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I'm Jhonen Vasquez, and this is my story. Okay, it's just my Tumblr. I'm sorry I lied to you. - JHONEN VASQUEZ (@jhonenv)
Onipress check out the invader zim and rick and @jhonenv


Check out the INVADER ZIM and RICK AND MORTY TREASURY EDITIONS compared to the original first issues! These limited edition, over-sized issues will be on sale at comic shops participating in Local Comic Shop Day on 11/28.

They’re getting LAAAARGERRR!!!

Foosweechin invader zim variant cover @jhonenv


Invader Zim variant cover #Invaderzim #コミック

So awesome.

Geez the ego on that guy buying his own comics @jhonenv

Geez, the ego on that guy, buying his own comics.

But listen, that reminds me. I don’t wanna look like a complete jerk by buying copies of my own comic to laugh at, so if you guys could do me a huge favor and buy copies of issue #4 so I can live vicariously through the joy it is certain to bring bring you that’d be great. 

Several million copies should do.

Photo courtesy of Dartmouth Comix

Comic book resources has a couple of pages of @jhonenv

Comic Book Resources has a couple of pages of INVADER ZIM #4 up on their website along with the cover I did for it! IT’S A CHEESE PUFF, OKAY?

Once again, Eric Trueheart wrote this issue while under the influence of me yelling at him, so blame mostly him, yeah?


Happy halloweeeaaaaaraaarrrrrghhhh @jhonenv

Happy HalloweeeaaaAArAAARRrrrghhhh!

I think everyone does a great job with their @jhonenv

I think everyone does a great job with their covers for the INVADER ZIM comic, and it’s especially impressive if the artist is dead inside like I am because you can’t tell how little they feel for anything based on their (my) incredible work.

These two new covers for reprints of the first issue showed up today and I gotta say, they cheered me way up (I had to slaughter a whole ant colony that had found hope for the future in my kitchen. They were trying to carry their injured away and everything.)

Thanks upperhandart and andrewmaclean for taking my mind off of the monster I had become.

Conflicted robot with reflection of tire repair @jhonenv

Conflicted robot with reflection of tire repair place lobby where I’m doodling robots.

Dinolich look at this invader zim trade @jhonenv


LOOK AT THIS. Invader ZIM Trade Paperback preorder codes are out! If you’re not big on single issues, or just want to add this nice-ass lookin book to your shelf (because you do), you should tell your local comic book shop to pick this shit up for you. We all worked really hard on it, and it totally shows.

She’s right, guys. The ass on this book is WAY too nice to resist, so please, support your friendly, local ZIM comic team (us) and pre-order this collection of stuff that will collect five issues of our super quality entertainment product, three issues of which I wrote myself! If that’s a huge turnoff to you, then Eric Trueheart wrote a few himself so that balances things out, right?

Hey the new issue of invader zim is out today and @jhonenv

Hey! The new issue of INVADER ZIM is out today and it’s got a hellish space donkey in it! It’s pretty much what my entire life has been building up to so I hope you enjoy the high point or my career and what marks the begin of my rapid decline from here on out. 

Issue 3 was written by Eric Trueheart, drawn by Aaron Alexovich, inked by Megan Lawton, colored by Rikki Simons and Jenny Goldberg while I sat back, played Arkham Knight and occasionally checked my email for updates on how the book was going and grunted.

Okay, I DID play a lot of Arkham Knight, did everything but every single Riddler challenge because I ain’t got time f’dat, but I also wrote a bunch of the intro with Gaz up to that touching, sisterly scene above.

EDIT: Had to edit this post because of some weird sentence fragments that were left over from sentences I rewrote, so the unedited version appeared to say that this issue was the NADIR or my career! That makes it sound so bad! Everyone did an amazing job and this issue is far from the lowest point in my career! THAT IS YET TO COME AND I HOPE YOU’RE AROUND TO SUFFER THROUGH IT!

