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FC/OC blog. Art posted here will solely be of my characters. Fanart and the like will be on the main. - characters galore (@jazztasticcombustion)
Solairemomo a jazz a jube and a jezebel from @jazztasticcombustion


a jazz, a jube, and a jezebel from the last month or so

Hello i did these while i was still @jazztasticcombustion

hello i did these while i was still computer-less!! these are my personal favorites though, yes i have more (actually im lying i loved all of them and these are the only ones im posting) 

im going to be mean and suggest you play a guessing game with some of these (answers will be in the tags) 

Solairemomo computer wont give me pressure one @jazztasticcombustion



Solairemomo doodle from last night during an @jazztasticcombustion


doodle from last night during an anime i could not get myself to pay attention to

named the file “super smash sisters” because i thought it was appropriate

I made a 2048 game as a gift to my friends about a @jazztasticcombustion

I made a 2048 game as a gift to my friends about a month or so ago using these icons 

The real version of the one on my ask blog its @jazztasticcombustion

The real version of the one on my ask blog 

it’s not much of a difference. its only lacking text. but I like it with or without text. 

The big momo outfit compilation it is much much @jazztasticcombustion

the big Momo outfit compilation

it is much, MUCH better in ref form. I also have a better explanation as well.

Solairemomo ok so i was cleaning my old art @jazztasticcombustion


ok so i was cleaning my old art from the folder on my laptop when i ran across my old oni persona and i was like “wow how lame” but then i immediately had the urge to redesign her and here you go 

I went with the name Jezebel as a joke because my friends all call me “jazzibell” from time to time

man i gotta get back to drawin monster girls u feel me

Solairemomo doodled a hooman jubilee to kill @jazztasticcombustion


doodled a hooman jubilee to kill time and wowe. wOWIE [fans self] 

I just wanted to draw the oral penetration by @jazztasticcombustion

i just wanted to draw the “oral penetration by slice of pizza” post

but there are other alternative titles to this, such as
-[homer simpson gargling noises]
-single ladies table
-reasons why jubilee hates eating around momo
-why the fuck does jubilee always talk in hashtags
-why do i draw stupid shit when im sleepy as shit

Solairemomo ay you wann what wit me ima @jazztasticcombustion






Outfit and design compilation this is only @jazztasticcombustion

outfit and design compilation. this is only touching the surface–i have many more im planning to make, rehash, etc as well as a character design ive yet to find a use for. shes a rat named Ceres

Things i worked on dating back to the first half @jazztasticcombustion

things i worked on, dating back to the first half of the year I’d say. I didnt finish much, and it soon became the year of Jube as I developed her further. I re-introduced some much older characters and there’s one of them in the set, though for now I will not reveal her name for reasons. I hope to talk more about my other characters in the following year, since I have spent a lot of time working with them

Collection of comics i did throughout the year s @jazztasticcombustion

collection of comics I did throughout the year. ’s not all of em either but i hope you get a laugh out of some of these

Colllection of dumb shit pt 2 @jazztasticcombustion

colllection of dumb shit pt 2

Here it is i finished this up on the stream this @jazztasticcombustion

here it is. I finished this up on the stream this morning! 

Jubilee has been doing some ki training and this would be a result of it. Her kicks are massive powerful now, and sometimes they even have extra firepower when possessing an emblem, thanks to a certain friend of hers. 

Solairemomo i wanted to do something fun and @jazztasticcombustion


I wanted to do something fun and not really my usual thing so cheebs??? WHOOOAAAAA DANG i like it =owo= 

I wanted to give Solaire more attention so I included her plus I’ve been wanting to do things with her lately anyway so here have the infamous duo that you usually only see a half of 

