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Johnny-cum-lately @johnny-cum-lately

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My tastes are colourful, which is a nice way of saying I'm into a lot of things...all of 'm gay/18+/NSFW - Johnny-cum-lately (@johnny-cum-lately)
Rawlad300467 i had to do a selfie of me fucking @johnny-cum-lately


I had to do a selfie of me fucking the dirty slut. I’d spotted the bitch was a queer it was easy prison does that for you. I’d shacked up with the Bois mum after I got out.

She was an ok fuck but after all the time in jail and all the ass I’d fucked it became second nature to me. So when the dudes mum was at work I made my move.
I told the bitch I was go a fuck him senseless cause I knew he was a fag.

He didn’t put up any resistance he just assumed the position. I knew then that this wasn’t the fags first time. In fact he told me he was hoping something like this would happen. I stayed around not because of his moms cunt that was sloppy but his tight sweet hole that’s what my dick really liked

Cockinthecockhouse thx to previous bloggers @johnny-cum-lately


Thx to previous bloggers.

Southernstroke808 h o t damn umpf @johnny-cum-lately


H~O~T   DAMN !!!    Umpf.!    Umpf.!    Umpf.!    Umpf.!   

Brutallyhotmen the best kind of man is a @johnny-cum-lately


The best kind of man is a brutally hot one.