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A collection of men I find masculine. Includes bodybuilders, powerlifters, leather, football players and more... - ubermale (@jeep4191)
Kirkbz recentmemory @jeep4191



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Shit I’m in love

Londonboy45 how tall are you i asked @jeep4191


“How tall are you?” I asked - foolishly.

He smiled and said, “Five eight.  Why?  You think power can’t come in a small package?  Why don’t you show me where your car is.”

Tom1279 bodybuilding motivation @jeep4191


bodybuilding motivation

Londonboy45 hey look my barbell is here or @jeep4191


“Hey look, my barbell is here - or should I say my Bob-bell is here.”

Londonboy45 fellas not again yep we hid @jeep4191


“Fellas!  Not again!”

“Yep, we hid your car.  We won’t give you any clues until you get desperate.”

Londonboy45 damn these guns busted the chains @jeep4191


“Damn, these guns busted the chains with no problem.  I gotta find thicker ones.”

Big strong tough alexey shabunya @jeep4191


Alexey Shabunya

Cigarsarehot fuck @jeep4191



Slickpenguin tomas kaspar asked fans to help @jeep4191


Tomas Kaspar asked fans to help him choose a poser for the San Marino Pro Show on Nov. 15th. Looks like he went for the red ones.

Goodboymusclejock harvzilla hellberg75 @jeep4191




Justin Monroe

@dancinsatyr is this The Resort Lounge?

Is there a better colour than gold? How it shines, how it lures. Everything should be gold, the colour of opulence and luxury, a symbol of pleasure. Gold is special, it must be polished and shaped.

I work in the gym to shape my body, the way a goldsmith works this soft, pliable metal. I am soft and pliable. I workout to make myself hard like a gold brick. I am molded by Mr Smith, shaped into a beautiful golden boy.

I polish myself with His special oils after the gym. The oils keep me smooth, keep me shiny. I like to pose and flex, a golden statue on display, a symbol of Mr Smith’s wealth. I am a trophy.

Gold chains to show you are owned and you are valued, valued like gold, valued by the dragon. Horded. An object to be counted and enjoyed.

Londonboy45 i love wearing shirts that reveal @jeep4191


I love wearing shirts that reveal more than they hide.  It’s fun to watch people freak out.  

Acebannon big vascular @jeep4191


Big & vascular.

Londonboy45 you wanna see him lift me with one @jeep4191


“You wanna see him lift me with one arm.  It’s hot as hell.”

Surveying men anthony defosse @jeep4191


Anthony Defosse

Drwannabe brandon beckrich @jeep4191


Brandon Beckrich

Truckerpig pmeats7125 sure ill go for a @jeep4191



Sure, i’ll go for a walk with ya

We have just reached 5,000 followers ! Submit your pics at Truckerpig ! Thanks to follow

Roidedbro roided as fuck bros posing for a gym @jeep4191


Roided as fuck bros posing for a gym pic. Yeah, gotta get that post workout pump to show on film.
They weren’t always bros or as huge as that, no. One used to be overweight, the other extremely skinny. That was all before they found the JUICE GYM.
They were assigned under the same coach, and right after they got on their first free cycle, you bet all that changed, and fast. 
It’s funny how similiar they are to one another now. Both bulging with extreme muscle, both lost count of what cycle they’re on, arms looking all huge and pretty much the same, heck even the veins are alike. The truth is coach likes making them similar, like twins. Just two meatheads with a very important thing in common: MUSCLE.
Coach enjoys changing them together, so they form a bond. There’s something to be said when you grow together with another guy, watching both of you change into mindless muscle machines. The daily journey to the gym, the daily praise and miring, pushing yourselves to the limit, injecting juice on each other. Soon you’re doing everything the same, acting, dressing, saying and even thinking about the same stuff, in this case it’s usually one thing: muscle. That’s when they become true bros. And it’s no wonder why. Just imagine: putting your hand on your bro’s shoulders, feeling his huge traps while both of you flex your ridiculously huge arms, 40 inches doesn’t even begin to cut it. Pumping iron together, happily hugging each other after an exhausting gym season, feeling each of your juiced muscles pressing against one another… watching your bro flex and flex without intent as he lifts…
Coach loves watching their minds change too. It always, always starts out the same. Skinny or fat, shy and insecure. Then as soon as the muscles start popping out all over, so does their brain cells. They become more primal, agressive, cocky, in charge. A huge boost of confidence surges inside them, because when you look that fucking good you know you’re the real deal.
Many don’t want to be as big at first. Nah, just a body the ladies will like, some say. But that also changes pretty quickly. Roids make you feel and look so awesome they get hooked pretty fast. Can’t live without them anymore, really. And coach delights in pushing them to be bigger and bigger and BIGGER, no limit. Because they want to always feel like that, they make sure to follow coach’s order to the very last detail and have no choice but to end up as massive roidpigs.
Coach also likes to make them all about muscle and muscle only. Why bother with smart and complicated shit when you can simply use your body to get whatever you want and also feel amazing while doing it?  Besides, you know you will always be able to count on coach or your bro for everything.
Why bother with women too? Way too complicated, too much drama, too little muscles, not enough fucking and lifting and fun.
These are the lines of thought he seeds in their new meatheads, cause that’s what their heads are full of now, MEAT. And it does work, and how.
They love their new lives now, just thinking with their dicks and their muscles. Their muscles get them everything they could ever want, be it money or pleasure. No time worrying about the future, the now is all that matters. Just posing for a pic to be soon posted on the JUICE GYM site, with that vapid smile and empty eyes all of coach’s boys have.
Yeah, life couldn’t be better for them.
It could be the same for you too, if only you would take the leap and start your roid journey. It’s all in your hands.

