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Just Gagged Men @justgaggedmen

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A photo blog of gagged men. Tape, cleave, ball, sock, bandanna gagged-whatever! You're welcome to contribute by posting your own photos of gagged men and I encourage you to do so! This blog is NSFW and you must be a legal adult to view this blog. - Just Gagged Men (@justgaggedmen)
Capturedguys brendan cage and rusty stevens @justgaggedmen


Brendan Cage and Rusty Stevens. 

I’m posting this because I just noticed someone else posted it with my copyright removed.It’s not just cropped out. They took the time to fucking remove it with an editing program. And I will not abide that shit. I refuse to let a scumbag douchefaced copyright remover get views on a photo I own. Why yes, I am a vindictive bastard. :-)

Gaggedramdog ford hogtied and bandana gagged @justgaggedmen


Ford hogtied and bandana gagged!

Capturedguys andreas coming to @justgaggedmen


Andreas, coming to in January…

Capturedguys mrkristoferweston justin monroe @justgaggedmen



Justin Monroe is an artist with a very lively fantasy.

This is one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen!

Capturedguys photoshoot with new model vince @justgaggedmen


Photoshoot with new model Vince, for August 28, 2012

Jonah bit gagged @justgaggedmen

Jonah bit gagged. 

Look at me boy @justgaggedmen

look at me boy

Yea thats right where i need to be @justgaggedmen

yea… thats right where.. i need to be..

Look up at me boy @justgaggedmen

look up at  me boy

Damn thats tight @justgaggedmen

damn, thats tight

Look up at me boy @justgaggedmen

look up at me boy

Standing at attention in bondage @justgaggedmen

standing at attention in bondage

There is no way out @justgaggedmen

there is no way out 

Look away from me boy @justgaggedmen

look away from me boy

Capturedguys this guy is sexy as hell @justgaggedmen


This guy is sexy as hell.  :-)

Capturedguys ridiculously bondogenic guy d @justgaggedmen


Ridiculously Bondogenic Guy  :-D

I had to.  XD

Capturedguys ha this is great and hot @justgaggedmen


Ha!  This is great! (and hot!)

Barefootmalebondage michael barefootboundcom @justgaggedmen


Barefootmalebondage barefoot hogtied and @justgaggedmen


Barefoot, Hogtied, and Tapegagged

Billy from capturedguyscom tapegaged @justgaggedmen

Billy from tapegaged.

Yet another home made gag @justgaggedmen

yet another home made gag