude

Ready to spank…

I do hope she’s comfortable there, I imagine she’ll be waiting for some time…

Just to be slightly pedantic shouldnt you @isabellab4

Just to be slightly pedantic, shouldn’t you breathe out the past FIRST, and then breathe in the future?

Promises promises @isabellab4

Promises, promises…

Ahautemesslove i love this movie @isabellab4


I love this movie!

606catcher orphanwork steve shapiro i am @isabellab4



Steve Shapiro

“I am so over Sookie and her precious fairy vagina and her unbelievably stupid name. - Pam” 
 Charlaine Harris

Such a warm cozy pussy @isabellab4

Such a warm cozy pussy…

Maybe not old ladies tho @isabellab4

Maybe not old ladies tho…

Relaxation @isabellab4


Kiss me standing up passion is an active pursuit @isabellab4

Kiss me standing up… passion is an active pursuit…

Passionfruit flowers @isabellab4

Passionfruit flowers!!


What the heck are these?! -c

Erospainter i with a deeper instinct choose @isabellab4


“I, with a deeper instinct, choose a man who compels my strength, who makes enormous demands on me, who does not doubt my courage or my toughness, who does not believe me naïve or innocent, who has the courage to treat me like a woman.” 
― Anaïs Nin

Sundancer70 random panda always room for @isabellab4


Random Panda

Always room for Random Panda!

Kendo art negative space @isabellab4

So close I can taste you…

Sexyprocitysin oh oh im very easily @isabellab4


Oh oh …

I’m very easily distracted…

Delicious form devious functionality @isabellab4

Delicious form & devious functionality…

A good bulge is hard to find a hard bulge is good @isabellab4

A good bulge is hard to find… a hard bulge is good to find…

Mmmfeelsgood mmmm lets do it like they do on @isabellab4


Mmmm… Let’s do it like they do on the discovery channel.. :]

Now that sounds like a plan…

Spring is nigh yay @isabellab4

Spring is nigh…


I do believe my veggie garden should look like @isabellab4

I do believe my veggie garden should look like this. 

It has a way to go…

A soft place to rest your head @isabellab4

A soft place to rest your head…

Mmmfeelsgood mmm this is far from trivial @isabellab4


Mmm.. This is far from trivial..

Biteable @isabellab4


606catcher smokingissexy paul newman for @isabellab4



Paul Newman

For Bella a little bit of young Paul.

606catcher caffeine nicotine and cock @isabellab4


Caffeine, nicotine and cock.

Coffee with the girls should be much more like this…

606catcher flora and stockings springtime @isabellab4


Flora and stockings.


606catcher the wooden hairbrush has two @isabellab4


“The wooden hairbrush has two practical uses, the bristle side to be used on her silken locks, and the harsh, wooden side to be used on her shapely seat of learning” 

Why don’t i have one?

Mmmfeelsgood mmm sweet oh my @isabellab4


Mmm.. Sweet :]

Oh my…

Anticipation @isabellab4


A good chair and a cushion things of importance @isabellab4

A good chair and a cushion.

Things Of Importance…

And stay @isabellab4

and stay…

Justbeingnamaste life shrinks or expands in @isabellab4


Life shrinks or expands
in proportion to one’s courage.

~ Anais Nin ~

Yup @isabellab4


Livinginhalfshadow gulp mmmmm well this @isabellab4



Mmmmm… well this looks promising…

Herliege devotion in the there is beauty in @isabellab4


Devotion in the ….

There is beauty in D/s, of course. That beauty is found in small things, in big gestures, in rituals, in protocol, perhaps. Each of us finds beauty in different things. Be it in a full mouth, a kneeling sub or marked skin.

The greatest beauty of all surely has to be in the invisible, in the devotion, for each other. Not just a sub’s devotion to their Dom, a slave’s devotion to their Master. But his devotion to them too. Their combined devotion to keeping their relationship, their dynamic healthy, alive, beautiful.

If I give you my hand to kiss, if you choose to reach out, it is symbolic of that devotion, symbolic of the dynamic that rules our lives. Never an empty gesture, never a show of force.

And as you inhale, so do I. As you breathe, so do I. As you feel, so do I.

A show of devotion, a small demonstration of what we know in our hearts, illustrating what needs not be said but is felt in every breath we take. Yes, that breath too.


words: M. / Her Liege - image: Jan Saudek - leave credits intact

Bettyandme573 purrrrfect a ball of wool can @isabellab4



A ball of wool can occupy kitten for hours…

Iseo58 amaryllis and black cat by japanese @isabellab4


(Amaryllis and black cat) by Japanese artist Bronco on pixiv

Passionatecurmudgeon 1st world problems @isabellab4


1st world problems

Saturday problems…

Cindersk what is fifty shades of romance @isabellab4


What is “Fifty Shades of Romance”


Garden of vegan whole grain toast with avocado @isabellab4


Whole grain toast with avocado and tomato slices, halved strawberries, and dark chocolate with almonds.