Solairemomo sonic shit photoset dump @jazztasticcombustion


sonic shit photoset dump

Solairemomo i went into this all yeah im gonna @jazztasticcombustion


i went into this all “yeah im gonna shade this" then i just completely lost all momentum so uh the flat is still considered a doodle in my eyes 

im really excited about this outfit. I wanted to make Jubilee an alt or just another outfit in general that was kind of cool looking and it could translate fairly well outside of sonic style so here friends

im kinda mad about that foot

I like crazy colors so i wanted to jump in on the @jazztasticcombustion

i like crazy colors so i wanted to jump in on the trickster thing

Ay redbone nice weave @jazztasticcombustion

ay redbone nice weave

If you asked me why i wouldnt be able to answer @jazztasticcombustion

if you asked me why i wouldnt be able to answer.

maybe anything along the lines of “ i just wanted to make something that looked cool idk”

Finished my doodle from last night niggas in @jazztasticcombustion

finished my doodle from last night. niggas in jackets part 2 

I finished it bye @jazztasticcombustion

i finished it bye

I actually could have finished this a lot @jazztasticcombustion

I actually could have finished this a lot sooner.but I decided to finish it tonight since I just feel so lazy sighs. 

It’s pretty basic. Solaire’s eyes display irises during bouts of extreme emotion, most notably anger. Yes, her hair is usually always mystically floating and lit. Her fire tail can change size or it can dissipate into her skin.

She’s an ancient demon (read as: old hag) who’s a pretty cranky bitch after being forced to live on the sun for a millenia 

The seal mark is in the same spot as it is on Momo, i guess its a lame way of saying they share a link even while they’re apart 

I haven’t really gone into how strong she is, but that’s because she’s not very strong with the seal on, however she is basically a solar manipulator just like Momo (where do you think she got it from) just at a lesser extent at the moment 

Another reason she’s so cranky is because of all the rules in the world. Yeah who needs rules anyway, rules and laws are dumb–in her mind. Coming from a part of hell. spending a majority of her life on a giant star. and basically being made out of every combustible substance imaginable, of course she craves chaos. 

Though when she’s not ruining people’s lives she’s resting to do it again the next day in her underground magma lair. It’s underground next to a volcano and since she can pretty much dissipate and travel through the air, thanks to the seal link, she can always be around Momo’s general vicinity no matter where she is. 

That’s all I have for now I think

Something i plan on finishing to start the new @jazztasticcombustion

something i plan on finishing to start the new year. a sketch preview  in case my motivation’s all “haha nope" 

i feel so confident though. the sketch looks great. i just hope my inking doesn’t stiffen the poses 

I decided to find a palette and paint a picture @jazztasticcombustion

I decided to find a palette and paint a picture with it and well I am pleased with the results wow…….. 

this was really fun. i’d like to do something like this again soon 

I’m not sure how to describe it though, I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s one of Momo’s nightmares, maybe how she feels inside i guess. a monster 


Niapolitan makes me crave sweets like a @jazztasticcombustion

Niapolitan makes me crave sweets like a motherfuck

Anyway, a finished piece of a character in progress, a humanoid ice cream or other wise a form of goo girl 

She is very polite and caring, and is the type of person who would put everyone before herself. She is brimming with optimism and general friendliness. She also likes to look cute. She speaks with a lisp (her s’s and soft c’s are very heavy)

I am actually losing track of what im posting so @jazztasticcombustion

i am actually losing track of what im posting so here u go

I was thinking of this while i was playing mario @jazztasticcombustion

I was thinking of this while i was playing mario kart. it was even funnier because i beat my old scores with a new mii, which it should be obvious from the doodle who I switched to LOL 

Also funnier: she normally plays with Rosalina but decided to be Daisy to be a complete douchebag #mariokartheadcanons

Wow i got really bored today so i uh made some new @jazztasticcombustion

wow I got really bored today so I uh made some new character designs because SUDDENLY IDEAS maybe i should babysit more often 

I wanted a new guy character to add to my cast of mostly girls, and some months ago, I was working on a hedgehog I never showed to anyone but a couple of people but soon scrapped it. The idea I was working with at the time was that I wanted a thieving character. Unfortunately I did not like the end result even though I came up with a name and everything (thanks to some help btw) and just left it. Then later on I decided I did NOT want it to be another hedgehog. I have enough for my own personal taste because personally I could make a hundred hedgehogs. I just wanted to find something more…fitting. 