Skronked dont worry its just a joke this @jhonenv


(don’t worry it’s just a joke)

This skeleton gets it.

Chuckbb finally my dreams of being in a hot @jhonenv


Finally my dreams of being in a Hot Topic store are realized with my Invader Zim cover variant(exclusive to Hot Topic)

Chuck BB’s variant cover to INVADER ZIM issue #2 is my favorite ZIM cover for issue #2. As always, I wish these were available outside of their exclusive prisons.

Just a reminder for those of you who dont tattoo @jhonenv

Just a reminder for those of you who don’t tattoo each issue’s release date onto your chest Memento-style: INVADER ZIM #2 came out today and will be out until you pick up every last copy! It’d be irresponsible to leave these on shelves for too long. 

There’s a lot of work going into these on the part of pretty much everyone involved (Aaron A. alone is mostly just a face and a pencil connected with some veins by this point) so we hope you’ll check it out!

Looks like theres a need for a 2nd printing of @jhonenv

Looks like there’s a need for a 2nd printing of INVADER ZIM #1 already, and that’s pretty great news. In honor of this great news, aaronalexovich fried up this horrifying new cover and you should probably love it. 


You all loved ZIM #1 so hard, we’re doing a second printing! onipress let me use my own style for this cover, so I tried to make it as upsetting as possible. ENJOY!

Andy is the best possible andy @jhonenv

Andy is the best possible Andy.

Onipress pre order invader zim 2 at your local @jhonenv


Pre-order Invader Zim #2 at your local comic shop this weekend to see the galaxy’s greatest roadside attractions!

Issue two is stupid! Anticipate it!!

Onipress los angeles invader zim signing this @jhonenv


Los Angeles! Invader Zim signing this Wednesday, 7 pm at meltdowncomics with jhonenv and aaronalexovich:

Remembering how much work i have to do @jhonenv

Remembering how much work I have to do…

Onipress dont miss our invader zim panel today @jhonenv


Don’t miss our Invader Zim panel today and the signing after!

Onipress get your sdcc exclusive invader zim 1 @jhonenv


Get your SDCC exclusive Invader Zim #1 cover signed by jhonenv and bryankonietzko today!

Givememountaindew its zim comic day and @jhonenv


It’s Zim Comic Day and reading it immediately sent me back to age 12.

Gotta say, it’s pretty nuts to go out and get a comic version of the cartoon that made me want to get into animation, on my lunch break from my animation storyboarding job.

Saw this fanart on the Twitter and it made me laugh, so I share it with you all so that you laugh, and then maybe cry. Digging the response to the comic’s release from all sorts of different people.

Aaronalexovich who goes the cormi corm @jhonenv



Calm the hell down, Recap Kid!

Onipress never has a work captured a whimsy so @jhonenv


“Never has a work captured a whimsy so idiotic and brave that it harkens back to the Tex Avery/Chuck Jones eras of Looney Tunes.“ pastemagazine on Invader Zim #1:

What a nice thing!

So this san diego comicon is kinda a big one for @jhonenv

So this San Diego Comicon is kinda a big one for me, and if you’re planning on attending, lemme clue you in as to how to best enjoy my presense there.



Great! Having gotten the big points out of the way, let me now give you the lowdown as to why this convention appearance is a special one for me. Lean in real close so my words are punctuated by the unpleasant sensation of having your ear canals steamed up.

Okay, so why’s this con such a big deal? Lemme tell you:

20th Anniversary of the publishing of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. That’s right, JTHM was publishedby SLG comics before the moon was fully formed!

INVADER ZIM Comic Book! That’s a big deal, I’d say.

So I’ll be split up between two signing spots, walking both worlds at this convention, like Blade, only a Mexican Blade, and no Kris Kristofferson. Here is a handy guide to how to find me, where and when!