Londonboy45 watch the street pole he said @jeep4191


“Watch the street pole,” he said, placing his hand against it and pushing slightly.  I hear the high pitched screaming of metal and watched as the tall thing bent at an angle right below his hand.

Drwannabe fabio rezende @jeep4191


Fabio Rezende

Rubbvigo he is my friend in facebook @jeep4191


He is my friend in facebook

Sannong fuck @jeep4191



Sannong ronnie coleman an old one but the @jeep4191


Ronnie Coleman - An old one, but the crazy ass veins popping out of his tights gets me hard as fuck everytime. 

Sannong mahmut irmak i may have posted some @jeep4191


Mahmut Irmak - I may have posted some of these before, but this freak is always worth a second look. No fucking skin, none, anywhere.



Slickpenguin josh lenartowicz @jeep4191


Josh Lenartowicz

Slickpenguin tomas kaspar @jeep4191


Tomas Kaspar

Londonboy45 um honey maybe uh youre @jeep4191


Um … honey, maybe uh … you’re growing … you know … too fast.  Yesterday we were the same height.

Big strong tough serdar aktolga @jeep4191


Serdar Aktolga

Big strong tough serdar aktolga @jeep4191


Serdar Aktolga

Thebearfilms bear crush monday @jeep4191


Bear Crush Monday!

Big strong tough serdar aktolga @jeep4191


Serdar Aktolga

Director28 buffboy2u hey doc are we going @jeep4191



Hey doc, are we going to do another prostate exam?

There oughtta be a law!

Director28 tufas tony awesome shoulders @jeep4191




Awesome shoulders and lats.

Big strong tough serdar aktolga @jeep4191


Serdar Aktolga

Talesofthealpha themercuryjones stu hes @jeep4191




He’s grown. I approve.

Talesofthealpha it doesnt take much @jeep4191


It doesn’t take much encouragement for me to take it off.

Londonboy45 forget the punching bag use my @jeep4191


“Forget the punching bag.  Use my stomach.”

Welcometomuscleville oh honey dat ass @jeep4191


Oh honey, dat ass!

Talesofthealpha im feeling especially horny @jeep4191


I’m feeling especially horny this morning. It’s going to take all of you.

Real thick that ass and legs real thick tv @jeep4191


That ass (and legs). Real Thick TV.

Talesofthealpha i swam all the way to hawaii to @jeep4191


I swam all the way to Hawaii to enjoy some sun and surf.

Real thick thick bull @jeep4191


Thick Bull

Talesofthealpha its like a cock corset @jeep4191


It’s like a cock corset.

Justin2leather maleslavetrainer its @jeep4191



Its important to train your slave cop to kneel properly. Given their power in daily life, its not a position they are used to.

AMAZING - I’d be a SLAVE COP any day!

Talesofthealpha thats right your jaw should @jeep4191


That’s right, your jaw should drop open.

Silvercockring sebastian bas stronks mr @jeep4191


Sebastian ‘Bas’ Stronks
Mr Hoist 2015

Bearmachines it looks alarmed and either @jeep4191


It looks alarmed, and either subconsciously or purposefully simulating shortness of breath. But why…?