So I was thinking about that old idea while at the same time thinking about how cool mimes are and how that’d be a really awesome fighting style. You know, pantomiming and the like. Then I was like WHAT IF THERE WAS A THIEF WHO COULD PANTOMIME like it sounds kooky but it’s actually really awesome and it’d baffle the people who see it LOL SO YEAH PLUS I liked the idea of a raccoon already looking like a sly, little bandit (see what i did there) so it just..kinda pieced itself together and I’m p. proud of this idea 

So..Swift the Raccoon is a pantomiming thief who lives with his ferret partner-in-crime in the streets of station square. They only steal to improve their way of living, so they wouldn’t rob a commoner on the street, but they’d steal from an establishment for things like food or money, and they only get enough to satisfy them, as they aren’t greedy (well, Swift isn’t, anyway)

Swift is a better thief than his loud mouth younger partner, who kind of ruins their heists half the time and he has to bust his ass to get them BOTH out of danger. (in the bottom sketch he boxed him up as a punishment. I cannot handle how adorably hilarious that idea is im sorry) 

SPEAKING OF ADORABLE WOW making ferret boy was just loads of fun. He doesn’t have anything special about him–he’s just a little loudmouth sass. I don’t have a name for him yet. It might just be something average. 

These are only drafts and the like–I’m still trying to piece together things like how they came to be really close in the first place. 

Fun facts so far - Swift used to smoke but when he met ferret boy he realized “wow that would kind of make me a terrible role model” and he replaced the habit with something acceptable for a kid’s eyes. Thus why he’s blowing bubbles in the bottom sketch. Ferret boy however teases him about it, telling him he’s less cool because he’s not smoking. What a little shit

I’ll prob have things finalized and posted on dA. I just wanted to share this while I was excited =uwu= 

EDIT: Slick the Ferret, thank you boyfriendo

Throws sketches at you and ollies outies falls off @jazztasticcombustion


-Really rough draft of all of the moves I’m going to include in the Smash Bros meme for Twitter Fighter (that’s still a thing right???? if not Im still gonne do it) ALSO DAMN THAT EMPTY SPACE idk what else to fit there at the time

-sketches of Momo and Solaire and respective heights. I had just got done trying to practice spacing out my faces. It’s more evident on Momo than Solaire though, considering she actually has a nose. Solaire’s supposed to have a bit of a snout but I’ll figure out how to work that out eventually. She’s also a draft; not sure if I want to make that look final yet. Doesn’t scream “false sense of royalty all up her ass” loud enough to me. But she at least has sexy demon lady down

I love jackets and boots andfjfdjs love 

Throws more art on the blog @jazztasticcombustion


Mrlopunny jazztasticcombustion doing that @jazztasticcombustion



doing that thing again 

butts that blind and grinning demons 

Nice pictures, you do commissions?

Why yes I do! My commission info is here if you’re interested. 

Doing that thing again butts that blind and @jazztasticcombustion

doing that thing again 

butts that blind and grinning demons 

Man captions help when you suck at sketching holy @jazztasticcombustion

Man captions help when you suck at sketching holy fuck 

Team Coco’s back, they been away for a while, but now they’re back to kick some butt. UNH 

My fav egg pawn is the one on the right he looks like he inhaled some bad robo crack because i didn’t feel like drawing the rest of him in at that moment