Thursday 7/9

Signing in SLG booth - 2:30 - 4:00

JTHM 20th Anniversary Spotilight Panel - 5:00 pm

Friday 7/10

SLG Signing - 1 - 2:00

ONI PRESS ZIM Signing - 4:00

Saturday 7/11

INVADER ZIM Comics Panel - 2:00 p,

ONI PRESS ZIM Signing - 3:30-4:30

SLG Signing - 6-7


Comics/Animation Panel - 1:30-3:00

SLG Signing - 4:00 - 5:00

Okay…holy shit. I just NOW realized what my schedule is like. I’m not kidding about this - I only now read all the shit I’m supposed to do at this con and I don’t think I’ve EVER done this much stuff at any convention. There’s a whole panel I don’t even remember being on and now I’m already tired and dead feeling and the convention hasn’t even begun yet. Sorry, I’m just…oh my god…

As a means of catching zim fans up to speed in @jhonenv

As a means of catching ZIM fans up to speed in terms of the series’ highly complicated (everyone throws fits and stuff explodes) plot, and to inform those who have never watched the show (you can tell who they are because they still have their hearing), I hired Recap Kid. He (or she? I never specified and aaronalexovich‘s art keeps it mysterious) is an expert on all things ZIM so you’re in good hands there. 

Onipress the final two invader zim 1 variant @jhonenv


The final two Invader Zim #1 variant covers are revealed by cbr: tysonhesse‘s variant available through Hastings Entertainment and kinucakes‘ variant available through gamestop.

Completely forgot about these redesigned zim @jhonenv

Completely forgot about these redesigned ZIM characters I did a while back. It’s a little late to use them in issues 1 and 2 of the comics, but I think I can transition over to them for issue 3 without people noticing.

Cunch im so proud and happy for all the @jhonenv


I’m so proud and happy for all the same-sex couples out there!! It’s about gosh-dern time! ❤️💛💚💙💜💖 #marriageequality #gaybunnies

Onipress jhonenvs invader zim 1 cover is now @jhonenv


jhonenv‘s Invader Zim #1 cover is now available to pre-order directly from our web store:

Hey! You no longer have to beat an armed assailant in a thunderdome setting! My cover is available online!

Cunch onipress announcing the invader zim 1 @jhonenv



Announcing the Invader Zim #1 Newbury Comics variant by J.R. Goldberg!

Here’s my Zimmy cover variant! Woooo!

ZIM wearing a ZIM suit is the best!

Onipress invader zim 1 variant cover by @jhonenv


Invader Zim #1 variant cover by davecrosland, available exclusively at hottopic stores this July.

Hey look its the cover for invader zim 1 that @jhonenv

Hey, look! It’s the cover for INVADER ZIM #1 that I drew and cunch colored! It’s also the first time anyone’s seeing the new logo I designed! HUZZAH!


Announcing jhonenv‘s cover for Invader Zim #1, available in comic stores July 8th!

Onipress invader zim 1 midtowncomics variant @jhonenv


Invader Zim #1 midtowncomics variant by aaronalexovich! Order here:

This variant zim cover is one of my favorites. Art by Aaron Alexovich and colors by Simon Trousselier! I’m not sure, but I think there are no less than 500 variants.

4 page preview of invader zim issue 1 so people @jhonenv


So people are already yanking these off the IGN interview page where these were featured, so I figured I’d do it myself!

I wrote the first two issues, art is by Aaron Alexovich, Inks by Megan Lawton, and color by Simon Trousselier and J.R Goldberg!


Theres an interview with me about the zim comic @jhonenv

There’s an interview with me about the ZIM comic complete with 4 preview pages from the thing itself!

Also, the comment section is already a cesspool of classic, inexplicable anger over a a comic book full of nonsense! Be a better person and DO NOT ENGAGE.


IGN has a 4 page preview of Invader Zim #1 and interview with jhonenv himself!

Bryan k makes up some nice things about me and @jhonenv

Bryan K. makes up some nice things about me and talks about the crazy funny cover he did for the INVADER ZIM comic!


