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Hmmm.. We put this on this thing.. Then take the screw hammer and nail it into my- Oh hi, Didn't see you there. I was just inventing a new type of invention, One that provides the ultimate pleasre. Please enjoy my blog, I'm shy, yet gay. dont be afraid of me. Disclaimer: im sad my spiritual sex adventures + life tips cool arts rest in piece you beautiful baby Sorry homestuck.. drake and jake regular show my Original poetry FAQ Petition ants and grapes blog When I was a child I was born in a horrible river and I sailed down the river and landed in a bad jungle The second I landed into the bad jungle I instantly turned old. I looked up and a bike fell out of the clouds and I caught it. I positioned my body on the bike, and I started riding it through the forest. I could hear the yelps of million year old spirits. Deafening my ears instantly. I became panicked and short of breath, all I could see was foliage for miles, the path was made of golden dust. I could feel my lungs inhaling the gold dust as my bicycle kicked it up. I could feel myself changing. Changing into what I am now. It was time to grow into a man and reach for the sky. I had to follow my dreams. Finally I got off the bike and started to dig deep into the path, What I saw changed my life. It was a box, But I couldnt seem to get it open. I tapped on it hard with every ounce of energy I had. I realized it was useless. I decided to give it a final tap and at that moment a note fell out. To open this box, You need to search for the meaning of your life, for this is the key to your dreams and all your efforts. I'm searching for my purpose, I've been searching for my purpose all of my life. On the earth there are so many wonderful places to dig. But if you dont know where to dig, All you will find is dirt. var sc_project=8033517; var sc_invisible=1; var sc_security="90f23f32"; var infolinks_pid = 1358165; var infolinks_wsid = 0; - GONE FISHING (@izzetheking)
Confirmed for definite rat purgis @izzetheking

Confirmed for definite rat purgis

There are like twenty more of these on my dash @izzetheking



Hug me brotha lol @izzetheking

hug me brotha lol

Thewhoopingblob all fucking hail bigenderism @izzetheking


all fucking hail bigenderism

because the world is a lot less uncomfortable when no single pronoun bothers you

Why are you crying in this pic?????? Your shirt looks like a bowl… from china… so be happeh O______O

Hank hill drinking jum @izzetheking

Hank hill drinking Jum

Libut haha fuck this is just great thank god @izzetheking


Haha, Fuck, this is just great. Thank god for this Weird fish.  


Whell everyone this is the news im now livibng @izzetheking

Whell everyone this is the news… Im now livibng with a woman that I met at the 7-11 where she works…. I like her alot, she is really cool… shes studying to become a “NAIL TECHNICIAN” and she likes “ANIME”, her fav anime is K-On.

problem #1: i cant remember what this womans name is so i just c all her Rammy, if anyone knows her please help with her name

Rftminges sams life changing decision fall @izzetheking


sam’s life changing decision 

fall out boy all the way though gerard way is quite cute

This looks like a kid i used to be friends with in @izzetheking

This looks like a kid i used to be friends with in 3rd grade and he was mean to me and called me a dirty mexican jumping bean and then he jumped on my feet and i cried and he called me fat. he said why are you so fat? and i said im sorry for being fat and then he said you wore those same clothes yesterdya are you poor or something and i was like NO I DIDNT! IM NOT POOR (i did and i was poor) and he was like then why do you live in a trailer and he threw rocks at me and i started screaming and everyone was looking at me crying and the teacher came out and watched for a sec

Then another time he said i was gay and he made me eat a spider

This is a photo i took of one of the blindworms i @izzetheking

this is a photo I took of one of the blindworms. I cna put them in a little bowl just for you if. Are you interested in seeing two blindworms in a little bowl? Ican even laugh at them

Mmmm. that worm has beautiful eyes

Izzetheking drake jake regular show poses with @izzetheking


drake &jake regular show poses with $1000 usd 5/4/14

Drake jake regular show poses with 1000 usd @izzetheking

drake &jake regular show poses with $1000 usd 5/4/14

I want to trap this woman in my ass hole @izzetheking

i want to trap this woman in my ass hole

Lilpthebasedpoque @izzetheking




did you duct tape your wiener omg

that seems like something hed do

it does but jesus christ izze

chippy im cornced for you

Hell yea i did L O L

Welcome to my house if your going to stay here @izzetheking

welcome to my house

if your going to stay here you better fucking behave yourself

Izzetheking thhis happened to me on sunday and @izzetheking


thhis happened to me on sunday and i was really ambarrassed

Izzetheking i cried while drawing this @izzetheking


i cried while drawing this

Izzetheking no one sows up to timmy turners @izzetheking


“no one sows up to timmy turners funeral accept sonic”

Izzetheking some wishes just cant be granted @izzetheking


Some wishes just cant be granted…

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh @izzetheking



Wow hes hot @izzetheking

wow hes hot

Izzetheking it was a beaautiful winter morning @izzetheking


It was a beaautiful winter morning. Shinji openedd his eyes to greet the world o f its new day. He hopped out of bed, and opened the curtains.
“Ghood moooorning world!” He shouted animely “what the fuck.” He contined.
There had seemed to be a problem there were 10000000000000000000000000000000000000 waps outside of shinjis window!
“DAD!” Screamed shinji! “WAPS!” He contined
Purlpe robot Evengelion cames running to his sons rescue.
“Whats wrong shinji?” PRE contined. “Dad dad!” shinji said grossly
PRE looked at shinji hornily an kissed his beautiful hair and brushe it back. “Its ok shinji.” He said ressadly.
Shinji smiled at his robotic father and shook his hand!
Shinji put on his houndstooth fedora and opened the door and.. WAPS! EVERYWHERE!
Shinji Ran very far away from the waps!
He was crying so fucking much but he stumbled acrossed a starbucks. He went in and smiled a lot.
Shinji opened the door to starbucks and went in. he was met by a hot guy named Cinnamon.
Cinnamon asked what will you be ordering today? “A BAGLE+Coffee” said shinji
“One bagle + coffee coming right up. ” Cinnamon contined.
Shinji wipped out his net book to look at porn using Starbucs wifi
He tried opening Firefox. “SERIIIIIIIIOUSLY?” Complained shiCnji
Cinnamon was upoholstered as he brought over shinjis coffe
Shiji looked at cinnamon and threw his food on the ground and pushed cinnamon down and cinnamon got a boner and shinji left starbucks
“BaRK bark” shinji said at cinnamon athouratively.
Shinji got hom.
“Dad i had a awful day you wouldnt believe what happened” he contined. “I went to starb-” Shinji stopped talking and became vegan
“How can you be vegan?!” sai purple Robot Evengelion
“You won’t put your mouth on anything but another mouth or perhaps a succulent beefs meat” purple robot evengelion contined
“I only put meat on  chips” shinji replied

B @izzetheking