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JESSIE ANDREWS @jessieandrews

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Jessie Andrews (born March 22, 1992) is an American model, award winning adult actress, jewelry designer, producer and dj. - JESSIE ANDREWS (@jessieandrews)
Views from today ko phi phi maya bay @jessieandrews

Views from today ✔️ ko phi phi / maya bay



Greetings from the beach @jessieandrews

Greetings from the beach

Hello @jessieandrews




Greetings from phuket @jessieandrews

Greetings from Phuket 🙏🏼

Goodbye america @jessieandrews


Bagatibablog sleep tight babes petal drop @jessieandrews


Sleep tight babes. Petal drop necklace & the 3 2E choker 😴😴😴😴

Peace out la see you in 2 weeks @jessieandrews

Peace out LA. See you in 2 weeks ✊🏼

Lunch lamodeldietcom @jessieandrews

Lunch. 😎

Oh hi @jessieandrews

Oh hi 😍



Most days @jessieandrews

Most days

Taylor swift slaying last night @jessieandrews

Taylor swift slaying last night 😎

Spieglerrrrrrrrr @jessieandrews


3 me for i d magazine @jessieandrews

<3 me for i-D magazine

Tbt american apparel @jessieandrews

#tbt American Apparel.

Best friend @jessieandrews

Best friend ✊🏼

Me and sahara on that 7 am pilates tip @jessieandrews

Me and Sahara on that 7 AM Pilates tip!

Bangs @jessieandrews

Bangs 😊

The line @jessieandrews

The line.

Best agent in the world i love you spiegler @jessieandrews

Best agent in the world. I love you Spiegler

Jacket on point @jessieandrews

Jacket on point ✊🏼

Namaste bb @jessieandrews

Namaste bb

Mom @jessieandrews

Mom 😭💕

Hi kira @jessieandrews

Hi Kira

Snapchat bbjes @jessieandrews

Snapchat: bbjes

Tan line @jessieandrews

Tan line

Coffee tho @jessieandrews

Coffee tho

Angie and soozie @jessieandrews

❤️ Angie and soozie

Zzz @jessieandrews


Yessssss im on bbjes @jessieandrews

Yessssss. I’m on ✔️ >>> bbjes

Down for this lamodeldietcom @jessieandrews

Down for this 😍

Me and sienna love bathrooms @jessieandrews

Me and sienna love bathrooms ❤️

Hi adri @jessieandrews

Hi adri

Morning babes @jessieandrews

Morning babes 💕

I d @jessieandrews

i-D ✔️

Doin it @jessieandrews

Doin it

Miami @jessieandrews

Miami 🌴

Are ya ready @jessieandrews

Are ya ready? ☕️

Snapchat bbjes @jessieandrews

Snapchat: bbjes

Hi snapchat bbjes @jessieandrews

Hi :) snapchat: bbjes

Thank you san fran @jessieandrews

Thank you San Fran :)

Me by mason rose @jessieandrews

Me by Mason Rose.