In case you didn’t know, Oni Press is doing a new Zim comic series. And in case you also didn’t know, I worked on the Zim animated series right before Avatar, from 2000 to 2002, as a storyboard artist and later as art director. Jhonen Vasquez is an evil genius with a razor-sharp wit that never dulls. That project was an inspiring and seminal experience for me as future show co-creator/runner. I learned a ton from Jhonen and all the amazing people on that crew. Some of those same amazing people are now making this comic, including my friend Aaron Alexovich. He showed me his pencils for the first issue and they are fantastic. 

The nice folks at Oni, including some friends of mine who have since moved on to other endeavors, emphatically approached Nickelodeon about exhuming Zim in comic form. They knew the show was special to me and asked if I would contribute a variant cover. Here’s what I came up with (along with my original sketch with a nixed trumpet mouth on Zim), minus the logos so you can see more waffles. 

Onipress invader zim 1 variant cover by @jhonenv


Invader Zim #1 variant cover by bryankonietzko (Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra)! Available directly through Oni Press as our SDCC exclusive cover.

Onipress invader zim 1 comicsdungeon variant @jhonenv


Invader Zim #1 comicsdungeon variant by Vincent Perea (Where’s My Water?) Available here:

Onipress pitiful human now you can pre order @jhonenv


Pitiful human! Now you can pre-order Invader Zim #1 digitally from comixology:

Onipress doom comes early in the form of @jhonenv




PORTLAND, OR – May 15, 2015 – Oni Press, Portland’s premier independent comic book publisher, announced today TruthShrieker, a satirical kickoff to the ongoing comic book series based on the beloved animated show Invader Zim, in collaboration with Jhonen Vasquez ( jhonenv ) and Nickelodeon.

TruthShrieker, a conspiracy-zine-style comic, features work by Invader Zim creator Jhonen Vasquez along with Aaron Alexovich, Eric Trueheart, Rikki Simons and Megan Lawton. It features articles by Invader Zim antagonist Dib among other brave TruthShrieker contributors unencumbered by the public’s insistence on “facts.” Fans can look forward to hard-hitting journalism pieces like “Where is Invader Zim?”, “Ms. Bitters Has Always Existed??”, “Is This Bee Haunted?” and many more.

TruthShrieker will first be available at the Oni Press booth (#529) at Denver Comic Con, May 23-25, and Jhonen Vasquez will sign copies during the event.  The next chance for fans to get this unique prelude to the Invader Zim comic will be at San Diego Comic-Con International 2015, July 9-12.  After that, TruthShrieker will be available online through the Oni Press web store. The first issue of Invader Zim #1, will be available July 1 in comic stores across the country.

Don’t forget you still have time to pre-order Invader Zim #1 at your local comic shop using code MAY151468 and the Jhonen Vasquez variant with code MAY151469!

And they say honest journalism is dead @jhonenv

And they say honest journalism is dead.

Pre order the invader zim comic fiasco now come @jhonenv

Pre-order the INVADER ZIM comic fiasco now! Come on!

Also, it drives me insane how far apart the Z looks from the rest of my last name . This is older promotional art, though, so it won’t actually look like that and I hope that old font gets deleted forever!


You can now pre-order Invader Zim #1! Tell your local comic shop you want code MAY151468 to place your order.

Just finished my first cover art for the zim @jhonenv

Just finished my first cover art for the ZIM comics. Stay in school.

Sneak peek at the revised zim design for the @jhonenv

Sneak peek at the revised ZIM design for the upcoming comic series!

Final color correct session for very important @jhonenv

Final color correct session for Very Important House pilot. After this I can walk into traffic and rest forever.

Sketching on a surface pro very slippery stylus @jhonenv

Sketching on a Surface Pro. Very slippery stylus on glass action.

Cunchs ultimate masterpiece unveiled after 6 @jhonenv

@cunch’s ultimate masterpiece, unveiled after 6 years of painstaking work.

