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I am a Clean Person, and you can ask me stuff: I'm also the author of "My Boyfriend Barfed In My Handbag ... And Other Things You Can't Ask Martha" Buy: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Indiebound | iTunes - Jolie Kerr (@joliekerr)
Csa survival guide week three what to do when @joliekerr

CSA Survival Guide: Week Three

What to do when you’re faced with the dreaded kohlrabi.

Csa survival guide herbs galore youbeauty have @joliekerr

CSA Survival Guide: Herbs Galore! | YouBeauty

Have you ever made herb butter? It’s so easy and so very, very, very delicious. Recipe this way!

Cleancast meet the mother daughter professional @joliekerr

Cleancast: Meet The Mother-Daughter Professional Organizing Team 

If you’ve ever wanted to hire a professional organizer, and you’re in the New York area, there’s a discount code within for you!

Csa survival guide week one youbeauty ill be @joliekerr

CSA Survival Guide: Week One | YouBeauty

I’ll be blogging my way through my farm share this summer, I hope you’ll follow along! The week 1 installment features a totally-worth-the-time recipe for vegetable lasagna. Enjoy!

Cleancast which is worse human hair or cat hair @joliekerr

Cleancast: Which Is Worse, Human Hair Or Cat Hair?

Ask a Clean Person is now available in podcast form!

How to clean silk pillowcases other ways to get @joliekerr

How to Clean Silk Pillowcases & Other Ways to Get Your Beauty Sleep -| YouBeauty

They call it ‘beauty rest’ for a reason: sleep is hugely important to our physical and mental health. There are several ways to up your bed game when it comes to impacting your appearance, from the use of silk pillowcases to simply making the bed each day. But after you up your bed game, how do you maintain the upkeep?

Your mothers day flowers arent going to clean @joliekerr

Your Mother’s Day Flowers Aren’t Going to Clean Themselves Up | YouBeauty

Flowers are a traditional and lovely Mother’s Day gift that can add beauty and joy to any home … until they sit too long, that is. I’ve picked out three super common messes that come along with your bouquet, so that I can tell you how to clean them up without stressing.

Goddamn it i melted a cutting board in the oven @joliekerr

Goddamn It, I Melted A Cutting Board In The Oven

This art speaks to me on the deepest of levels.

A hairy problem how to unclog a drain @joliekerr

A Hairy Problem: How To Unclog a Drain

My beloved stuffed animal needs a bath and im a @joliekerr

My Beloved Stuffed Animal Needs A Bath, And I’m A Nervous Wreck

What to do when your cutting board reeks of onion @joliekerr

What To Do When Your Cutting Board Reeks Of Onion | Deadspin

Every single cleaning product you actually need @joliekerr

Every Single Cleaning Product You Actually Need (and None of the Ones You Don’t) | Racked

Make your bed make your bed make your bed @joliekerr

Make Your Bed. Make Your Bed? Make Your Bed! | Deadspin

How to clean hairbrushes and combs youbeauty @joliekerr

How to Clean Hairbrushes and Combs | YouBeauty

Help my le creuset has grown fur deadspin @joliekerr

Help! My Le Creuset Has Grown Fur! | Deadspin

Pretty clean your lipstick stain removal guide @joliekerr

Pretty Clean: Your Lipstick Stain Removal Guide | YouBeauty

Your computer is filthy why wont you clean it @joliekerr

Your Computer Is Filthy. Why Won’t You Clean It? | Deadspin

How to clean up every mess depicted in fifty @joliekerr

How To Clean Up Every Mess Depicted In Fifty Shades of Grey | Deadspin

How to clean a soot stained fireplace deadspin @joliekerr

How To Clean A Soot-Stained Fireplace | Deadspin

How to clean up sexy messes from dirty lingerie @joliekerr

How to Clean Up Sexy Messes, From Dirty Lingerie to Stained Sheets | Racked National

