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Hello my beautiful guys & dolls I'd like to say welcome to my little blog! Its cute and sweet, (like me) haha. I hope you enjoy your stay here and please visit me on for more! For business enquiries feel free to contact me. I look forward to your messages, feedback and friendships. Take care sweeties. xox sc_online_t(504061,"people viewing","BDAE91"); Users Online Counter - Kayleeskandy (@kayleeskandy)
Hello my lovely people and welcome to another @kayleeskandy

Hello my lovely people and welcome to another update!

I had such a gorgeous Christmas, lots of food… and i accidentally gained ALOT of weight as im sure you can see in this set!! also, 2 videos! but ill get into that in a moment ;) 

So, i invited my beautiful friend to my home, and we decided to get a little naughty and playful together in this photo set!! we both ended up completely naked, our big bellies touching each other, big boobs bouncing around and lingerie all over the floor ;)

Lots of photos are shot at a POV angle, especially the ones of us in full nudity, it will be like your there with us ;) watching us ;) .. x WATCH AT WWW.KAYLEESKANDY.COM!! 

2 VIDEOS are added to this update!

1)Bursting body suit- Come and watch as i strutt around in this VERY TIGHT body suit…. it was so tight it was tearing apart! this video will make your eyes fall out of your head, its one of the most sexiest videos i have EVER DONE!

2) Vanilla meets Chocolate!: Long story short ;) this video ends up in full exposure ;) POV angles, belly play, lots of jiggling, and it ends with Bambi grabbing my tits and playing with them, shaking them ;)

Introducing bambi brownxxx wwwkayleeskandycom @kayleeskandy

Introducing Bambi BrownXXX

Kayleeskandy enjoy kaylee xxxx @kayleeskandy


Enjoy :) - Kaylee xxxx

The incredible kaylee from wwwkayleeskandycom @kayleeskandy

The incredible Kaylee, from

I break beds so easily with this added weight @kayleeskandy

I break beds so easily with this added weight! Come and view my magnificent picture set with plenty of POV shots and 2 videos, and of course all the rest of my glorious fat filled fantasy fetish content!

Join today and I will see you there 
Love, Kaylee xoxox 

Hi guys if you guys have not noticed @kayleeskandy

Hi guys!!!!! 
If you guys have not noticed (however I’m sure that you have) I have gained some accidental weight, it wasn’t intentional but I dont mind! I actually LOVE the new curvature! and I hope you do too!
I have introduced my best friend only twice on here… and she had a very good positive *FEED*back  hahaha from you guys! so I decided I’m gonna put her in some videos with me, as she’s interested in the type of thing I do and would eventually like to get into it herself one day…. so I took the liberty of giving her a crash course on webmodelling! but of course……. you need to be a good weight for the job  

Shes still such a little skinny thing! so… IVE BEEN FATTENING HER UP.
She comes and stays with me for weeks at a time, and i feed her the most fattening goodies i can find! She’s a working progress but I will be monitoring her journey and I hope you guys do too!!! Her journey will be on my website! !!! So make sure you join to see 2 BBW JOURNEYS 


Come and watch me and Sophia grind our big bums on each other…. I rub my belly all over her and she loves it!  It’s a good watch and so so sexy! slow and sexy 

Who is into BBW roleplay school girls? Me and Sophia are such bad school girls  
If we were in school I’d imagine the teacher said “GIRLS - NO SWEETS IN CLASS!!! GET RID OF THOSE LOLLYPOPS IMMEDIATELY!" 
And of course… we need our sugary treats so we didn’t want to part with them… we kept sucking on the heart shaped lolly pops .. and got so cheeky towards the end, our boobs were exposed, we had the lollys inbetween our boobs, laughing and chuckling, our bellies shaking with the laughter, and we jokingly put the lollypops between our boobs and did a cheeky tit wank infront the teacher!
We bent over, Sophia grabbed Kaylee’s big wide 60 inch ass and I wont spoil the rest  just watch it!!! its worth it. ;D :-X

The final video in this update is a smoking fetish video  but don’t let that put you off the video if that’s not your thing…. I am in the most revealing lingerie possible haha! My big boobs are completely exposed and my twin made an appearance! HAHAHAHA 



Come see these updates and more only at @kayleeskandy


Once you go there, you’ll never want to leave! come and see what all the fuss is about!

love always,

Kaylee xoxoxoxooxoxox

Leather lust this outfit is a big hit with the @kayleeskandy

LEATHER LUST!!!! this outfit is a big hit with the guys, its so tight i could hardly breathe! my boobs were bursting to get out and so was my belly! as soon as i loosened up the jacket my belly burst out and was so relieved! i got this video shot from every angle possible for you guys to see me in any way you’d prefer, i love the feeling of leather against my big belly……

I have another update for you called princess @kayleeskandy

I have another update for you called “PRINCESS PEACH” its a HD video over 5 minutes long and it is the perfect video for those of you who love your curves! this was shot in my bedroom and with the lamp on it looks so sexy and seductive… come and watch me play with my big belly in HD!!!