More stinking knives inked on the mini floor @jhonenv

More stinking knives inked on the mini Floor Damage prints. Last few days of these being available (till the end of the month), at which point my hand falls off. Grab one or a million of them at $Z.99. Those of you still waiting for yours, thanks for the patience. These are taking forever!

Awesome grave explosion image supplied by @jhonenv

Awesome grave explosion image supplied by aaronalexovich and colored by rikkisimons.  Neat, right?


It’s official: Oni Press is partnering with jhonenv and nickelodeon for an original Invader Zim comic, arriving this July!

Cunchs drawing of her upset stomach and my @jhonenv

@cunch’s drawing of her upset stomach and my attempt at drawing her drawing with my eyes closed.

Onipress stay tuned for more 22015 @jhonenv


Stay tuned for more - 2/20/15

So after a little delay drawing small knives @jhonenv

So after a little delay (drawing small knives seems to take forever), the FLOOR DAMAGE mini prints are up for sale! Seriously, these are a bit more time consuming than I thought they’d be, so please be patient if you order one. The wait could be anywhere between 30-40 years to ink a single knife. 

Z99shop this coming febewary we spell what we @jhonenv


This coming Febewary (we spell what we like!), there’ll be a familiar, but temporary addition to $Z.99. If you missed out on the Floor Damage screen prints, well, you’re still outta luck, because those are gone still, gone forever, and you really mess up by not grabbing one. 

The good news, though, is that these mini print versions will be available for a single month. Sure they’re smaller than the screen print versions, but each one of them has a custom, hand-inked knife drawn right on them drawn with one of several hands.

February will likely be as horrible as every other month, but at least there’s this. At least there’s this…

Everything on z99 is on sale until this month @jhonenv

Everything on $Z.99 is on sale until this month breathes its last. This is not a dream this is really happening!

Cartoons take too long kids go into hot dog @jhonenv

Cartoons take too long, kids. Go into hot dog sales.

Used up my most profound word sequence too early @jhonenv

Used up my most profound word sequence too early on in the year. 

Beckycloonan thumbs up i just keep @jhonenv


*thumbs up*

I just keep laughing.

Cunch heres a cropped version of my print for @jhonenv


Here’s a cropped version of my print for the #Sailormoon gallery show at Meltdown Comics this Saturday! I’m thinking of calling it “Inaccurate Episode One”? #meatballhead #meltdown

I’ve never watched sailor moon because I like myself too much, but I watched @cunch draw this on my cintiq and I think it’s pretty badass. The end.

EDIT: I can’t say I’ve never watched it because she had it on as reference and I caught maybe an episode’s worth of stuff and it was just shrill screaming and yelling nonstop! Who the hell would watch a cartoon of characters just screaming and yelling nonstop. Inconceivable! 

Damn i forgot to add the swollen shiny man lips @jhonenv

Damn! I forgot to add the swollen, shiny man-lips!

The signs all point to one thing a new dose of @jhonenv

The signs all point to one thing - A new dose of Fillerbunny in stores is nigh, this week as a matter of fact, tomorrow even! This is the book nobody’s been waiting for, but everyone should own! Love Fillerbunny? You need this book! Hate Fillerbunny and everything else my name is attached to? You need this book so you can fuel your insane rants to nobody who wants to listen!

In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t been watching all the trailers in theaters and reading all the informative flyers taped to bricks being thrown through your windows while you sleep, this book collects every issue of Fillerbunny ever made, including a brand new issue 4 that’s not even in stores yet! That’s right, this book collects THE FUTURE. Issue 4 is really sad, guys. Maybe you shouldn’t get this book.

Aw, I’m just kidding with you. You HAVE to buy this book. if you don’t, everything i’ve worked for will be for nothing and I’ll just hate myself for even trying. Why would you do that to me? Seriously, what’s up?

There’s quite a bit of new material in here, not even counting the whole new issue, so here’s just a list of the guests that did pages: Bryan Konietzko, Edmund McMillen, J.R. Goldberg, Tyler Hutchison, Frank and Becky, Pendleton Ward, Alex Pardee and Aaron Alexovich. One of them did a drawing that actually upsets me.

