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Just Another Submissive

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This blog reflects my personal interests. It is POC positive, Sex-positive, Kink-positive, and Body-positive, This is not a porn-specific Blog, but it is never safe for work because I may reblog porn at any time. I suck at tagging. I am a late 30s queen-sized bisexual polyamorous submissive black woman. I thought my life was just about as good as it got, but then Daddy became a part of it. Daddy found the lost little girl who was hiding inside of me and brought her out to play. This blog is (mostly) devoted to our relationship, though aspects of my day-to-day life sometimes squeak through. Very few, if any, pics will be mine, but some of the writing may be. This blog is completely NSFW. If any of these images are yours and you would like them removed, please send me a message and I will comply promptly. 18+ only, please.

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