Mmmmm… all meals should include dark chocolate with almonds…

Objectofhisdesire kiss me like you cant get @isabellab4


Kiss me like you can’t get enough of me

Rosabella islandwoman so kind of her to share @isabellab4


So kind of her to share!

Possessed @isabellab4


Or a good donkey @isabellab4

Or a good donkey…

Husbandsir seriously absolutely not that @isabellab4



Absolutely not… that is seriously freaky…

The boys @isabellab4

The boys…

The reaction when we ask them to hand over their @isabellab4

The reaction when we ask them to hand over their technology for the night…

Summer in a berry @isabellab4

Summer in a berry…

A chair for daddy a cushion for kitten @isabellab4

A chair for Daddy… a cushion for kitten…

I may have posted this before but i do love this @isabellab4

I may have posted this before, but i do love this dress… and would love the weather to wear it…

Silverandjadeyarns ivyadrena blood pact @isabellab4



Blood Pact

Oh my that is nice.

It’s knitting weather…

Coz we all know frogs go la di dah di dah @isabellab4

Coz we all know frogs go la di dah di dah…

Daddydarthvader always loved this picture @isabellab4


always loved this picture

Stayspectacular rainbow bowl for lunch c @isabellab4


Rainbow bowl for lunch! c:

carrots, celery, grape tomatoes, blueberries, mashed chickpeas with garlic, roasted red pepper hummus on a bed of baby spinach.

Peachy cheeks @isabellab4

Peachy cheeks…

Perth winters day of 23 today 73f perfect for a @isabellab4

Perth winters day of 23 today (73F) Perfect for a wander along the beach..

This is absolutely true even if we all know @isabellab4

This is absolutely true… even if we all know they’re really thongs…

Now im no expert but i dont think these girls @isabellab4

Now I’m no expert, but I don’t think these girls are really serious about soccer… their boots are far too clean…

Not sure that cocktail shaker can hold enough @isabellab4

Not sure that cocktail shaker can HOLD enough vodka for that!!

Im thinking of a long tall gin tonic @isabellab4

I’m thinking of a long tall gin & tonic…

He looks rather nonplussed @isabellab4

He looks rather nonplussed…

Whenever i see this photo i just cant resist @isabellab4

Whenever i see this photo, i just can’t resist… KNOCKERS!!

What seems so simple can in fact be very complex @isabellab4

What seems so simple, can in fact be very complex…

Cindersk housewifesecrets skinny dipping @isabellab4



Skinny dipping, anyone?

Marsha wanted to try something new this summer.

Barry talked her into snorkeling lessons.

Taught HIS way, of course!

Perhaps i WON’T try snorkelling with Barry… not sure it will end well…

Summer dress stockings classic car all the @isabellab4

Summer dress, stockings, classic car… all the ingredients for a perfect road trip…

Sundancer70 still a random panda my spirit @isabellab4


Still a random Panda

My spirit animal…

Some prettiness for a friday morning @isabellab4

Some prettiness for a Friday morning…

Johnsmith67 i am setting this up in queue so by @isabellab4


I am setting this up in Queue so by the time you tumblr universe are reading this, I’m happily having a scotch on a patio.  Now to the post.

I’ve commented on this before.  This one caption drives me crazy.  Silence isn’t communication.  Silence is the lack of communication.  Want them to know what you’re thinking?  Tell them.  How simple is that.  But, but, but… some of you will say.  Alright, let me indulge you.  Assume for a moment that silence is in fact communication.  It conveys the following meaning. Fuck off and leave me alone because I’m doing pretty damn great.  No it doesn’t some of you will say.  How would they know I respond.  Again, silence isn’t communication, so the meaning someone ascribes to it is just as valid as the purported meaning the silencer is attempting to convey.  I take silence as a fuck off and die.  Am I blunt, yes.  Am I right.  Also yes.

Simply put, pick up the damn phone and communicate.  It’s pretty damn easy.

Absolutely, i couldn’t agree more… if you think you’re communicating by your silence, think for a moment what message you’re actually conveying… not in your own mind, but in the mind of the other person… silence is both selfish & hurtful…

Leave your mark upon me @isabellab4

Leave your mark upon me…

I like the potential here the beauty waiting to @isabellab4

I like the potential here, the beauty waiting to burst…

Peppermint please @isabellab4

Peppermint please!

Kiltypleasures arousingsounds freedom @isabellab4





We will not be contained, we will not be denied…

Summer dresses need bare bums @isabellab4

Summer dresses need bare bums…

Metalonmetalblog photographer armands @isabellab4


Photographer Armands Grundmanis

I tried but I couldn’t get close!