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Kendra Lea Monroe @kendraleamonroe

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I'm Kendra Lea Monroe. 18 years old. Actress, model, youtuber. From Florida. I'm a Bad Girl. I'm not easily controlled. I have a temper. But I'm one of the nicest most open people you'll ever meet :) Donate to my transition... - Kendra Lea Monroe (@kendraleamonroe)
Big brother blogger rachel reilly out and about @kendraleamonroe


Rachel Reilly out and about with dog, Benz.

Looks like she’s lost some weight here. She has been working out more and trying to lose, so good for her!

Kyandi photographer mikey hair and make up @kendraleamonroe


photographer - mikey
hair and make-up - chelsea and victoria b.
styling - victoria b.

Bad girls club i hate erica shes so effing @kendraleamonroe


I hate Erica, she’s so effing ugly! Lmao. I call her “Potato face”. Do we not see the striking resemblance!?


Bitchesssss every saint has a past every sinner @kendraleamonroe

BITCHESSSSS. Every Saint Has A Past; Every Sinner Has A Future ;)

Plasticisforever awwwwws 3 @kendraleamonroe



Excusemeimsorryimreallysuchalady fuck drugs @kendraleamonroe


Fuck drugs; SNORT GLITTER♥