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JESSIE ANDREWS @jessieandrews

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Jessie Andrews (born March 22, 1992) is an American model, award winning adult actress, jewelry designer, producer and dj. - JESSIE ANDREWS (@jessieandrews)
My very first american apparel gif d @jessieandrews

My Very first American Apparel gif :D

Hopeless lingerie by sara sani @jessieandrews

Hopeless Lingerie by Sara Sani

Monster children magazine by purienne @jessieandrews

Monster Children Magazine by Purienne

Me distressed by wiissa @jessieandrews

Me distressed by Wiissa.

Me eating a peach by the window in winder in nyc @jessieandrews

Me eating a peach by the window in winder in NYC by Wiissa :)

Most days by mateo a in nyc @jessieandrews

Most days.By Mateo A in NYC

Youre so baby by mateo in nyc @jessieandrews

You’re so baby. By Mateo in NYC.

Me by mateo in the american apparel studios nyc @jessieandrews

me by Mateo in the American Apparel studios NYC.

Me by andrew arthur @jessieandrews

Me by Andrew Arthur

C heads magazine by dirk mai @jessieandrews

C-heads magazine by Dirk Mai

Tbt american apparel one of my firsts @jessieandrews

#tbt American Apparel. one of my firsts :)

Moonassii jessie andrews bagatiba com @jessieandrews


Jessie Andrews
Magpie collects jessie andrews for i d @jessieandrews


Jessie Andrews for I.D, Francesca Jane Allen

Fehlindu shes my favorite hiiiii @jessieandrews


she’s my favorite

Me by michelle mosqueda @jessieandrews

Me by Michelle Mosqueda


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