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Contact my office at (210)708-8979 Copy and past the link to see my first XXX film - Kai Lee (@kaileeshakinitcom)
New site updates first anal clip available to all @kaileeshakinitcom

New site updates! First Anal clip available to all members at

Anal ninjas series starts today @kaileeshakinitcom

Anal Ninjas series starts today!

Anal ninja starts today @kaileeshakinitcom

Anal Ninja starts TODAY!

Bootyninjas @kaileeshakinitcom


New bootyninja updates inbound @kaileeshakinitcom

New BootyNinja updates inbound!

Kai lee @kaileeshakinitcom

Kai Lee

Online playing destiny ps4 hunter level 27 titan @kaileeshakinitcom

Online playing Destiny PS4. Hunter level 27 TITAN level 27!

Kai lee presents bootyninjas @kaileeshakinitcom

Kai Lee presents BootyNinjas!


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