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looking for like minded folks into jacking and jilling and mutual masturbation. - jacking, jilling, mutual - all hands on deck (@jacking--jilling--mutual)
Mysexploring jen wasnt sure why she let her @jacking--jilling--mutual


Jen wasn’t sure why she let her husband tie her up, and leave her tied up all day. She knew where her husband’s imagination would go, she knew, after the first few times, he’d walk off and leave her alone.

She hadn’t realized he’d invite a friend in. She might have said no, but being left alone so long in anticipation, she couldn’t say no.

Jillbabyjill annie by gsphoto @jacking--jilling--mutual


Annie by gsphoto

Purplegardenkeep paint mistresss tits with @jacking--jilling--mutual


Paint mistress’s tits with your mind, pet

Sharingwifes come enjoy and share with usfollow @jacking--jilling--mutual


Come enjoy and share with usFollow us at…

Sharingwifes come enjoy and share with usfollow @jacking--jilling--mutual


Come enjoy and share with usFollow us at…

Sharingwifes come enjoy and share with usfollow @jacking--jilling--mutual


Come enjoy and share with usFollow us at…

Amateursmasturbate cute girlfriend pleasing her @jacking--jilling--mutual


Cute girlfriend pleasing her pussy

Amateursmasturbate sexy amateur fingering her @jacking--jilling--mutual


Sexy amateur fingering her shaved pussy

Found this in my inbox thank you for sharing @jacking--jilling--mutual

Found this in my inbox. Thank you for sharing.

Daddysblog11 just a little something to show @jacking--jilling--mutual


Just a little something to show appreciation to each and every one of my loyal followers.

Open wide like good girls!

Obsessedpleasure obsessedpleasure @jacking--jilling--mutual



Hotwife37 deeper @jacking--jilling--mutual


Deeper …

Thenewlovetobepegged foxykittenn so this is @jacking--jilling--mutual



So this is a still from one of our videos that I post to my private account… which we were thinking about selling access to… BUT I want to get a feeling for who would even be interested in something like this. My ask is totally open (and as long as its not hate/vulgar I’ll answer privately) so please let me know! 

Worth considering!

Hazeleyes2012 kneeling for you @jacking--jilling--mutual


Kneeling for you

Masturbation hands no vibrator @jacking--jilling--mutual


Manual transmission

I just had to share with someone because this is too great a thing to keep to myself :)

So this weekend I came home from college to spend my 20th birthday with my family and go to a dentist appointment the following day. On my drive down I realized I had forgotten something very important in my dorm room: my vibrator. I was a little upset, since this meant I probably wasn’t going to get the end-of-birthday orgasms I had planned…. Oh was I wrong.

I’m the kind of girl who was convinced my clit was ‘broken’ or something, because I had never been able to get off without the addition of a vibrator. My hand just never did it for me. Either the pressure wasn’t strong enough, I couldn’t find the right spot, I couldn’t get a good rhythm, or I just plain got frustrated that it was taking so long and gave up to reach for my vibrator. (Although, it has gotten me many quick and amazing orgasms, which I kinda need since my roommate has a tendency to come back from class early so I have to make the most of my time alone.)

So I was kinda upset with myself that I forgot my vibrator at school and was ridiculously horny, because I kind of always am nowadays. So I was looking through this blog and reading some stories and it got too bad for me to not at least touch myself a little bit to relieve a little bit of pressure.

It still wasn’t doing much for me. I was just kinda bored and horny and not having much fun. I kept my pants on because I was lazy and was just doing everything underneath my blankets and then I decided I was just gonna go for it. I took off my pants and my panties and kicked off the comforter so that I could get a better feel for what I was doing and decided that I was going to at least make a solid attempt to get myself off with just my hand. If I didn’t get off that was okay as long as I tried. It was my birthday and I deserved some self pampering.

So I conjured up one of my favorite things to fantasize about, oddly enough it’s being tickled don’t ask me why, and I just went for it, trying out different directions and pressures, trying to rub my clit while I had a finger in two inside of me, not much was working until I started to rub in broader strokes, getting my inner labia involved a little. I also discovered that I kinda like the sensation of my tummy fat jiggling with the movements of my arm and hand.

My arm was getting tired and it was getting harder to go on, but I had never felt this close with just my hand before and I didn’t want to stop. I took a pause, cracked my knuckles and stretched out my arm and went for it again. Back to the same wide movements and firm pressure when suddenly I couldn’t stop. No matter how much my arm and wrist hurt it was like I couldn’t stop myself…

…and finally I felt this amazingly pleasurably sensation come over me and I came by my hand for the first time! My legs started shaking and flailing and I writhed under my own touch and it felt AMAZING. It was such a different sensation than I get when I use my vibrator. it felt like a whole body experience. So for science I tried it again and came again within seconds. Happy Birthday to me!”

Cougarhottie cougar hottie daily @jacking--jilling--mutual


Cougar Hottie daily

Amateursmasturbate hot babe pleasuring her clit @jacking--jilling--mutual


Hot babe pleasuring her clit

Amateursmasturbate hot girl fingering her @jacking--jilling--mutual


Hot girl fingering her shaved cunt in the bath

Eat pvssy dope @jacking--jilling--mutual



Watchingyouwatchingporn whatturnsawomanon @jacking--jilling--mutual




I have discovered a weird turn-on I have is the thought of someone watching me while I touch myself. I just find it so hot. And by the way I adore your blog!”

she wants to be spied on


Dollyvisha the different hair colors @jacking--jilling--mutual


The different hair colors ❤️

Nichemarket2013 getting rid of the weeks @jacking--jilling--mutual


Getting rid of the week’s stresses and strains

Watchingyouwatchingporn handinpanties @jacking--jilling--mutual



laptops are meant for one thing: treats


Cougarhottie cougar hottie daily @jacking--jilling--mutual


Cougar Hottie daily

Jillbabyjill whitney by richglamor @jacking--jilling--mutual


Whitney by richglamor

Demacir ti cerco ti voglio ti desidero tra @jacking--jilling--mutual


Ti cerco.
Ti voglio.
Ti desidero tra le mie braccia,
il tuo naso tra il mio collo e la mia spalla. Desidero quei tuoi baci che mi fanno impazzire che mi lasciano senza fiato,
che mi stordiscono.
Queste mie mani ti desiderano.
Desiderano sfiorare il tuo viso,
le tue labbra,
il tuo corpo.
Toccarti e stringerti…

~D. M. C.®

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Slowly turnaway fuck yes please @jacking--jilling--mutual



YES, please!

Cougarhottie cougar hottie daily @jacking--jilling--mutual


Cougar Hottie daily

Cougarhottie cougar hottie daily @jacking--jilling--mutual


Cougar Hottie daily

Jillbabyjill solitude by michael storyteller @jacking--jilling--mutual


Solitude by Michael Storyteller

Ifuckmyfollowers driving down the road like @jacking--jilling--mutual


Driving down the road like…

Thinking about ___________________ (fill in the blank)