So yeah, go to your local comics purchasing establishment tomorrow, demand the book. I’d be pretty happy if you were all responsible for why they sell out of copies in a single day. No pressure, but if that doesn’t happen, I’m probably gonna just kill myself, man. I’ll do it. I won’t actually do it but I’ll talk about it all day.

Spotted this on rotten tomatoes collection of sd @jhonenv

Spotted this on Rotten Tomatoes’ collection of SD Comic-Con 2014 photos! I’m gonna assume these three (I like imagining there was a baby in the Minimoose) died of the relentless heat. Fun though!

Making people who want sketches draw what they @jhonenv

Making people who want sketches draw what they want me to draw first. Keeps it fun for me, and stressful for them!

Can you draw me a a mooseball with tank @jhonenv

“Can you draw me a-”
“A mooseball with tank treads, right? Here ya go.”

Hey can you do me a drawing of gir scaring @jhonenv

“Hey, can you do me a drawing of GIR scaring Squee?”
“Huh. Here’s what you’re getting…”

First sighting of the new fillerbunny collection @jhonenv

First sighting of the new Fillerbunny collection. Only at Comicon for now. In stores next week.

Some of you may have seen this announcement in the @jhonenv

Some of you may have seen this announcement in The Hollywood Reporter about Disney’s new TV animation deals in which my pilot was mentioned, yeah?

Just wanted to clarify that cunch (J.R Goldberg), did indeed do character designs, but she’s also co-creator on the show. The article made it look like she was just on the design side. She deserves more credit there, and in the case of the show going horribly wrong, I want to know I can blame her, ya know?

Also, Frolie’s 12 years old and not the 11 listed in the article!

No sleep means making bouncing whatever this is @jhonenv

No sleep means making bouncing whatever this is.

Crapping around on the cintiq wanted to do a new @jhonenv

Crapping around on the Cintiq, wanted to do a new header image for my Twitter profile. This happened.

Well daaang pardeemonster you know whats @jhonenv
Well daaang.


You know what’s slightly better than cutting your tongue open and repeatedly re-opening it when ice sticks to it? Being asked by JHONEN V to contribute a comic for his new Filler Bunny Collection. The pressure was almost too much considering how much I have loved Jhonen’s world since I was a wee little 760 year old vampire, but the four hour deadline he have me really proved useful.

Almost 20 years ago I discovered Jhonen’s comics in the back of Carpe Noctem magazine and have followed his adventures through road trip journals, the best comics ever, cartoons and even mysterious Sasquatch pregnancies. When I have forced it to squeal, my sense of humor has always described itself to me as a mixture of Steven Wright, Jhonen V & Biz Markie. And because of that, and because Jhonen proved that there is an actual amazing and inspirational market for absurdity, I thank him for letting me draw the insides of butts for him as an adult. The New Filler Bunny book will be out soon.

Sfunny how fillerbunny is one of the shittiest @jhonenv

S'funny how FIllerbunny is one of the shittiest, fastest things I do, and yet the books always leave me feeling utterly annihilated as if I’ve made something of quality.

For the curious, this collects all the there previously released issues plus a fourth issue that seemed to just happen while putting this thing together.

There are guest pages and comics by friends and enemies like Bryan Konietzko, J.R. Goldberg, Pendleton Ward, Edmund McMillen, Alex Pardee, Aaron Alexovich, Tyler J. Hutchison,  and Frank and Becky. S'cool I think.

Should be out in the later half of July unless something goes bad, but when does bad ever happen?

More when this thing’s nigh.

Sweet god of sad rabbits i think i just finished @jhonenv

Sweet god of sad rabbits… I think I just finished all the work on the Fillerbunny collection. I die now…

Lil fuckup makin friends @jhonenv

Lil’ Fuckup makin’ friends.