Help my apartment reeks of @joliekerr

Help! My Apartment Reeks Of Drunken-Cooking-Incident Smoke! | Deadspin

The essential winter shoe care guide racked @joliekerr

The Essential Winter Shoe Care Guide | Racked

How to conquer sticky spills with patience or @joliekerr

How To Conquer Sticky Spills With Patience (Or None At All)

Cleaning tricks for your new years resolutions @joliekerr

Cleaning Tricks for Your New Year’s Resolutions, From Juicers to Gym Bags

Get clean stay chic fortune @joliekerr

Get clean, stay chic | Fortune

How to clean a frat house and keep it that way @joliekerr

How To Clean A Frat House, And Keep It That Way

The art on this is really spectacular.

The clean person holiday gift guide racked my @joliekerr

The Clean Person Holiday Gift Guide | Racked

My annual cleaning-themed gift guide is live — seasons cleanings!

A guide for cleaning every possible thanksgiving @joliekerr

A Guide For Cleaning Every Possible Thanksgiving Stain (Like Blood)

Leaving this here for later. You know, just in case. HTG!

The only 10 cleaning products youll ever need @joliekerr

The Only 10 Cleaning Products You’ll Ever Need | GQ

I’m doing some stuff for GQ now and really digging on it.

Century 21 ask a clean person with jolie kerr i @joliekerr

CENTURY 21 | Ask a Clean Person with Jolie Kerr

I made a series of 6 videos for Century 21 on how to get your home ready for sale. They’re sort of demented, as you might expect, and definitely are relevant even to folks who aren’t selling a house (or, like, don’t even own one in the first place). Enjoy!

My god dont rub oranges on your white dress @joliekerr

My God, Don’t Rub Oranges On Your White Dress Shirts

I seriously love you people and the weird, weird things that you do to your clothing/homes/persons.

Femmedia girls are dumb about sports but @joliekerr


girls are dumb about sports, but cleaning? Now there’s a topic they can write about! Right deadspincom ?


Deadspin’s entire editorial staff and all staff writers (there is one female contributor, who writes about cleaning). 

I’m not dumb about sports. I began my career as a reporter at Sports Illustrated and a producer at FoxSports.

My book about cleaning is a New York Times bestseller. 

In closing, men clean too.

Hair there everywhere part one swimmingly @joliekerr

Hair, There, Everywhere! Part One. | Swimmingly

This was one of those posts that I outlined, started writing and then realized was more like two or three separate pieces. “This thing is turning into a monster,” I told my editor. “I LOVE A MONSTER!”

Part Two will be devoted to dealing with hair in drains, then I’m planning to make you A VACUUM CLEANER PRIMER. I know! It’s all terribly exciting!

How to divide chores so you dont kill each other @joliekerr

How to Divide Chores So You Don’t Kill Each Other | Swimmingly

I have a new column on Swimmingly devoted to alllllll kinds of cleaning problems that couples face. I hope you like it! Got topics you want me to take on? Email me!

Spring clean your sex life with jolie kerr @joliekerr

Spring Clean Your Sex Life with Jolie Kerr Tickets, New York - Eventbrite

Join me TOMORROW at 5p for what I hope will be an amazing and hilarious and informative event at Babeland LES!



Jolie kerr on cleaning tips home front the @joliekerr

Jolie Kerr on cleaning tips | Home Front - The Washington Post

The live chat I’m doing with The Washington Post begins in about 15 minutes—come on by and ask me stuff!

Embarrassed by the state of your fridge jolie @joliekerr

Embarrassed By the State of Your Fridge? Jolie Kerr Has 4 Strategies to Help | The Kitchn

The pink gloves they used to illustrate this post suggests cleaning a fridge is women’s work. It is not. Other than that, I’m thrilled with how this turned out!

Jolie kerr on cleaning tips home front the @joliekerr

Jolie Kerr on cleaning tips | Home Front - The Washington Post

I’m joining The Washington Post’s Home Front live chat to answer your cleaning questions on Thursday at 11a EDT; you can ask things of me now or just join us day of!