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A picture is worth a thousand words. A picture with a few words is all that's needed to build a new world, a new fantasy, a new realm where the reader and the writer are the masters of fate and mortals. This blog is dedicated to all the Sexy, sensual, titillating, erotic and exotic things which I fantasize about. Message me and send me your own pictures where your fantasy and reality meet. Where we all can take pleasure in our exotic and taboo worlds merging together. -----------------------------------  In case it wasn't obvious, everything here is fantasy. Although I won't answer any questions that have to do with my gender, my age, or where I live. Sorry, just not my thing. All pictures and stories, whether posted by myself, or shared via "ask" or "submissions" are merely thoughts shared amongst like-minded people, and neither the writer, nor the website operator support any kind of illegal activity, sexual or otherwise. The people shown in pictures or videos are assumed to be 18 or older. All images/videos are found on tumblr or somewhere similar on the internet if they belong to you and you want them removed just tell me via ask.

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