Fillerbunny would like to thank anyone who hasnt @jhonenv

Fillerbunny would like to thank anyone who hasn’t made his life any worse than it already needs to be. Sometimes nothings are nicer than shitty somethings.

Sometimes the anti stick glove i use when on my @jhonenv

sometimes the anti-stick glove I use when on my cintiq makes me feel like a cenobite. Other times it makes me do Doctor Strange hands.

The upcoming fillerbunny collection features a @jhonenv

The upcoming Fillerbunny collection features a dramatic 3 page story by Edmund McMillen! He classes it up a bit.

Catching up on extra material a whole new books @jhonenv

Catching up on extra material (a whole new book’s worth) for the Fillerbunny collection due out this July. Been kinda unfriendly times for working but the bunny must go on, as they say.

So im collecting the previous fillerbunny comics @jhonenv

So I’m collecting the previous FILLERBUNNY comics into a single book and doing pretty much a single issue’s worth of new comics. That’s an additional fifteen whole pages of slight effort! 

Happy mothers day mom im sorry that bitch blew @jhonenv

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. I’m sorry that bitch blew you out the airlock.

Squee short character design meeting with @jhonenv

SQUEE! Short character design meeting with jpolgar1 yielded some fine results. Everyone is blocks now.

This is my favorite quote from black books i @jhonenv

This is my favorite quote from Black Books. I think I dated the same girl.

Cant help but be bummed my pitch for the ronald @jhonenv

Can’t help but be bummed my pitch for the Ronald McDonald makeover didn’t get used. They thought his tripod of french fry appendages was going to upset people. Whatever. 

Couldnt let my day end without drawing something @jhonenv

Couldn’t let my day end without drawing SOMETHING, so this turtle happened. Loading up the ol’ shotgun because I’m never gonna top this.

Looks alright to me @jhonenv

Looks alright to me.

This latest bread comic cost 30k to produce @jhonenv

This latest bread comic cost 30k to produce!

This comic only took me several months @jhonenv

This comic only took me several months.

Sweet cyberfart chair professor @jhonenv

Sweet cyberfart-chair, Professor.

I got in over my head guys christ theyre gonna @jhonenv

I got in over my head, guys. Christ, they’re gonna break my legs. MY LEGS!  I just… I just don’t know when to quit. Dames and the horses, they all take me down the same road, and this time there ain’t no dame to blame, just me and my big fat mouth. “I’m good for it, Louie, let it ride, I got a bonus com in’ in and I’ll pay you back with interest!”

Now I’m in the shit and they’re coming for me! 

Also, those JTHM head shots are back in the store for a week, and the INVADERCON prints are only $30 as well. 

What? No, this has nothing to do with what they’re gonna do to my legs, silly! Hah! That’s…no, it’s just a coincidence. It’s justOH BLOODY GOD THERE’S SOMEONE PARKED OUTSIDE AND…was just the mailman. No, it’s got nothing to do with OH GOD THERE’s…wait…just a bird chirping. 

Anyhow, check out the store, buy some stuff, SAVE MY LEGS!

Thumbs up murder guy @jhonenv

Thumbs up, murder guy.

Mandatory affection day sale over at z99 10 @jhonenv

MANDATORY AFFECTION DAY SALE over at $Z.99! 10% off all orders when you use the code ‘LOVEISACLAMMYFOOT’.


Wwhat have i become @jhonenv

W…what have I become?

Sky lard edit i think he looks like rob ford @jhonenv

Sky lard.

edit: I think he looks like Rob Ford.

Drama @jhonenv


Doodling someone that needs a nap @jhonenv

Doodling someone that needs a nap.

A tiny hat @jhonenv

A tiny hat.

Supposed to be writing so of course i drew this @jhonenv

Supposed to be writing so, of course, I drew this head.

Used my masterful photoshop skills to put this @jhonenv

Used my masterful photoshop skills to put this together. Lemme know when THIS movie happens.