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!!!!!!!! BREAKING NEWS !!!!!!!!!!

Cop Says, “I’m Gonna Get that N****r” Before Chasing Down Innocent Man, Strangling Him to Death

Stonewall, MS — Jonathan Sanders was a horse trainer, who was often seen riding around town in his horse-drawn buggy. Sadly, thanks to a Mississippi cop, Sanders will not be seen driving that buggy any longer.

Last Wednesday, Sanders was out in his buggy when he saw an altercation between Officer Kevin Herrington and another man, whom Sanders knew.According to an attorney for the family, C.J. Lawrence, Sanders attempted to diffuse the altercation and asked Herrington to leave the man alone. Sanders then proceeded on his way.

According to the Huffington post, a witness allegedly heard Herrington say, “I’m gonna get that n*gger.” 

Multiple witnesses watched as Herrington then got in his car and chased down Sanders. They then saw Herrington get behind Sanders with his patrol car and turn on his lights, spooking his horse. As the horse took off, Sanders gets knocked from the buggy, but immediately got up to pursue his horse, not realizing what had just happened.

“Jonathan immediately began to run after his horse, unaware of what was going on behind him,” Lawrence said. “Herrington proceeded to chase Jonathan.”

To see where he was going, Sanders wore a headlight. When he caught up to Sanders,

Herrington grabbed his headlight, threw the man to his knees, and began to strangle him as Sanders was in a “praying position.” Witnesses watched as Herrington, with both arms around his neck, strangled the life out of Sanders. 

 Sanders was in the headlock for 20 minutes which is more than enough time for him to have stopped breathing, gone unconscious, and died.

One of the witnesses, a corrections officer in Stonewall, allegedly came out to confront Herrington in an attempt to stop the murder. He pleaded with Herrington to let Sanders go, at which point the officer claimed that Sanders “reached for his gun.” Still the corrections officer asked him to let the now dying man free so he could attempt CPR, but Herrington refused, according to the witness.

Harrington has been placed on administrative leave without pay as authorities investigate what happened, The Clarion Ledger reported.  

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If your nude photos are posted online without your permission, Microsoft and Google want to know.

For years, most victims of revenge porn — people who have had their nude photos shared online without permission — basically couldn’t do anything about it.

According to one study, over 50% of all adults engage in sexting, and 70% admit to having received a nude photo online or over the phone.

And yet, despite the fact that we all (or at least more than half of us) do it, there’s still this weird, persistent, harmful notion that if your naked pictures get leaked or shared maliciously by an ex online, it’s your fault for taking them in the first place.

It’s completely backward, but sadly, the law seems to at least kind of agree.

As of September 2014, New Republic found, putting someone else’s illicit photos online without their consent was illegal in just 16 states, though laws have been proposed in more states. Not only is it typically impossible to prosecute the perpetrator, they note, it’s impossible to legally compel websites to take the images taken down most of the time.

But thankfully, Microsoft and Google — which operate two of the biggest search engines on the web — don’t think it’s your fault. And they’re finally saying “Enough is enough.”

Here’s how to report a non-consensual image posting on Bing.

And here’s how to do it on Google.

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Ill be unpacking dancing around online in 25 @ixnay-on-the-oddk

I’ll be unpacking & dancing around online in 25 minutes! Check Twitter (@ ashemareexoxo) for a direct link 😊🎶

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i’ll wear bootcut jeans when i’m in my GODDAMNED GRAVE

Saythankyoumaster taking the kid out for pizza @ixnay-on-the-oddk


Taking the kid out for pizza and ice cream.

Deathwishyeezuz silverware by tim burton isaïe @ixnay-on-the-oddk


Silverware by Tim Burton Isaïe Bloch.

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Self portraits in the place I go to get away from reality.

April, 2015

An artastrophe fractal art is a type of digital @ixnay-on-the-oddk


Fractal art is a type of digital art that’s considered new media. It’s not drawn or painted by hand, rather, fractal-generating software is used that relies on mathematical calculations to visually display objects. Italy-born Silvia Cordedda was made aware of fractal art in 2012, and has since amassed a body of work that’s nothing short of extraordinary.

Her 3D abstract art is often centered on flowers but ones that could never exist in this world. The translucent nature of the pedals coupled with the brilliant variety of colours makes each flower look as if it could only exist in our dreams or perhaps a wonderful, magical world.

Thevelvetunderrground this was a while ago now @ixnay-on-the-oddk


this was a while ago now but we found a lake and flowers in the bushes and it was so pretty

Siddharthasmama what its like to be a black @ixnay-on-the-oddk


What it’s like to be a Black parent: unsure of, or feeling unable to protect your kids; having your children fear for your life, feeling that they must protect you. To bring life into the world that sees it as value less; to bring a life into the world that is aware of this.


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