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This blog reflects my personal interests. It is POC positive, Sex-positive, Kink-positive, and Body-positive, This is not a porn-specific Blog, but it is never safe for work because I may reblog porn at any time. I suck at tagging. I am a late 30s queen-sized bisexual polyamorous submissive black woman. I thought my life was just about as good as it got, but then Daddy became a part of it. Daddy found the lost little girl who was hiding inside of me and brought her out to play. This blog is (mostly) devoted to our relationship, though aspects of my day-to-day life sometimes squeak through. Very few, if any, pics will be mine, but some of the writing may be. This blog is completely NSFW. If any of these images are yours and you would like them removed, please send me a message and I will comply promptly. 18+ only, please. - Just Another Submissive (@justanothersub)
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Hey guys!  If you don’t know me on tumblr, my name’s Dominique (BaesBurgers).  I used to be a professional makeup artist, but a couple of months ago my car was broken into and my kit and DSLR camera were stolen. I became a makeup artist in 2011.  My kit took me about 4 years to build, and was worth about $2k. But the monetary value doesn’t stack up to how much my kit meant to me.  It was all of my dreams in a roller bag, to be honest.

There’s no other way I can really put it aside from saying that 2015 has sucked ass.  I got a divorce from my bestfriend, my mom was diagnosed with CKD (on top of other medical complications), unemployment (from my day job), losing my kit, and most recently being diagnosed with MS.  Ironically enough, it was my diagnosis that got me out of depression.  Before I was diagnosed, I was convinced that the universe was telling me to give up on my dreams, career, love, and to just give up in general.  But after I was told that I had Multiple Sclerosis, I realized that life is completely, and I mean ABSOLUTELY completely, out of my control. So I can make the decision to wait to die, or enjoy the life I was gifted with. If you do follow my blog, you know that I occasionally do have bad days, but they never last too long.  I want to keep chasing my happiness and I want to keep chasing my dreams.  I want to be a makeup artist :)

All this being said, I do need help.  I’ve been struggling with the idea of making a ‘gofundme’ for a while. Honestly, I don’t place my makeup kit very high on the list of things that matter in the world.  I am well aware that there are more serious issues to be paying attention to, and more important causes to be donating to.  I do not deny these facts, lol.  But I’m pushing my pride aside to ask for assistance.  Anything contributed will help.  $2 can buy me a pack of sponge applicators, $6 would pay for a lip pencil.  Nothing is too small. (Reblogging is also contributing!) 

Link to my GoFundMe Page:

$100 out of $500 already raised :D!!!!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read.  Please enjoy some of my work (especially the SFX stuff ‘go fund me’ wouldn’t let me put on their site lol)

This makeup work is truly amazing. Spread and support this you guys

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I swear I need a whole issue just Wade in NYC and everyone mistakes him for Spidey.

What I love is that Wade doesn’t disabuse the kid of her idea that he’s Spidey, he just plays along with it.

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The Fosters is actually the best show.

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This is great.

The definition if a Real MAN

That’s a good dude right there. Love the fact that he was reflective and did research on the matter. Stay woke, dude.

Ok josh u kind of a stand up guy


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hey, everyone!! because this community has so much to offer in the way of advice, i decided to compile some of my favorite posts so they’re easily accessible and they can help all of you guys :))

(these are all original content from amazing studyblrs and i claim credit for none)

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Mine eyes have seen the glory


Red beans and rice galore

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brunomars: All up in the yard like whip


Naah id completely lose by submission @justanothersub

Naah. I’d completely lose by submission.

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I’m living about four of these at this very moment

The cousins busting into the room is so damn true for me. Like keep yo asses in the yard.

Lawd and didnt i press the button @justanothersub

Lawd, and didn’t I press the button?

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Lights, camera, spankings lol. I’m already looking forward to next year’s weekendreunion.

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#bald #black #fat #effyourbeautystandards #beauty #chocolate #curvy #natural #art

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As a means of catching ZIM fans up to speed in terms of the series’ highly complicated (everyone throws fits and stuff explodes) plot, and to inform those who have never watched the show (you can tell who they are because they still have their hearing), I hired Recap Kid. He (or she? I never specified and aaronalexovich‘s keep it mysterious) is an expert on all things ZIM so you’re in good hands there. 

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Mt. Fuji - Japan (von nipomen2)

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Harnaam Kaur – “My beard has 100% become a part of my body. It is the source of my strength and confidence,” she said. “I keep my hair to show the world a different, confident, diverse and strong image of a woman… . I look at it and is it a sign to me that we are all different and none of us are born the same.“

- Full shoot

Harnaam Kaur has been featured here before, but this is a great photoshoot. She has polycystic ovary syndrome, a disorder which can cause male pattern hair growth in women. As she is a Sikh, and her religion forbids hair removal, she has kept her facial hair untouched, through years of bullying (and even her parents’ opposition - they wanted her to have an easier life).

“All that matters to me at the moment is that I love myself,” she explained. “I love my beard and all my other little quirks – my tattoos, my scars, stretch marks and blemishes. I want other women to find the strength that I have. If I had any message it would be to live the way you want – it’s your journey and it’s your life.”


Amazing. She would - to my eyes - look odd without it, now that I’ve seen her look so COMFORTABLE with it.

Comfortable skin


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