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Try again @kawaiithuglife

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Brandon, 19, too lazy to even blog. - Try again (@kawaiithuglife)
Uusui i saw kakashi in accounting class @kawaiithuglife


i saw kakashi in accounting class

Splatoonus miiverse imitates life @kawaiithuglife


Miiverse imitates life.

Daetsis they plan to initiate third impact @kawaiithuglife


“They plan to initiate Third Impact using the Eva series instead of the Angels. Fifteen years ago, Second Impact was intentionally Engineered by mankind, because it was the only way to minimise the potential damage, they had to reduce Adam to an embryonic state before the other Angels awoke. You see Shinji. Mankind was spawned from a Being called Lilith, just like Adam was. We are the 18th Angel, the other Angels are just different possibilities, what we could have become, they’re humans who rejected our human form, sadly we cannot coexist together, even though we are fundamentally the same creatures”


Kazucrash final fantasy vii publisher square @kawaiithuglife


Final Fantasy VII
Publisher: Square Enix (JP PS1, Steam), Sony Computer Entertainment America (NA PS1), Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (EU PS1), Eidos Interactive (PC)
Developer: Squaresoft
Platform: PlayStation, PC
Year: 1997 (PS1), 1998 (NA/EU PC), 2013 (Steam)

Skeletonsiro lupin iii rupan sansei @kawaiithuglife


Lupin III (ルパン三世, Rupan Sansei), 1977 (Red Jacket).


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