So i did a thing and i liked it wow @jazztasticcombustion

so I did a thing and i liked it wow

Momo likes an occasional game of b ball from time @jazztasticcombustion

Momo likes an occasional game of b-ball from time to time

This is going to irk me when i get ready to finish @jazztasticcombustion

this is going to irk me when i get ready to finish this sobs

Lmfao hopefully im not too grossed out by this @jazztasticcombustion

lmfao hopefully Im not too grossed out by this tomorrow so i can finish

I kind of had a thought since like, Momo’s family is back in Westopolis, how would things have gone down when Black Arms came over and fucked shit up? Well it hit the news pretty fast I imagine so she’d be down there in a heartbeat, fending off aliens so her dad could have time to escape. She’d probably have to go to what hospital her mom worked at to find her since Im sure she’d probably be helping the ambulance dispatch team??? idk 

Either way the thought wouldnt stop bugging me and I finally had some drawing time tonight. I hope Im motivated enough to go through with finishing it in full.

Pose practice for the most part i really liked @jazztasticcombustion

Pose practice, for the most part

I really liked how Jazz came out by herself, inked and colored, so i took the yarn away to show some of the missed details c: *there’s not much missed but still 

I dont know anymore @jazztasticcombustion

I don’t know anymore

Actual romance @jazztasticcombustion

actual romance

Romance @jazztasticcombustion


Just some of the more recent stuff ive finished @jazztasticcombustion

just some of the more recent stuff I’ve finished :B 

Tried my hand at pixel c jazz and her weaponpet @jazztasticcombustion

tried my hand at pixel c:

Jazz and her weapon/pet yarn again. I still dont know if I want the yarn to be called Nyarn. It’s disgustingly kawaii and there’s only enough kawaii I can stand 

It might not have a name at all. Or she might just call it Mr. Yarn rofl 

oh well. Well while I’m at it, the yarn mostly functions as an offensive to add to her defensive. Its various trap maneuvers can assist Jazz in both attacking and evading. It’s made of strong iron, and can put up a protective shield for Jazz to hide behind. As it sees her as her owner, it also serves as helpful in many outside situations, such as when Jazz is sick it actually tries to help her get better like a person would rofl

I have sketches that would explain the above better, but I credit this idea to a friend who helped set it off. I thought it really complimented Jazz’s character. 

What if momo just looked in bastions pants and @jazztasticcombustion

“What if Momo just looked in Bastion’s pants and saw a galaxy”


Our shenanigans……………

Momo the humanhog @jazztasticcombustion

Momo the Humanhog

Got bored decided to make a concept for @jazztasticcombustion

Got bored, decided to make a concept for Timeskip!Momo. I wanted to make her look like she’s settled, cause well, she is rofl. She’s a mom now, so she’s not really as tense as she was when she was younger. 

As for the other two pictures, Steam is Momo and Chill’s son. He’s teased by practically everyone because he has really long hair and he’s very shy, people think he looks gay lol His only friend is Rhapsody, Jazz and M’s daughter who’s older than him. She’s the one comforting him on the sketchpage 

Oh there’s a timeskip!Jazz there too but my shoulder killed on me before I could make a seperate page like I did for Momo, so

Rurunekochan emilatosk i had been planning this @jazztasticcombustion

@rurunekochan @Emilatosk I had been planning this picture for a while now but I was too lazy to start on it

Mahou Shoujo Supai Magica? Mahou Shoujo Ruri Magica? You decide lol 

Now my shoulders are dead /dies

Also Connect played as soon I finished this………….so I just pictured them in the opening…………..omg………


Gpoy of me and rurunekochan this weekend i @jazztasticcombustion

gpoy of me and @rurunekochan this weekend

I created the original template based on the girls laughing meme or w/e

Ruri abuses pokemon @jazztasticcombustion

Ruri abuses pokemon

Wildlife @jazztasticcombustion


Current mood @jazztasticcombustion

current mood

Ruri is a fish cracker heartbreaker @jazztasticcombustion

Ruri is a fish cracker heartbreaker

The angry bastion fluffball flew away @jazztasticcombustion

the angry Bastion fluffball flew away :(

Super money gooooooooooooooo poot @jazztasticcombustion


Ball of fluff @jazztasticcombustion

ball of fluff

Cookie rollin @jazztasticcombustion

cookie rollin