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I'm Jenn :) I love SYTYCD. ROBERT ROLDAN is my hero <3 aka: why my name is jennlovesrob. This tumblr is all about him :) I post pictures & videos of Robert often <3 PS: Follow me on twitter: @jenn_loves_rob - :) (@jennlovesrob)
But then i realized tomorrow is all day @jennlovesrob

……but then I realized tomorrow is all-day in-service and cleaning day.


How i feel because tomorrow is friday @jennlovesrob

How I feel because tomorrow is Friday ;)

I always wanted one of these if im being really @jennlovesrob

I always wanted one of these! If I’m being really honest…I still want one haha ;) 

I miss talking to this guy 3 @jennlovesrob

I miss talking to this guy <3

So good to see fix you again robertroldan @jennlovesrob

SO good to see Fix You again :) @robertroldan_ @allisonholker

Allison and robert were perfection in fix you @jennlovesrob

Allison and Robert were perfection in “Fix You” for the Decade of Dance special.

Loved watching them again.

Make sure you watch the 10th anniversary special @jennlovesrob


“Fix You” will be reprised tomorrow! Not. Emotionally. Ready.

Rumor has it that well be seeing robert and @jennlovesrob

Rumor has it that we’ll be seeing Robert and Allison dance “Fix You” again on the 10th Anniversary special. That would be incredible! :)

Loved seeing robert and kathryn dancing on sytycd @jennlovesrob

Loved seeing Robert and Kathryn dancing on SYTYCD this last week! :)

I love when they dance together @jennlovesrob

I love when they dance together :)

Happy independence day @jennlovesrob

Happy Independence Day! :)

Hollywoodjunketsytycd dancers who made it on @jennlovesrob


Dancers who made it on “So You Think You Can Dance” season 12 had to get past these two first - Robert and Comfort! Watch their interview below.

Good interview! :)

Jennlovesroblauren rob fire please sign @jennlovesrob


Lauren + Rob = FIRE!

Please sign this birthday card for the lovely Lauren Gottlieb whose birthday is coming up! Reblog too ;)
Man crush monday @jennlovesrob

Man crush Monday :)

Kathryn mccormick got married over the weekend and @jennlovesrob

Kathryn McCormick got married over the weekend and Rob was there to help her celebrate. Beautiful bride and two amazing people! :)

This makes me uncomfortable and makes me laugh all @jennlovesrob

This makes me uncomfortable and makes me laugh all at the same time.

Throwback to coachella last year hopefully @jennlovesrob

Throwback to Coachella last year :)

Hopefully Rob’s enjoying himself this time!

Laurengottarmy i love these two 3 theyre @jennlovesrob


I love these two <3

they’re STUNNING! ;)

Robert dominic twitch fikshun travis kathryn @jennlovesrob

Robert, Dominic, tWitch, Fikshun, Travis, Kathryn, & more SYTYCD alumni dancing with Michelle Obama for #Gimme5 :)

Laurengottarmy sexy throwback still love @jennlovesrob


Sexy throwback ;)

Still love this & them.

Robert is so handsome @jennlovesrob

Robert is SO handsome.

Throwback to when robert danced with katy perry @jennlovesrob

Throwback to when Robert danced with Katy Perry for the Superbowl :)

Pumped to see rob in the juicy wiggle video by @jennlovesrob

Pumped to see Rob in the Juicy Wiggle video by RedFoo coming soon :)

You can say robert isnt handsomebut then youd @jennlovesrob

You can say Robert isn’t handsome….but then you’d be lying.

Favorite moment of sytycd season 11 @jennlovesrob

Favorite moment of SYTYCD Season 11.

This picture of robert makes me laugh every time @jennlovesrob

This picture of Robert makes me laugh every time.

Bollywood? Bollyhood?!

This is one of my most favorite gif sets of all @jennlovesrob

This is one of my most favorite GIF-sets of all time ;)

LOVE THIS hahaha!

Throwback thursday two of the hottest most @jennlovesrob

Throwback Thursday —–> Two of the hottest, most talented, and greatest people around. Love them so much! :)

Hes my man crush every day and obviously my @jennlovesrob

He’s my man crush every day!

and obviously my Valentine because ;)

Cant wait for breaking through @jennlovesrob

Can’t wait for Breaking Through :)

Cant wait to see these people dancing in the @jennlovesrob

Can’t wait to see these people dancing in the Superbowl half time show today! So excited for the SYTYCD alumni :)

So excited to see him in the superbowl halftime @jennlovesrob

So excited to see him in the Superbowl halftime show tomorrow ;)

So proud of this one right here love that @jennlovesrob

SO PROUD OF THIS ONE RIGHT HERE!!! :) Love that Robert gets to perform in the Superbowl! Can’t wait to watch!

But why is my hero a model @jennlovesrob

But why is my hero a model?!